hot glue is not my friend


A friend reminded me that I actually needed more slimes as the black puddings and the Ochre jellys divide into 2 medium creatures when hit, and into smalls when hit again.
So more hot glue slimes! Also made better grey oozes as I was not happy with the first ones)

In addition a tiny tutorial on how I make the little stone bases for my oozes.

My math teacher, we’ll call her Mrs. W, is quite interesting. To start, she is always yelling at this kid in the back of class, we’ll him Drake, because he makes comments that don’t make any sense. She’s thrown a marker at him before, and constantly threatens to “call Brittany”, his mom. Everyone suspects Drake’s doing/selling drugs because he seems high all the time and always has like $200 on him. Also, Mrs. W calls herself emo, and she calls my group of friends and I her “emo crew”. Mrs. W will sometimes sit with us during our lunch period and just talk to us. One of my friends was jealous of the “emo crew” thing and wanted to be part of it, so he listened to every My Chemical Romance song in one night and claimed that he’s emo. Another person was asking me how to become emo for a day. It’s now a joke in our grade that I’m emo. I’m known as the short emo Eva (because there’s like 3 or 4 people who are named Eva or Ava). My friend even got me black glitter glue for my birthday because it “represented my soul”. And there’s this kid in Mrs. W’s class that always makes fun of her being emo and shopping at Hot Topic and listening to emo music, and Mrs. W uses me as an example of a “good emo”. Her ringtone is the theme song to Star vs. the Forces Of Evil.

Plumbob Headbands

For this past Indy Pop Con, my friends and I chose to do a simple cosplay day and two big days.We wracked out brains on what to do as a group when the idea of Sims popped up. Sure it’s been done so many times, but that’s because it’s a fun cosplay to do. Who doesn’t want to run around, speak gibberish, and sometimes pass out from sleep deprivation? I know I wanted to. There are probably plenty of tutorials on how to make the glowing green plumbob above our beloved Sims’ heads but I figured I’d add to the pile and show you all how I made mine. Now enough jabbering, let’s do this.


     Cardstock paper (any color)

     Hot glue


     Acrylic paint in plumbob green

     Wood filler and sandpaper (optional)

Step One: Pattern Making

     As all of my tutorials begin, start with your pattern. Usually we make patterns to avoid unnecessary mistakes on foam, but this time we’re doing it to make sure the plumbob halves are the same. Plumbobs have six faces on the top and bottom and I added little tabs to help with gluing later.

Step Two: Cutting

     Make two halves from your pattern and cut them out.

Step Three: Folding

     This step is pretty self explanatory.

Step Four: Gluing

     Glue all the little tabs and assemble

Step Five: Wood Filling (optional):

     This part doesn’t need done but I think it improves the final product. You’ll notice that just gluing leaves some nasty gaps in your precious plumbob. With a bit of wood filler and sanding once the filler dries, you can smooth out your plumbob to your liking.

Step Six: Paint

     Now’s the time to coat the plumbob in a layer or two of your green paint. I chose a kind of electric green that I thought matched the plumbob pretty well.

Step Seven: More Gluing

      Now the time you’re been waiting for, gluing your plumbob to your headband. Just a warning, although the plumbob is just cardstock, it’s still pretty heavy for gluing with such little surface area. Since the plumbob comes to a point, there’s little for the glue to hold the thing up with so it becomes top heavy. I found that three or four layers of hot glue helps to fix this up nicely.

And you’re done! I know this tutorial was super short but I hope you still enjoyed :)

Here’s some pictures of my friends and I accepting our lives as Sims at the con. We changed the paint a bit and filled the cracks in better right before the con began.

The last two were taken from Instagram, credit to those who posted them (I don’t think they’d want me to put their Instagram names on here so I won’t, but thank you to both of them for snapping and posting these)

my friends try to wipe away the dust
from my white knuckles
and notice that i
am still bruising.

you try to extract the truth from the door
but my breath catches in my throat.
ropes snap shut.
this is not the kind of closure you were looking for.

i try to build a dictionary from “new” and “me”,
but i keep falling back to the same old us.
I am not a language I learned alone.

my heart is hot glue
over burning bridges.
flight response with
my tail between my legs
and swollen tongue swallowing words
and whatever kind of bravery it takes
to stand still on one’s way out.

i am not a language i learned alone.
i cannot remove the bridges I’ve built
one brick at a time.
I am one to crash
I am fluent in.

—  when will i change enough to be able to leave the guilt with the old me?
Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki’s Epic Bromance

You may recognize them from their roles as Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural.
These co-stars quickly went from being on-screen brothers to real life best friends.
As the stars of a tv show, they keep each other from being too serious.
So much so that you might question if they’re actually reverting in age.
When the occasion calls for it, they aren’t afraid to hug it out.
Or anytime they feel like it really.
Seriously… they hug a lot.
Dressing alike occurs often enough that they have back-up plans
But, those don’t always work out.
And again…
To the point that you can’t tell if they own the same shirt or just share it.
Prior to getting married to their wives, they lived together.
-Jensen: Nine months out of the year, we’re stuck with each other literally 24/7 a week…we’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together….we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.
-Jared: We even lived with each other!
-Jensen: We did.
-Jared: We were in each other’s weddings!
-Jensen: We were.
-Jared: And when we leave Canada for break we’re combining our families to do Christmas together in Texas this year!

Yes, not only were they in each other’s weddings, but they now have huge family Christmas celebrations.
And they can always count on one another to have their back.
Just in case their bromance is still in question, let’s hear from them.
“When Jared and I met, we kind of instantly became friends. He’s five years younger than me, so it was cool. I knew what it felt like to be an older brother and he knew what it felt like to be a younger brother — we just kind of fell into a nice rhythm.”
Texas-sized support.
“It’s remarkable being two guys from Texas who would probably be going for the same roles. I feel no competition with him. I feel like he’s my biggest supporter and I know I’m his biggest supporter.” -Jared
“We’re best friends, period. He’s my best friend for life. I don’t think that’s remarkable, but it’s definitely special.” -Jensen
Just like glue…
“Unfortunately for him, he’s stuck with me for life now.” -Jared
Bro Love
“He’s like a brother and I love him.” -Jensen
Verdict: The most amazing celebrity friendship we can’t get enough of.
This deserves an eternity of reblogs and likes so let’s go now!

Wig: check! (needs to be styled)
Gem: check!
Skirt: ordered! (needs to be painted)
Jewelry: ordered!
Armour: needs to be assembled
Beads: ordered!
Belt: needs materials/needs to be assembled
Hoop Skirt: needs to be adjusted


So @enthuxxiasm and I decided this year we were going to dress up as Eleven and Joyce from Stranger Things for Halloween! We did the test run on our Disney Cruise on Halloween/Pirate night, and it went so well!

I made the Eleven dress from fabric, velcro and hot glue. We borrowed the jacket from a friend!
The LED lights for mine were $3 at Target, and both of my tops were from Target as well!

(Also, you can’t see it in this picture, but on the door, the red sparkly Christmas lights spell out R-U-N)

anonymous asked:

What about a little platonic thing where the reader helps zenyatta make his outfit for the lunar even or just in general? You dont have to but it sounds like a cute idea. Thank you so much!

A/N: The little story animation about Harold Winston telling young Winston stories actually made me cry.


Originally posted by nostrromo

“Thanks for doing this, Zenyatta.” You sat on the floor in the monk’s quarters with art supplies all around you. There was paint on your hands and fingers as you helped craft the omnic’s outfit for the Lunar New Year. You had a brush in your hands as you carefully dabbed some colour onto an ornamental orb. “You know, you are gonna be the most perfect Sanzang.”

There was a soft chuckle in front of you. “That is very kind of you to say.” Zenyatta’s voice chimed. His hands were poised delicately to hover the orb in the air for you decorate as you needed without too much trouble. “I am sure Winston will appreciate our efforts as well.”

You looked up at the monk for a moment and nod with a small sigh. “Yeah. He’s been feeling pretty down lately. I’m glad D.Va and Mei turned the Lunar New Year party into an optional costume one. Winston seemed pretty keen on going as Wukong.” The wide, toothy grin that bloomed on Winston’s face when he announced his idea was enough to make everyone get really excited. No one liked it much when the scientist wasn’t at his best. The party would be a good way to let everyone else have a bit of a break as well.

While it might have been because of Zenyatta’s presence, you found that making a costume with the monk was one of the most relaxing experiences of the hobby you had ever had the pleasure of participating in. Usually, it was a mad rush or a crazy crunch time with hot glue, but Zenyatta’s Sanzang costume would be completed with plenty of time to spare.

You gently blew on the orb as you applied the finishing touches and smiled. “There we go! That was the last one. Time to wait for it to dry before we seal it.”

Zenyatta twirled the orb gently before adding it to the orbs slowly levitating around him. He was very good at making sure the drying paint never touched anything. “I have enjoyed the time we have spent together, my friend.” The monk suddenly admitted; there was a hint of disappointment in his tone. Truly he had a lot of fun creating the costume with you. He hadn’t much experience with the hobby and Zenyatta had learned a lot. There was a slight fear that after everything was done, maybe you wouldn’t spend as much time with him anymore.

You frowned slightly. “I know we haven’t really done things together like this before, Zenyatta, but if you want to, I’d love to start another art project with you.” You wondered if a lot of people thought that because he was a monk, Zenyatta would be boring, but honestly, you knew there was nothing Zenyatta liked better than experiencing fun and new things. “We don’t even have to do an art project. We can go out sometimes if that’s something you want to do.”

The monk was quiet for a moment as if considering your offer or maybe he was hesitant to give you his honest answer in fear of sounding too clingy. “If perhaps you would like to spend more time with me, I would very much like it.” Zenyatta folds his hands in lap almost in a nervous gesture.

“Aw, Zenyatta!” You wave a hand. “Of course I’d love to hang out more. You’re always a joy to have around.”

The monk laughed, a charming and calming kind of sound. “I am relieved, my friend. I always learn something new when I am at your side.” He bows his head slightly in what might have been a fairly formal gesture, but you knew it was just another way for him to positively emote without any facial expressions.

You laughed. “You’re just the cutest, Zenny. I’m gonna take so many photos of you in your Sanzang costume; everyone is going to be so jealous!”

The evening of the party couldn’t come fast enough!


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How to Make a Love Sachet

This is to attract beneficial love and relationships into your life. This is not to be used to attract a specific person.

You will need:
○ String or ribbon (preferably pink, red, or white)
○ Fabric (pink or red, non-porous)
○ Needle & thread/fabric glue/hot glue (If you have it)
○ Safety pins
○ Scissors
○ Any of these ingredients; pick at least two: lavendar, sage, rosemary, honeysuckle, rose, bay, cinnamon, ginger, hazel, jasmine, poppy seed, myrtle, liquid honey (you can use the oils as well, but make sure you have some solid ingredients)

1. Take your piece of fabric and cut out a square a bit bigger than the size of your whole hand with fingers spread.

2. Lay it flat and set it to the side. Grind up any ingredients if need be, and while doing that imagine your energy going into it. You want about a teaspoon for solid ingredients; oils and honey are used in a drop or two.

3. Mix solid ingredients together, once again putting your own energy and desire in. After mixing solids, put in a drop or two of your chosen oil or honey and mix once more. Repeat the same visualization.

4. Put complete mixture in a small pile on fabric square, taking the corners up and enclosing it. You either twist it and tie it with the ribbon, sew it, or glue it with fabric glue/hot glue. If you decide to twist, use the safety pins to make sure the fabric stays (pin sides together). No matter what sealing method you choose, tie the ribbon on after.

5. Hold the sachet in your hands and say: “I will bring beneficial love, support, and relationships into my life. I will bond well with family, friends, and those around me in a healthy and helpful manner. For the good of all, harming none, this is my will, so it is done.”

6. Carry the sachet with you, or put it in your locker, desk, backpack, dresser, or anywhere else you would be around it frequently.

7. It’s best to bury the sachet after about one to two months. The herbs and oils will become stale after a period of improper storage. You can always make another one if need be.

I tried to recreate Hermione’s wand using a chopstick, hot glue, and paint. It turned out quite pretty. I’m going to pat myself on the back now because I don’t have any friends to do it for me. Hahaha. Just kidding. (Not really)

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Tavros Horns Tutorial!

first of all, you gonna need:

  • polystyrene
  • spackling (the thing you use to get texturized paintings)
  • yellow and red paint
  • sand paper
  • a large (black) tiara
  • two BIG ASS screws
  • hot glue
  • tape

get your ‘polystyrene’ (idk the common name of this), draw the shape of your horns and cut it out

after cut out and sand papered:

then you will cover it entirely with the 'clay’ (spackling), and paint it yellow!

wait for it to dry, now get a piece of the tape to keep apart the yellow part from the orange one (get the orange paint by mixing the yellow with a bit of red, its easier to get a nice tone then buying a whole thing of orange)

and remember to keep the 'glue side’ UP! so it dont ruin your beautiful yellow painting

paint it orange an wait for it to dry (again), it will look like this without the tape:

do the saaaame thing with the red part, and as you can see i did the yellow ring by hand (but its just because i really like it this way)

in the end will look like this:

time to attach them!! get the tiara, make a whole where the screw will be (thats going in the middle of the horn) and between them fill it with hot glue, the horns are VERY light it doesn’t need too much effort to get them stable  

it may hurt a little after a long time but the wig protects your head (at least mine does)

thats it guys!! horns done! FLY PUPA, FLY!!!

you can ask my friends i hit pretty much everyone (and every door, every wall…) with my horns and it still hangin well! it takes time to get used with the space notion but you guys will do it well.

Mondo Oowada pompadour tutorial

A while ago I was commissioned by one of my friends to do a wig for Mondo Oowada from Dangan Ronpa. I made a video tutorial for the wire base but because of how long it was, I figured it would be better to at first make a text tutorial. Not going to lie, this is very, very similar to my Josuke wig tutorial.


  • Wire (I recommend something thin, as the curve on this wig )
  • Tape (Something paint will cover well, like masking or painting tape)
  • Glue (I used hot glue)
  • Brown/orange acrylic paint (that matches the color of the hair you’re using for the pomp)
  • a black/brown base wig (about shoulder length)
  • orange/brown wefts (preferably curly or wavy)


  1. Take the circumference of your head (I made mine around the middle of my forehead). Add two inches to ensure room for the wig and to make it comfortable to wear. Make a circle out of wire with this circumference.
  2. Make the shape of the pompadour out of wire, from front to back. What I did was attach a wire to the back of the circle, then connect the wire directly across the first connection, then shape the profile view.
  3. Weave some wire between the front to back wires and attach those to the sides. Here’s where I put the wires:

    (This is after taping and painting, but you get the idea)

  4. After trying it on to see that it fits comfortably and is the right shape, cover it completely with tape. I suggest wrapping the tape around the circumference around your head part of the wire as well. If you want, you can cover it with glue to make sure the tape doesn’t come apart. I did that, but it’s not completely necessary.
    (Here’s how the base fit on my head- I could test it on myself because my friend has the same size head as me)

  5. Paint the tape with acrylic paint in the color of your wig/wefts.

  6. Curl your wefts if they aren’t already curled.
  7. Start gluing hair onto the pompadour, being careful to cover the glue completely with hair so it doesn’t show through. Start towards the front of the wig and work your way back. This way you can overlap the top of the wefts and blend them in.

  8. For the base wig, cut the top of the wig (that will be covered by the pompadour) really short. This will make it easier to wear the pompadour on top and remove unnecessary bulk.

    (It looks gross now, but it’ll be covered anyway)
  9. Slick the rest of the hair back. The very bottom of the hair should be loose and just sitting behind the ears. I made fake sideburns, but this isn’t really necessary. There are tutorials on how to basically do that if you look up ‘how to make fake hairline on wig’. This is basically what it looked like.

    (I’m holding back the bottom of the hair, but you get the idea)

And that’s basically it. I was rushed for time, so I didn’t take pictures of the final product, but I’ll update this post once I get pictures from my friend.

Sylveon Cosplay Ears Tutorial

A friend of mine wanted to cosplay Sylveon for an upcoming convention we were attending and asked for my help. As I love making cosplay props and helping others, I worked on making the ears for her and photographed the process for this tutorial to help others. This tutorial ended up a bit longer than expected so bear with me :)

What you’ll need:

-          Craft foam: I had about three sheets lying around that were $1 each and I bought a huge roll at Michael’s for $8

-          Scissors

-          Hot Glue Gun and a lot of refill sticks

-          Pen and Pencil

-          Acrylic Paint: You’ll need white, pink, two types of blues (a lighter one and a medium one), and a light teal/seafoam.

-          Three Pieces of Sandpaper: I believe mine were a 75, a 100, and a 150

-          Headband: I recommend the stiff kind that is covered in fabric. You can buy a three pack at Walmart for about $4

The Process:

           Step One: Pattern Making

The first thing you need to do is draw out your pattern with pencil on paper. I just Googled a picture of Sylveon and used that as my reference picture. Once you have it drawn, cut out the pattern.

           Step Two: Making the Foam Shapes

Now you’re going to trace your pattern onto the craft foam with a ballpoint pen (pencil tends to tear the foam). You’ll need: two of the little hair piece, four of the full ears, and two of the full ears with the center cut out. After you have outlined all of your pieces, cut them out of the foam. I trimmed along the sharp edges of the back of the piece on the bottom of each stack in the second picture, the front of the top piece, and the front of one hair piece and the back of the other to round out all of the edges for sanding.

           Step Three: Gluing

I don’t have a picture for this step, but it’s easy to understand. You need to take your hot glue and glue together the two full ear pieces with the rounded edge at the back and glue the two hair pieces so the rounded edges face out. A word of caution: foam can warp with the heat of the glue gun so just try and smooth it out the best you can.

           Step Four: Sanding

Now you’re going to sand all of the edges that you rounded before. BE CAREFUL! The sandpaper (especially the roughest) will tear the foam, so sand lightly. Start with your roughest (the smallest number) and then use the middle size and then finish with the smoothest paper.

           Step Five: Paint it Pink

You’re going to paint the very front and sides of the ear (the two pieces with the center cut out on the right) and the back and sides of the two pieces you glued together earlier. You’ll also paint both sides of the little hair piece. Leave the front of the glued pieces blank, you’ll be painting them later. Also, foam tends to absorb the paint so it will take quite a few layers to cover the foam fully. I think I used about six layers. Let this paint dry.

           Step Six: Painting the Blue

For this step, I mixed a medium blue and a light blue until I was happy with how it matched Sylveon. This will be the “inside” of the ear. Most of this will be covered by the front piece so don’t worry about having perfect edges while you’re painting. Let this dry before you move on.

           Step Seven: Some More Gluing

First off, I apologize for the terribly picture quality, the lighting wasn’t great so the picture came out a bit orange. For this step, you’re going to glue the front piece over what you just painted blue. Again, the foam will slightly warp with the heat and stay that way once it’s cooled so work fast to smooth it out.

           Step Eight: Bow and Ribbons

Now you’re going to make a pattern and cut out the bow and ribbons (ribbons not pictured). For these you only need one layer, so you’ll end up with one foam bow and two foam ribbons. The center of the bow matches the pink of the ear and the stripes on the ribbons are light teal/seafoam, blue that matches the inner ear, and pink.

           Step Nine: Assembly

Finally, you’re going to hot glue everything together. The bow is glued to the left ear with a little space left on the sides to slide the end of the ribbon under. The ears are then glued to the headband. I positioned them similar to how I saw them pictured when I was Googling reference pictures. Last but not least, slide the end of each ribbon under the bow and position to your liking. As you can see, I wrapped one up around the right ear and glued and the other is just slightly folded and glued to the side of the headband. 

Now you’re done! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, have fun with your new Sylveon ears!

I will be posting better pictures of the set of ears soon, I just need to touch up the paint in places because the pen is showing through.

You are the wisps of smoke and the falling ashes after a cigarette. You are late nights and warm coffee. You are small grins of reassurance and forehead kisses. You are protective hugs and gentle touches. You are hot flashes of anger and soft storms of sadness. You are a whirlwind of ink on paper. You are poems crawling in the cracks of broken souls like glue. You are “keep smiling” ’s and a self esteem for those that have none.
—  Can you describe me? @poetryleftbyher