hot guys and puppies

“Jensen and the Husky” - Digital Oil Painting

“I named him Castiel!”
“Because of all the kisses he gives you?”
“…What? No! Because he’s got the blue eyes, man, come on! …bitch.”

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I probably shouldn’t have laughed but I did. My Sim had the hots for the guy that dropped off her puppy from the animal shelter so I bumped up their friendship meter with a cheat and invited him over. They started dating and I wanted to see his house but I couldn’t find it so I decided to invite him over and then send him back home to see where he lived. He ran over to the next building (an apartment building) and went to sleep on the bench in the lobby as seen here. OMG, he’s homeless! I guess it makes sense, characters like him are just kind of generated as they were needed, but nonetheless it made me laugh and feel bad at the same time.
So then this is where it got better: I had her leave the building and then re-enter and he disappeared without a trace. However he did show up on the call box (as if he lived in the building) so I called him with the call box to ask him to buzz me in and he ran through the front door again to greet me. So strange.

‘Wanna One’ at school [part 2]

Kang Daniel:
• playing in the basketball team and often gets injured, because of it;  
• never does a homework;
• feeding street cats;
• seems like a unapproachable hot guy;
• but only seems, in real life he is just the awkward puppy;

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Yoon Jiseong:
• local meme, you know;
• always supporting everyone: ‘Commom, guys, it’s just exams! We can make it!’;
• very sensitive, can’t deal with rudeness;
• has a lots secret talents like playing the trombone, beatbox or random knowledge of the universe;
• gives Daniel to copy his homework;

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Lee Daehwi:

• doesn’t mention that fact what he was living in the USA for 6 years and can fluently speak English;

• dreams about the bright future for his familiy;

• works hard and never complains;

• living alone in huge apartment;

• invites classmates (often Jihoon, Woojin and Samuel for studying), because he hates to see empty rooms;

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Park Woojin:
• really into the rap;

• wants to seem like a cool chilin’ guy, but actually he is very nervous about people’s expression;

• sometimes calls the teacher ‘mom’;

• watches anime;

• everyone loves him, but he doesn’t understand this;

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