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The Hot Checkout Guy

June 5th. The last day of school at Harrison High. In 11th grade English, the teacher talks to his students about their future. The majority of his class is either on their phone, sleeping, and staring at the clock that minutes away from the bell to ring. 

“I want you guys to know that as you spend your last summer as a high school student, make the most out of it. Go on vacations, visit a gym, read a fucking book”. His class looks at him in disbelief. Teacher smiles. “Good. I have your attention. Since we have two minutes, I’ll just say this: do not waste your summer. Make the most of it. Apply for a summer job. That’s always a good idea. And also”. The bell rings. “What the?” says the teacher. The class cheers. They grab their stuff and starts leaving. “Stupid clock” says the teacher. 

Out front of the school, the students gets on their bus, gets picked up by parents, and drive off in their car. One student, name Adam. He walks to his car, a Honda Accord. He drives away. 

Adam lives in a small town in Michigan. He cranks up the music that’s playing on AUX from his phone. He looks around as he drives. 

Adam drives up to the middle school and picks up his sister, Alana, and her friend, Cindy. “Hi, Adam”, says Cindy. “Hi” replies Adam. “Mom says you can take us to Cindy’s house” says Alana. “OK, fine. But I don’t know why you could’ve just gone on the bus to Cindy’s house” says Adam. “Just drive, Adam!” yells Alana and Cindy. The girls laugh. Adam is already annoyed. But he drives anyway. 

After dropping his sister and her friend off, he drives home. Once he gets to his room, he finds an application sitting on his desk with a sticky note. It’s an application for “Smart Market”. The sticky note attached reads “Adam, an application for a job. Not letting you sit on your ass all summer. Love, Dad”. Adam groans. 

A few days later, Adam drives to the local grocery store, the Smart Market. As he walks inside, he immediately sees the checkout lanes. He sees a few of the checkout staffers and one of them is a hot, 6 foot 3, with killer jawline. Adam takes a good look before heading to customer service. An employee asks, “Hi, how can I help you”. Adam replies, “Yes, I want to apply for a job here”. The customer service staffer takes Adam’s application. 

One week later, Adam returns to Smart Market for the job interview. The interview went well. Mostly because he got to see the hot checkout guy. He got a new haircut. Adam got the job as a checkout guy. His parents were very happy, but his sister wasn’t, because he won’t be able to drive her to places anymore. 

A few days later, Adam goes to Smart Market for his first day of work. He’s wearing his new uniform that he picked up in person. He reports to his checkout isle number 4. He looks around to see if the hot checkout guy is there. He doesn’t see him. But he begins his new job anyway. On his first day, it goes well. He got to meet to nice people, he made a little money, and he got a coupon for gas. 

Two days later, his third day of work, it’s three hours into his shift. Everything is going cool. Then, he sees the hot checkout guy arriving with his uniform on. The supervisor sees him. “You’re late”, says the supervisor. The hot checkout guy replies, “Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. I overslept and I had an emergency with my girlfriend”, says hot checkout guy. Adam is secretly listening while checking out customers’ items. “What was the emergency?” asked the supervisor. The hot checkout guy sighs and says, “She’s pregnant” says Hot Checkout Guy. The supervisor is shocked. So is Adam. Supervisor says, “Holy shit”. Hot Checkout Guy says, “It’s not mine”. “Holy shit!”, says Supervisor. Adam is drawn to this dramatic turn of the conversation. His attention is so not into his job, that he doesn’t see a little girl putting a Hershey bar in her pocket and walking away. “Are you sure” asked Supervisor. The hot checkout guy nods. The hot checkout guy reports to his checkout isle number 6. It’s very good for Adam cuz checkout number 5 is closed for technical problems. 

Adam sees the hot checkout guy, upset. The hot checkout guy doesn’t notice Adam for the first few hours. Then lunch breaks comes. Hot Checkout Guy finally sees Adam. Adam says to him, “Hi, I’m Adam”. Hot Checkout Guy replies, “Hey. I’m Ryder. You new?” asked Hot Checkout Guy. Adam nods. “Going on a break. Gonna go for a smoke. Wanna come?” asked Hot Checkout Guy. The hot checkout guy just starts walking away. Adam looks at his butt. He’s getting turned on. Without anyone seeing, he scratches his balls. Adam starts following him. 

Adam follows the hot checkout guy to the stock room. Hot Checkout Guy says, “Close the door”. Adam does it. He asks, “You smoke in the stock room?” asked Adam. The hot checkout guy kisses Adam. Adam freaks out. Hot checkout guy stops. “Sorry. I thought you’re straight” says Adam. “Why?” asked Hot Checkout Guy. Adam thinks on how to answer this. But it isn’t long until Hot Checkout Guy realizes it. “You heard me saying my girlfriend is pregnant”. Adam lightly nods. “Well, she was my girlfriend. I was only with her cuz my parents wanted me to go out with her. That bitch fucked my cousin’s best friend”. Hot Checkout Guy starts kissing Adam again. This time, Adam doesn’t stop him. He kisses back. Hard. 

The hot make out session quickly turns to removing each other shirts. Adam gets his neck kissed by the hot checkout guy. They both take off their pants and underwear. The Hot Checkout Guy continues kissing Adam’s neck and proceeds to kiss Adam lower and lower all the way down and gives him a blowjob. Adam starts moaning. The Hot Checkout Guy turns around. “Fuck me”. Adam’s surprised. “What?”. Hot Checkout Guy opens a condom package and takes out a condom. He rips open the wrapper and gives it to Adam. “I haven’t bottom in almost 2 years”. Adam is very surprised. Adam puts on the condom and then starts fucking Ryder, the Hot Checkout Guy. Adam starts moaning. He’s a moaning louder and louder. “Quiet” says Hot Checkout Guy. Adam quiets down his moans. Hot Checkout Guy kneels down on the floor and bends over. Adam continues fucking him, doggy style. “Ah yes. Harder. Harder.” whispers Adam. 

Adam  has the Hot Checkout Guy by the waist as he fucks him. the stock room is already warm, say 70 degrees. When it got to six minutes to their fucking, the two are sweating. Adam fucks Hot Checkout Guy for 10 minutes straight. At the end, Hot Checkout Guy cums on the floor while still being fucked. He moans under breathe as best as he can. Adam pulls out and removes the condom and starts jerking and cums on Hot Checkout Guy’s ass. Hot Checkout Guy feels it. “Ah fuuuck”. The two stays where they are. The cum is dripping from Hot Checkout Guy’s dick. 

Five minutes later, Adam and the Hot Checkout Guy steps out from the stock room. “Adam, right?” asked Hot Checkout Guy. “Yes”. “Cool. I’m Ryder. Welcome to Smart Market”. “Thanks” says Adam. The two walks to their separate checkout station. Adam smiles big as he continues checking out customers’ items. Adam and Hot Checkout Guy continue their job the rest of the day. 

At the end of the day, Adam returns home and finds his sister, Alana, watching Netflix with his parents. “Hi, Adam” says Adam’s father. “Hey” says Adam. “How was work”? asked Adam’s mother. “It was good. I like it” says Adam. Adam’s parents smiles. “I’m glad you like it, son” says Adam’s father. “Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes” says Adam’s mother. “OK” says Adam. 

Adam goes to his room. The next day, he goes back to work at Smart Market and has his break with Hot Checkout Guy every day. 

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