hot guys wearing


Oops……….it’s not quite a dick slip but the next best think. A hot guy wearing silky sheer see through shorts where you can see his entire manhood hanging between his sexy legs if they are not wearing Underwear or a jockstrap and when the light is behind him or in front of him depending on which side of him you’re standing on front or back. In the picture above I was in front of this young man and the sun light was fortunately behind him as his cock and balls shadowed the sunlight showing the shape and size of his genitals. In this case you can clearly see that this sexy smooth muscular young man has shaved off pubic hair. A Shaved smooth pubic area and below that he has a nice size Circumcised Penis and heavy low hanging Testicles. It never ceases to amaze me how many guys go without underwear or a jockstrap in silky see-through sheer shorts each and every day. But I’m sure glad they do. It’s so Fucking Hot and Crazy Sexy to see in public. Thanks dude.