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Could I have 53 and 54 with Ben Solo please for the baby prompts 💙💙💙 thank you for your time 💙💙💙

Okk, this is overly perfect for hot single dad Ben Solo and I’m rolling with it haha, I hope you like it hun!

Modern AU Ben Solo +  “This is really important to me, for us. To have someone in our lives to love us.” +  “Even if [name], is in our life. It’s still going to be me and you against the world bud.”

Sighing as if in defeat Anakin dropped his head, his dark locks falling into his face. As much as he wanted to be stubborn and keep a strong face in front of Ben, he couldn’t help but let his emotions show. 

Seeing this sight on the couch Ben sighed as he crouched down to Anakin’s eye level. The last thing he wanted was for his son to be upset about something this significant.

“Hey buddy, come on. This isn’t a bad thing.”

Anakin crossed his arms, as if locking himself in where he sat. 

“You wanna talk about it?”

Anakin sat silent for a few moments, not bothering to make eye contact with Ben. About to stand again Ben suddenly halted when he heard the quiet response emerge from the dark head of hair before him.

“If (Y/N) says yes, it won’t be you and me anymore.”

Ben’s expression softened even more as he moved his hand to Anakin’s shoulder. Faintly he felt his heart ache a bit in response. To think his son ever thought that his attention would stray elsewhere hurt him.

“Hey buddy, look at me. …Please?”

Slowly Anakin met Ben’s gaze, his lip faintly pouted. Ben gave him a faint smile as he started soothing him with soft rubs on his back.

“This is really important to me, for us. To have someone in our lives to love us.”

Anakin still seemed closed off, not showing much of any emotion aside from disappointment to Ben. 

“I love (Y/N), just as much as I love you. I want (Y/N) to be a part of our lives cause (Y/N) makes our lives better. I mean (Y/N) loves you, makes your dad happy, even grandma and grandpa are happy.”

Anakin sighed, still obviously disappointed with Ben. To him the advancement of any relationship like this meant his dad would no longer have time for him. Ben knew this, and it hit him deeply.

“Even if (Y/N) is in our life. It’s still going to be me and you against the world bud.”

Anakin looked up to Ben this time with a little less of a pout in his lip. Ben smiled at him in pride.


Ben nodded as he held out his hand and extended his pinky finger to Anakin.


Anakin smiled ever so faintly as he wrapped his smaller pinky around Ben’s, giving it a slight shake. With a smile Ben patted Anakin on the back, content with the seal of their promise. 

“No matter what, you’re always my number one.”

Anakin smiled as he sat up a little straighter, almost blushing at Ben’s words.

“You’re mine too.”

Ben chuckled faintly as he moved his arms before him, wrapping Anakin in a hug. Instantly Anakin wrapped his arms around Ben and smiled, the contact bringing him some ease. Things might have been changing, but for the better.

Pulling away Ben sighed as he placed his hands on either of Anakin’s arms, looking him in the eyes.

“Be good for grandma and grandpa ok? I’ll be back tonight to get you.”

Anakin nodded, “Ok.”

Ben smiled and toussled Anakin’s hair, “Ok.”

Standing up again Ben dusted off his pants, giving his shirt a good tug to adjust it properly. Releasing a deep breath he began to move towards the door of his parents home before he heard that same small voice call to him.


He paused, turning to face him again, “Yeah?”

Anakin smiled, “Good luck.”

Ben beamed as he felt his chest warm, “Thanks bud.”

BTW, if you’re a new Dan Stevens fan, or if you just haven’t watched it yet, watch The Guest.

Thank me later. 😉

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”


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