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Heathers the Musical: A Summary
  • Beautiful: i fuckin hate this place jk now I’m hot and popular
  • Candy Store: the Schuyler Sisters + evil
  • Fight For Me: dAAAAAAaaaaamn
  • Freeze Your Brain: tragic backstory™
  • Big Fun: my first week of college in a nutshell
  • Dead Girl Walking: sexytimes
  • The Me Inside of Me: wait now she’s somehow MORE popular
  • Blue: fuckboys perpetrate rape culture
  • Our Love is God: “i worship you” awwww “i worship you” cool bUT IT’S STILL MURDER J.D.
  • Prom or Hell: my bf is a triple murderer but he’s hot as fuck soooo
  • My Dead, Gay Son: our sons were gay and whoops so are we
  • Seventeen: murder is probably a no no
  • Shine a Light: oversharing teacher + snappy choreo = still uncomfortable
  • Lifeboat: bitchy cheerleader revealed to be cinnamon roll
  • Shine a Light Reprise: “what the fuck heather” -Heather D. “what the FUCK heather?!!?!” -audience
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: we’re supposed to feel bad for her but also she kept a scab in a locket?? + more suicide
  • Yo Girl: scariest song in the show tbh
  • Meant to be Yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me
  • I Am Damaged: i would die for you and now im gonna*BOOm*
  • Seventeen Reprise: fuck you all and lets go watch The Princess Bride

The stuff with Sammy Lawrence on Hot Topic’s twitter was fun to read today. they ended the Q&A with this image of Bendy, which I think is cool and all, but that thought was followed by “Bendy clean this up! This place is a mess!!”

Can’t wait to see what other kinds of merch Hot Topic has in store!

Witchcraft on a budget #3

Ok so I make salves and balms and I never have enough time to make herb infused oils. I just don’t have the time to wait 6 weeks to make salves. But thanks to my laziness, making infused oils just got a hell of a lot easier.

Herb infused oils: the easy way

If using fresh herbs, chop or crush them up. You can use a food processor or blender to break them down into a paste, if using a blender add a small amount of oil in with the herbs so you don’t break your blender.

If using dry herbs, grind them up with a mortar and pestle or a sealed bag and a hammer will work too.

After crushing your herbs, heat up some oil (careful not to burn the oil or yourself) if you are heating it up on the stove, a medium heat will work, you can also heat up the oil in the microwave (I don’t recommend it but you do you) just be safe.

Add crushed herbs to the oil and mix well.

Place in a jar with lid off or slightly open, if you place hot liquid in a sealed jar it can blow up so don’t do that.

Let sit overnight as it cools and infuses.

Strain next day and use as desired.

Have fun and stay safe xx

Bad End

This is one of my tributes for achieving 1000 followers! Thank you all so much! Enjoy! ^_~

Read the good end here.

Note: This is going to be LONG, so grab a snack / water.

WARNING: spoilers and violence ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

Thursday, November 10th.

It all seemed to happen in slow-motion. While undergoing a mission in Mementos to complete a request, the Phantom Thieves found themselves ensnared by the Reaper. The powerful Shadow had cornered them, thus fighting was their only option. Oracle had warned them of the threat that the Reaper imposed; it was unlike an enemy they had ever faced. It was verily a one-sided confrontation; the Thieves didn’t stand a chance at their current condition.

Joker signaled for the retreat, and Oracle was in the process of analyzing an opportunity for escape. Everyone was already exhausted; those with healing abilities now lacked sufficient stamina due to the Reaper’s vicious and unrelenting attacks.

“Got it! Let’s get outta here!”

The battling Thieves promptly nodded at Oracle’s cry, and most of them managed to stealthily sprint past the formidable Shadow. However, the Reaper abruptly landed a hit on one of two Thieves leading from the rear. Those two were Joker and Crow; the latter slammed to the ground with a grunt of pain, and the Reaper cocked its revolver to deliver the final blow. 

“Damn it. Not like this,” Crow hissed, weakly attempting to uplift himself. He rolled onto his elbows to witness his attacker maliciously floating before him, then he sealed his eyes shut and braced himself for the impact of a bullet. Crow briefly considered using his ‘special ability’, but he sensed that the foe before him had surpassed the realm of chaos and was on an entirely different level, one exclusively unique to the Reaper. 

The thunderous roar of gunfire echoed throughout the corridor, and the Thieves inside the Mona car desperately shielded their ears from the noise. 

However, Crow felt nothing. He slowly opened his auburn eyes, and they widened in shock as the sight before him was unveiled.

It was now Joker that stood before him, with his arms outstretched and a cocky grin plastered on his face. “You owe me,” he muttered before he proceeded to cough up blood. Crow noticed the bullet hole in Joker’s chest; it went clean through, and crimson liquid oozed out of it and dripped on Crow’s pristine white garb. 

“You…” Crow began. “You damn fool! I was aware of your recklessness, but I hadn’t anticipated this much stupidity from you.”

Joker laughed weakly as he clutched his chest. “Some leader I am.” He pivoted to face the towering Shadow behind him. 

“Crow.” The detective glanced at the back of Joker’s head. “You can make it to the car right? Take this back to the others.” He reached into his pocket and tossed a small notebook at Crow. “Read it with them. It’s pretty good.”

“Joker…” With a bit of exertion, Crow stood on his feet and gazed at the back of Joker’s ebony head. His hand tightly constricted around the pocketbook. “So be it,” he snarled, his voice heavy with frustration… and grief.

A damn hero to the very end… he never changes. 

Crow turned on his heel to scramble toward the Mona car. His body was on fire and his muscles were screaming from the previous damage the Reaper inflicted, but he ignored the pain and continued toward the vehicle.

Joker glimpsed behind to ensure that Crow made it safely into the car. Before Crow entered the car, he looked back at Joker. Joker smirked and waved at him, mouthing a final ‘see ya’ before once again diverting his attention toward his opponent. He was slumped over, and a harsh blow from the Reaper brought him to his knees.

Crow clenched his teeth and shut the car door behind him. “We need to go,” he stated quietly.

“Wait, where’s Joker?” Queen asked while she fired up the engine.

“Damn you, just go!” he shouted, causing everyone to sharply inhale. He didn’t look at any of them, he simply stared at his lap while the rest of the Thieves sat with bated breath, simultaneously understanding that their leader would not be joining them.

The atmosphere in the car was suffocating as Queen began to drive. 

“Hold on a damn second! We gotta go back!” Skull’s voice shattered the silence.

“Skull… please,” Panther pleaded softly.

“That’s our goddamn leader! We can’t just abandon him!”

He peered at Crow, who continued to silently gape at his lap. “Fine,” Skull seethed. “I’ll go back there my own damn self!”

“Skull, that is enough!” Fox bellowed. “All that will be waiting for us is death. We’ve sacrificed one of our own already; we cannot foolishly risk losing another!”

Silence befell the vehicle again from Fox’s sudden and harsh outburst. They all knew he spoke the truth, yet none of them desired to accept it; the mere thought was too agonizing to bear.

“D-damn it… damn it all!” Skull roared, nearly pounding a fist against the dashboard until he realized that Mona would get hurt from it. Panther and Noir held each other and wept. Oracle was gazing at her monitor, silently wiping away her tears so she could navigate. Queen sunk her teeth into her bottom lip and tightly gripped the steering wheel, with tears spilling over her eyes. Fox quietly stared out the window with his eyebrows furrowed and a grievous scowl etched onto his face. None of them spoke a word until they reached the entrance of Mementos.

“Hold a moment,” Crow commanded, his voice barely audible. The Thieves turned their attention toward him. “He handed me this and instructed me to read it with you all before he…” Crow hung his head and retrieved the book from his pocket.

“I’ve seen that before,” Panther said. “That’s his journal that he was supposed to fill out during his year here. Something to do with his probation…”

“Why would he instruct us to read it? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to return it to the chief?” Noir asked.

“If I may, I recommend that we read it. Perhaps there is vital information contained within these pages,” Crow chimed.

“You have a point,” Queen agreed. “This feels like an invasion of privacy, but this was a direct order from our leader. We should respect his… final wish.”

“Then… I will leave this to you, Queen. You are the adviser, after all, and you have been a Phantom Thief far longer than I. I trust there are no objections?” Crow surveyed the team. None of them contained enough energy to object. “Very well. Here you are.” He handed the journal to Queen, and she flipped the book open to the first page.

“This goes back all the way to April, when he first arrived.” Queen glanced up at the team. “Is everyone ready?” They mumbled their agreement. “All right… let’s do this.”

Sunday, April 10th

I just got back from Shujin and I can already feel the love. Sojiro gave me this diary to keep track of my year here, but… 

Was I really wrong about saving that woman? I couldn’t just ignore that, and I don’t regret stepping in, but… oh well. It’s over now. I just need to make it through one year. 

This should be good…

“I recall him mentioning his charges earlier. I assume this is what he was referring to,” Crow said.

“Yeah, some bastard threatened the cops and that chick to keep quiet about what really happened, and Joker had to take the blame for everything,” Skull responded. “Dammit, he could never catch a break.”

“…Let’s read on,” Queen quietly replied.

Monday, April 11th

Today, I saw a girl so beautiful I almost started crying. It was something more than her physical beauty, though… maybe her aura? Oh yeah, and I met this kid named Ryuji. He seemed a bit brash, but he’s actually pretty cool. We got stuck in this weird castle and I got this new power… Persona. But why…? I got a nice outfit out of it, so maybe I shouldn’t question it too much. I looked pretty good, after all. 

Anyway, I met a ‘cat’ named Morgana, too. I felt kind of bad for leaving it in that castle, but Ryuji and I had no choice. We were late to school because of that detour. 

The things we saw, though… students getting abused… Ryuji almost dying… I can’t let this go. I won’t let this go.

“Joker…” Panther’s voice quivered. “So this is what he thought of us…” Skull simply hung his head, and Morgana’s ear twitched. Queen skipped ahead to the next month.

Saturday, May 14th

Where do I even start? Makoto’s been on our case lately. I don’t think she’s a bad person, though. She’s actually kind of cute, and I’m pretty sure I’ve caught her following me once or twice. I wonder who put her up to this… 

Mishima’s been helping out, too. He’s pretty smart, even if he’s a little… eager. Also, this student from Kosei, Yusuke, approached us today and asked Ann to be his model. Not gonna lie, I would have been willing to take her place. I’ve been working out lately, so it’d be nice to have my effort appreciated. 

Anyway, Yusuke invited us to Madarame’s exhibition, so we should go investigate. That old man puts on a nice act, but I have a bad feeling about him… If he’s really plagiarizing his student’s work, I’ll make him pay, and I’ll make sure that Yusuke doesn’t have to suffer any longer…

“He never resented me,” Queen breathed shakily.

“Nor I… Joker truly believed in us, ever since our first encounters with him,” Fox added, his voice hushed yet dripping with sorrow.

Thursday, June 10th

This TV station trip is one of the seven circles of hell, I just know it… The hot air coming from the hosts and that Detective Prince definitely gave the place that nice, toasty feeling of hell-fire. 

Hm, Goro Akechi… We met him yesterday. He seemed cool, but today he ripped the Phantom Thieves a new one. Despite that, something about him seems… off. The look in his eye is familiar… almost as if he had suffered from this world, too. Or maybe I’m overthinking it…? 

Anyway, Dome Town was pretty fun. I’ll have to go there again sometime with my friends. We’ve become so close in such a short amount of time… I hope we continue to *Igor voice* strengthen our bonds…~

…I really hope that no one reads this.

Queen chuckled, tears starting to form in her eyes from how much she missed their leader. “That’s our Joker. Always so… charismatic.” She turned to face Crow.

His back was toward her and the surrounding Thieves. Revealing his twisted expression of agony and fury would only complicate matters. “Go on. Skip further ahead, if you please,” he softly ordered. “What did he write yesterday?”

Wednesday, November 9th

We’re still in the process of securing a route in the casino. Goro’s an incredible member of the team, even though he’s forcing us to disband after the fact. We’ve come so far, though. I tease them a lot, but I’m proud of everyone. Sometimes I really wonder if I’m worthy of being their leader… but I will never abandon them. They mean too much to me, and I’ll gladly protect them until the bitter end. Even if I have to face the entire world… 

I’ve been having a bad feeling lately. I think something’s going to happen to me. If that’s the case, then whoever’s reading this needs to flip to the last few pages of this book.

“The last few pages…” Noir repeated.

“What’re you waitin’ for?! Go to the end!” Skull demanded.

“All right, all right!” Queen did as she was told. She noticed that the following pages were adorned with stains of dried…

…Tears? she thought. No way… did Joker…? Queen’s own eyes were beginning to water, but she persevered and deciphered the blurred writing.

To my teammates friends,

I’m… really sorry that you’re reading this right now. It means that I wasn’t enough, and I failed as your leader. But please, no matter what happens to me…

Keep fighting.

It won’t be easy, and you’ll feel like the entire world is turned against you, but you must remember our goal, the reason we fight. 

We fight for justice, we fight for those that can’t fight for themselves, and we fight for each other. If any of you forget that, I’m going to haunt you and nag you until you recall our purpose. 

We will take this world and banish its corruption, for the sake of those who suffered just as we did.

Now, I have something to say to each of you.

Ryuji: You were there with me from the very beginning. That temper of yours got us in a lot of trouble, but… I’m proud of you for getting angry at the injustice of the world, and getting angry for the sake of others. Keep that fire in your heart, because that’s what will illuminate the way to a better future, even when you feel consumed by the darkness of the present. I… really hope you become less hard on yourself. It’s good to own up to your mistakes, but don’t crush yourself by carrying the blame of others. You deserve more than that, so let go of that extra baggage and run free toward the bright life you deserve. Now… go kick some ass, just like we always do, and make me even more proud.

Morgana: You’re really something special, believe it or not. You have just as much of a place in our band of misfits as anyone else. We don’t abandon one of our own, okay? A true family doesn’t give up on each other, no matter how tough it gets, so we’re going to help you until you reclaim your memories, and even beyond that. A deal’s a deal, right? I’m… really going to miss you telling me to go to sleep every night. It may seem silly, but I was really happy to know that you cared for me. You’re important, Morgana, and it would be a shame for the world to miss out on someone as precious as you. Thank you for looking after all of us, and it may be selfish of me to ask this, but please continue to do that in my stead. I believe in you.

Ann: I’m left in awe every single day by how strong you are. Your smile and your heart is a force to be reckoned with; no matter what life throws at you, you always manage to stay positive and true to yourself while simultaneously uplifting others. You have more influence than you realize, and you can use that to protect those you cherish most. I know that your encouragement and presence has meant so much to me, and I know you can do anything you set your mind to, so go show the world that beautiful heart of yours that could shame even the most benevolent of gods. I’m honored that I got the chance to fight by your side and watch you develop into such a strong woman. I’m… really going to miss your radiant smile. My day never really felt complete without it, so I can’t believe I made it this far. It was like a life without the sun. So… thank you for shining on me and sharing your light with me, even when you may have needed it the most… Take care of yourself, Ann.

Yusuke: You know, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you have this incredible ability to see the beauty in everything, even the most mundane of things. You never dismiss an opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences, and I trust that you never will. Because there is a lot to take from this world, good or bad, and I know that you will always strive to take the virtuous path. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help or depend on material objects to survive; you must live on and continue to share your wonderful vision with the world, because it desperately needs to see through the eyes of beautiful people like you. I’m really sorry… that I couldn’t make it long enough to see that come true, but I have faith that it will. Because you’ve changed me, and I’m… thankful beyond words for that. Never give in.

Makoto: You’ve really outdone yourself. I’m shocked that we made it so far without you, and I’m so proud that you found your potential again. That just goes to show the world that everyone is valuable… everyone has the potential to accomplish the most impossible of feats, and that’s especially true for you. You’re not useless, and you never have been or will be. You’re always going to have something to provide, whether it’s knowledge or power or even a simple smile. The moment you realized that was the moment you came alive, and watching that transition was the most rewarding thing I could have asked for. Don’t underestimate yourself, Makoto; you’ve kept me grounded all this time, and it’s been a privilege having someone so reliable look out for me. Your leadership far exceeds my own, but your trust and wisdom gave me the strength to carry on. Thank you… your guidance has meant everything to me. Charge forward with everyone, and don’t you dare look back.

Fox had to continue reading for Queen; she had begun to hyperventilate from her tormented sobs, and Panther held her, whispering shaky words of consolation through her own cries. Fox’s own cheeks were streaked with his sorrow, and he continued to read the diary through his damp eyelashes.

Futaba: I remember when we first met you. I’m so happy that you gave your life a second chance. You and your life are too precious to throw away, and you realized that through your own volition. Getting to know you is something that I cherish, and seeing you take your life back… that was priceless. You’ve done great things in your life, and you will continue to do so because it’s not over yet. Sure, it’s going to seem unbearable at times, and you may want to give up altogether… But don’t. Find a reason to live, and then strive for greatness. Fighting for your friendship and trust was well worth it; I’ve learned a great deal from you, and… you’ve shown me that it’s okay to forgive yourself. I’m… so grateful that you’re here with us right now. Know that we will always be here for you as you navigate your way toward your new future. We won’t let you fall back into the shadows of the past, because we will be right behind you. Now, go show the world what it means to live, and don’t ever give up.

Haru: We haven’t known each other for long, but you’ve blossomed more beautifully than any flower. You allowed yourself to trust again, and that is the best outcome that I could have hoped for. Your kindness and brilliance need to be shared so that others may learn from your example… just as I have. Trusting others doesn’t make you weak… on the contrary, it makes you more formidable than you could ever imagine. You’re living proof. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to see what new plants you’ve grown… but I’m sure they turned out amazing, because knowing you, you put your very heart and soul into nurturing them. I want you to do that for yourself, too, so that you can continue to grow, and even inspire others to do the same. You’ll achieve great things and surpass even your own expectations… because you’ll have those you trust to take care of you when you feel like you’re wilting. 

Akechi Goro: We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but you’ve endured so much, far more than anyone should. You don’t have to do it alone anymore… it’s not too late. Don’t limit yourself or your value based on other people’s expectations and opinions. You are what matters, and this is your life; don’t live it for anyone else’s sake but your own. I wish we could have gotten to known each other better and come to understand one another even more… Talking with you at Leblanc meant more to me than you probably realize. I know doing the just thing isn’t always the easiest path… but please, don’t squander the chance to start over and do something good. I hope you at least give yourself that much. Thank you… for everything. You’re a fantastic teammate… and friend.

…I’ve rambled on long enough. Thank you all so much. I won’t forget… what any of you have done for me. Please… continue to do for the world what you have done for me. Keep your hearts free, and know that I will always be with you. You’ve made me… so proud to be your leader. I will always treasure our time together… and our friendship. I… I’m going to miss you all so much… 

Break free from the chains of society, and reclaim your lives. Continue to fight for the sake of justice and those you cherish, even if the entire world stands against you. That is what it means to be a Phantom Thief.

After reading the final statement of the diary, Fox gently closed the book and hung his head as his tears splashed on the ground. 

Skull was on all fours, his yellow gloves becoming wet from his lamentation. “Damn it…” he cried, his face twisting with despair.

The girls had huddled up together, embracing one another while they mourned the loss of their leader and repeatedly whimpered his name.

Mona remained standing, balling his paws into fists and silently allowing his tears to splatter against the pavement. 

Crow remained turned away from the group as he attempted to dispel his internal conflict. His rival was vanquished, and the Thieves would surely fall without their leader… so why wasn’t he absolutely thrilled? 

…It seems as though Joker was wrong, he thought, as he finally pivoted to face the retching and anguished group. Crow hastily caught the tear that trailed down his cheek, grateful to his mask for disguising his face. 

He truly was an extraordinary leader… and an invaluable friend…

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Oh drabbles! Can you do Minghao + skinship?

This is a cute topic whateven T-T

Word count: 857

You and your boyfriend Minghao have been dating for almost half a year. He was all you could ask for in a boyfriend. He was tall, a gentleman, good-looking, sweet, protective, and more. But there was something about him you found quite funny- he didn’t like skinship. 

You didn’t mind at all that he didn’t like the thought of skinship in a relationship. It wasn’t because he believed girls had cooties if he held hands with them or that he wasn’t comfortable. He never told you the reason and you were very curious, but you would do everything, to know why.

“Minghao, tell me why you don’t like skinship.” you asked when you both rode the bus home. 

“Ah this topic again, Y/N.” he rolled his eyes, smiling at your child-like question. “I just don’t like it.”

“But why?” you asked for what seemed like the nth time. 

“Oh we’re getting off the next stop.” he stood up, obviously avoiding the subject.

You shook your head with a smile on your face. “Come on, you gotta tell me someday.”

“Someday never.” he teased.

“Oh my g- Minghao, if she wants to hold hands then grant her wish. It’s every girl’s dream to held by their prince charming.” Mingyu stated, quite tired of hearing the same story from Minghao’s lovelife.

Minghao’s roommate at the university dorms was Kim Mingyu, who was around the same age as him. Though they had a rough start, they eventually became best friends.

“I mean just take me as an example.” he sat up, “I hug my girlfriend when she’s sick, to keep her warm.”


“If she’s hungry, I’ll cook her meals, and feed her.” he gestured.

“Uh Mingyu?”

“If she wants to kiss, I’ll kiss her.”


After what seemed like the umpteenth time, Mingyu looked at Minghao, who had a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“You don’t have a girlfriend!”

Mingyu froze, yet he smiled. “Ah I’m just stating the fact if ever-”

“I’m outta here. Thanks though, it may come in handy.” Minghao laughed, taking his things for the semester break and left the dorm room.

Your plan for the semester break was to at least go hiking. Minghao wanted to go the amusement park. However Minghao, one day, wasn’t in the mood to walk for long hours even if he knew he’d only be with you for the rest of the day. So you did a little sacrifice, well, just because you loved him to the moon and back. 

“Alright, we’ll go to the amusement park since it’s scorching hot today.” You said while cooling yourself with a handy electric fan. It was seven in the morning and Minghao was smiling at you like a child.

“Well it’s about time we had some fun! We’ve been too busy!” he exclaimed, already packing his things.

The amusement park was one of the few places you and Minghao went on dates, it was a couple favourite. Until recently, you both have been busy with your own courses so barely had time with each other. It was a such a right timing.

The weather was perfect, even though it was hot. You and boyfriend already rode three rides, you two were too adventurous that you sat on the front seats. After that, you both planned to relax at the ferris wheel before going to the bump cars.

You sat beside each other, admiring the view. Your view was one another and how cheesy it seemed, it was even better. 

“Did you have fun today, Y/N?” he asked with a wide smile plastered on his face.

“Of course! Because I’m with you.” you reached out to hold his hand mirroring his smile but you held back, remembering that he didn’t like skinship. 

Minghao’s heart ached a little, or even more when he saw you held back, looking out at the sunset scenery as you did. He knew how much you wanted to hold his hand. Was it because you felt safe if he did? Maybe. He didn’t know.

His hand placed on his lap. He remembered Mingyu’s advice: if a girl wants something, you should give it. In this case you wanted to hold his hand. 

So he thought: should I?

The ferris wheel slowly came to a stop at the very top. He anxiously tapped his fingers on his lap. His glance caught your lonely expression and saw your hands curled into a ball. 

Despite knowing what will happen if he did hold your hand or have any skinship, he closed his eyes and slowly held your hand.

You, who was still looking at the stunning view, was startled when you felt Minghao’s huge, and manly hand on yours. You looked at him immediately, and from there you knew why he couldn’t do skinship.

He was blushing, blushing so much that he had to cover his face.

“Minghao, are you blushing?” a smile crept up on your face.

“You asked for this, you punk.”

But he knew, he loved it.

J2 × U

Jordan × You × Josh = A family divided (and a possible threesome)
Pairings: Jordan Dun × Fem!Reader , Josh Dun × Fem!Reader, Jordan Dun × Fem!Reader × Josh Dun
Warnings: light light light degradation, super light choking, very vanilla.
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: loosely related to this

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Something You Need To Know

Request: Hi :) can I request a drunk reader demanding a kiss off (sober) Bucky because she likes him (he likes her too but they’ve not said) and he gets so flustered with the rest of the avenger gang laughing on in their own tipsy/drunkness at the sight of this, please! Thanks :)

Words: 742

Warnings: Drunkeness, sexual references (only implied though)

This is just a funny, fluffy one! Hope you enjoy! Xxx

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

“Hey, y/n!” called Natasha, already clearly having drank a few shots. “Get these down you!” she laughed, passing you two full shots, urging them down your throat. Giggling at her tipsiness, you downed the shots, the harsh warmness scolding down your throat. “Happy?” you smirked, Natasha beaming at you.


Your first shot seemed a mere memory at this point as you stumbled around the tower, the music quieter than before as you joined the group in the main foyer, all sat together. Coming up behind Steve, way too confident for your own good, you tripped over the back of the sofa, landing awkwardly onto the back of Steve as you regained your posture, leaping to sit in between him and Bucky.

“How are you, Stevie?” you laughed, glancing over to Natasha who seemed just as crazed as you. Laughing slightly at you, knowing he would always be faced with this dilemma since he can’t get drunk, he played along with your chat, trying not to phase you too much. “I’m good, doll, what about you though?” he laughed, relaxing an arm around you back, just to give you some weird kind of safety. Or at least that’s what it appeared. Glaring over to Bucky, who too was sober, he smirked slightly, knowing about his little crush on you.

Little was an understatement.

Hell he was head over heels for you.

“I’m fine. But I’m tired, Stevie,” you pouted, sinking into his arm. Bucky bore a deathly glare towards Steve, his face stale and cold. “Oh, maybe you should go to bed then,” advised Steve, always being the old man of the group.

“You don’t want to do that, do you honey?” smiled Bucky, place a firm hand on your thigh. His hand was hot on your cool leg, sending a shudder through your body.

“See! Bucky isn’t an old man like you, Stevie!” you chuckled, jumping on Bucky as soon as you finished, your ass wiggling around on his legs as you turned to Bucky. “Of course I’m not darling! I’ll always be a bag of fun compared to grandpa over here!” smirked Bucky, making you laugh outlandishly.

“Oh, Bucky! I forgot! I need to tell you something…” you exclaimed, facing him straight.

Steve glared at you, his face turning to Tony, in utter unbelief.

“Ok, doll. What’s going on then?” Bucky replied, being cut off by you. You pounced onto him, pushing a soothing warmth through your lips as you mingled with Bucky, his initial shock wearing off. As you tapped your tongue slightly, guiding Bucky into the kiss, he tempted you to open your mouth further, inviting more and more into the kiss.

The masterful taste of alcohol and Bucky overwhelmed you as Bucky pushed further, reciprocating more and more to the kiss.

“Ok, so I know you two are big flirts but we didn’t ask for this!” butted in Tony, bring you and Bucky out of the moment. You turned back round to Bucky to see him flushed red, avoiding any eye contact with anyone in the room and his awkwardness unbearable.

“You a little flustered, Buck?” laughed Steve as you jumped back into the seat between Steve and Bucky.

“I don’t see why he should! We are grown people! I have a right to be here in this seat, next to this fine man!” you declared, spewing your random nonsense which always seemed to make any appearance every time you took the slightest sip of alcohol.

“Alright honey, I think you need to go to bed,” Tony advised, escorting you to your bedroom


Skulking out of your room, you padded into the main kitchen, nothing but a buttoned white shirt and some pants bearing your body. A couple of steps behind you, almost making you jump from your deep hangover, entered Steve. And what was worse.

He was smirking at you.

“So, you and Bucky didn’t get on last night then?” he laughed, pouring up a glass of water.

“Hm?” you groaned, trying not to recall whatever happened.

“You and Bucky. You were a thing for a hot minute last night before Tony took you to bed.” He explained, already making you sigh dramatically. “Oh and just so you know, you might have thought that was bad but he went back to his room like two minutes after and I don’t want to know what he was doing, frankly,” winked Steve, strolling away from the kitchen.

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“@dylanobrien Is Now Following You” -Dylan O’Brien (PROLOGUE)

Author: @confuseddumbass

Warnings: Cursing if that matters lol

AU: So I’m back to writing Imagines! I used to wight imagines on my old account but I forgot my password. Sorry if the grammar is bad. I wanna put some smutt in this so just a warning ahead of time. I hope you guys like it! <3

   I am hot lost and confused.
      My best friend Rachel so generously gave me her Comic Con ticket after finding out she couldn’t go because of a stupid job interview. I feel bad because she really wanted to go to this but she just couldn’t reschedule her interview. She told me to make memories and to give her stories when I get back to my home in LA. I’ve never been to a Comic Con before, the thought never interested me. I always thought comic con was full of nerds and cosplay and that didn’t sound fun to me, but boy was I wrong! THIS PLACE WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! I met some cool people, and I took a picture of Wonder Woman. It was a bad picture because she was toward by fans and security but it was still a radical picture. 

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tasuke101  asked:

Can you write headcanons about the phantom thieves as parents? Like how many children they'll have, birth or adoption, how they take care and raise their child.

- Akira would love to have a biological child and an adopted one , both that he would spoil very much. He’s the chill dad , the one that lets his children run about in their underwear while screaming the barney theme song , and wipes his tears with pride. He’ll have 3 kids , a pair of twins and an adopted love <3

- However he would know when to get stern with them. He never raises his voice to shout at his children , his death glare alone is enough to send chills down their spine.

- Yusuke is the clueless dad , the one that doesn’t know how to change diapers , the one that lets his child eat crayons , the one that praises his child for everything they do. He’ll have 2 children , a boy and a girl.

- He’s the dad that his children love so much. He tells them stories , his children admire and love him to death. He never scolds them , yet he manages to discipline them without needing to do so.

- Ryuji is the loud dad. The dad that dresses up as a pirate with his kids and chase them around the playground , the one that has eating challenges with his kids. He loves his kids , a lot. He has 2 kids , and 2 adopted ones.

- He’ll carry them on his back and run around. Super supportive , super loving father that will always be present whenever his kid has a show. He wants his child to experience the fatherly love that he never had.

- Futaba has one child. She’s not the best parent , she’ll take after her mother , since she viewed her mother as an amazing mother. She loves her child dearly , and will constantly be protective of them.

- She cuddles her kid , a lot. She’s the super smart mom that can help her child if they were struggling with their homework , but she knows how to have fun. She’ll take her child out to amusement parks and playgrounds , eat a lot of food , and she’ll always tell them to not lie to themselves.

- Haru absolutely , adores kids. She’ll have three , two boys , and one adopted girl. They are absolutely , terrified of her. Do not be fooled by her sweet demeanour , once she starts screaming , her children will BOLT.

- She’s the loving and sweet mom that cooks amazing food dishes , the one that everyone avoids upsetting because she’s too sweet. She’s the mother that will sing her child lullabies and snuggle them to sleep. 

- fun mom fun mom. Ann is the super hot fun mom that every child loves. Fashionable and cool , she takes her children out for shopping trips , and the coolest places ever. She has 2 children , a boy and a girl!

- Her children has the most fashionable clothes , ever. Ann spoils them to death , she may be busy with her modelling career at times , but that never stops her from showering her babies with love and gifts.

- Makoto does like children , and she’s probably the most informed when it comes to taking care of them. Makoto is the ultimate housewife , juggling her job and taking care of her children , she handles it flawlessly. She has two rowdy boys , but she keeps them under control.

- She’s the calm one , the one who knows how to handle things. She’s sweet and elegant , the perfect rolemodel for her kids. She’ll often call home or text them from work to make sure that she socializes with the kids she loves so much.

so, buzzfeed released this article, entitled: “This Sharpay Theory Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About “High School Musical"”

as a self proclaimed high school musical expert, i figured it was something i certainly knew already, and i was absolutely right, and the constant insinuation that this is brand new information when it is just a character analysis kinda peeved me off, but i digress. 

the article argues that sharpay deserves better, which i agree with, but also paints her out to be some innocent soul robbed of the world by troy and gabriella, which is super not true. here i lay out everypoint buzzfeed makes, and i explain why those points arent…. really valid…

1. Ryan and Sharpay are extremely talented and trained performers, while the only experience Troy and Gabriella have is singing a fake song at karaoke.

buzzfeed…. pal…. did u hear the song? were there notes and lyrics and all that? that makes it real…. and its a movie? do u understand this is a musical with original music? and gabriella LITERALLY SAID THAT SHE DOES CHURCH CHOIR SECONDS AFTER THE SONG ENDED (tho troy doesnt have any experience, he has talent and this is a SCHOOL PRODUCTION so talent is enough.)

2. When Sharpay tells Gabriella and Troy to sign up to audition for “supporting roles,” that is seen as a bitchy move — but they have NEVER been in a musical before, so that is just a reasonable place to start.

dude, did u hear sharpay’s tone? and gabby and troy didnt say they wanted main roles, sharpay just told them they couldnt have them, which wasnt really the time or way to do that? at all? like i mean dude i agree sharpay and ryan shoulda been minnie and arnold and troy and gabby should have been the two supporting roles, that makes sense, but like…. it was kinda a bad move on sharpays part

3. Sharpay and Ryan turn Kelsi’s super-boring and slow version of “What I’ve Been Looking For” into a LEGIT BOP.

pure song wise, i like sharpay and ryans version a lot better, BUT storywise: kelsi composed the song. kelsi is a junior in high school who composed an entire musical that is being put on by the school and sharpay and ryan waltz in and change the meaning of her music entirely and then are kinda mean to her. it was a better song and performance, but not a very professional or kind move

4. Troy and Gabriella show up LATE to their audition, and Troy only really goes along with it because he wants to get into Gabriella’s pants.

buzzfeed i will literally murder you ok, so it appears that you have approx 0 grasp on troy’s character whatsoever. cool. theyre late to auditions because of their own emotional baggage. i have written about a million essays on this but i’ll keep it short. troy thinks that if he ventures outside of the label hes put on himself his friends and his father will hate him and he doesnt think hes capable of doing anything outside of basketball, and gabriella has terrible stage fright, so they have to work through their own emotional baggage in order to actually get themselves to perform, and even when darbus turns them down they go and HELP OUT KELSI AND PERFORM WITH HER FOR FUN 

5. Sharpay asks Ms. Darbus to change the date of the callbacks because Troy and Gabriella should really get their PRIORITIES in order if they are going to be committed to theater.

ok cool if by that you mean sharpay lies a lot to manipulate darbus into changing the dates because she’s insecure, then sure.

6. They almost burn down the fucking school by overheating chemicals…

or, they actually DIDNT DO THAT because it was planned and they have a very good grasp on how science works and didnt do anything super dangerous

7. And THEN they show up late AGAIN to the final audition, dressed in the wrong clothing. Oh, and Gabriella totally freezes, proving she has no fucking business being the star of a musical.

the… wrong… clothing? there….. isnt a dresscode for high school callbacks that take place at the same time as a basketball game and the scholastic decathlon….. and they didnt expect there to be a huge audience at CALLBACKS….. where it isnt something theyve been rehearsing nonstop for months its a song they spent A FEW DAYS LEARNING

8. But suddenly theater is COOL because the hot JOCK guy is into it, even though people literally made fun of Sharpay for loving theater and making it her life’s true passion.

they… didnt make fun of sharpay for liking theatre, they made fun of her for being arrogant and mean and made fun of TROY for liking theatre… also, hey, buzzfeed? thats the wrong from of the word theatre, since ur talking about the subject instead of the physical place…

9. After Sharpay’s dreams are crushed, she decides to be the bigger person and tells Gabriella to break a leg (and Gabriella doesn’t even know wtf BREAK A LEG means).

this was genuinely a great moment, honestly. and judging by the beginning of hsm2, sharpay and gabriella spent the last few months rehearsing together and growing closer and i want an hsm1.5

10. Troy wins his game, Gabriella wins her “nerd stuff,” and they BOTH get the roles…and Sharpay literally ends up with absolutely nothing.

you can say scholastic decathalon, its ok buzzfeed, and sharpay is an understudy. also, why arent you focussing on ryan at all? he didnt get anything either BUT he didnt do anything wrong. o and sharpay got zekes cookies so who really won

11. So the real message of the first movie is: “If you’re popular and you do everything, you’re gonna be great at it, but if you dedicate your entire life to something you’ll be seen as a villain and now you’re the bad person.”

but she…. was super manipulative and mean? she got gabriella and troy’s friends to turn against them and make them feel worse about something they were already self-conscious about? like i think darbus shouldve casted her as minnie, but you cant ignore everything bad she did and just mindlessly defend all of her actions. shes a super complex character, with a bunch of flaws and a bunch of great traits, which is what makes her so good. the fact she sabotaged troy and gabriella, and kept trying to tell them they couldnt be cast in the production, instead of having a fair callback, THATS what the issue was.

12. Also, Sharpay is supposed to be some kind of terrible person but all she did was theater stuff, while Troy and Gabriella’s supposed friends LITERALLY tried to sabotage their relationship.

and they apologized when they realized it was a serious thing and they actually hurt their friends and decided to actively support them in their dramatic pursuits from then on? and sharpay ORCHESTRATED IT?

13. And (side note) Taylor is kinda low-key anti-feminist because she makes fun of cheerleaders for how they talk and act.

REALLY. taking a sidebar to talk bad about taylor? ok cool. if i never have to read that sentence again itll be too soon. (tho i mean taylor does have notlikemostgirls syndrome super bad, but shes gotta have flaws and from movie 2 onwards shes flawless which is worse)

14. Let’s move on to the second movie. Sharpay is just tryna chill at her family’s resort and work on her talent show that she works really hard on every year.

thnx for the synopsis, bud

15. She gives all of her classmates summer jobs and she’s basically trying to get Troy a free college education.

false, continue.

16. So Troy is like perfectly content to USE Sharpay, and then Gabriella breaks up with him just because he’s focusing on his future.

ok, here we go. troy is in no way using sharpay, she’s using him. shes forcing him away from his friends with the motivation of a scholarship, and keeps trying to put the pressure between him and his friends to make them seem below him, which he doesnt really buy into, but she still makes it so his friends think that hes getting super spoiled and that hes being mean to them, and gabriella leaves because of SHARPAY saying things to her and gabriella saying that sharpay is so focused on winning a game that she doesnt want to play, so then she dumps troy and leaves because of sharpay.

17. Troy bails on Sharpay and then her own BROTHER bails on her because he’s been brainwashed into forcing her out of her own damn show.

oh my god….. thats… not what happened at all? youre just lying at this point? sharpay ditched humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which was her and ryan’s performance, in favor of troy, and forced her brother out of her life and then ryan flirted with chad and got character developement and all that! that was the movie! and troy, after going through emotional turmoil on a golf course, apologized to his friends, and then went to talk to sharpay and said hed still do the show with her. 

18. She wins the star dazzle award, but doesn’t act like a DIVA about it and gives her brother the trophy even though he BACKSTABBED HER.

ryan deserved that award and cite me sources about him backstabbing sharpay because that DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL

19. And then everyone just parties in her resort and she’s a good sport about it, proving she’s a good person who doesn’t hold grudges.

she is a good sport about it in the end, but she definitely holds grudges.

20. Now, let’s move on to Sharpay in HSM 3. Sharpay has moved on from the events of films 1 and 2. She focuses on her dreams and post-graduation goals and she gets a bunch of crap for it.

um, what crap does she get for it?

21. Troy and Gabriella convince everyone to be in this play even though they don’t want to. And then Gabriella BAILS, which would be fine and all except she JUST broke up with Troy last movie for not hanging out with her.

they convince everyone to be in it and they all have fun and GABRIELLA GETS INTO HARVARD

22. So, Sharpay’s gonna step in, but her assistant Tiara tries to steal the role from her.

yeah, and sharpay didnt deserve that.

23. But Sharpay delivers a FLAWLESS and GODLY performance — and then Troy and Gabriella finally show up to “save the day” after Sharpay did the work and they get all the glory even though they totally ghosted.

sharpay’s performance in the last musical was anything but flawless and godly

24. Then Kelsi gets Sharpay’s scholarship for writing TWO bad shows and Sharpay didn’t get it even though she was in COUNTLESS MUSICALS.

kelsi, a high schooler who COMPOSED TWO ENTIRE SHOWS, ONE OF WHICH WE DON’T EVEN SEE IN THE MOVIE, won a scholarship over someone who was in some productions, the final one, the one the judges were at, being her worsed. surrreee that doesnt make sense. sure. and i mean, i forgive u for not mentioning the fact sharpay forced her brother to ask kelsi to prom for the purpose of getting her a good song because hsm3 did a lotta ooc stuff for the sake of forced heterosexuality.

25. Luckily, Ashley Tisdale KNEW Sharpay deserved better and did Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure where she finally gets the spotlight she deserves.

which put sharpay in a vulnerable spot where she couldnt be the diva anymore and she got her much needed character development and it was a great movie i will defend to my death.

overall, sharpay deserved better, but buzzfeed’s reasoning SUCKS and she isn’t some innocent cinnamon roll too good too pure uwu whatever, shes a complex character and thats why i love her.

Sophie Green x Rory Monahan (Roanoke)

Sophie Green died afraid.

No, she died terrified. She died screaming to save her friend. She died with blood pouring out of her stomach where she was stabbed, and with fire scorching her skin. That wasn’t how that night was supposed to go. She should have been having fun with her friends, getting a few pictures of the creepy Roanoke House, and then going home.

Instead, she was dead.

It took her some time to realize she was dead. At first, she thought she was still alive. She came up with this whole explanation that being burned alive was a horrible nightmare and that she had simply fallen asleep near the Roanoke House. Unfortunately that proved false when she tried to leave and found herself reappearing in the house over and over again.

The next few days were the hardest, even if they were mostly consumed by her wandering around the house aimlessly. She had never felt more alone before. She was never going to see her friends, never going to see her family. It was terrifying to think about.

Time passed as she wandered through the house, but she wasn’t quite sure how long it had been. Time seems to move differently when you’re a ghost. It wasn’t like it mattered anyways. What did a few days matter when you were stuck somewhere for all of eternity?

“Do you ever get tired of walking around so much?” A male voice took Sophie by surprise one afternoon as walked into the kitchen of the Roanoke house. She looked up, her eyes falling on the redheaded man.

“Holy shit,” She recognized him instantly. She was a ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’ superfan after all. “You’re Rory Monahan.” Also known as the ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’ heartthrob. Not that Sophie would ever admit that of course.

“Yeah,” He said with a goofy smile, sitting on top of the counter top. “I was wondering when you were ever gonna stop wandering around this place. I’ve been watching you. Not in a creepy way.” He laughed. “So, you got a name?”

“Sophie Green.” She answered him. “Sorry you died.”

“Sorry you died too. Burning at the stake, that’s gotta be a rough way to go.”

“Yeah,” Sophie replied, glancing down slightly. As said before, she was still having trouble accepting that she was dead.

“But I guess you could say it was kind of… hot.” Rory smirked

“…Did you just make a pun about me being burned alive?”

“You bet,” Rory laughed once more. It amazed Sophie how lighthearted he was about the whole situation. She had watched her fair share of interviews with the cast, and Rory always seemed to be the goofy cute one. Before now she thought it was just an act. “And uh, I wanted to say thank you.”

“For what?” Sophie frowned in confusion.

“Well I know that the only reason you were near the house was because you wanted to save Audrey,” His smile remained, but it was different this time. It didn’t have the same happy tone to it. In fact, the smile seemed to contain quite a lot of sadness. “You didn’t even know her and you tried to save her. I have to thank you for that.”

Sophie smiled just a tiny bit. “I’m sure anyone would have tried to save her. Is she here too? I haven’t seen a lot of the other ghosts around here.”

“No, she… she died right outside of the property.” At this point his smile had vanished, and Sophie didn’t blame him. She couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to lose the person you love. “It’s kinda funny. I finally scored my big break in this place and now I’m trapped here forever.”

“I’m sorry,” Sophie frowned sympathetically, though she wasn’t sure why. She was in the same boat as him; trapped in the Roanoke house forever. “It could be worse. I mean, at least we’re not completely alone here.”

“Yeah, those bitches who murdered me are still around here somewhere,” He said with a small shrug of his shoulders. “And the real Edward Mott. I think I saw Shelby and Matt somewhere arguing once.”

“I can’t believe so many people died here.”

“Yeah, it sucks.” He frowned. “But at least I get all of eternity to talk to a pretty girl.”

“What?” Sophie blinked, feeling heat rise in her cheeks. She tended to get flustered whenever anyone flirted with her, nevermind Rory Monahan.

“Sorry,” He chuckled, noticing the way she seemed to get flustered. “It’s just… I’ve been really lonely without Audrey. But I mean that’s not the only reason I wanna hang out with you, Sophie. You seem like a cool girl.”

“I don’t know, I’ve kind of been content with my walking,” She joked, a smile tugging at her lips.

“Ah, so the heroic Roanoke fan does have a sense of humor.” Rory grinned at her as he hopped off his spot on the counter. “I guess I’ll have to join you on your walk then.” He held his arm out to her.

Sophie laughed softly as she took a hold of his arm, letting him walk beside her. God, it felt good to laugh. It felt so good just to talk to someone. She was certain she was losing her mind all alone in the house. The two walked alongside each other, eventually reaching the outside.

“Y’know, I had sex in that hot tub.” Rory smirked, as if he was just giving a fun fact.

“Oh.” Sophie replied, not sure how else she was meant to respond to that.

“I bet there’s cool places all over the house to have sex.”

“Are you trying to insinuate that you want to have sex?”

Rory grinned at her. “Ah, you’ve seen through my master plan.”

“I met you two minutes ago.”

“Well I didn’t meant that we should have sex right /now/,” He clarified. “I’m hot, you’re hot, we’re trapped in this hell house for all of eternity. We’re what the kids call endgame.”

Sophie could feel herself blushing again, though she didn’t let it get the better of her. “Endgame usually refers to a relationship,” She corrected him.

“Yeah, I know.” He smiled at her again. “We’re gonna ghost date. It’s inevitable.”

“Let’s finish our walk, we can talk about hot tub sex and ghost dating later.” She laughed

“That better be a promise, Sophie Green.”

“Shut up,” She said with a laugh as she and Rory walked back inside the house, arm in arm.


Pairing: Newt x reader
Fandom: The Maze Runner
Warnings: jealousy
Requested by anonymous


*Newt’s Pov*
Newt paced back and forth in front of the doors.

Where was [Y/N] and Minho? It was getting late and you two still haven’t returned from the maze.

Newt fidgeted with his hands nervously biting down hard on his lip almost making it bleed.

“Newt calm down will ya” Frypan said patting Newt on the shoulder “[Y/N] and Minho are our best runners. They’ll be back any second”.

“Thanks Fry” Newt nodded but his nerves didn’t decrease. Frypan gave him an encouraging smile then walked off toward the homestead.
“Bloody hell” Newt mumbled to himself looking up at the sky “if I didn’t have this bloody limp I would have ran in there myself by now”.

Laughter suddenly interrupted Newt’s thoughts. He looked into the maze to see you and Minho running toward him. Newt took a deep breath as his heart started to beat at a normal pace.

“Where have you been?” Newt demanded once you two had finally reached the glade “it’s about bloody time for the doors to close”.

You shrugged letting out another laugh “me and Minho thought it may be fun to have a little race around the maze”.

Newt examined both your faces. That explained why the two of you were breathing so heavily and why beads of sweat were dripping off your foreheads.

“I definitely won” Minho smirked resting his hands on his knees.

“No way ya shank. I so beat you”.

“In your dreams”.

“Screw you Minho”.

“You’d like to”.

“Enough!” Newt growled. His face was red hot “while you two were having ‘fun’ I’ve been waiting here thinking you’ve been dragged away by the bloody grievers!”.

“Shunk Newt calm down…” Minho said holding his hands up in defence but Newt was already stomping away in fury.

Newt needed a place where he could cool down and the only place he could really think of was the deadheads. He sat in the grass, closed his eyes, and rested his head up against an old tree.

All of sudden Newt felt someone’s shadow pass over him and he opened one eye to see who it was.

You stood there looking down at him with a concerned look on your face.

Newt didn’t say anything for a moment but then he sighed.
“Couldn’t you tell I wanted to be alone?” He asked annoyed.

“Newt…” You started sitting down next to him “I’m sorry if we scared you but come on, it’s me and Minho. Nothing bad is going to happen to us”.

“You don’t know that for sure” Newt said automatically.

You placed a hand on his shoulder “you do trust me right?”.

“I do…” Newt paused “it’s not just the fact you were late… You and Minho spend all day together in the maze and the only time I get to see you is when you get back for the night”.

Newt looked into your shining [E/C] eyes. A sad smile formed on his face.
“I guess I’m just a little jealous you get to spend so much time with Minho”.

“Newt you know Minho’s my best friend”. Newt frowned but then you smiled gently at him “but you’re my boyfriend and I love you more then anything. Don’t you think I hate being away from you for so long too?”.

Newt shrugged. He hadn’t though about that. Maybe he was just so caught up in his own jealousy he hadn’t considered that.

You kissed Newt’s lightly then whispered “I love you so much. Don’t forget that okay”.

“I won’t” Newt grinned wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you lovingly “promise”.

anonymous asked:

That looked like the worst birthday trip to me. Of all the beautiful places in California, they go to the desert where it was 100°. I think it was to isolate him from people.

Really odd choice right? And Darren aside (he seemed perfectly sober), i can imagine no one woke up feeling well the next day after the club and post clubbing pool time.  So I can imagine the motivation to go was minimal. 

So she dragged all of her friends (including new BFF of the week and this Fox person who seemed to appear out of thin air) to the hot desert why? Seemed really pointless. My guess is that she wanted it to appear cute and sweet that she and the guy she forces to accompany her like to do fun, novelty outings together!  And with their “cool” totally narcissistic friends!!!!! 

Too bad for her, Darren was bored, disengaged, didn’t hang out with the group, and the only time he seemed somewhat content was when snapping his ring. the ring gifted to him by his actual partner and true love.

maybe she should have picked a place with people. At least then there may have been fan photos where he could have tried to smile.  But considering what occurred over the weekend, I’d imagine he had no smiles to give aside the one given to his phone.

Scarred Hearts

Requested by: @balthazarstardis

I actually re-wrote this because the first version brought up a lot of old memories and I made myself seriously feel bad. Hopefully this version is still okay.

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#174 - “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars”.


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The Cruise

Originally posted by daintymissdevitt

Summary - The Second Installment of the Cruise and the first Instalment of Kenny’s time on the Cruise. 

Pairing - Kenny Omega X Female Reader 

WordCount -  1,004

Requested by - Anon

Written By - Tacha 

A/N - Dash Wilder. If you want someone to feature on the Cruise, male or female then send in a request. Also if you want more Kenny let us know. Also if you want a request for Kayy’s Songbook Series simply, send her a song, your favourite line or two and a Superstar. 

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When Kenny suggested that you play mini golf together you were instantly against the idea. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to play mini golf or play with Kenny. Kenny was just extremely competitive. In the ring out of the ring. Kenny hated to lose. You hated it when Kenny lost. Why? Whenever Kenny lost a match you knew it affected him, he would become sombre and then you’d have to do your best to cheer him up. You didn’t want Kenny to be upset and sombre while you were on your first official vacation together.

If Kenny was adamant on playing mini golf then you were determined to make it interesting and fun for him. While it might have been easier to let him win. You couldn’t for two reasons; firstly Kenny would know what you were doing in an instant and that would upset him greatly. Secondly, it would take all the fun out of playing in the first place.


The cool ocean air brought a welcomed relief to the hot sun that glimmered down on you and Kenny as you walked into the direction of the Mini Golf course.  You approached the stand, asking for a couple clubs, balls and a scorecard before he put you in the direction of the beginning of the course. While you walked Kenny couldn’t stop looking at you, you looked so beautiful today. There was just a certain glow about you. The way the wind blew your hair fluttering along with it. Kenny believed that if you wanted too, you could easily become a hair model.

“What do you say we make this more interesting?” Kenny suggested as you reached the first hole. Turning to face Kenny, you raised your eyebrow curious to Kenny’s idea. 

“A, whoever wins the hole gets a kiss, we both know no matter who wins. It’s gonna be a win for both of us right. But whoever wins the entire thing gets to decide what we do for the rest of the day.” The bet seemed to be rather simple and fun. But you knew Kenny was going to do everything in his power to win. 

Everything was going fine, you and Kenny were having a good time. Thus far it had been relatively even. 

Until a few holes ago, when you started winning. Slowly but surely you noticed Kenny’s mood beginning to drop. While you attempted to keep Kenny’s spirits up things were becoming difficult. Once you won another hole you sauntered over to Kenny kissing him passionately. 

“Can I get a smile? You’ve been pouting for the last twenty minutes.” Kenny shrugged before you sandwiched his face between you hands. 

“Baby we’re holding people up.” Kenny wouldn’t even make eye contact with you. That confirmed your suspicion that Kenny was indeed beginning to get upset over losing. 

“I don’t care, what I do care about is that you’re not enjoying yourself. So what do you say after we finish this we go to do something we can do together?” Kenny sighed. 

“That goes completely against our bet,” Kenny whined but you shook your head before dragging him along to the next hole. 


You had won. For some reason, you had managed to beat Kenny at Mini Golf. You soon remembered the stipulations to Kenny’s bet and you knew exactly what you wanted to do. After giving everything back to the stand, you knew exactly how you were going to cheer Kenny up. 

“Since I won, I know exactly how I want to spend the rest of the day.” You spun around facing Kenny with a smile on your face. Taking both of his hands, you noticed a small smile grace his lips, especially when you took the time to entwine your fingers together slowly. 

“What do you have in mind?” Kenny questioned as your eyes lit up in excitement this was going to be fun. 

“I want to head down to the arcade.” The tiniest amount of light sparkled in Kenny’s eyes. You knew he loved the arcade. So spending time there, with the opportunity to win you something would cheer him up. It would be like he was redeeming himself. Pecking Kenny on the lips you pulled away and began to head down towards the arcade with an excited smile on your lips. 


   While the arcade was packed with people, it didn’t stop you and Kenny from trying to work out what to do first. Kenny dragged you over towards a dance Machine, instantly challenging you. With a raised eyebrow you accepted Kenny’s challenge. Thinking you were going to win but round after round you couldn’t beat Kenny. Man, he was good at this. 

Time and time again Kenny seemed to beat you. No matter what you tried Kenny won. The cards had certainly turned. On the plus side, Kenny seemed happier. Back to his normal and happy self. When he dragged you over to a catch and grab. Following Kenny, he walked over to one of the machines adding the money in before playing. Several attempts later, Kenny won what he had been aiming for. He handed you the stuffed teddy bear. You looked at him dumbfounded. 

“I had to win you something. Baby earlier you could have very easily got angry but you didn’t. It makes you so special. I love you Y/N. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.” Kenny sandwiched your face between his hands as he kissed you passionately pulling you flush against his broad chest. 

“You not liking to lose is not a bad thing. Besides, I love it when you get all pouty and adorable. It’s too cute.” Kenny smiled, brushing the hair out of your face. 

“So what do you say we go back to our room, order some room service and chill out for the rest of the day?” You agreed as you and Kenny walked away heading back to your room for a relaxed and romantic evening. Kenny’s lose suddenly forgotten only thoughts of each other remaining….

This morning I let my girlfriend dress me up (it’s casual Friday, meeting some of our gay friends for drinks, it’s whatever, I figure). This means I left the house looking like a damn prep school boi ready for the first drag king show of the season. Which, whatever, it’s cool. Fridays are quiet days in the office.

FUN STORY! With no warning I was dragged into a “social hour” with the top 20 people who run this place, all of whom were in full suits bc apparently casual Fridays don’t exist for management. Meanwhile I’ve rolled in to an invite-only event (I was not invited) with sunglasses still on, phone shoved into a sports bra, and coffee in hand looking like a hot mess and trying to pretend like I belong here. 

And that, my friends, is how I met my boss’ boss’ boss.

anonymous asked:

Sup Kellie! How are you doing? How did the trip went? Also, I missed you! ❤️

I’m doing good! Suffering a bit from jetlag but, glad to finally be back cause its been so long and now I’m flowing with motivation! :D

The trip was really HOT, but it was worth it and some places where super pretty! There was only one day where everything went to hell and not according to plan with Air BnB being a dick and all, might have seen some tweets from my sister and Robin about it, but otherwise it was very gorgeous, fun and a cool experience :)

zakiya-studies  asked:

FuN fAcT hot water is actually good for cooling u down (according to studies) because it makes you sweat and then the sweat cools your body and that's why it's drank a lot in countries that have hot climates!!!!! Also why tea is common in those places. I'm (half)Pakistani and my grandad drinks it all the time!! I have never tried it but ur discourse has inspired me to try will update with results xoxox

honestly?? lov inspiring people to upgrade by drinking hot water. v fulfilling