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This is the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

before midnight (dylan massett)

warnings: i talk about boobs a lot. also there’s a mention of the sex trade deal from season 1 

word count: 1.566

a/n: i took an au from this and changed it up a bit

story line: you see him smoking by his truck every night outside the motel and one night you accidentally leave the curtains open when changing 

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+ Jungkook is from a planet called Thrae. Basically Humans super powered.

+ Jungkook came to Earth on accident cause Namjoon thought it would be funny to send him a virus that makes his space bike crash.

+ Jungkook crash his bike on the side of the rode and Jungkook is pissed cause he just got it washed and now its all banged up and shit.

+ “hey are you alright!?”

+ When Jungkook turns around he doesn’t expect to see the most delicate soft face angel in the entire universe.

+ Jimin frowns and gets out of his pick up truck cause this hot guy isn’t responding.

+ “Hey, are you ok?” “Oh, uh yeah, I just crashed my bike….” “You’re not injured right?”

+ Jungkook almost scoffs cause as if. but he pick up pretty quickly that he is on Earth.

+ “No i’m not.” “Good. Sorry about your bike. Maybe we can fix it up in my shop? It’s just down the high way. We can put your bike in my truck.”

+ Jungkook is down spending time with this angel so he takes him up.

+ Jimin and Jungkook work on his bike (”is this a foreign bike?” “yeah…”) and Jungkook is shock on how weak yet strong Humans are as he watches Jimin work on the bike.

+ Jimin smiles like water and Jungkook drinks it all up, even flirting just to get Jimin to laugh.

+ Jungkook stays on earth for about 2 weeks and luckily he got to stay with Jimin. 

+ “You’re bikes all done now Kookie.” “Oh… yeah…” “Well… I guess that means this is goodbye?” “I don’t want to say goodbye Jimin.”

+ Jungkook and Jimin start dating and thats when Jungkook comes clean about who he is and where he is from. Jimin doesn’t believe him until Jungkook picks up his pick up truck with one hand.

+ “wow, and I wanted to fuck later but you might snap me in half…”


Lucas Till lets you know he’s got this in new promo for MacGyver.