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Camping - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,649
AN: So this happened? Have some filth. Thanks for being patient. Thanks to @writing-obrien​ and @celestial-writing​ and @rememberstilinski​ for helping me out with this! Y’all are the best and I love you guys sm.

You rolled your eyes as you trudged through the forest, your backpack slung over your shoulders and your sleeping bag rolled up and tied to it. Of all the people you could be paired with, it had to be Stiles. The two of you were at each other’s throats constantly, and you had a feeling that this was Scott’s underhanded way of trying to get you to get along.

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Coney Island - Daddy Daze (Bucky)

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By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: daddy!Bucky x Reader

A/n:  New Daddy Daze posted every Monday!  I am also taking requests!

Requested by: @prettiestsupersoldier -Thank you so much again lovely!


You watched as James hopped from foot to foot in excitement as he brushed his teeth.   Bucky had promised when he turned 7 he would be able to go to Coney Island and ride all the rides.   Bucky had asked you to come but when James heard he pouted.  He just wanted a man’s day no mommies allowed.

So you agreed to stay home and let the boys have their fun.  As Bucky checked his pocket for his phone and wallet, you told James to behave and stay with his dad at all times.  “He’ll be fine doll, I got this under control.  Ya don’t need to worry.”

You followed your boys as they headed out the door, “Don’t let him eat too much junk food!  Make sure the seatbelt on every ride is secure!  And make sure that you take breaks, and drink water.”

Bucky unlocked the car for James allowing him to jump in and get buckled, “Doll I swear I will bring our son back in one piece. Don’t worry I got this!  I love you.  Now go relax.”

After pecking your pouting lips, he ran to the car, jumping in and pulling away.  You make a face when you realize neither of them even waved or looked back.

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Omg next time Tony upgrades Peter's suit he includes ways for Peter to stim. And he doesn't say anything to Peter cause he doesn't want to make it a THING but Peter is a smart kid he'll notice. And Peter does notice and a little smile comes to his face and it feels good to have his stimming encouraged.

catch spider-man sitting in times square playing with fidget spinner and braiding his webbing while aunt may and pepper sit off to the side and chat about may’s idiot child and pepper’s idiot man-child, while tony buys them all some hot dogs from a street vendor

4th of July Preferences - The Gang

A/N: This is something I wrote for my other blog, but am now transferring it over here! I know I told you guys I wouldn’t post today, but I couldn’t help myself and just scheduled a post for today. I love you all! I hope my American followers have a fantastic 4th of July and the rest of you just have fantastic days! 

Word Count: 207

Warnings: Blowjob mention

Darry: BBQs up some burgers and hot dogs and buys fireworks. He wants a classic 4th of July because his dad always made sure they had one

Two-Bit: Steals fireworks and pretends to give a hot dog a blowjob. Yells “AYE, DALLY, AINT THIS WHAT YOU WANNA DO TO JOHNNYCAKES?”, causing Johnny to blush profusely

Dally: Sits around and eats a burger or two. Stole some fireworks with Two-Bit and plans to launch them when he’s done with his smoke and his Playboy. Also, he punches Two in the gut when Two makes the blowjob remark

Steve: Goofs off with Soda and makes it hard for Darry to BBQ because they’re bugging the crap out of the poor guy with all their messing around

Soda: Goofs off with Steve, but makes him eventually leave Darry alone because he’s grateful that Darry is trying to give them a good 4th of July. Makes a chocolate cake and decorates it with the American flag

Johnny: Hangs around Dally and Pony and scarfs down 12345689 hot dogs and hamburgers cause the boy may be skinny, but he can EAT

Pony: Gets along with Darry for the day. Loves the fireworks and the food and everything because it reminds him of his parents

Wane of the Moon: New Moon Part 1

Pairing: Jimin x OC x Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Romance/Supernatural/College/AU

Rating: M (violence, smut, language)

Word Count: 3.3k

Mood Music: WotM Playlist


“You’re mine.”

The tears streamed down as her face as she looked at him for the first time. His eyes glinted with insanity. She felt naked under his gaze. His long pale fingers reached up and caressed her cheek causing her to recoil. She didn’t want this, didn’t ask for it.

~Help me please~

His body pressed against her own making a whimper escape past her lips.

“Little lamb we’ll see each other again. Maybe not now, but soon.”

She shook her head terrified to speak, but managed voice to whisper. “I-I’ll never be yours.”

A grin formed on his face. “You’ll see things my way Y/N. We belong together. I created you.”

With that his lips crashed against hers as his hands roamed her body gripping her waist possessively.



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@zexalmonth Week 4 Day 3) Zexal Dub Day

So everyone can agree that ygo dubs are usually, bad, in some way. But, with the Zexal dub you have to agree that they’re some pretty good, jokes, if you want to call them that. So here’s a list f them.

Also thanks to this twitter for having so many of them.

  • He doesn’t look like a Barian. I mean, why would Barians need glasses? 
  • Please, you are embarrassing me, and I am invisible.
  • Yuma: I’m late again! Why didn’t you wake me up, Astral?
    Astral: For an hour I said “Yuma, wake up.”
    Yuma: Well, you should have said it louder!
  • It’s fun to turn green coughing up pool water?
  • *in great pain* That’s okay.
  • People say dogs are a man’s best friend. Yuma would make a good dog.
  • Why climb at all? You’ve got enough hot air to float on, Yuma. 
  • Astral: *sigh*
    Yuma: Stop all the sighing! It’s really bumming me out.
    Astral: *deeper sigh*
    Yuma: That does it! 
  • *literal actual cracked space helmet* Relax. It’s just a couple of nicks.
  • Watch out for his hair!
  • I guess this is our in-flight entertainment.
  • Yuma: It’s cause you’re always hovering around me!
    Astral: Untrue. When you sleep, I no longer hover. More for my benefit, snorer.
  • Please! I’ll give you my entire life savings for a heart piece, that’s almost 75 cents!

And some of the classic lines which I thought were used in the original too 

  • - Do you know what happened to the last person who called me chicken?
    - Something bad?
  • You just summoned your mom.

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aaa you should do a cute Harlos first date in Auradon. like, Harry's good and he takes Carlos out on their first date and it evolves into something more !!

The dog park was a good idea, right? Out in the open, fun and casual, and Carlos was always cooing over his pet.

Though, looking down at the dog - Dude, right? - Harry could kind of see why. Dude was friendly and small, much like his freckled owner, and had licked Harry as soon as he picked the mutt up, even though he was being stolen by a stranger.

Well, not stolen. Borrowed, really. For a good cause.


A good cause, in black shorts and a tight red t-shirt that made Harry want to ravish him in a very un-good way.

The small dog bounded over to his owner, yapping wildly and leaping into Carlos’ arms while Harry sauntered behind him.

“Hello, love.”

Carlos cuddled Dude close to his chest, one hand scratching at a furry ear, and the action completely clashed with the heated glare he gave the former pirate. “What the hell is your problem?”

Oh, Ursula, anger was very hot on his little love.

“Surprise!” Harry sang. “It’s our first date.”

Carlos’ eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. “You kidnapped my dog-.”

“Borrowed him, really.”

“-and left a ransom note on my dresser.”

“I’d call them instructions.”

His freckles were stark against the lovely flush on his cheeks. “Saying ‘wear your smallest shirt and show up at the dog park at 4 pm alone if you ever want to see your mutt again’ is a ransom note!”

Harry stepped closer, trailing his hand down Dude’s side and smiling at the shorter teen. “See, this is why we had to meet in person! We need to work out our communication problems if we want this to work.”

“Want what to work?”

A grin, a little less feral than what he gave back on the Isle, graced Harry’s face. “Us, of course, love.”

Carlos sputtered, blinking wildly, and Harry pouted. Had he not made his intentions clear? 

Nothing made sense in Auradon, but Carlos was a good boy and Harry was trying to be a good boy, so he has to do things the Auradon way. He didn’t steal from Carlos (or any of his friends), he left candies for his little love (that may or may not have been paid for) and planned out a date - by himself - that catered to all the things Carlos liked.

Yeah, showing interest in someone by being nice and considerate made about as much sense as using words instead of violence to settle conflict (he’ll apologize about the cut on Charming’s face when the asshat apologizes for mocking his flawless eyeliner). But that was what Auradon people do and Carlos looked like some proper Auradon child with manners and perfect posture instead of like the sneaky little street rat he had once been on the Isle.

It wasn’t that Harry didn’t like the change because he did. Carlos had been a cute hoodlum with torn clothes and a potential mad scientist vibe about him, but now he was always smiling and standing tall, he was confident and self-assured.

It was pretty hot.

“Are you…being serious?” Carlos looked at him carefully.


Oh yeah, he’s still pouting.

Harry folded his arms and shifted his weight. “Of course I am, love. I don’t take animals or give flowers to just anyone.”

Carlos tilted his head. “You never brought me flowers.”

A quick snap and Harry ran back to the picnic table he had been sitting at with Dude. He snatched the yellow flowers off the bench and presented them to Carlos with a grand smile. “For ye, love.”

He fought it, but Carlos’ lips twitched up in a smile. “Harry, these are dandelions. They’re a type of… Never mind.”  He accepted the bouquet, still with roots and clumps of dirt clinging to the bottom, and pursed his lips. “You can’t just steal Dude though.”

“Would you have met me if I hadn’t?”

Carlos huffed. “You still can’t steal a dog to use as blackmail!”

Harry took another step closer, smiling less like a shark and more like a human. “See? Just a great example of all the things I need ye to teach me.”

Another huff and even an eye roll to accompany it. They were making progress already. “Okay, well, what now?”

“Ye can’t show up to a dog park without,” Harry rumaged through his leather jacket before finding what he needed, “a game of fetch.” He held the tennis ball in his hand and Dude’s ears perked up. The dog whined and squirmed until Carlos relented and set him back down where Dude danced and woofed around Harry’s feet.

If the tennis equipment room was missing anything at Auradon Prep, so be it. Harry had only taken an armful of them (it wouldn’t do if they lost the ball and had to end the date early) and even picked up the pieces of a broken lock.

Dude chased the ball, yapping excitedly and racing the other dogs who had joined the game of fetch. A few owners glared their way, but Harry just blew them a kiss.

“So, Mr. De Vil,” Harry purred as he slung an arm around Carlos’ shoulders. “I’m not allowed to take yer mutt anymore and ye like dandy-lions.” He leaned closer, going as far as to let his lips touch Carlos’ temple. “What else do I need to know for our next date?”

I hope you liked it, thanks for the prompt :)

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 16

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….

Chapter 16

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

The journey had been an uneventful one…and with the combination of rain hammering down onto the truck and Negan’s terrible taste in music playing loudly from the car stereo…they was little-to-no conversation between the pair…until they finally found themselves at their destination around mid-afternoon.

Negan had used his radio a couple of times. Checking in with the men in the other truck, as well as Dwight in the back. But the equipment just seemed crackly and pretty intermittent out here in the middle of nowhere.

Blake stared out of the window, as Negan pulled the truck to a halt a little way away from a dark and looming building up ahead.

It looked like some sort of out of town convenience store. Blake knew that most of the ones she had encountered along the way had all been looted of food and medicine long ago…but the windows and doors of this one, looked surprisingly intact…which was good for them, she supposed.

But she knew that that would mean the place had not yet been cleared of walkers which was a dangerous thing. Especially out here where the rain and dull light would cause them to be privy to bad visibility and hearing.

“Well hot-diggity-dog,” Negan muttered, peering up at the store and switching off the engine. “Would you look at that fuckin’ beauty.”

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mr right rp starters

❛ my name is _____, and i’m a t. rex! ❜  
❛ do my boobs look like a butt? ❜  
❛ yeah, this is super-fucked. ❜  
❛ i like your nail polish. ❜  
❛ don’t hurt my feelings, _____. ❜  
❛ nobody’s perfect. ❜  
❛ she takes direct eye contact as a sign of aggression. ❜  
❛ this is my whole zone! ❜  
❛ you stop judging me, ‘cause these are my favorite socks! and I have only been drinking for two days. ❜  
❛ and you smell weird! i’m sorry. you don’t. ❜  
❛ someone’s gotta return the van after he kills you all. ❜  
❛ who shoots cake? ❜  
 ❛ this would have been such a nice wedding. ❜  
❛ well, that was fun… ish. ❜  
❛ i wanna do something terrible. ❜  
❛ i’m the fucking man right now! ❜  
❛ you’re so good to me. ❜  
❛ am I just like suckball mcgee over here? ❜  
❛ why are you wearing cat ears? ❜  
❛ well, I feel beautiful. ❜  
❛ enough condoms here to choke a goat. ❜  
❛ i don’t know what i just said. ❜  
❛ is it creepy? sometimes i don’t know i’m being creepy. ❜  
❛ these guys wish they were as creepy as i am. ❜  
❛ was that cartoon character bothering you? 'cause I’ll kick his ass. ❜  
❛ i’m more fun than a barrel of kittens. ❜  
❛ that’s actually really fucking creepy. ❜  
❛ are you… what are you, the hot dog police? ❜  
❛ are you new to eating? ❜  
❛ no, this was a conscious decision. i’m completely fucking bananas. ❜  
❛ what is a dinosaur, other than a dragon? ❜  
❛ you’re just the corniest person I’ve ever met. ❜  
❛ i’m the crazy guy that _____ met at the supermarket. now I know where you live. ❜  
❛ yeah! hang out till infinity! ❜  
❛ if I’m being jumpy, i’m just a little nervous. i think i like you. ❜  
❛ when I was little, i had this fantasy i was dating lex luthor. ❜  
❛ can you fry whip cream? ❜  
❛ yeah, just stockholm syndrome me. ❜  
❛ hey, you wanna do, like, a role-play thing? ❜  
❛ hey, did you have to finish a book on tape? ❜  
❛ after killing that guy, you must be exhausted. ❜  
❛ i feel like i’ve been in a coma with you. ❜  
❛ i don’t remember what my life was like before three days ago. ❜  
❛ i… saw your, um… the scar on your back. ❜  
❛ are you upset 'cause I killed that guy? ❜  
❛ i’m just panic-rationalizing this to myself. ❜  
❛ i-i’m gonna shoot you in the armpit. ❜  
❛ how about if i shoot you in the eye? ❜  
❛ live in there now, in silence. ❜  
❛ oh, my god, stop talking. i’m totally into it. ❜  
❛ i can’t kill anybody. last time i killed somebody, you really freaked out. ❜  
❛ thank you for not taking me hostage. ❜  
❛ that’s what happens when you craigslist criminals. ❜  
❛ you used to be like the grim reaper. ❜  
❛ i lost track of my dumb decisions a long time ago. ❜  
❛ you’re so fucked. ❜  
❛ good luck, buddy. ❜  
❛ do you hate me? you wanna kill me? is that important to you? ❜  
❛ you know what? i like you more than those motherfuckers anyway, man. ❜  
❛ you just like me tied up. you pervert. ❜  
❛ i like turtles, you dick! ❜  
❛ i told you this would happen! ❜  
❛ i am a t. rex! i am invincible! ❜  
❛ i might not be the good guy or whatever, but it takes one to know one. ❜  
❛ you look like a fucking psychopath right now. ❜  
❛ who the fuck wants to be normal anyway? ❜  
❛ baby, your pupils are super-dilated. ❜  
❛ did you get shot in the face? ❜  
❛ i got shot in the face. ❜  
❛ that’s a clean sweep. you got all the main bad guys. ❜  
❛ i… i make shit happen. ❜  
❛ fucking t. rex. ❜  
❛ hey, listen. we gotta go to the hospital real bad. ❜  
❛ where do you wanna go first? ❜  
❛ don’t make me choose.  you know I’m bad at this. i’m so indecisive, it’s like torture. ❜  

Castiel fic, time for a wedding!

summary: y/n’s step sister is having a wedding and y/n has no one to go with

pairing: Castiel x reader

warnings: cursing and a bitchy step sister

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one… also sorry if your name is Rose! You can replace her name with another garden flower

Originally posted by danandplatonicphil

“Oh yeah I can totally make it to the wedding! Yeah, no I’m not busy. You know what? I’ll even bring my super hot boyfriend,” Y/n nodded her head, (although her bitchy “sister” couldn’t see) she was on the phone to her bride to be step sister. “Oh yeah cause you totally have a boyfriend!,” this angered Y/n. Rose was a bratty young girl. She thought she had it all; a soon to be husband, a massive house, a dog, “good” looks. “Oh you’ll see,” Y/n said before ending the call.

The truth is Y/n hadn’t been in a real relationship in 5 years. Ever since she became a hunter she was too busy for that nonsense. But she’ll need someone to bring to that wedding, and that wasn’t going to be Sam or Dean. They were too busy saving people and hunting things (the family business).

So that left lil’ old Castiel. Who Y/n admits does think about starting a relationship with, although he is an angel of the lord and things might get a bit bumpy but, he was her only shot at getting back at her sister for all those years of bullying Rose had inflicted upon her. So the baby in a trench coat it was!

Y/n waddled into the bunker library, all three boys were sitting around a table discussing a possible vampire hunt. “Are you sure Dean it could be a- oh hey Y/n! Thought you were gonna sit this one out?”, Y/n took a seat beside Dean. “Oh no I am I just needed to talk to Castiel” The angel seemed confused, “Why would you need to talk to me?” Y/n smiled and stared at the blue eyed angel. “I uh- have a little problem that I thought you could help me with?” Cas seemed alarmed, “What is it?” Y/n stared dreamily at the beautiful angel then blinked a few times, “Oh it’s just I have a wedding to go to and I was wondering…..”

I do not understand the concept of marriage,” Castiel said in his deep, sexy voice- “Y/n?” “ huh?” “You were staring at me,” Y/n looked around her trying to hide her embarrassment. 

“Oh Y/n so glad you came!” Rose seemed overly excited to see Y/n. Y/n looked the bride up and down. Ew she thought where did she get that dress? the 99 cent store?  “Is this the boyfriend you were talking about on the phone last night?” Y/n glanced up at Castiel he seemed distracted by the people around him. “Oh yeah, this is Castiel he works with some friends of mine” “You have friends?” Rose laughed at her own joke. “I don’t understand why you’re laughing, Y/n has more friends who love and support her, not that you would ever know how that feels,” the bride gasped and Y/n smirked. “I’m pretty sure your “husband” is cheating on you with your bestie Kelly over there.” Y/n added, Rose glanced over at her new husband to see him in mid make-out session with a red headed girl. 

Rose stormed off in tears. “Ok, that was awesome! High five!” Y/n put her hand in the air waiting for Cas. Cas looked up at the girl’s hand and slowly placed his own on her and locked their fingers together. “And now we’re holding hands, isn’t that nice?” Castiel pulled the human towards his chest and placed is other hand on her waist. They swayed to the rhythm of the slow song that was playing. “How did you know that the groom was having an affair with another woman?” Castiel asked Y/n. “Well let’s just say that George isn’t a loyal type. I’ve seen him on numerous occasions flirting with many woman in the past year that they were dating, Rose always thought he was ‘the one’ but we all knew it wouldn’t last.” Castiel spun Y/n and pulled her even closer to him than before.

“I must say out of all of my fathers creations you and peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches are my favourite.” Y/n smiled, “I appreciate your honesty Castiel.” The angel placed his hands on either side of Y/n’s face and leaned in…

“Y/N! Wake up!” Dean shouted while banging on the bedroom door.                                

Laundry Day

I was down in the basement doing laundry; usually the only company I had at the house was my dog. His name is Max and he is a German Shepard. Well on this day I knew I was alone and I didn’t feel like wearing clothes, plus I was in the basement so who cares right? So I slowly pulled my top off and then unhooked my bra, letting my D cup boobs out. I teased my nipples and ran one hand slowly down my body to my shorts.

Quickly I slipped out of them, my pussy was so wet already and I was just getting started, it had been a while since I masturbated and I was determined to do it now. I rubbed my clit through the fabric of my panties, the only article of clothing I had left, when suddenly I heard a growl. I glanced up and was shocked to see Max standing in front of me. Without warning he leaped at me and knocked me to the floor on my back and then forced me to roll over on my stomach. He stuck his muzzle in my crotch and used his teeth to grab the fabric there. I shivered as he brushed against my clit, terrified as to what was happening to me.

Max suddenly jerked his head back, ripping my little black panties to shreds and leaving me completely exposed. I was no virgin and knew what his intentions were by now but it had been so long since I had had sex I just let him do his thing. He started to lick from my clit all the way to my ass over and over, it felt so fucking good. Every once in a while his tongue would flick up into my vagina and hit my g-spot. I shuddered in pleasure as an orgasm racked my body. Max kept licking me though and brought me to three more orgasms just from his licking. After my fourth orgasm I looked back at him to see his cock all the way out of its sheath. It was swollen and an angry red with veins crisscrossing all over it. It didn’t look like a guy’s cock exactly but it would feel so good to have it inside of me.

I estimated that it was about 10 inches long and probably about 3 inches wide. I gulped it was going to stretch me but it was worth it. I climbed onto my hands and knees and Max immediately perked up and jumped onto my back. Wrapping his paws around my boobs, he started to hump me and I felt his cock slapping around on my ass and stomach. He finally jabbed my opening and then pulled back slightly and jammed his whole cock into me at once. He went in farther than I knew was possible, and he started humping me, every time he moved not only was he fucking me senseless he was rubbing against my clit with every thrust and his paws that were on my boobs acted like any human partner would and pushed and pulled on the nipples. I came to two more orgasms like this and right before I reached a third I felt Max start to swell at my entrance. He kept swelling until his knot was the size of a cantaloupe and his cock twitched and he squirted dog cum straight into my womb. The sensation felt so good it caused me to orgasm as well. After a moment his seed stopped flowing but I could feel it sloshing around inside of me.

Max turned then so we were ass to ass as his knot started to deflate but this caused me to orgasm again. His knot swelled up again, this time a little larger, about the size of a watermelon, and I felt his cock becoming hard and erect again inside of me. It twitched and he released another hot stream of dog cum into my womb, once again causing me to orgasm as well. I could feel cum trickling out of my vagina and down my leg even with the knot inside of me. After about an hour and a half Max’s knot deflated and he pulled out of me with a loud pop. I stood up quickly and watched as the cum poured out of my vagina as if I was dumping a bucket of water. It must have been at least a gallon and a half of cum. When the cum finally stopped pouring out of me about five minutes later I looked up to see Max in a corner licking himself clean.

anonymous asked:

I tried looking through, but didn't see anything. I must have skipped it^^;; might be getting a 12-ft skinned snake, and I don't have a lot of experience cleaning bones. I was wondering if it might be worth buying some dermistid (spelling?) beetles for cleaning it, even though it might be my only big project...I'd hate to buy them and not have anything else for them to do. I can't bring them on campus, either, but I go home weekends.

No worries! I guess I just didn’t receive it because I haven’t seen or answered a question about a 12 foot snake! Thanks for sending it again!

If you want to clean it and preserve it as a ligament articulation then dermestid beetles are most definitely the way to go. A ligament articulation is a skeleton that is still held together with a very small amount of remaining tendons and ligaments. A lot of folks preserve snake skeletons this way because it helps holds those dozens and dozens of ribs and vertebrae together so you don’t have to place and glue each and every one of them. Beetles are perfect for ligament articulations because you can pose the carcass how you want, pin it in place, and they’ll clean all the tissue off the bones. Then you just remove the skeleton from their enclosure before they eat away all those handy ligaments that hold everything together. Once you remove it from the beetle enclosure you’ll have to carefully clean off the beetle frass from the skeleton. Then once the skeleton is clean I’ll put some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, lay the skeleton out in the sun, and spray it with the peroxide again and again until it’s as white as I want it to be. There will likely be some bones that come loose during this final cleaning process that will have to be glued back once it’s all clean and dry and super glue works great for that.

Using beetles is an especially good way to clean the skull too. Snake skulls are made up of many different bones. All animals’ skulls are really but reptile skulls aren’t held together with locking bone sutures like most mammals which means they almost always fall apart during the cleaning process. Rebuilding them is a tedious process—even for experienced skull cleaners—so I’d recommend trying to keep most of it together with ligaments if possible. If not, glue, good reference photos, and a lot of patience will get it back together too!

Also! With beetles you’ll have to do some prep work to the carcass before you let them have it, especially since it’s such a large carcass. I’d remove the organs and then pose the carcass in the position you want it preserve it (stretched out, coiled up, etc) on some newspapers in a cool, dry place in front of a fan blowing on high for a few days. That’ll help dry it out and “jerkify” the remaining tissue which keeps it from rotting before the beetles can eat it all.

Dermestids require a few things to be happy and healthy and active in their enclosure. They’ll need an enclosure with walls they can’t climb or at least a secure lid. They need a few inches of substrate—I always used that Critter Care stuff you can buy at Walmart and they seemed to really like it. They’ll also need a few chunks of styrofoam in the enclosure—ideal place for them to lay their eggs. They need water and they like good ventilation too. You definitely don’t want them escaping into your house, especially if you have taxidermy mounts, tanned furs, or a lot of fur or leather because they can cause a lot of damage. When cleaning carcasses with dermestids there is going to be some odor too so make sure you have their enclosure in an area where that won’t be a problem.

Once you are finished with your snake you can keep the beetles and they’ll be happy eating cheap dry dog food and hot dogs until you get another project for them or you can always sell them to another skull cleaner!

If you don’t plan on doing a ligament articulation though then I’d recommend just forgoing the beetles and macerating the carcass in hot water. It’s smellier but it’d be the best option if you just want to clean the bones and don’t plan to articulate the skeleton or if you want to articulate the skeleton bone by bone. I’ve got the complete disassembled skeleton (no skull sadly) from a 13+ foot snake that was found dead in a creek in Illinois that I need to start gluing back together one of these days, haha! Here’s an old photo before I whitened the bones.

Hope that helps give you some ideas of how to proceed, Anon! Best of luck with the snake!!

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okie, so this is kind of a weird one, but the skelebro's crush denies their affection a little too harshly, and their crush's close friend (who has a crush on them) goes up to them and says "Hey, if they didn't see how awesome you are, then they aren't wroth it." how would they react?

I’m assuming for this ask that they don’t know the crush’s friend is interested in them.

UT!Sans: It helps. I mean, still hurts like hell, but it kind of helps. He may ask you to go get a “drown your sorrows” drink or two. He’s still pretty devastated but he’s trying to hide it, keep up his usual “eh, its whatever” front. The more alcohol in his system, though, the more emotional he gets until it finally spills over and his head is buried in his arms, mumbling about how he’s never gonna be good enough. “but hey,” he’s chuckling, a little manically. “maybe i’ll get em the next run through, right? cause this ain’t gonna last, ‘sall gonna be gone and i’ll be back to sellin fuckin hot dogs under a starsdamned mountain.” Is….is he crying? Yeah, you should get him home. Afterwards, he’ll be avoiding being alone with you like the plague. Until you approach him and tell him its okay (or maybe that you were too drunk to remember) he’ll chill out a little bit. Give it some time, a date is entirely possible. But he really kind of appreciates you stepping in there. Even if he wishes he could forget everything that happened immediately after.

UT!Papyrus: “THANK YOU. VERY MUCH HUMAN. I-” he sniffs, and shakes his head. “NO, AFTER ALL, I AM AND SHALL ALWAYS BE, THE G-…THE GREA-…OH, WHO AM I KIDDING.” He bursts into tears. Fortunately Undyne was close at hand for the confession, and assuming she’s been restrained from pummeling your friend, she helps you get Papyrus to her house, where the two of you bundle him in blankets and start the process of reboosting his ego. It takes all night, but he loves both of you for it. He shows up at your door the next day to thank you and offer to cook for you (which hopefully you politely decline), and while he’ll likely be wary of encountering your friend, the experience brings you closer. His affections will likely be swayed in your direction at some point. How long it lasts is somewhat up to you.

UF!Sans: (warning, mention of NSFW) He is not above asking you out immediately within earshot of your friend as a way to get back at them, to show how little he gives a damn about what they said. To hide how he’s feeling. If you say yes, he drags you to a bar, doesn’t talk much but aggressively makes out with you while pumping enough alcohol into him to numb himself while not getting drunk. After that its a quick and awkward hookup, you’re kicked out by Papyrus before he even wakes up, and then he never speaks to you again, trying not to think about anything to do with that night.  Assuming you don’t say yes…he probably won’t say much, mostly just grumbling some none to complimentary statements about your friend. Statements he’ll probably regret later because the truth is he still does care about them. Too much for his own liking. Still, though he doesn’t like you bringing up that night or even thinking about it, he keeps the comment in mind, and considers you a friend in a vague sort of way from there on out. Still, it’ll take more than that to break through his thick skull that you care about him.

UF!Papyrus: He’ll yell at you for having the presumption to comfort him and storm off. But, chances are if you have a crush on Boss, you were likely expecting that kind of reaction. Still, past all the blinding anger, humiliation, and sorrow, that comment sticks in his mind for some reason. For the next few days. Finally he shows up at your doorstep a week later and shouts something about checking some traps with him. And you’re not certain but you may have heard the word sorry in there muttered under his breath. Its anyone’s guess whether or not he’ll eventually reciprocate, but he’ll be trying to figure out why you said that to him for weeks on end, when he doesn’t feel like he’s paid you any particular attention. I mean, granted, he’s an incredible and intimidating presence to have around and everyone who sees him must be in awe of him to some degree, but….why would you-….OH.

US!Sans:… be honest, probably the only one who will try to defend his crush. Blue has more of a theoretical than practical relationship with love. No matter what they said, the only thing clear in his head is that you should be loyal to the object of your affections. So he’ll make excuses for them, hope they didn’t mean it, but they can’t not be worth it! He’s sure they’ll apologize. This isn’t to say he expects them to return his affections, but surely they can’t have meant those harsh words! He’s sure they’re a good person!….but as the weeks drag on, there’s no apology coming. And he doesn’t understand. Did he….did he do something wrong? Is he the problem? He can’t imagine that all this faith he had in them proved to be wasted. He shows up at your house, asking you dozens of questions about your friend, have they talked about him, what did he do?! It takes him some time to eventually come to terms with the fact that it may be them, and not him. And he will argue with you over this, but in the end, he appreciates you revealing the truth to him. However long it took to sink in. And this conversation brings you closer, reveals a more vulnerable side than either of you have previously shown.

US!Papyrus: “yeah, uh…..yeah. thanks.” his hands are stuffed in his hoodie pockets as he stares after them. Though you can’t see it clearly, he’s shaking a little bit. “uh….i…..kinda need a smoke. later.” And before you can say a word he’s shortcut away. You don’t see him for a week. He’s on a self-destructive downward spiral, basically living out of his bed, barely eating, not showering or changing his clothes, just lying back, staring at the ceiling and smoking cigarettes until Sans takes them away. Then he sucks lollipops, needing something, anything to suck on.  This isn’t a “oh, love of my life, why have you forsaken me”. Papyrus is a pretty chill guy about his crushes. If they had just said no, it might have stung a bit, but he would’ve been back to his normal self within a few hours and likely have remained friends with them. But the fact that there was so much venom in them, the fact that the idea of dating him was so repugnant that they felt justified slinging those words….it hurts a lot. And its not like his own self-esteem was that great to begin with. He doesn’t have quite as many confidence issues as Tale Sans but something like this can really shake him up. Still, with help from his brother and Muffet, he slowly starts working himself back up. He calls you up and apologizes for ditching, thanks you for the comment, and asks if you want to hit up Muffet’s some time with him. This isn’t…a date, per se, but he feels like he owes you something. And hey, you’ve always seemed cool. He needs to get out anyways. It’ll pretty likely develop into a good friendship, and even something more

SF!Sans: Like Red, he is definitely not above revenge dating the best friend, but the way he asks is aggressive enough to warn off even the thirstiest of Readers. You’ll have to talk him down a bit, but he’ll stop posturing once your friend is gone. He’s in a foul mood and though he won’t stop you from walking him home the entire night is going to be filled with many many rants. Don’t be too put off. Its how he processes, for better or for worse. But the truth is that he needs this to protect his own self-esteem. Despite how big his ego is, its also extremely fragile, and if he doesn’t immediately cut down anything that threatens to topple it its going to be a long night staring at the wall reassessing every life choise. If you manage to tough it out he likely asks you out in more reasonable tones by the end of the week. But walk forward with caution. It will take months (and that’s with a good level of communication) till your relationship stops being even partially about what your friend did to him. He does value you personally. He wouldn’t have asked you out if the only reason he cared for you was as a more supportive option than your friend. But he hasn’t had the time to move on or truly heal, and up until that week he never really considered you in a romantic manner. In all likelihood you will break up initially. But don’t rule out the possibility of a future relationship. 

SF!Papyrus: As always, he’s pretty quiet. He thanks you somewhat awkwardly, the two of you stand in silence for five solid minutes, and finally he walks off, murmuring something about Sans needing him home soon. The next few months are a sort of awkward dance between you. He gets over your friend pretty quickly. Yeah, what they said kind of hurt, but he wouldn’t have made the confession if he hadn’t rehearsed the wost possible scenario in his head at least 50 times beforeheand. Not like he hasn’t heard worse. Mostly from himself. He buries himself in his work with Sans for a few days and is back in the saddle in no time, maybe smoking a little more than normal. But he can’t honestly figure out why you said that to him. Yeah, you’d talked a few times. You seemed like a decent person, he didn’t mind hanging out with you. But in the end, weren’t they your friend first? And yeah, maybe they crossed the line enough to piss you off too, but he honestly doesn’t see what made you want to pick him up in that moment. He sees you around, talks a litttle more, starts getting to know you. He likes what he sees more and more, although he’ll be slower now to let his thoughts wander in that direction (which is saying something, because glaciers have moved faster than that boy towards a romantic partner). But he still can’t figure out  why the hell, five minutes after his heart getting run through, you immediately told him your friend wasn’t worth the pain. Finally, a few weeks after he surrenders himself to the feelings….the penny finally drops. He calls you and asks you to come over. You, uh….you two need to talk.

Softening the Edges - Betty/Jughead

Prologue (Ch 1)
Ch 2: Childhood Reflections
Ch 3: Liking “Like That”
Ch 4: Navigating Choppy Seas
Chapter 5: To Smithereens

(Warning: This is a very dark chapter.)

I saw your picture
It made me sorry
For all the things
I never said
It seems that you
Have cause to worry
It seems that you
Don’t wish me well

Archie had found out about the chaos and agony of the past two days from Betty via telephone, mercifully. Jughead was actually relieved he would not have to go through the painstaking ordeal of revisiting everything that had happened on that fetid Friday evening. His red-headed friend had rushed out of his house on Sunday afternoon to meet him on the sidewalk when he showed up in front of Archie’s house. His friend collapsed into him with arms wide, face blotched with tears and snot bubbling.

“Oh my God Jughead, I’m so sorry I wasn’t here. I’m so sorry.” He clasped Jughead as if gravity no longer applied and if he let go his best friend would float into the void of the heavens. Although embarrassed and self-conscious by this open display of affection, it touched Jughead deeply to know the depth of his best friend’s care. It was nice to know that you were loved, even if the whole neighbourhood did, too.

“Sorry, I’m –” Archie stood back, swiping at the mess of his face with his sweater sleeves as his jaw trembled. “I just can’t believe how much stuff changed in a weekend. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here. I never even got to say bye to Hot Dog.”

Jughead felt that damn lump threatening to claw it’s way up his throat.

“Don’t feel bad about it Arch. I never got to either.”

This caused his friend to erupt into a fresh batch of sobs, holding him again on the curb of the sidewalk. One thing could be said readily about Archie: he was never very good at hiding how he felt. This made him an excellent best friend because he withheld very little and when he did he was a terrible liar about it.

Jughead both admired and envied this about Archie. Fred Andrews had instilled such virtuous and genuine traits in his son. Jughead had unfortunately inherited the broken gifts of evasion and concealment from his own dad, his emotions constantly protected by a barb-sharp wit and a talent for deflection. Like the jagged edge of a broken bottle, he tended to prick those who dared to attempt to reach in and seek the truth about his feelings. Not Archie. His best friend was open and wholesome, healthy and adjusted in his capacity for expression. Archie finally sucked in a few steadying breaths and released him. Out of the corner of his eye Jughead glanced the shift of curtain in the window of Betty’s room. She hadn’t come down yet and he concluded that she would keep her distance after being so present with him over the weekend. She would give the boys their space to go over the tumultuous events of the past few days, and as much as he appreciated her respecting their time together, he missed her company already.

“I don’t know how I’m ever going to make it up to you for this.” Archie said thickly, wiping at the now damp fabric of Jughead’s left shoulder. Jug mustered a weak smile and shook his head.

“There’s nothing to make up, Arch. You went to see your mom.”

“But still.” He sniffled. “I feel awful. Listen Jug, today is going to be your day. I have the whole thing planned out. Dad’s going to have a barbeque, his homemade cheeseburgers – your favorite! Dad even let me get the new Mortal Kombat game for us to play after supper. We stopped by the comic shop and picked us both up a copy of the new Deadpool Volume 4 so we’ll have lots to talk about in the tree house tonight.”

“You guys really didn’t have to do all that-”

“Yes, we did.” Fred Andrews walked down from the patio steps to grasp Jughead in a one armed embrace, bringing him against his side. “Anything to make my pseudo-son’s day after one hell of a weekend – even if it means buying an M rated game just this once.” Fred then put his hands on Jughead’s shoulders and gave him a studying gaze. “This goes without saying Jug, but mi casa es tu casa. I know things are difficult at home and I want you to know that you’re welcome here as long as you want, any time. Even if Archie’s not here. You’re the son I chose, remember? Don’t you forget it.”

Jughead ‘s vision blurred and the tears that accumulated there threatened to overflow under that stern, loving gaze. Fred had always said that to him growing up, and the reminder now hit home more than ever. All he could do was nod gratefully, trying not to cry under the weight of all of this genuine love. It was one of the few sources of it that he had in the world. Fred gave his right shoulder a solid clap and began to lead him in, guiding Archie with his other hand.

“Alright boys let’s get to it, I don’t want any burnt burgers on my hands and I need an honorary veggie cutter.”

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Courage/Katz Fanfic - Forget & Catnip Pt.1

Already read Pt.1? Get to Pt.2

Summary: When Courage finds a weird tree outside of the small house Courage relaxes and uses it to scratch a itch on his back but he gets a surprise when Katz begins to treat him differently from usual. A little too sweetly.


Yo.  *tries to climb out of shadows*  Ugh i’m getting old.  Whelp, you wanted it, ya got it…..even if you didn’t want it it’s coming cause I have been pulled in once more to write a Courage Oneshot.  What will it be about today?  Well it’s a little original short.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.  Maybe C2ndy sempai will notice my again *squeals*  Please tell me if you enjoy it.  I am hoping to put up part 2 soon.

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What would the boys favorite seasons be?

Oooh, this is a fun thing to consider! Let’s see…

Osomatsu: Summer, of course! His favorite season always has and always will be summer. Every time summer rolls around it feels like “vacation” is starting, even if they’re no longer in school or have a job to get a vacation in the first place. He loves going on a stroll on a summer afternoon and having a nice ice cream before relaxing at the pachinko parlor all night, There’s a certain relaxed feeling a summer day gives off to him that no other season can even come close to imitating. Not to mention that his best memories of childhood all come from summer breaks and the vacations his family took. Those beach trips really were the best, huh? Remember that time Karamatsu got caught in a shitload of migrating jellyfish? Haha, good times, good times. 

Karamatsu: He can find beauty in all the seasons, but if he had to choose a favorite it’d have to be autumn. He loves the cool, crisp air and the way the sun seems to shine against the trees differently. In fact, everything just seems to be more beautiful during the fall. There’s a certain romance to it that Karamatsu can’t deny loving. In fact, one of his little romantic movie-esque dreams is meeting his “Karamatsu soulmate” during sunset on a beautiful fall afternoon, with the leaves falling in the gentle breeze of evening. Yeah, as you can probably guess, his brothers make fun of this cheesy dream and his overly poetic view of autumn quite a lot, but this sinful man still always looks forward to what he considers the most beautiful season.

Choromatsu: He finds spring to be the season he enjoys the most. Something about watching the snow melt away and trees start to bloom is so relaxing and uplifting to him. He likes that the weather gets sunnier without the temperatures getting too high, it makes for really nice afternoon walks. He hates the extreme heat of the summer and the extreme cold of the winter, so spring is just the right temperature for him to be content. He also loves all the rain that comes with the springtime. He’s always really enjoyed curling up on the couch by the window and listening the the rain outside as he reads a good book. More than anything though, he loves all the flowers that bloom. He’d never say it out loud at risk of his oldest brother calling him a pansy, but watching the flowers bloom gives him a feeling of hope for the rest of the year.

Ichimatsu: Winter, hands down. It’s cold outside, so that gives him the biggest excuse to stay inside, curled up under the kotatsu with a mountain of blankets in hibernation. The weather outside may be frightful, but oh lord is the kotatsu and kerosene heater so delightful. There’s a certain coziness to the house that isn’t around during any time of the year but winter, which puts Ichimatsu in a relatively good mood for the cold months. Not to mention he just really likes watching the snow fall. It’s so soft and fluffy and gentle looking, but in reality it’s deathly cold and can cause major problems for those who aren’t careful. He gets a kick out of the irony of it. He also gets a kick out of watching Karamatsu plummet from the roof right into the pile of snow their dad shoveled off the sidewalk.

Jyushimatsu: What else but summer, the time for hot baseball games complete with a big ole’ coke and a fresh grilled hot dog? There’s no better time to play sports than the summertime, when you can wear your thinnest tank top and shortest shorts and get hot and sweaty and roll all around in the mud! The park is always bustling with on their vacation, so Jyushi really enjoys getting little teams of aspiring sport stars together to play unofficial baseball games. He likes forcing a brother or two to go out with him for picnics in the summer, because even though this boy is always on the go, he really enjoys a filling picnic in the sun followed by a good long nap and then more baseball. It’s all so fun for him, really, summer’s the best!

Todomatsu: As much as it irks at him to agree with Karamatsu on anything, he has to agree with his painful older brother that autumn is the best season. The falling leaves and beautiful sunsets make for some of the best selfies of the year, not to mention, fall fashion! Beanies, cardigans, thin scarves… he loves the cozy looks and colors, and therefore this is also the time of year he tends to shop a lot, doing his best to look as trendy as he possibly can! And as basic as it is… he just REALLY loves pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin spice ANYTHING to be honest. If any of his friends or brothers order anything pumpkin spice he’ll laugh and teasingly joke about how mainstream it is, but behind closed doors he just can’t get enough.

~Mod Oso

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PROTECTIVE BUCKY WAS AMAZINNGGGGG .... What about protective Bucky post winter soldier?

“You’re my best girl, you know that, right?” 

You tilted your head to the side and looked at Bucky. It was completely out of the blue, as were most things he said. He was at a stage of recovery where he was learning that talking was more therapeutic than reflecting on past memories in a sullen silence. Consequentially, that meant that his filter was nonexistent, causing him to blurt out whatever popped in his head. 

A lot of the time they were sweet things. He’d wander into whatever room you were occupying and just talk with a semi-dazed look on his face. “That dress you wore two Wednesdays ago looked nice. You look good in blue.” “There’s this little stand on Coney Island that has the best hot dogs you’ll ever eat. Not sure what they put in them…it can’t be good for you. But they’re delicious. We should go.” “You know, I think you’re the same height that Steve used to be.” 

If it weren’t for the permanently suave tone in his voice, you’d almost describe it as child-like. Either way, it was progress. This time last year Bucky was robotic, and ridden with anxiety. He still was, in some ways, but there were more good days than bad. 

Today was a bad day. 

“What’s wrong?” You squeezed his hand–as much as you could, anyway. Whenever you were in public, you held the metal one. He hated it, but you insisted. It’d actually been Steve who had made the suggestion. Show him you’re not afraid of it. And you weren’t. You never had been. But Bucky didn’t believe you. So you were going to parade around holding his damn hand until he did. 

“Nothing is wrong…I just don’t think I tell you things like that enough, is all.” You could hear soft clicks from the plates on his arm shifting around, as if he were a bird ruffling his feathers. He was on edge. He was ready to fight. 

“What’s wrong?” you repeated as you followed his line of sight, right to a group of men staring straight at you. Or rather, your chest. They were clearly drunk, and did absolutely nothing to hide their shameless gawking. You weren’t able to catch any of their conversation, but from the lewd gestures they made, it couldn’t have been good. “Bucky, just ignore them and keep moving,” you mumbled. “I don’t want to be late for the movie.”

One of them whistled. Shit. You were going to be late for the movie. 

“Bucky,” you pleaded as he jerked his hand away and began stomping towards the rowdy group–none of whom seemed vaguely threatened. 

“Oi, look at mister tough guy here,” one of them slurred. He was balding and wore a wedding ring. “You comin’ to put us in our place?” 

“Mister tough guy with his hair all tied back in a pretty bun,” another added. 

A third chimed in. He was wearing a greasy white tank top. How stereotypical. “Wait, wait, wait, let him talk, boys. I wanna hear him say it. I wanna hear him tell us to stop lookin’ at his girlfriend’s tits.” 

The bald one spoke up again. “Yeah say it. We got every right, you know. She put ‘em out there. It’s her own damn fault if people stare.”

You crossed your arms over your chest and looked down self-consciously. You’d worked so hard to put together your outfit. You always did on date nights. 

Bucky was, of course, ignoring every word that came out of their mouths as instead, he began taking off his jacket. He was very slow and methodical about it, which naturally received a few comments.

“Watch out fellas, he’s ready to fight….” Greasy tank top guy trailed off as Bucky’s jacket hit the ground. 

Bucky’s sleeve was pushed up to his elbow, but that didn’t make his arm any less impressive. The glow of the city lights flickered over the metal, highlighting every intricate detail. And then the men were gone. Stumbling and cursing and yelling half-hearted insults as they scurried away into the night, presumably to find some other street corner to loiter around and harass women. 

He turned to you, looking visibly disappointed.

“No, Buck. Don’t give me that face.” 

“I’m not giving you any face.” 

“You are. You’re all disappointed that you didn’t get to punch the wall and make it crack. I know you.” 

“You make it sound as if I go around looking for ways to show off. Trust me. This is not something I like to show off, doll,” he scoffed. 

“Aha!” You jabbed a finger in his direction. “You don’t call me doll unless you’re in a good mood.” 

Bucky crinkled his nose as he pulled his jacket on. “I have no idea what you’re talking about dol–” he snapped his mouth shut. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 

“I think you do.” 

He stared at you. His eyes were cold and his body was tense. You were starting to second guess yourself, now. Maybe you misread him.

“Look, Bucky…in all seriousness, you need to get a hold on that. You can’t go around breaking walls every time some asshole makes a shitty comment.” 

“Whatever you say, doll,” Bucky replied with a sudden smile, and scooped you off your feet, bridal style. “Let’s get out of here,” he murmured before pressing his lips feverishly against yours.

“You can’t keep avoiding this by having sex with me every time it happens,” you grumbled, already half lost in the kiss. 

“Just let me avoid it one more time.” 

“Yeah okay…one more time.”

Read 40s!Protective Bucky here

HOT DOG! FINALLY MADE IT! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog so far and more importantly thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me personally since I was a mod til now. Goodness I remeber making a post like 2 or 3 months ago about hitting 1,800 followers and now! Hot diggity dog. thank you all for sticking with this blog and with me through all my weirdness and anxiety and mood swings and gosh! I don’t know how to repay any of you tbh I can’t draw but but but I’ll make archive moodboards for anyone who wants them, along with blog rates and promos (though they might take a while cause I start school tomorrow and have orientation today gigfrfhiigcg) But! I love y'all I really do, thank you!!!