hot embrace

It’s a myth that there r 2 kinds of feminine: soft & hard. Sweet & strong. We are both, we have always been both. In the garden Eve was a bad girl but she was a good girl 2. This is the magic of being a woman - we are angels & destroyers at the same time. But never meaning 2 harm on purpose. Because what kind of person, what kind of woman is that? Not the 1 I want 2b. Thinking that u’ll never find a man who can understand & then love ur nature as a complex woman isn’t something u should bother thinking about. & Anyway, u should never worry about what a man might need - not until u have given urself everything u need. Embrace ur hot & cold, ur light & ur dark, ur ugly, ur beautiful. U know what? Sometimes I am “bad”, sometimes I don’t do what I should, sometimes I feel angry or hurt. & There are others times when I just feel like a little girl - vulnerable & weak. The world is very simple. If u act tough, if u act like u don’t need anybody, the world will let u live that life. & it is a very sad & lonely one. If u let ur naïveté get the best of u, if u don’t look out 4 urself, if ur sweet at every expense - the world will let u live that life. & U will be a fool baby. There is no choice between silk & thorns. Women are bullets made of rose petals, thieves in the night in 6 inch heels. Gold-blooded hustlers w babygirl eyes & baby deer souls. Gangsters & princesses. I am good, & I am bad. & So what? Am I complicated? Yes. Does every man understand me? No, but there r plenty of women who are 2 afraid, 2 self-conscious or 2 broken 2 embrace themselves - they can have one of them & sit around the house knowing she’ll either never come home or she’ll never leave. I am not that way. I’ll tell a man I love him & then leave the next day. & I mean both of these things. Do I know why? No. But there is a certain kind of femininity that when u step into it…It just feels like Paradise. In the garden I would have heard the snake say hello & I would have ruined the whole world & I would have done it all with a smile. We don’t have 2 be harsh & we don’t have 2 be soft. We can just be who we are. I’m the baddest good girl. & I’m the sweetest bad girl. & This is home.

anonymous asked:

I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND BUT IM SO DISGUSTED WITH MY BODY LIKE???? I feel so comfortable around him and he doesn't think I'm fat but like idk ya know I cry every time he touches my stomach but ifk how to explain hate myself lol bye sorry I love you xx

OMG I FEEL YOU AHHHHH seriously every time I’m with I guy it just takes one look at my thighs to think “um you know what ah me naked even in the dark? Ah no” ughhhh BUT he is your boyfriend and he finds you attractive the way you are!! If he makes you feel hot embrace it 😘