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Ziam Drabble ...kinda

Liam and Zayn are high school friends who decide to go to the same university together. They spend the summer together with their friends, creating memories to ease the separation before everyone goes their own way. They get closer as they discuss their hopes and fears for their next phase of life, intentionally choosing all their classes together for their freshman year because it’s comforting to know they have each other as they prepare to move to a new place, far from their families and everything they know.

As their time in university goes by, Zayn is dubbed the “hot guy” on campus due to his charm and good looks, and everyone either wants to be with him or wants to be him; Liam is quietly confident, friendly and loved by everyone. While both are popular in their own right and neither lacks friends, the bond between the two boys grows, and their unique bond is obvious to anyone who witnesses the two together. The respect and love, unspoken words and affectionate gestures speak volumes.

Their common friends ask Liam if he and Zayn are an item, to which Liam blushes and furiously denies it being a possibility. He can’t see someone as amazing as Zayn seeing him as more than a friend. Meanwhile Zayn receives attention, most times unwanted, from others on campus, but no one feels like home quite like Liam does. Zayn isn’t the most vocal about his feelings for Liam, but he shows his affection through gestures like visiting Liam at the end of the day, slipping a note under Liam’s dorm room when he finds Liam has turned in for the night, or leaving a silent voicemail for Liam to wake up to. A day without seeing the other is a day where both feel off-balance and by their final year in university, they are inseparable. With the end of their 4 years together drawing ever closer, they spend more and more time together, both with mutual friends, but also alone. Liam and Zayn study together, eat together, and chill together. In secret moments, they even tell each other how much they care for the other, how they would choose each other to spend the rest of their life with despite publicly naming other people amongst their friend group, but they can never work up the courage to say those three words.

The two spend as much time together as possible the summer after they graduate. For the first time in years, their lives lead Zayn and Liam in different directions meaning they won’t live the next phase of their lives together.  Liam is a mess when the time comes for Zayn to move. Zayn, still unable to put into words his deep affection for Liam, moves to graduate school without telling Liam goodbye. When Liam hears Zayn has visited their friends to bid them farewell but has failed to visit him, he aches in places he didn’t know existed as he cries himself to sleep. Liam realizes in that moment that he loves Zayn.

Liam busies himself in preparation for his own move to graduate school, reminding himself that Zayn is simply his best friend and the affection he feels is clearly one-sided since Zayn hasn’t had the decency to send Liam a message beyond the mass e-mail he sent their friends to say he’d arrived at his new school and was settling into his graduate program. Once Liam has settled into his graduate program, he sends his own mass e-mail, and choosing to take the higher ground, includes Zayn in the list of recipients. Liam is shocked to see Zayn send a private reply back saying he’s happy Liam is settling in so well as he is feeling homesick.

Zayn ends the email like this:

Hope all is well.
P.S. Stop dreaming about me as i know you want me…just ask me..don’t be shy..hahaha

Liam’s mind is swimming. All he can think of is what a friend of theirs used to say when she’d ask whether there was something more going on between the two boys after watching their playful and affectionate banter, “there’s a little truth in every joke.” Liam thinks this is his opportunity, so he takes it in his own quiet way by replying with:

So I miss you muchly. I just miss your presence around me. 
I dunno why…but I dream of hanging out with you, and am calm/ feel happy you are around..I know you are so damn popular and have 50 million people around you, but I miss YOU the most..I know..pathetic right?!

ALSOOOOOOOO….I have been putting up some of the pics of us I have, and everyone keeps saying how handsome you are….and then I just smile politely….until they say we look good together, to which I OF COURSE agree.
< 3

They continue with emails and phone chats while they are apart. The next time they are both visiting home, they share a hug that is different than any of their other hugs, and they have shared their fair share of hugs. It is tighter and longer, and Zayn doesn’t want to let go, or that’s how it seems to Liam, and Liam is more than okay with that.

The recorded phone coversation between Mary and Peter….

I did some digging and racked my brain, I wanted 429 to mean something….

There aren’t 29 episodes in a season and an episode never aired on 4.29….

So I decided that 429 would mean:

Season 4B (⬅️2) and the 9th episode in.

That episode is titled:
“Cover for Me”

And I decided to watch it!

In this episode, it is right after the Ezra reveal. So Aria and Ezra are done, she tells him he needs ti leave town and he gives her his manuscript to help her. She reads the book and tells the girls that Ezra thinks Mrs. D is A. Spencer jumps on board and agrees.

Hanna realizes that Emily told Paige Ali is alive because Detective Hollbrook shows Hanna the note Paige left in his care with Ali’s A.D. incorporated address.

We also see Jessica walk into the Hastings House and ask Veronica if she received her wedding dress charity event invitation and asks if she will attend. Veronica says she needs to check her calendar and leaves Jessica with Spencer. (Spencer is also freshly home from rehab and dealing with being clean & finds out a sober coach, Dean, will be living with her. This is where she is running with Dean and has a memory of hitting Ali with a shovel “that night ”.) Spencer apologizes to Jessica for behaving erratic and grabbing her arm saying that she had a bad reaction to new meds) jessica says veronica explained it and it’s fine. Jessica tells Spencer that her mom is probably just getting a check and she doesn’t blame her for not attending the event.


The ending A scene cuts to the song, “HEY LITTLE SISTER” and A is making the dress that spencer ends up wearing with the finger bones inside.

Assuming that was A.D. making the dress… could it be Spencer’s Twin?? It’s interesting that this A ending scene happens in the same episode we see Mary Drake for the first time (that we know of).

I feel like they gotta be family.

Twincer lives. Lol

Other stuff happened but nothing I found significant such as:
Mona and Mike break up. Mona and Ezra share a look in the hallways. Emily let’s Ezra know he’s a piece of shit. Hanna and Travis have their first fate where she runs into Mrs. D who then leaves with Detecive Holbrook. Aria whores it up in college town on a campus tour with a hot guy to get over Ezra.

Anybody else??

lifaan  asked:

Hi! So, I had a J2 dream today and I think it could be a good fic... my head really came up with something interesting? woow! ... It was about Jensen being raped and after that he was afraid of every man but Jared wanted to make it right so he takes Jensen home and is doing everything to put Jensen back together and Jensen soon falls in love with him... If you know something like this, could you please give me some recommendation? I would be the happiest person in the world. Thank you so much ♥

Abused!Jensen Fic Recs

hello, right now I can remember these, hope helps and read the warnings before reading please :)

Fireflies, Sparklies, and Other Flights of Fancy   Written in response to a prompt on spnkink_meme and originally filled here.
Jared’s a deeply-closeted football player in college, and he’s got a secret crush on this super hot guy (Jensen) that he sees around campus every now and then. One night his teammates think it’ll be funny to spike Jared’s drink with drugs (something like acid that makes him all trippy and lose touch with reality) and while flying super high Jared sees his hot Adonis and thinks it’s a fantasy. He tackles an unsuspecting Jensen and rapes him (in the trip he thinks Jensen’s some kind of mirage and he’s trying to keep him from floating away).

Jensen doesn’t see his attacker (Jared comes at him from behind and wraps him up in his sweater when he’s trying to pull it over his head), but he’s pretty sure he’d remember his attacker’s voice.

They end up meeting up later when Jared’s volunteering at the local hospital and Jensen’s been admitted for attempted suicide (he does NOT take the rape well). Author’s choice whether or not Jensen figures out that Jared, his new friend from the hospital, is the one that raped him.

Chinooks, Conventions, and Other Hazards of Life  In this AU world, soul mates are a very real phenomenon. While it’s rare, people can find their soul mates and when they do they feel an instant connection and have to stay together. If they don’t, both parties get ill.
Jared is a semi-famous actor and a bit of a jerk. He sleeps around and parties through his life. He really wants a soul mate but at 31 he doesn’t think he’ll find one, so sometimes he does the sleazy thing and pretends he feels a soul mate connection to get someone in bed.
Jensen is a hardworking and shy 35-year-old guy whose life has never been easy. When he sees Jared on a TV show, he realizes that he has found his soul mate and is very excited. He hops on a plane to a convention to meet his soul mate. He is thrilled when Jared notices him and calls him his soul mate.
The next morning, though, things don’t go as Jensen expected and both men find themselves struggling to get better and to find their way back to love – each in their own ways.

Always Darkest Before the Dawn Jared and Jensen have not seen one another since high school. A chance meeting in a bar one night leads to so much more than what either could have hoped for. What do you do when you know you are your best friend’s only hope yet you are barely keep your own head above water? 

Schemes (Are Not Just for Melodramatic Bond Villains While broadening his gay horizons, architect!Jared meets waiter!Jensen at a strip club. Jensen is shy, Jared is smitten, and Jeff is a smarmy bastard.

The Monster In Your Bed   Jared had never really spoken to his neighbors before; a gay couple that only seemed to do one of two things, fight or fuck.  One night, whilst working late at the ER, that all changed.

and of course

Gunpoint Jensen got his childhood stolen away from him when he was ten years old. Along with his memory, his voice and every emotion that wasn’t fear, hatred or anger. Question is, can Jared help him get any of it back? And more importantly, does Jensen really want him to?

You can check the tag HERE

rest of fic recs

Jr. x reader  When he picks you up after class

Summary: When he picks you up after class

Word count: 823 words

Genre: Fluff

Author’s note: Jinyoung is not an idol in this fic. He is just a Year 4 college student while you are in Year 1.

You and Jinyoung had been dating for 2 years now. You met him from a mutual friend when you were in high school. Your friends always said Jinyoung was a popular guy in college. You didn’t believe them until now.

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Frat!Luke Imagine Series

Living on campus that is crawling with hot frat guys is hard, especially if one of them has a soft spot for you. Luke is a well known ladies man who rarely hooks up with the same girl twice. When he walks past, heads turn without wanting to. You are no exception. Every time his eyes find yours you get weak in the knees. He’s had eyes for you for quite some time, but you knew better than to give in to his charms.
When he finally gets you alone and kisses you, you fall under his spell. You can’t get him out of your mind and what is worse, you start wanting more. Not just kisses and sex, you want cuddles, emotions and drama. But Luke isn’t the right guy for that, he’s only looking to have fun and you seem like a great opportunity for that.
Sometimes you feel like there are two different Lukes. One that’s popular and would do anything for people to bow down to him and the one that only wants to kiss you and make you happy. The question is, which one is going to win? Does popularity mean to him more than your love? Or will he finally be able to get over himself and admit his true feelings?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fourteen point Five

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

Part Seventeen

Part Eighteen

Part Nineteen

Part Twenty

Part Twenty-one

Part Twenty-two


Tactical Mistake

Part 1 of A+ Secrets

Summary: A certain off-limits professor comes into your work the day after a night of flirting.

Word Count: 1966

Warnings: None

A/N: I started this series the same week I started this blog. For some reason, around Christmas time there were a lot of Professor!Dean oneshots and series and I just kinda needed my own Professor!Dean. But back then I couldn’t finish a longer story to save my life (Thank you Spotlight for showing me that I could!) and now that I can, I’m having some very Professor!Dean feelings again so… And once again, enjoy the angsty backstory. One of these days I might write something without angst.

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“Jody, do you have Frank’s chart from yesterday?” You asked your coworker. “I need to double check his refraction. I think I put it in wrong.”

Jody rifled through the stack of charts next to her. “I think so just let me—here it is!”

“Great, thanks! I’ll bring it back as soon as I’m done.”

“Don’t get too distracted,” she replied knowingly.

“Distracted?” You replied cautiously. There was no way she could know what happened in your mythology class yesterday. Or, rather, after your mythology class yesterday. And again at the bar that night.

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it’s hot and sunny out 

a guy on campus approached me today and asked why i thought it was appropriate to wear such a see-through lacy shirt. i pointed out at least three skinny women within eyesight wearing similarly revealing shirts and asked why he didn’t ask them. 

he sort of spluttered something about my assets being more prominent than theirs. by this point i had used up all my social courage replying the first time and ducked into a building to avoid continuing the conversation, so i don’t have a cool tumblr conclusion to this story where i gave a rousing speech and people around me cheered and carried me around campus on their shoulders

ClintCoulson college AU

Phil is the straight-A student who has crammed his way into college and isn’t about to stop cramming now. He studies long and hard and doesn’t have time for shenanigans or fraternities! 

One night, however, he gets dragged out to the bar on the edge of campus, where he meets a very hot guy with messy blond hair, tough-guy tattoos and arms that nearly make Phil choke on his beer. Phil’s just buzzed off the beer enough to manage to flirt back with this super hot guy, and before he knows it, he’s actually got a date for the weekend!

It turns out that Clint isn’t a student - he works as part time as a janitor at the college, a busboy in the bar and otherwise scrapes enough money together doing odd jobs around the campus to afford basic necessities. He lives in a tiny bedsit above the bar, which Phil’s not even sure is legally habitable by humans. The tattoos are rather ill begotten, and Clint dodges the question when Phil asks him about them, much like he does questions about his past or his family…

After their first date they kiss and Clint bites at Phil’s lips and asks if he can come up to see Phil’s dorm, but Phil declines - unknown to Clint, Phil’s never done much beyond kiss someone before, and he doesn’t want to be too obviously inexperienced with someone like Clint, so he says he really needs to study!

Things progress from there - more sweet dates where Clint draws Phil away from his studies, wandering hands and tentative exploration, but Phil’s sure that the moment Clint finds out his virginal truth he’ll run a mile! But when he tries to explain this, Clint takes it the wrong way and assumes Phil’s just done with him, like everyone else in his life getting bored of the dumb carnie kid. Besides, Phil’s too good for him with his pressed seams and doing all that goofy crap like opening the door for him and the way he holds Clint’s hand like it’s something precious.

For Phil’s part, he figures Clint just got bored of humouring his inexperience and wants to be with someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. Why would Clint want to be with someone as lame as Phil? Besides, his parents aren’t best pleased to see that his grades have been slipping, and he probably should work harder…

He’s been studying for a week straight when his friends drag him out to the bar again, plying him with drinks in a Rome is Burning style blow out where they all get woefully drunk and let off some steam. Phil spies Clint picking up glasses again, and is drunk enough to, instead of talk to Clint, talk to a random guy sitting at the bar, pawing at him and asking if he wants to take Phil to bed. The guy seems interested, and when he puts an arm around Phil, Clint slams down the cloth he’s wiping glasses with and marches over, telling Phil he’s had enough and that he’s coming with him.

Phil’s too drunk to fully grasp what’s happening, though Clint’s strong arms are around him again so it must be good, right? Clint takes him up to his tiny room and makes him drink a big glass of water before helping Phil into bed. Phil grabs for him because finally, he’s gonna get his damn V-card stamped, but Clint just huffs at him and sits by the wall and broodingly watches as Phil falls asleep.

Phil wakes up blearily the next morning with a splitting headache to find Clint gone, a note on the door of the tiny fridge saying he’ll be back in a bit. As Phil’s fumbling around trying to work out how to use the miniscule bathroom, Clint returns with breakfast and coffee, looking as judgemental as Phil’s elderly and very conservative grandmother. The thought makes him laugh, which in turn makes his head hurt, but before long he’s sitting on the bed facing Clint while they eat their breakfasts and actually, finally, talk about their feelings for the first time since they met.

With everything out in the open - Phil’s insecurities, Clint’s troubled past, their mutually somewhat-scary feelings for each other - they take things slow, starting with Phil getting over the mother of all hangovers and a few more dates that are more chaste than just about anything Clint’s ever done in his life, and more daring than anything Phil’s ever done before, til they discover all sorts of secrets about each others (and their own) bodies, and fall more in love than either ever thought possible.

I’m more bored at work than usual so I wrote this and knew at once who I could send it to.


At first Cas thinks it’s just a coincidence that the kind of hot guy he’s seen around campus always seems to pop up wherever he is.

At first it was the library. He couldn’t help but notice him nearly straight away. It wasn’t hard, he didn’t often see hot guys with full two full sleeves of ink pottering around the fantasy fiction section. Especially ones with piercings and tattered jeans.

Then it was Cas’ favourite coffee shop on campus. For two weeks tattoo guy always seemed to be in the line at the same time as Cas. He also took his coffee the same way, not that Cas noticed that kind of thing of course.

Over the next month they bump into one another at various gigs around campus. They nod to one another when buying records at one of Cas’ favoured vintage stores. One night they even manage to be getting pizza at two in the morning from the same crappy pizza place.

It couldn’t be a coincidence anymore.

Finally during one of Cas’ quieter bar shifts he sees tattoo guy come in with a lanky teen, who is clearly underage despite his ID. They smile at one another but neither of them approach the other. He leaves before Cas can pluck up the courage to say anything and Cas mentally kicks himself until he sees writing on one of the napkins left on tattoo guy’s table.

‘We can’t keep meeting like this. How about we arrange to meet one another on purpose one time?


Below is a phone number.

Yeah, Cas definitely doesn’t believe in coincidences anymore.

Frat!Luke Imagine Series Introduction

Living on campus that is crawling with hot frat guys is hard, especially if one of them has a soft spot for you. Luke is a well known ladies man who rarely hooks up with the same girl twice. When he walks past, heads turn without wanting to. You are no exception. Every time his eyes find yours you get weak in the knees. He’s had eyes for you for quite some time, but you knew better than to give in to his charms.
When he finally gets you alone and kisses you, you fall under his spell. You can’t get him out of your mind and what is worse, you start wanting more. Not just kisses and sex, you want cuddles, emotions and drama. But Luke isn’t the right guy for that, he’s only looking to have fun and you seem like a great opportunity for that.
Sometimes you feel like there are two different Lukes. One that’s popular and would do anything for people to bow down to him and the one that only wants to kiss you and make you happy. The question is, which one is going to win? Does popularity mean to him more than your love? Or will he finally be able to get over himself and admit his true feelings?

You can find the series here. (Warning it contains SMUT!!!)

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