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Family Reunion

Summary: Classic DeanxReader fake boyfriend routine at a family reunion

Word Count: 2619

Warnings: None

Family Reunion Series Masterlist –  Spanish Masterlist

“Yeah, sure. Love you too.” You hung up your phone and stared at it in disbelief. Your mom hadn’t been that good at convincing you to do things when you’d lived at home, had she?

Dean walked into the library and took once glance at you—sitting on the table with your feet in the chair—and grinned. “Talked to your mom recently?”

“Shut up, Winchester.” Dean always teased you that you only sat on the table when you talked to your mom just because you hadn’t been allowed to at home. He was wrong, of course. Your parents had been artists and were a bit eccentric. You could remember all three of you making a tent by putting blankets over your table and eating on the floor. You constantly walked home from school to see your father standing on top of the table, trying to pin something to the ceiling. No, sitting on a table was pretty normal for your family.

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My goal for 2014 is to make this guy famous or to give him the chance to live from his passion!

We went to London and heard this little guy, his name is Matty Fletcher and he’s from Yorkshire. His voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard live!! (And I’ve heard quite a lot)

This guy deserves it, he was totally overwhelmed just because 30-40 people were listening to him in total silence in the middle of London. He was just so happy and smiley because of it, his voice is incredible and he truly loves it!

We got late bc even our teacher wanted to listen to him, a few videos of his videos got a little success…

PLEASE REBLOG AND CHECK HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GIVE THIS GUY A CHANCE!! we managed to get a fluffy chicken to a girl let’s make someone’s dream come true

My fave cover he did: (Ed Sheeran -Lego House)

More videos to come bc every single person of my class recorded the songs he sang.