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160610 - 11 Super Camp Osaka: Moments to remember~

>> 160610 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 1 <<

Telepathy Game

They need to guess and wear an animal mask for answer. At first session, both Yesung and Ryeowook wore the same Bulldog mask. They hugged each other and Ryeowook attempt to gave Yesung a kiss. Everyone screaming!!

Cooking Game 

During cooking time at first everyone looks good at cooking but some member failed in making Takoyaki. Since Leeteuk make a Takoyaki before his dish looked so good. Ryeowook get some idea on Leeteuk and Ryeowook. Takoyaki was made perfect too. Kyuhyun didn’t put an oil on his Takoyaki pan so his Takoyaki was so messed :) Heechul concentrate on putting ingredients and forgot the Tako so when he asked why he has no Tako, Yesung gave him 1 pc and he was grateful. At the end, Leeteuk taste his own Tako but suddenly his expression was bad. He shouted hot and share it to all members!! 

Members have 10 min to cook Takoyaki. Ryeowook and Leeteuk seemed to be the most stable. Leeteuk had a weird way of preparing cause he put the octopus and vegetables into the frying tray first before adding batter but still managed to make them into ball shapes in the end. He also helped Wook turn some of his Takoyaki. Kyuhyun was struggling. He hesitated to pour the batter. While cooking, he also kept laughing at himself xD He wasn’t really making octopus balls, more like stir frying the octopus, batter and vegetables together xD Last 10 seconds, members were trying to finish cooking but Kyu just totally gave up and just stood there helplessly xD His finally product really looked like.. stir fried dish. Heechul added the octopus last so when he looked for it. There were only 2 pieces left :) 

Leeteuk ate his Takoyaki and stared fidgeting cause it was still too hot. Kyuhyun stood there judging him :) Teuk fed Kyu one and Kyu also started fidgeting and looked like he wanted to puke it out as it was hot. Teuk then fed Heechul and Wook who gave the same reactions. Teuk then wanted to feed Yesung but he refused by saying “Diet! I’m on diet man!” He ate it in the end though :)

Find the Missing Dancer Game

During the 2nd half of the game, they asked to find the 8 hidden dancer among audience. They went down on stage and went around the wenue. Yesung found 5 dancers among 8. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Heechul found one dancer. Leeteuk haven’t found any. 

SJ: Wow, Yesung you really work on playing game!! It’s good!!

When Yesung came to our place to find the hidden dancer, he was so serious looking on every row, he even met every fans eyes ^^

* Instead of looking for the missing dancer, Kyu & Teuk were busy giving fanservice to us!!

Pocky Penalty Game

During penalty game everyone will do a pocky game except Yesung. The pocky will start from Kyuhyun mouth then he pass to Heechul then Hee will pass to Leeteuk. When Ryeowook turn to get thepocky on Leeteuk’s mouth, there’s only a tiny bit left on Teuk’s lips so his second option was to lick the pocky on Leeteuk’s mouth. Fans all scream but he didn’t lick it. Ryeowook successfully get it but their lios touched!

Paper Kiss Punishment

After both games, Ryeowook was the final winner. The other 4 members had punishment which was paper kiss. They played scissors paper stone. Heechul won and got to decide their standing order. The order was Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun. Heechul was sucking on to the paper while Leeteuk opened his mouth really wide. When it was Yesung-Kyuhyun turn, Yesung put his hand on back of Kyuhyun’s head. Kyuhyun looked so disgusted :) It was supposed to end but Leeteuk went to “kiss” Kyuhyun and got the paper instead. Kyuhyun squatted at the side looking sad xD Leeteuk tried to “kiss” Ryeowook but Wook refused to get the paper. The paper was so dirty. From the screen, showed their make up on the paper yucks.

Heechul the Ramen Monster :)

★ Evening Fanmeet is better than 1st one.. Their excitement was too high!!Heechul jokes a lot this time!! He said he will go & eat ramen after. 

★ During Intro Heechul called himself as Mr. ramen… He had his perm hair today!!


Ryeowook was reading Elf’s question: *he hesitated to read it* If you have a limited time on earth what food you want to eat?
Heechul: Ramen!!
Ryeowook: Sorry but i can’t answer it!! I want to prefer to see my mom rather than eating foods ^^

★ Because Heechul energy during afternoon show wasn’t that high. He asked the member why. Yesung answered “Because you haven’t eat ramen.”


They asked Heechul who he loves to the most?“Meeting ELF or eating ramen?”
He can’t answer and he thought for a while…
ELF: Ehhh..??
Heechul: Sugeiiii.. *imitating Kyuhyun* 

★ Heechul: Do you know that I’m not in a good condition now? You know why? Because I haven’t eaten ramen. Su~gooooooo~~~~iii (i’m sorry)

Leeteuk: We can just meet ELF Japan and then eat ramen together.
Heechul: …I can’t lie like you.
Yesung: Do you prefer eating ramen or meeting elf japan?
Heechul: ………sugoooooooooii elf japan, sugooooooiiiii …..sumimasen (i’m sorry)  

* They kept saying “Suu~gooooo~~ii” and “Uttatte~!” today. All thanks to the master of Japanese, Cho Kyuhyun XD

Q: if u’ll be given a long vacation how will you spend it?
Ryeowook: I want to do a tour.
Yesung: Vacation in Hokkaido.
Heechul: I will eat ramen and get chubby like Ryeowook.  

Ryeowook: I’m everyone’s boyfriend Ryeowook.
Yesung: I’m the most younger-looking one Yesung.
Heechul: I’m suju’s ramen.
Kyuhyun: I’ve never eaten Heechul.
Heechul: Eat eat.  

Kyuhyun being a kid ^^

★ When it was time to answer fans’ questions, Leeteuk came out first as the MC. He wanted to introduce the members to come out. Before he could, Kyuhyun was already trying to pry the entrance open so we could see a bit of his face :) Then staff opened the entrance and Yesung pushed Kyuhyun out xD 

★ When Kyuhyun sat down, he kicked his feet. When hyungs were answering questions, he took the box with fans’ questions and started shaking and spinning it xD

Kyuhyun: Since hotel accommodation is expensive, i’d like to go on a vacation where i can visit elf’s houses for temporary lodging. 

Leeteuk: Playboy!

★ Everyone got punishment except Ryeowook but Heechul & Leeteuk was soo happy to their Paper Kiss punishment!! 

★ Kyu teasing yesung abt his hand size :) [for video]

★ Yesung proudly annouced his Solo Japan tour!!! He kept on leaning on Ryeowook then RW just raising his clothes at the back!!


Q: What will Yesung do when proposing?
Yesung: Eumm..
Kyuhyun: Singing~~
Heechul: Sing~~ing~~
Yesung: (Thinking)
Kyuhyun: Dancing~~  

★ Members keep on teasing Ryeowook & called him “PamPam” (Chubby) and he said he will go on diet.. Lol

★ When Ryeowook imitating Yesung voice & sang Here i am, he told wook to stop teasing him then he pouted soo cutely!!

★ Heechul also arrived on fan’s side but he didn’t hightouch fan coz his hands was hurting, he apologized for that. His bandaid was Hello Kitty.

★ Kyuhyun recording his voice!! Kyuhyun: kyutan sing!! (Singing celebration) then suddenly “Sugoi”!!

★ When Ryeowook recording his voice on the bear, Yesung interrupted and his voice recorder together!

★ During “Alright” while Kyu was singing, he was hugging Wook but Yesung interrupted and joined them together. In the end, Kyu hugged both of them with his hands on their shoulders and continue singing ^^

★ Ryeowook said on behalf of other member, He came.. So he was soo happy that he can still join the other member!! ^^

Ryeowook: How’s my hair?
ELF: You look so cool~ cute~~~
Ryeowook: It looks nice right~
Yesung: Elf, pls stop lying.

★ Hyukjae’s message: “You’re spending a good time with the members now, right? I’m jealous… Have a good time and stay healthy.”  

★ From tame to wild paper kiss xD poor Kyu :) [for video]

>> 160611 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 2 <<

Heechul keeping his promise to Donghae 

Heechul: Not too long ago, I visited Donghae and saw him. Donghae said if we go to Japan, please convey this message. And there is something he said to me. “Make sure you protect this space” is what he said to me. “Please protect Super Junior’s spot.” So I asked this favour of the members and also told Donghae to not be worried. And I said another thing to Donghae. “Don’t worry, in order to protect and show you an unchanging appearance of myself by the time you come back, until you get back, I won’t cut my hair.” is what I told him. Seriously. So that’s why, even if you hate to just see my hair, please endure it for a while. 


Q: Teuk’s favorite thing is?
Leeteuk: You ~ (pertaining to ELF)
Heechul: me?? 

* then HC did the flower petal pose in front of Leeteuk lol 


Q: If ‘Super Junior’ wasn’t the group name, what would you like it to be?
Heechul: Super Senior!
Leeteuk: Hyuk and I had sugguested a group name to the SM before.
Heechul: Oh! I know!
Leeteuk: It is PRINCE! and the fanclub’s name is PRINCESS!
SJ: We are PRINCE~ (urineun prinseseuseyo!)
Leeteuk: I like Super Junior and ELF the most! 

Meet Diva Heechul :)

But what’s happening there? hehe

★ Leeteuk went to the farthest corner he could go to shake hands with the audience. Warmest leader!!

Shy Wookie~ ^^ 

Q: What you feel like doing the most now and what you feel like doing together with ELF?
Ryeowook: I want to hold a hug event, and hug everyone one by one.
Kyuhyun: During the hug event can people hug you and touch your body at the same time?
Ryeowook: No… What i want to do together with ELF is bbobbo 

*covers his face in a shy manner twice*

★ Kyu recording his voice on toy bear. He’s so cute [for video]

★ Kyu’s voice recording on teddy bear. Must listen! His voice just so beautiful ;; [for the record]  

“Why haven’t you slept yet? I’ll sing for you”  *sings Celebration* 

★ Heechul pushed Yekyu heads during pepero game and Kyu showed a disgusted/hateful face after that so YS asked "I can’t even kiss the dongsaeng that I love?!” then Kyu looked so shocked and kept wiping his lips :)

★ During Stars Appear perfermonce, Heechul continued singing the last part even tho the music had already stopped.

★ Teuk said Heechul is wearing a pink leopard printed boxer today :)

Heechul: Why i always get the difficult question..ㅠㅠ i’ll go out for a while… i’ll be back once the fanmeeting ends 


Leeteuk: My alarm tone is “Leeteuk-ssi!!!! Leeteuk-ssi!!!!”
Kyuhyun: That wasn’t the alarm, that was the manager! 

★ Heechul sang a bit of SMAP’s Sekai Ni hitotsu dake no hana. It was recorded in a doll and was given to a lucky fan~ 

★ Kyuhyun have tried so hard on playing game in order to not do the punishment. He got 100 points on the 1st round. And he kept mumbling “No game punishment.” But then he got negative 100 points on the finding dancers round. Then he just sat on the floor. Leeteuk squated next to him saying “ You are the same as me, with or without trying, zero points.” xD 

Q: portray Heechul by doing a pose?
Ryeowook: (nikkonikkoni)
Yesung: (fierce eye look)
Heechul: (eating ramen pose)
Kyuhyun: (dontonbori pose)
Leeteuk: (pc gaming) 

Q: Which SJ’s songs will you recommend to a non-SJ fans?
Kyuhyun: Your Eyes, One Spring Day, You&I, I listen to it (U&I) a lot.  

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