hot dragon girl

Cheer up film list

Pass it on and add your own, a few to get started:
(read up on these in more detail for specific content warnings)

  1. Stardust
    (a soppy romance that isn’t annoying; featuring fairytale witches, adventure! magic and happily ever after! Ricky Gervais is silenced!)
  2. The Princess Bride
    (a fairytale like no other, of fencing, fighting, revenge, giants, bad men, good men, escapes, pirates and a battle of wits, and rhymes)
  3. Fired up
    (annoying dudebros realise women are people while at cheer camp)
  4. Hot Fuzz  
    (buddy cops bond over japanese peace lily and fire gun up in the air while going aaa in tiny rural english village)
  5. how to train your dragon
    (dragons! vikings! pet dragon!!)
  6. mad max: fury road
    (an epic told in the form of a car chase, fire guitar)
  7. Mean Girls
    (‘Uplifting comedy about teens destroying each other, not dissimilar to The Hunger Games’ -theflyingromana)
  8. Matilda
    (reading is great and so is found family, also telepathy)