hot guys hot coffee

Netflix & Coffee / Cody Christian series

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Plot: After your first of being on set together. He seems nice and friendly. He actually is too

Word count: 1 048

Warning: none

Age: +13

A/N: Sorry for not posting second part on the day it was supposed to be up! I was so busy with work, but now I’m back again. Until school starts. Enjoy xx

Part 1 

“So you never told me, what you were up to tonight?” he said while sitting into my car. “Netflix and some tea. That’s literally it,” I said and he looked t me smiling. I giggled “You want to come over?” I asked him. “I would, but I mean we just met,” he said and I gave him the ‘are you stupid’ look. He laughed.

Car ride was actually a lot of fun. We talked about our lives before acting and movies. He told me, what it was like to be in Teen Wolf and how they’tr all like a family now.

“I mean it’s really cool to have them. I know the show ends, but I’ll never stop talking with them. I really love them,” he said and looked at me. I nooded and smiled. When you’re on set with people all day sometimes, actually most of the times more than a day. You really get used to them.

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