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Heathers the Musical: A Summary
  • Beautiful: i fuckin hate this place jk now I’m hot and popular
  • Candy Store: the Schuyler Sisters + evil
  • Fight For Me: dAAAAAAaaaaamn
  • Freeze Your Brain: tragic backstory™
  • Big Fun: my first week of college in a nutshell
  • Dead Girl Walking: sexytimes
  • The Me Inside of Me: wait now she’s somehow MORE popular
  • Blue: fuckboys perpetrate rape culture
  • Our Love is God: “i worship you” awwww “i worship you” cool bUT IT’S STILL MURDER J.D.
  • Prom or Hell: my bf is a triple murderer but he’s hot as fuck soooo
  • My Dead, Gay Son: our sons were gay and whoops so are we
  • Seventeen: murder is probably a no no
  • Shine a Light: oversharing teacher + snappy choreo = still uncomfortable
  • Lifeboat: bitchy cheerleader revealed to be cinnamon roll
  • Shine a Light Reprise: “what the fuck heather” -Heather D. “what the FUCK heather?!!?!” -audience
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: we’re supposed to feel bad for her but also she kept a scab in a locket?? + more suicide
  • Yo Girl: scariest song in the show tbh
  • Meant to be Yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me
  • I Am Damaged: i would die for you and now im gonna*BOOm*
  • Seventeen Reprise: fuck you all and lets go watch The Princess Bride
Witchcraft on a budget #3

Ok so I make salves and balms and I never have enough time to make herb infused oils. I just don’t have the time to wait 6 weeks to make salves. But thanks to my laziness, making infused oils just got a hell of a lot easier.

Herb infused oils: the easy way

If using fresh herbs, chop or crush them up. You can use a food processor or blender to break them down into a paste, if using a blender add a small amount of oil in with the herbs so you don’t break your blender.

If using dry herbs, grind them up with a mortar and pestle or a sealed bag and a hammer will work too.

After crushing your herbs, heat up some oil (careful not to burn the oil or yourself) if you are heating it up on the stove, a medium heat will work, you can also heat up the oil in the microwave (I don’t recommend it but you do you) just be safe.

Add crushed herbs to the oil and mix well.

Place in a jar with lid off or slightly open, if you place hot liquid in a sealed jar it can blow up so don’t do that.

Let sit overnight as it cools and infuses.

Strain next day and use as desired.

Have fun and stay safe xx

NCT(older members) reaction/imagine - “You are on a coffee date and after you take a sip of coffee/cappuccino, they watch you’ve got the foam left on your lips..

Note: It was inspired by the famous “Secret Garden” k-drama foam kiss scene (Did you know Ha Ji Won is my all time fav actress? I got into k-drama because of her…I think I watched all her dramas till far). This was interesting, thanks for the idea anon! I hope you’ll like it! ♥ 

Taeil: He can’t stop but admire your foamy lips (thinking deep inside what he would’ve done if you weren’t in a public place)…He’ll play dirty and do the same just to tease you back…Now see if you like his foamy lips too…maybe he asks to be kissed :D

Hansol: What he just imagined looking at your foamy lips…you better not think about it. Maybe he should stop watching those dirty animation Yuta recommended to him, that’s not healthy for his heart. And he better pick a napkin to wipe your lips unless he wants to take you out of there and….do what he had on his mind.

Johnny:  The way you sip on that coffee, he always imitates it…but oh…damn…this time he almost shouts watching how delicious and foamy your lips look like…he quickly clears out his mind from all the sinful thoughts with a laugh and asks you to wipe your lips right now, unless you want him to do it…and you know he’s capable to play it naughty!

Taeyong: After you put down the cup, he can’t refrain himself but to let out a shy giggle…you look too funny right now with a cute small white “mustache”! He’ll pick a napkin and wipe your lips like a sweet caring boyfriend he is, still giggling and making fun of how clumsy like a kid you are.

Yuta: He takes a long deep sip of the ice coffee he ordered to cool down his hotness. He knows you are really lucky to be in a public place, because on his mind he already devoured those foamy lips…You know pretty well he’s hungry for kisses and that foam really made him go for it. But he won’t give up as later will try it back at home -be ready when barista Yuta will serve you a late night coffee latte - you know what it means!

Kun: First thing, you look adorable just a like a clumsy kid, but a deep look into your eyes it looks like you are tempting him…he’s considering if he should wipe your lips with his thumb and lick it back to tease you or to pick a napkin and wipe your lips, pampering you like a baby with sweet words…actually both will be great!

Doyoung: You have some foam left on your lips…”Watching you lick your lips makes him lick his lips too…does he think about wiping them himself? Well maybe. Looking at his restless tongue it seems like it…

Ten: He’s pouting at you as a sign, but you still won’t get it…his cheeks are already burning with embarrassment because he just had to pick a spoon to show you where do you have left the milk foam… He wants to hide behind the table because everyone around you stared at how cutely he had to act for you to wipe your lips. 

Jaehyun: “Oh look, you have something on your face!” but he won’t give you time to see where, as he’ll approach you and (kiss) lick your lips.  He is not afraid showing his affection in public, you asked for it! Well, your lips asked for…

Winwin: “You know you have something on your lips…here…no…there” he will patiently show you where to wipe your lips. But your idea was to tease him and see him getting frustrated you missed the spot. He watched too many dramas so he recalls the famous scene and he will just whisper you shyly “Don’t do this to me, people are watching, I will make sure to take care of you back at home”.

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Oh drabbles! Can you do Minghao + skinship?

This is a cute topic whateven T-T

Word count: 857

You and your boyfriend Minghao have been dating for almost half a year. He was all you could ask for in a boyfriend. He was tall, a gentleman, good-looking, sweet, protective, and more. But there was something about him you found quite funny- he didn’t like skinship. 

You didn’t mind at all that he didn’t like the thought of skinship in a relationship. It wasn’t because he believed girls had cooties if he held hands with them or that he wasn’t comfortable. He never told you the reason and you were very curious, but you would do everything, to know why.

“Minghao, tell me why you don’t like skinship.” you asked when you both rode the bus home. 

“Ah this topic again, Y/N.” he rolled his eyes, smiling at your child-like question. “I just don’t like it.”

“But why?” you asked for what seemed like the nth time. 

“Oh we’re getting off the next stop.” he stood up, obviously avoiding the subject.

You shook your head with a smile on your face. “Come on, you gotta tell me someday.”

“Someday never.” he teased.

“Oh my g- Minghao, if she wants to hold hands then grant her wish. It’s every girl’s dream to held by their prince charming.” Mingyu stated, quite tired of hearing the same story from Minghao’s lovelife.

Minghao’s roommate at the university dorms was Kim Mingyu, who was around the same age as him. Though they had a rough start, they eventually became best friends.

“I mean just take me as an example.” he sat up, “I hug my girlfriend when she’s sick, to keep her warm.”


“If she’s hungry, I’ll cook her meals, and feed her.” he gestured.

“Uh Mingyu?”

“If she wants to kiss, I’ll kiss her.”


After what seemed like the umpteenth time, Mingyu looked at Minghao, who had a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“You don’t have a girlfriend!”

Mingyu froze, yet he smiled. “Ah I’m just stating the fact if ever-”

“I’m outta here. Thanks though, it may come in handy.” Minghao laughed, taking his things for the semester break and left the dorm room.

Your plan for the semester break was to at least go hiking. Minghao wanted to go the amusement park. However Minghao, one day, wasn’t in the mood to walk for long hours even if he knew he’d only be with you for the rest of the day. So you did a little sacrifice, well, just because you loved him to the moon and back. 

“Alright, we’ll go to the amusement park since it’s scorching hot today.” You said while cooling yourself with a handy electric fan. It was seven in the morning and Minghao was smiling at you like a child.

“Well it’s about time we had some fun! We’ve been too busy!” he exclaimed, already packing his things.

The amusement park was one of the few places you and Minghao went on dates, it was a couple favourite. Until recently, you both have been busy with your own courses so barely had time with each other. It was a such a right timing.

The weather was perfect, even though it was hot. You and boyfriend already rode three rides, you two were too adventurous that you sat on the front seats. After that, you both planned to relax at the ferris wheel before going to the bump cars.

You sat beside each other, admiring the view. Your view was one another and how cheesy it seemed, it was even better. 

“Did you have fun today, Y/N?” he asked with a wide smile plastered on his face.

“Of course! Because I’m with you.” you reached out to hold his hand mirroring his smile but you held back, remembering that he didn’t like skinship. 

Minghao’s heart ached a little, or even more when he saw you held back, looking out at the sunset scenery as you did. He knew how much you wanted to hold his hand. Was it because you felt safe if he did? Maybe. He didn’t know.

His hand placed on his lap. He remembered Mingyu’s advice: if a girl wants something, you should give it. In this case you wanted to hold his hand. 

So he thought: should I?

The ferris wheel slowly came to a stop at the very top. He anxiously tapped his fingers on his lap. His glance caught your lonely expression and saw your hands curled into a ball. 

Despite knowing what will happen if he did hold your hand or have any skinship, he closed his eyes and slowly held your hand.

You, who was still looking at the stunning view, was startled when you felt Minghao’s huge, and manly hand on yours. You looked at him immediately, and from there you knew why he couldn’t do skinship.

He was blushing, blushing so much that he had to cover his face.

“Minghao, are you blushing?” a smile crept up on your face.

“You asked for this, you punk.”

But he knew, he loved it.

The Cruise

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Summary - The Second Installment of the Cruise and the first Instalment of Kenny’s time on the Cruise. 

Pairing - Kenny Omega X Female Reader 

WordCount -  1,004

Requested by - Anon

Written By - Tacha 

A/N - Dash Wilder. If you want someone to feature on the Cruise, male or female then send in a request. Also if you want more Kenny let us know. Also if you want a request for Kayy’s Songbook Series simply, send her a song, your favourite line or two and a Superstar. 

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When Kenny suggested that you play mini golf together you were instantly against the idea. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to play mini golf or play with Kenny. Kenny was just extremely competitive. In the ring out of the ring. Kenny hated to lose. You hated it when Kenny lost. Why? Whenever Kenny lost a match you knew it affected him, he would become sombre and then you’d have to do your best to cheer him up. You didn’t want Kenny to be upset and sombre while you were on your first official vacation together.

If Kenny was adamant on playing mini golf then you were determined to make it interesting and fun for him. While it might have been easier to let him win. You couldn’t for two reasons; firstly Kenny would know what you were doing in an instant and that would upset him greatly. Secondly, it would take all the fun out of playing in the first place.


The cool ocean air brought a welcomed relief to the hot sun that glimmered down on you and Kenny as you walked into the direction of the Mini Golf course.  You approached the stand, asking for a couple clubs, balls and a scorecard before he put you in the direction of the beginning of the course. While you walked Kenny couldn’t stop looking at you, you looked so beautiful today. There was just a certain glow about you. The way the wind blew your hair fluttering along with it. Kenny believed that if you wanted too, you could easily become a hair model.

“What do you say we make this more interesting?” Kenny suggested as you reached the first hole. Turning to face Kenny, you raised your eyebrow curious to Kenny’s idea. 

“A, whoever wins the hole gets a kiss, we both know no matter who wins. It’s gonna be a win for both of us right. But whoever wins the entire thing gets to decide what we do for the rest of the day.” The bet seemed to be rather simple and fun. But you knew Kenny was going to do everything in his power to win. 

Everything was going fine, you and Kenny were having a good time. Thus far it had been relatively even. 

Until a few holes ago, when you started winning. Slowly but surely you noticed Kenny’s mood beginning to drop. While you attempted to keep Kenny’s spirits up things were becoming difficult. Once you won another hole you sauntered over to Kenny kissing him passionately. 

“Can I get a smile? You’ve been pouting for the last twenty minutes.” Kenny shrugged before you sandwiched his face between you hands. 

“Baby we’re holding people up.” Kenny wouldn’t even make eye contact with you. That confirmed your suspicion that Kenny was indeed beginning to get upset over losing. 

“I don’t care, what I do care about is that you’re not enjoying yourself. So what do you say after we finish this we go to do something we can do together?” Kenny sighed. 

“That goes completely against our bet,” Kenny whined but you shook your head before dragging him along to the next hole. 


You had won. For some reason, you had managed to beat Kenny at Mini Golf. You soon remembered the stipulations to Kenny’s bet and you knew exactly what you wanted to do. After giving everything back to the stand, you knew exactly how you were going to cheer Kenny up. 

“Since I won, I know exactly how I want to spend the rest of the day.” You spun around facing Kenny with a smile on your face. Taking both of his hands, you noticed a small smile grace his lips, especially when you took the time to entwine your fingers together slowly. 

“What do you have in mind?” Kenny questioned as your eyes lit up in excitement this was going to be fun. 

“I want to head down to the arcade.” The tiniest amount of light sparkled in Kenny’s eyes. You knew he loved the arcade. So spending time there, with the opportunity to win you something would cheer him up. It would be like he was redeeming himself. Pecking Kenny on the lips you pulled away and began to head down towards the arcade with an excited smile on your lips. 


   While the arcade was packed with people, it didn’t stop you and Kenny from trying to work out what to do first. Kenny dragged you over towards a dance Machine, instantly challenging you. With a raised eyebrow you accepted Kenny’s challenge. Thinking you were going to win but round after round you couldn’t beat Kenny. Man, he was good at this. 

Time and time again Kenny seemed to beat you. No matter what you tried Kenny won. The cards had certainly turned. On the plus side, Kenny seemed happier. Back to his normal and happy self. When he dragged you over to a catch and grab. Following Kenny, he walked over to one of the machines adding the money in before playing. Several attempts later, Kenny won what he had been aiming for. He handed you the stuffed teddy bear. You looked at him dumbfounded. 

“I had to win you something. Baby earlier you could have very easily got angry but you didn’t. It makes you so special. I love you Y/N. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.” Kenny sandwiched your face between his hands as he kissed you passionately pulling you flush against his broad chest. 

“You not liking to lose is not a bad thing. Besides, I love it when you get all pouty and adorable. It’s too cute.” Kenny smiled, brushing the hair out of your face. 

“So what do you say we go back to our room, order some room service and chill out for the rest of the day?” You agreed as you and Kenny walked away heading back to your room for a relaxed and romantic evening. Kenny’s lose suddenly forgotten only thoughts of each other remaining….


Pairing: Newt x reader
Fandom: The Maze Runner
Warnings: jealousy
Requested by anonymous


*Newt’s Pov*
Newt paced back and forth in front of the doors.

Where was [Y/N] and Minho? It was getting late and you two still haven’t returned from the maze.

Newt fidgeted with his hands nervously biting down hard on his lip almost making it bleed.

“Newt calm down will ya” Frypan said patting Newt on the shoulder “[Y/N] and Minho are our best runners. They’ll be back any second”.

“Thanks Fry” Newt nodded but his nerves didn’t decrease. Frypan gave him an encouraging smile then walked off toward the homestead.
“Bloody hell” Newt mumbled to himself looking up at the sky “if I didn’t have this bloody limp I would have ran in there myself by now”.

Laughter suddenly interrupted Newt’s thoughts. He looked into the maze to see you and Minho running toward him. Newt took a deep breath as his heart started to beat at a normal pace.

“Where have you been?” Newt demanded once you two had finally reached the glade “it’s about bloody time for the doors to close”.

You shrugged letting out another laugh “me and Minho thought it may be fun to have a little race around the maze”.

Newt examined both your faces. That explained why the two of you were breathing so heavily and why beads of sweat were dripping off your foreheads.

“I definitely won” Minho smirked resting his hands on his knees.

“No way ya shank. I so beat you”.

“In your dreams”.

“Screw you Minho”.

“You’d like to”.

“Enough!” Newt growled. His face was red hot “while you two were having ‘fun’ I’ve been waiting here thinking you’ve been dragged away by the bloody grievers!”.

“Shunk Newt calm down…” Minho said holding his hands up in defence but Newt was already stomping away in fury.

Newt needed a place where he could cool down and the only place he could really think of was the deadheads. He sat in the grass, closed his eyes, and rested his head up against an old tree.

All of sudden Newt felt someone’s shadow pass over him and he opened one eye to see who it was.

You stood there looking down at him with a concerned look on your face.

Newt didn’t say anything for a moment but then he sighed.
“Couldn’t you tell I wanted to be alone?” He asked annoyed.

“Newt…” You started sitting down next to him “I’m sorry if we scared you but come on, it’s me and Minho. Nothing bad is going to happen to us”.

“You don’t know that for sure” Newt said automatically.

You placed a hand on his shoulder “you do trust me right?”.

“I do…” Newt paused “it’s not just the fact you were late… You and Minho spend all day together in the maze and the only time I get to see you is when you get back for the night”.

Newt looked into your shining [E/C] eyes. A sad smile formed on his face.
“I guess I’m just a little jealous you get to spend so much time with Minho”.

“Newt you know Minho’s my best friend”. Newt frowned but then you smiled gently at him “but you’re my boyfriend and I love you more then anything. Don’t you think I hate being away from you for so long too?”.

Newt shrugged. He hadn’t though about that. Maybe he was just so caught up in his own jealousy he hadn’t considered that.

You kissed Newt’s lightly then whispered “I love you so much. Don’t forget that okay”.

“I won’t” Newt grinned wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you lovingly “promise”.


Jazz pianist/R&B singer Patrice Rushen is not only one of the baddest musicians in the game (Junior Mafia and MaryJ. Blige are among the slew of artists who have sampled her work and Rushen was the first woman to serve as the musical director for the Grammy Awards), she’s also a trendsetter as far as American natural hairstyles go. Rushen’s funky, fun take on colorful beaded braids brought new life to African-American protective styling and traces of her impact can be spotted in some pretty cool places. Thanks Mama Rushen for indirectly helping me keep my pre-k looks hot for the 99 and the 2000.

Listen to Patrice Rushen’s “Forget Me Nots” below.

Rafinha Imagine || Teasing

“Babe?” I call, walking into our house with two large and incredibly heavy grocery bagsin my arms. I’m grateful the door was unlocked, because there’s no way I would’ve been able to do it myself, while trying not to drop everything. “Rafa?” I yell again, but either he can’t hear me, or he’s pretending that he can’t. “Oh, for the love of God.” I sigh and make my way to the kitchen, hoping and praying not to drop anything. Or have my arms fall off.

Once the bags are safely placed on the counter, I walk to the living room. I’m not in the least bit surprised when I encounter my boyfriend in his natural habitat, sprawled across the couch, playing FIFA with his headphones on. A few weeks ago, I asked him to turn the volume down whenever he played videogames, because the annoying sound effects could be heard all over the house – and in every other house in Barcelona, probably – but my plan backfired when he decided to plug in his headphones instead and use them as a girlfriend ignoring tool.

“Okay, you little shit.” I mumble under my breath, walking out of the room before he gets a chance to notice me. “I see how it is. Let’s play a game, then.” I quickly pad to the main electrical panel in the hallway and flip all the switches, turning off the electricity in the whole house. Or at least I think I did. Is this even the electricity panel? It’s not even noon yet, so the lights aren’t on, which gives me no way to find out if I did what I intended to, until I hear Rafinha swearing in the living room. Mission accomplished.

“What the hell?!” He yells. “What the fuck happened? Fucking idiots and their stupid power company! I was about to win the damn game, God damn it.” His voice is approaching and it’s getting hard for me to stifle my laughter. “Y/N? What are you – did you just shut the power off?” I nod, still laughing. “Why the hell would you do that? I was in the middle of a game.” He sounds so affected that I almost feel bad, but then again, he deserves it. And it’s hilarious.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Were you in the middle of a game? I didn’t realize.” I roll my eyes at him. “I’m so done with you putting those damn headphones on and pretending I’m not even here. I didn’t bother asking you to come shopping with me, but I specifically told you that I would need your help carrying everything from the car and when I got here, you couldn’t hear me yelling because of that stupid game.”

“it’s not a stupid game.” He mumbles, but I can tell he has lost his nerve. Common sense is finally kicking in. “Sorry, babe. I lost track of time. Do you need help with anything else?”

“Too little, too late.” I say. “My parents are going to be here at five and I have so much to do until then, so please just stay out of my way.” I stand on my tiptoes to peck his lips, before making my way to the kitchen. “I foresee a very tragic fate for your headphones and FIFA CD if this happens again.”

Once I’m in the kitchen, I begin to line everything I bought on the counter. My parents, who live a couple of hours away from Barcelona, pretty much invited themselves to dinner at our place, which has left me with no other choice but to try to figure out what I could possibly cook on such short notice. It’s not that I’m so helpless in the kitchen, but my mother loves nothing more than to criticize every single thing I do, so I need to come up with something that will shut her up. Poison, maybe.

A couple of hours go by and Rafinha makes no attempt at bothering me, which gives me enough time to browse the internet for some recipes. It takes forever for me to pick a few dishes and start cooking, but once I do, I finally relax. I can do this – I keep repeating to myself. The next few hours go by in the blink of an eye.

“Hey.” I hear Rafinha’s voice behind me, as I’m stirring the contests of a pan. “Something smells amazing in here.” He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. Someone is in a good mood.

“Definitely not me.” I chuckle. His grip around me tightens, as he plants wet kisses all over my earlobe and neck. “Not now, Rafa.” I wiggle out of his arms, but he grabs hold of my waist again. I can feel something pressing against my back and unless he’s carrying a flashlight in his pocket, I’m in trouble. He is kissing me again, trying to pull me away from the stove.

“Come here.” He drags me to the kitchen island and lifts me by my waist, so I’m sitting on it. Rafinha’s arms are brushing and caressing all the right spots and I let myself get carried away for a few seconds, as I pull him in for a kiss. His tongue is swirling around mine and I let out a moan.

“Stop.” I pull away, when I feel his hands trying to unclasp my bra. “The food is going to get burned.” I hop off the island and shuffle to the stove.

“Y/N.” He groans, obviously worked up. “Can’t you take a break?”

“I only have an hour left and I’m nowhere near done.” He walks towards me again and presses himself against my back. “Rain check.” I smile and give him a quick kiss, before turning my focus back to the food in the pan. “You know, if you had given me a hand with all of this,” I point to the mess I made in the kitchen. “Maybe I could’ve – well, given you a hand with that, too.”

Rafinha sighs and I can practically feel him roll his eyes at me, as he leaves the room. About half an hour later, everything is finally done, so I leave the food to cool down and make my way upstairs to take a shower and get changed. When I’m under the stream of hot water, completely surrounded by steam, I forget all about the stress of having my parents over, but that doesn’t last very long.

Once we’re all seated at the dining table, I can tell Rafinha is still very much worked up over our little kitchen incident, so I decide to have a little fun with it. He is sitting next to me, so I inconspicuously let my hand slide under the table and innocently place it on his thigh, tracing little circles across it. As my hand slowly makes its way higher and higher, he grabs it in his, but doesn’t stop me. I continue petting and stroking him through his jeans, as his breathing increases and his face turns red. Who knew messing with him could be so much fun?

“Honey, would you mind pouring me some wine?” My mom asks in her sweetest tone, pulling my attention away from what I was doing.

“Of course.” I stand up, at the same time as Rafinha.

“I’ll come with you.” He winks at me and my cheeks flush instantly. The second we’re in the kitchen and the door is safely closed behind us, he grabs my arm and pulls me to him, roughly kissing my lips.

“Seriously, Rafa?” I snap, pulling away, as if I wasn’t expecting this. As if I don’t know how crazy I’ve been driving him with my hand. “My parents are here. Stop it!” I yell, but I make no physical effort to stop him from lining my jaw with kisses.

“Come on, Y/N.” His voice is low and breathy as he pulls my dress higher on my thigh. “We can be quiet. They won’t have any idea.”

The idea doesn’t sound entirely that bad and God knows I could use it to calm my nerves and let me loosen up a little, but I shake my head. He has done nothing but play video games all day, while I’ve done all the work and I’m not about to let it all go to hell just because he can’t keep it in his pants for a few hours. Plus, teasing him is so much. I grab the wine bottle from the counter and storm out of the kitchen.

“You’ll so regret this later.” He slaps my butt, as we walk together into the dining room.

In some pathetic attempt to get away from me, he talks my dad into switching seats with him, so that he is now sitting in front of me. I mentally chuckle and how naïve he is. Once the conversation starts again and my parents are distracted, I kick one of my shoes off under the table and slowly lift my leg, brushing my bare foot over Rafinha’s calf. I watch the surprise in his eyes, as he chokes on his food and it takes a lot of effort to contain my amusement. I keep my gaze fixated on his, as I lift my leg higher, so that it’s now touching his thigh.

I keep my foot there for a few more minutes, but stop moving it around. I can tell by the flood of relief on his face that he thinks I’ve given up, so he goes back to having a casual conversation with my parents. Silly, silly boy. I quickly place my foot over the bulge in his pants and press down, making him squirm in his seat. I flash him an innocent grin, pushing my foot up and down on him, until a slight moan escapes his lips.

“Rafael, are you alright?” My father asks and I let out a quiet chuckle.

I decide I’ve taken it far enough and that he’s learned his lesson, so I stop and let him be for the rest of the dinner. I know he is going to get his revenge at some point, but this was way too much fun to regret a single second.

The second my parents are out the door, Rafinha slams my back against the wall and starts kissing me, with one of his hands unzipping my dress. This time, I kiss him back and don’t pull away.

“Are you done being such a tease?” He says, in between kisses and I just nod, pressing my lips against his again.

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Question on the ice crew au- how would Kent Parson treat his ice crew? ((((can we expect him in the pt. 2?))))

So, tbh, I had not thought about Kent Parson in the Ice Crew AU world bc in my head he sort of doesn’t exist…

But, let’s assume he does exist (though he and Jack didn’t play together on the Q) and going with more my canon thoughts on Parse, I would have to say that Kent Parson may be one of the loneliest people in the whole world.

Except, very very differently from Jack. Jack never saw the point of putting on a mask of happiness, of caring about anything other than hockey, of pretending but–

Kent Parson is probably buddies with all the members of his team. He probably goes out to lunch after practice and goes out to bars after games and he is the most charismatic hockey-bro to ever exist and as such, he doesn’t really talk to his ice crew at all. If he sees them in the hallway, he probably gives them a “hey, what’s up, man?” because everyone passing Kent Parson in the hallway gets a “hey, what’s up, man?” but Parse never slows down to hear the answer (and if they manage to say “good you?” Parse will keep walking and smiling and say some variation of “awesome” or “going good!” or “ready for this next one!”)

(Parson always keeps walking and smiling. He’s always awesome.)

So the ice crew of the Aces likes Kent Parson the way everyone in Las Vegas likes Kent Parson. He’s funny and personable and great at hockey and, dear god, he’s so fucking lonely he doesn’t know what to do, but he knows to hide it.

(He has to hide it. No one can know.)

Kent Parson sleeps with girls when he can’t get out of it. He flirts with them always. He “dates” supermodels for a few months at a time to get people off his case and tells reporters (with a smile and an bashful head duck that he knows is adorable) that his “ideal night” is “doing something small and romantic with a beautiful woman who can make me laugh and doesn’t mind my terrible cooking.”

(Really, his ideal night is staying out until 3am with his teammates and then going home and snuggling up with his cat and passing out before he can think about how empty his apartment is.)

(He doesn’t let himself think about what his actual ideal night would be. Never.)

Kent Parson doesn’t let himself take those type of risks. He doesn’t get too drunk in front of his teammates. He doesn’t try to sneak to gay bars and hook up that way. He wipes his computer history every time he watches porn (and never saves any of it) and jokes just the right amount about his “bromance” with his teammates and prays, prays, prays that no one will ever figure out how rehearsed it all is. How rehearsed he is. 

(He whispered it aloud to Kitt Purson once. At 11am in the morning on his day off as she purred against his chest and for no real reason, tears were pricking against his eyelids, he’d just said it: I’m gay. I’m gay and I hate this. He hadn’t let himself cry for long, had blinked in tears until they cooled the stripe of heat behind his eyes and stared at the ceiling and willed the headache to go away and she’d stayed and let him hold her a little too tightly and he thinks that maybe its all for the best, that he couldn’t love anyone as much as he loves her in that moment.)

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Mama Cat’s Spring Cleaning Cauldron Candle

Mama Cat knows that anytime is the perfect time for spring cleaning. She also knows that the closets may not be the only thing that need to swept out. Sometimes when a room or house gets to muddled up with stress, doubt, fear, anxiety, etc., the air needs to be swept out as well as the cobwebs in the corners. (Yes Mama Cat saw them and yes you need to get them out of here because they are collecting dust.) This little cauldron candle is super simple to make and will help clear the air. However, opening a window wont hurt either.


a small cauldron

5 tea lights   (Mama Cat used this combo to make a light pink but whatever colors you would like work also)


a microwave safe bowl

cord that will be safe to use for a wick (Mama Cat used hemp cord)

a stirring utensil

herbs of your choice that you feel will help cleanse your area 

(Mama Cat used the ones below)

Putting It Together:

First you need to separate the tea light from its tin and wick. Gently tug the tin from the bottom and it should pop right off. From there you should see the small disc that anchors the wick. It may take a little digging but it should slide out the bottom. The end result should be close to this.

Once you have all the candle separated, place them into the bowl and carefully melt them in the microwave. 

Now it’s time to make your wick. Tie the end of your cord to your cauldrons handle. if your cauldron does not have a handle, get a pencil or something of the sort that will lay across the top of your cauldron and tie the end to that. Measure the length it takes to reach the bottom of your cauldron and snip it there. Now carefully dip your cord into the bowl of wax.  It should end up looking close to this.

Now comes the fun part. Gently pour a small amount of the melted magma wax into your cauldron. then layer on whatever herb you have chosen. Repeat this process until your cauldron is just about full. This is how Mama Cats looked.

From here all you need to do is to be patient while cools. after it has completely cooled and is once again solid, trim the wick to one half inch (1/2′) and enjoy.

Reminders: MELTED WAX IS VERY HOT. When the candle is burning make sure to keep it in a safe place, away from anything that could catch fire. Also your cauldron will be VERY HOT while the candle is burning. Please also just use common sense when working with fire.

ok so I just came back from the nyc veg fest and it was cool like it’s nice going into a place and knowing everything is vegan and my ass went OFF i sampled like all of the foods from all of the stands, had waffles with ice cream, brownies, macarons, hot dogs, smores, cupcakes, thai food, macarons, drinks, doughnuts…just because I could lol since they were all fun things i don’t have, and it was interesting to know how much my body doesn’t support eating processed foods anymore like I’d rarely even eat one of those on the list let alone ALL of them in a day and it was kinda funny. But anyways I went to panel of Black vegan athletes/trainers (if you go on my insta story @ niacvv I tag all of them) and it was SO nice to have a panel of young, Black vegans talk about veganism in relation to our culture and the misconceptions we have to deal with and one of the things they were saying was that a lot of the stuff we grow up feeling like we need to eat in our community was food given to us through oppression generations before + obvs through poverty but we maintain the idea that it’s taboo to be plant based because of this hard grained history. And it was just really refreshing to hear them all speak and they were so funny and the whole festival had a lot of vegans of color and specifically black vegans too either attending the festival or running their own stands/black owned businesses that were highly successful too. anyways it was really empowering and I ate so much shit my body’s gonna reject it soon lol


The Quarry: A SimDoughnut No CC Pool Venue

When the Motherlode Mining Corporation isn’t busy working the Quarry, the local residents of Willow Creek like to use the site as a gathering spot to go swimming after the pit floods. What a great way to cool off during a hot summer.

After some further playtesting  I found that only some of the rocks “fell down” after downloading the lot to a new location, most of them stayed in place.So if you don’t mind moving or replacing a few of the rocks in the wall this build is a lot of fun to visit with your sims. I decided to create a CC free version of this build for the gallery, but I still strongly recommend using the Move Objects cheat before placing this lot.

You can find The Quarry in my SimDoughnut Gallery. Just use the hastags #quarry or #pool. Alternatively, because this lot uses no CC you can also just search by lot type for Pool. I hope you enjoy the build.

Have fun :)!


Prompt by: Anonymous

Imagine: You’re sick and Obi-Wan decides to stay and help you.

Warnings: None.

You cough into your fist and resist the urge to throw up. Leaning over the side of the bed, you close your eyes and take a deep breath. As the nauseous feeling passes, you open your eyes.

You come face to face with an all too familiar white trash bin. The stark, bare bottom is something you have been seeing all morning and you’re beginning to grow sick of it -no pun intended.

You hated being ill.

Especially a throw-up, fever type of illness. The feeling of something you had just recently eaten coming back up was not your idea of a fun day. And the heat radiating off your body was uncomfortable. You were nearly completely naked and it still felt overly hot in the room.

You feel Obi-Wan shift on the bed next to you, then his hand is on your back. “You okay, darling?”

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raywritesthings  asked:

Olivarry #15

15. How do they handle a fight with one another?

Still taking prompts!

They don’t fight so much as talk through their emotions with one another. They’re both stubborn, but not too hot headed, so they both go to their respective cool down spots and take calming breaths before they reconvene at one of their places (or their place after they’ve started living together.) 

Stubborn as Barry is, after cooling down, he always wants to talk about it. Especially since Oliver knows his secret, he can be open and honest. He grew up with Joe. Of course that’s how he is. (Also Oliver told Barry he could talk to him about anything, so of course he does) 

Barry is the only person that Oliver feels comfortable opening up to. Mainly because Barry’s been the one that’s seen the light inside Oliver consistently. Barry doesn’t bring up his past and throw things at him in spite. They can talk rationally and calmly about their feelings and coming from no judgement, that’s really nice for Oliver. 

Most of their fights stem around disagreements about how to handle a threat, but they fight very rarely and when they do; they’re very calm and healthy about it. Which is why they love each other so much :) 

Gone Girl Sentence Meme
  • “That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime.”
  • “What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”
  • “You fucking cunt!”
  • “The only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like.”
  • “I’ve killed for you. Who else can say that?”
  • “You. Fucking. Bitch.”
  • “You ever hear the expression the simplest answer is often the correct one?”
  • “Whoever took her is bound to bring her back.”
  • “Whatever they found, I think it’s safe to assume that it is very bad.”
  • “Everyone knows that ‘complicated’ is a code word for bitch.”
  • “We’re so cute. I wanna punch us in the face.”
  • “You’re my voice of reason. I need you with me on this.”
  • “When two people love each other and they can’t make that work, that’s the real tragedy.”
  • “He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder.”
  • “The girl with the giant cum-on-me tits?”
  • “My God, this place literally smells like feces.”
  • “Want to test your marriage for weak spots? Add one recession, subtract two jobs. It’s surprisingly effective.”
  • “I’m so much happier now that I’m dead.”
  • “Boo hoo, I got laid off. Guess I’ll fuck a teenager.”
  • “Life. I don’t remember the point.”
  • “To fake a convincing murder you have to have discipline.”
  • “As if it’s so hard to spread your legs. You know what’s hard? Faking a pregnancy.”
  • “Cool girl is hot. Cool girl is game. Cool girl is fun. Cool girl never gets angry at her man. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner. And then presents her mouth for fucking.“
  • “I wax-stripped my pussy raw. I drank canned beer watching Adam Sandler movies. I ate cold pizza and remained a size two. I blew him, semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game.”
  • “And what’s the point of being together if you’re not the happiest?”
  • “He actually expected me to love him unconditionally.”
  • “You think I’d let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? No fucking way.”
  • “Grown-ups work for things. Grown-ups pay. Grown-ups suffer consequences.”
RWBY Volume 3 Lyric Meme

I’m the One

  • “Welcome to the blood bath, jump into the tub.”
  • “Fist-fight, death-match, come and join the club.”
  • “I’ll kick-start your face with a metal-clad boot.”
  • “You should give up now, your retaliation’s moot.’
  • “I’m gonna make you hurt and I’m gonna make you cry.”
  • “You wanna mess around? Well come on let’s go!”
  • “I got no time to waste, let’s start the show.”
  • “I’m the one your mama said ‘Don’t mess with them or you’ll end up dead. That type, they don’t follow any rules.’”
  • “You’re looking tall, you’re looking tough. I’m sorry dude, that’s not enough.”
  • “Your girlfriend’s purse won’t help you win this duel.”
  • “The bigger they are, then the more that they bleed and the deeper the scars that won’t heal.”
  • “I’m the one that was born in a nightmare.”
  • “Got no gun but I gleam like a blade and I’m harder than iron.”
  • “I’m the one who rose out of filth and was loved by no-one.”
  • “You’re still standing up? Well let’s go another round.”
  • “Singin’ king of pain and you’re gonna get crowned.”
  • “You like the way I dress? Yeah I know I’m fine. The blood’s gonna stain it but it won’t be mine.”
  • “Lay right down and grab a little rest.”
  • “I guess you didn’t know you were dealing with the best.”
  • “You shoulda stayed at home today, this fisticuff won’t go your way.”
  • “It might be hard to hear me say: kicking your ass is child’s play.”
  • “I’m the one that was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun.”
  • “Overrun by the hate and the beatings.”


  • “We’re all born with a dream we want to make come true.”
  • “The best will climb to the top like me, the rest will end up like you.”
  • “I bet it’s hard to live with knowing that you’ll never be this fine.”
  • “Don’t be distraught, don’t be sad.”
  • “You gave it your best try!”
  • “Listen, girlfriend, can’t you see?”
  • “I’m all the things that you’ll never be.”
  • “I’m cool like the rain and I’m hot like the sun.”
  • “I’m a neon rainbow and you’re no fun.”
  • “You can see I never miss a beat.”
  • “Just try to understand this: It’s not that I am trying to outshine.”
  • “You got your inner beauty.”
  • “No one likes a girl who wears a silly frown.”
  • “Try it, you’ll see, just be more like me!”

It’s My Turn

  • “When I was young, if I just closed my eyes I could go anywhere.”
  • “Dream of any place.”
  • “And my heart was happy there.”
  • “Don’t be foolish, give up your wish. Big things aren’t for you.”
  • “You were the one who held me down and told me I was heading nowhere.”
  • “You should know your place. Accept your fate.”
  • “That was so long ago when you owned me.”
  • “And now I’m so much stronger. I’m not yours any longer.”
  • “I won’t be held down any longer.”
  • “I’ll never go back there.”
  • “Wasted years that I spent never knowing.”
  • “i spent my life degraded, but I won’t leave here jaded.”

Mirror Mirror Part II

  • “Who am I to complain?”
  • “Born with all that I need, my comfort’s all guaranteed.”
  • “What’s keeping me from moving forward?”
  • “I should be free now! I should be fine!”
  • “But the life I fought for still isn’t mine.”
  • “I know that I could do so much if I could just believe in me.”
  • “Years of scorn will leave you cold.”
  • “Forget your dreams! Do as you’re told!”
  • “When disapproval’s all you’ve shown, the safest place becomes alone.”
  • “Isolation’s the price you pay, and every friendship is pushed away.”
  • “I’m starting to find my way.”
  • “I think I might change it all.”

I don’t like Evie, at all. I find her overall controlling and snobby. I like Jacob’s sense of humor and personality. I don’t think I’ll be upset in the slightest if/when Evie dies. Plus I really don’t like how she places herself above Jacob. Even if she is the eldest twin, that doesn’t mean Jacob isn’t important. I prefer Jacob’s brutality to Evie’s stealth. Overall Jacob is just more fun to play as. 

image from madeinmasyaf

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If there’s the thing where Ed and Os adopt Selena can there be a thing where Victor and Os adopt Ivy too?

I can imagine Oswald and Selena discussing heists and making gotham actually a better place for strays (cats/birds/people( over cooking meals and Ed and Selena going over building architecture like a puzzle piece to help with the heists during tv time.


Imagine Victor and Ivy experimenting on temperature controlled plants or Victor helping Ivy cool down the green house when the weather gets too hot for the plants to thrive and Os and Ivy poking fun at some of Oswald’s minions with Ivy’s perfume and just overall having fun offing the ones who would betray him and using their bodies as fertilizer in Ivy’s garden (courtesy of Oswald ofc. The Van Dahl estate is fucking huge bruh)