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Jay-Z backstage with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at Hot 97’s ‘Summer Jam’ concert in June 2001, photographed by Walik Goshorn.

At the time of his headlining performance his infamous beef with Nas was beginning to get radio traction, so when King Hov needed a little help driving home the point that he wasn’t about to relinquish his hip-hop crown anytime soon he placed a call to his friend MJ - and had him appear onstage during a break in his ‘Summer Jam’ performance.

After performing his Jackson 5–sampling hit, ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’ at the end of his set, Hov announced his surprise guest. “I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that motherfuckin’ curtain,” Jay-Z said to the doubtful crowd… and then waited in anticipation for the King of Pop to emerge. “You want me to go back and get him myself?” Jay asked. “Okay, I’mma go get him.” Seconds later the two walked out and posed for photos together. In one of the pictures, Michael struck a b-boy stance with his arms folded. Jackson’s only words to the crowd were “I love you all!” before he exited the stage.

According to Memphis Bleek, Michael Jackson ordered everyone unauthorized to meet him to stand with their face to the wall when he walked through the backstage area. With Hov’s influence vouching for them the whole Roc-A-Fella Records team was able to meet the King of Pop and pay their respects.

hey since its pride month

can y'all ppl get along? this includes every human. like, i mean, why do you hate on people who doesnt do any harm to you? it doesnt make you a greater person when you act lgbtphobic. it makes you an enourmous asshole who thinks the world turns if they want.

its not hard to not be an asshole.

Before I // Luke x Reader

can u do a Luke imagine? the reader cares deeply for luke and would do anything to protect him? she’s a very independent and strong character so she gets along with leia a lot but she won’t admit to leia that she loves luke. can u do something like luke is getting bullied by other pilots (it’s a joke at first but gets worse because he’s a Jedi) and the reader gets mad and defends him? fluff after pls :D !

At a young age, you convinced yourself that you had to be strong. You were raised by your mother and father and four older brothers. Naturally, you were picked on by them, but you learned how to defend yourself.

Because of your independence, you decided to become a rebel alliance pilot. The thought of it made your adrenaline rush and your blood pump. When you turned sixteen, you became a pilot. When you turned eighteen, you became the best pilot of the rebels. You were a leader and many looked up to you. That’s how you and Leia became fast friends.

The two of you were very headstrong and who what you wanted. You made a great team and many people were surprise at how quickly you two got the job done. You guys shared everything with each other. Literally everything. But she never knew about your crush on her twin, Luke, a Jedi.

Leia always knew you had crush on someone, but she never knew who. You knew that you could trust her with keeping the secret. But you were afraid that you having a crush would make you appear weak and less independent.

Today, you had a few things to do regarding piloting. So you came out to the main landing platform and headed to your ship. You stop however when you Luke being laughed at by some other pilots.

Before, one of the pilots was teasing Luke because he confessed he did indeed have a crush. The pilot who started the teasing was a good friend and he knew who it was so he didn’t mind. However, now some pilots that he wasn’t to fond of joined in and it wasn’t teasing anymore.

“Luke, do you wanna take this certain girl to bed?” one pilot speaks as Luke become hot. “Fellas look! He’s blushing!”

The pilots start to cheer and laugh, making Luke excessive uncomfortable.

“Is she a fellow pilot, Luke?” another pilot asks. Luke rolls his eyes as it was the truth. “Oh, she is? Well, come on Luke tell us!”

The crew now starts canting ‘Tell us’ as Luke tries to calm them down. You notice how uncomfortable he looks and rush to his side.

“Hey! Would you guys shut the hell up? What’s going on here?” you ask.

An arrogant pilot, Drew, explains. “Our good friend, Luke, over here has a crush on a fellow pilot!”

“Maybe it’s (Y/N)!” a pilot from the back of the pack yells. Luke’s heart freezes, hoping you didn’t hear that. “He wants to lay (Y/N)!”

You become enraged as you hear the commotion. “Alright, listen and shut up! For starters, none of you idiots can get laid in the first place, so shut up. And two, it’s none of your business to know if Luke has crush, whether or not he is a Jedi. Now, get back to work before I kick all of your sorry asses.”

The pack dissolves as Luke turns to you. “Thank you, (Y/N). I’m sorry if they embarrassed you…” he blushes.

You smile at your crush and speak, “It’s alright. And even if you did have a crush on me, I surely wouldn’t mind.” You wink and walk away, leaving the Jedi confused.

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Name: stefan.
Nickname: stef, steffy, hot fella (hehe), ripper of monterey.
Zodiac Sign: scorpio.
Gender: male.
Favorite Color: navy blue and red.
Average Hours of Sleep: five.
Last Thing You Googled: google, what is tinder?
Height: 5′11


Name: charlie.
Nickname: c, charles, crazy woman.
Zodiac Sign: capricorn.
Gender: female.
Favorite Color: crimson and cream!!!!!!!!!!!!
Average Hours of Sleep: 8 but i need like 11 lol.
Last Thing You Googled: 160 cm in american 
Height:  5′2′ im a smol bean

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Imagine Tony always being turned on when Steve slips in to his Brooklyn accent or uses 1940's slang.... Now imagine Steve using that ruthlessly

It’s no secret that Tony can talk circles around Steve, in the bedroom or otherwise. Half the words out of his mouth have Rogers questioning whether or not the man is actually speaking English. It would be frustrating if it wasn’t one of Stark’s most attractive features. What can he say, Captain America has a thing for hot people saying things he doesn’t entirely understand.  He had liked it about Howard too but he learned a long time ago not to keep Tony’s old man out of pleasant conversation. Tended to kill the mood.  

Never in his dreams did he think that Tony had a similar vice. The man did plenty of talking for the both of them, and while Steve knew his partner appreciated what he had to say, he figured the ‘talk sweet to me’ door only swung one way.

That is until he was sitting in the living room, waiting for Tony to put the finishing touches on his gala outfit. The man attended more benefits than the president, how had he not yet learned the art of the quick change?

Perfection suits a Stark. Tony sauntered out of the bedroom with his usual air of confidence, but now he was shining like a new penny. Steve propped himself up on his elbows and gave a long, low whistle. “Gotta say, I’m startin’ to get all kinds of jealous of these big wigs you’re schmoozing. I’d like to think you’re strutting just for me, baby doll.”

He hadn’t even meant for it to come out like that. Over the years, with some coaching from the resident undercover operatives, Steve had learned how to more or less control his occasional bouts of nostalgic lingo. But something about the way Tony’s hair was slicked, or the ruffle of his collar, brought it out of him like nobody’s business.

And oh the money Steve would have paid to have a camera in that moment. Tony stopped dead in his tracks, whatever snappy comeback he had tucked away in his mouth went right out the window. His eyes blew wide and his shoulders slumped in a distinctly un-Tonylike fashion. “You cut that nonsense out right this second,” he managed though he voice all but cracked with effort.

Steve would recognize that look from a mile away. Almost smirking, he slowly got up from the couch and padded over to his boyfriend. “What’s that, sugar? I was so busy taking in that dreamboat mug I just about lost myself. I’m just wondering here, you think a hot fella like you would ever go for a dope like me?”

Steve’s hands found their way around Tony’s middle, hauling him closer. Tony, for his part, was starting wrinkle around the eyes, the exact look he gets just before he willingly drops all his impulse control. “If I don’t make it to this party, we are looking at a possible world war. Not even exaggerating.” But he was already untying the bow around his neck.

With a few quick nips to Tony’s jawline, Steve made it to his ear, breathing hot against his neck and smiling like a cat. “Don’t get yourself into a lather doll. We got all the time in the world.”


Drag Me Down - One Direction

The Radio Freestyle.

Big L & Jay Z - Stretch & Bobbito

Notorious B.I.G & Craig Mack - Hot 97

RZA & Ol Dirty Bastard - Stretch Armstrong

G-Unit - Funkmaster Flex Takeover

GZA & Killah Priest - Stretch & Bobbito

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito

Roc-A-Fella - Hot 97 Takeover

Notorious B.I.G. & Lil Cease - Wake Up Show

Big L - Stretch & Bobbito

AK Skills - Hot 97 

Rah Digga, Guru, Common Sense & Rampage - Choice FM

Wu-Tang Clan - Radio One (pt.1)(pt.2)(pt.3)(pt.4)