hot guys cooking

Shampoo: *runs over Mousse w/ her bike*
Mousse: I’d like to thank God and also Jesus

wow look at this old photo i found of our two favourite lovers meeting for the first time at guy fieris very first restaurant job which he later made into a better restauratnt featuring even more guy fieri and wow look at this love at first sight it looks like guy was quite the guy in making moves to our handsome heroic hero of time link and look at how young he looks he looks like a nice baby boy but he is handsome and manly and old enough to date guy stop asking me about that please anyway i am pleased to tell you that they are still together in my story and i want to continue making love stories with the only two people that i care about so i will

they are so happy

Where Am I // Luke Hemmings AU Smut

I managed to squeeze this out between all my homework tonight, so I hope it’s decent. This was physically painful to write because I love Luke too much. I hope my pain is enjoyable for everyone to read. I also really suck at titling things sooooo hope you can get over that. Inspired by this post. As always, I would love feedback and I’m always open for requests, so send those my way! xoxo

Summary: You go to a party with your friends and wake up hungover, half naked, and in a bed with a guy you don’t know. What happened last night? And what’s going to happen this morning? 

Warning: This isn’t like really smutty but like a little bit so there’s that

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I’m playing mystic messenger finally and I thought it would be rly funny to make my character name guy fieri. I’ll get better screenshots later but so far I have these and omg the last one I’m dying