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I’ve got stickers!

I just got these excellent die-cut vinyl stickers printed for my new series of Fast Foodie Tattoo designs. Currently featuring:

Eyes on the Fries
Dogs Before Dishonor
Pizza Slut 
Tacos Fugit
Carpe Panem

Each sticker measures about 4″ x 3″ and is printed on durable, weather and waterproof white vinyl, so you can stick ‘em on pretty much anything and know they’ll last.*

Get them on my Etsy shop for 3 Canada-bucks a pop! That’s only, like, 2 bucks and change for American buyers! 

*Please don’t stick ‘em on dogs. Dogs don’t like that.

im still laughing at the way grog said “yeah…..Taco™…” with that long ass pause before it like asjkdlfg; grog can be whatever he wants in canon but to me that was absolutely “yup totally 100% straight so you ABSOLUTELY can’t use this potion on me….Nope it Totes won’t work youre right vax [snaps fingers] s’too bad would’ve been funny”

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Title: Love at First Fight? [Pt. 2]

Word Count: 2,108

Warnings: None

AN: I hope this was sufficient and satisfactory!

After the battle, both Natasha and Wanda told you to go home. After seeing Rhodes shot out of the sky like that, you didn’t hesitate to get your things together and flee. You had never seen anyone mortally wounded from battle yet until that point; and it was scary. Scott accompanied you home; after going gargantuan he was totally out of energy and needed the rest. He was a weird guy, to say the least. He just kept saying stuff like, “I hope my daughter is as strong as you one day,” and “I think my daughter would really like you. It was endearing, but you just wanted to rest.

When you arrived back in the states, you were taken home to HQ by some of Tony’s staff–even Happy was there. You greeted him drowsily. “How was your family fight?” His sarcasm was very apparent in the way he spoke.

“Exhausting…” You leaned your head against the window. “Why do you care? You know I was fighting for Steve, right?”

“I’m not supposed to have an opinion. Tony may be my boss, but I’m going to stay away from your guys’ problems.” Fair enough. 

You were about to drift to sleep, but then Peter’s voice popped into your head. “Queens…” “Hey, Happy, do you think we could take an excursion to Queens?”

“What? Why?”

You tried to come up with an excuse. “I just want to get this whole civil war between all of us out of my mind, that’s all…”

He sighed. “I’m headed back to Stark Tower anyways, I guess I could bring you along.” Your heart skipped and you managed to catch some sleep before you arrived back at HQ to pack up some things.

Finding Peter Parker on your own was a lot harder than you thought it was going to be; Queens was also a lot bigger than you thought it was going to be. You weren’t sure how you were going to track down Peter Parker, but you sure could find Spider-Man a lot faster. You weren’t sure when he’d be out and about, but you decided to do some sightseeing while waiting for the sun to lower behind the skyline.

While wandering the streets, you found so many unfamiliar sights and people. You had some money, so you had gotten the chance to actually eat some food from a food stand on the corner of a street. He tacos, hot dogs, and churros, so you bought a hot dog and a churro for dessert. You even had the chance to speak Spanish with him, which surprised him. There was lots of graffiti in alleys and you stopped by a couple to enjoy them.

Soon it got dark and the people on the streets dissipated to their homes and workplaces. You were still sneaking in the alleyways to gaze at the art, and was met by a man in dark clothing approaching you.

“Hello, sweetheart.” He revealed his teeth with a greasy smile.

“Hello, sir.” You raised a brow and continued to gaze at the wall art.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ in this parta town?”

“I’m looking for someone…” He didn’t say anything but grabbed your arm with a firm grip.

“Well, sweetie, I’m gonna ask you to give me your wallet.” When you tilted your head he tried to shove you towards the wall but you were as still as a stone wall. He tried again, but this time you grabbed his arm with your free hand and flipped him over your back.

Anger was roaring in his eyes, and he growled in frustration as he revealed a knife. He lunged towards you and you dodged and disarmed him just as quickly. “What’s with you, kid?” He exclaimed and tried one more time to tackle you but you bear hugged him and body slammed him to the ground behind you. “Help! Somebody help me!” He cried out and you heard the familiar sounds of webs close by.

“Alright, what’s going on he–” Peter swooped in and was definitely confused by the sight he was met with. You had a man twice your size pinned to the ground instead of the other way around. “Y/N…?” You got up quickly and brushed off your clothes.

“He was trying to attack me, so I fought back.” He was so surprised to see you that it took him a moment to realize the guy was starting to get away. Without looking he said, “Karen, web grenade!” and shot at the wall opposite of the mugger. It exploded and sent the guy flying towards the wall of the building while also immobilizing him.

“Wh-what are you doing here?”

“I told you I’d find you. Finding Peter Parker was a little harder than I thought, so I decided to wait until Spider-Man rolled around.” You shrugged and he looked back at the guy knocked out cold and trapped in his webs.

“Don’t say my name so loud… Let’s go somewhere else where we can talk…” He looked up at the sky and then back to you. Before he could say anything else, you jumped up to the top of the building next to you and peeked over the edge to see a shocked Peter staring back up at you.

When he finally launched himself up from the ground to the roof with you, he gave an awkward wave. “So, what brings you here?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“Really? I mean, of course you did. I mean–” He stumbled for his words and rocked on his heels nervously.

“Well, you know what I look like. Why don’t you take off the mask?”

“Right!” He struggled to get it off, but when he did it caused his hair to go all over the place. He immediately ran his fingers through his hair to try and tame it and you felt like a cage of birds were released in your stomach. You were right about him being your age; he had a childish face with dark eyes and curly hair. He was blessed by Aphrodite, that was for sure.

“By the gods…” You muttered and caught yourself before you could say anything he could hear. “Well, I knew you were too young to be a Spider-Man.” You smirked and he got flustered.

“Hey, it’s got a better ring to it than ‘Spider-Boy!’”

“I only joke, Peter Parker.” You giggled and stopped yourself. You’d never giggled like that before. Natasha had tried to train you to be stoic and show no weakness. She’d be disappointed right now.

“So, do you, um, live with the Avengers?”

“Yes,” you made your way to the edge of the building and patted the space next to you. Peter scurried next to you and dangled his feet over the edge. “They’re the only family I have right now.”

“Oh wow, must be a pretty awesome family. I mean, I love my Aunt May, but she’s no Captain America.” He laughed and you smiled.

“I was raised to be a warrior and most of my blood family was killed. Steve, Captain America, insisted that they welcome me into their group as I fought beside them when they tried to save my people…” Your heart at the memories of your blood family. It was then that you discovered you were a demigod; your mother had kept it a secret all your life and when your home was invaded for the first time in thousands of years you were finally forced to show your power. “That and they were missing their own god, Thor. So I guess a demigod was the next best thing.” You tried to laugh it off, but failed miserably.

“I know what it’s like; to lose your family. My aunt’s been raising me all these years, and my Uncle Ben was killed and I couldn’t protect him…” He stared down at the mask in his hands and you tried to think of something to lift up the mood or at least distract you two from it.

“So, Peter Parker, how do you juggle school and Spider-Man duties?”

“I barely do it. I had to quit some of my extracurriculars even though I didn’t want to. I have to cancel plans with my best friend a lot, and I have to miss lots of meetings and practices for Decathlon. It’s hard.” He sighed and you regretted asking the question.

“What’s your best friend’s name? What’s he like?”

“Ned? He’s an idiot sometimes. He’s smart, but he can be an idiot in his own way,” he chuckled, “when he found out I was Spider-Man, he said some pretty stupid stuff that could’ve gotten me in trouble. It caused Flash to pick on me even more…”

“Who is this Flash?”

“He’s just one of my classmates… He always calls me names and just picks on me, especially in Decathlon.”

The sudden change in his posture and voice worried you, even angered you. You felt your eyes and hands grow hot. “If you ever have a problem with him, I’ll take care of it.” He looked up and jumped at the sight of your eyes.

“Y/N, your eyes–they’re doing the thing.” He pointed at his own eyes and made circles with his finger. You closed them and took some deep breaths, feeling your temperature drop back to normal.

“Sorry, I just hate the idea of this Flash kid bothering you.”

“It’s fine, it’s kind of cute…” He realized what he’d just said and tried to take it back. “I mean, it’s cool. That your eyes light up like that. Not that you’re not cute; I just–” He looked away and you cold tell he was mentally hitting himself in the head.

You’d be lying if you said that this didn’t make you even the slightest flustered. You decided to take advantage of the situation. “You are blessed with the intellect of Athena and the beauty of Aphrodite, Peter Parker. Worry not.” It took him a minute to translate your compliment, but you could tell when he did because he hid his face from your gaze.

After a long silence he finally pulled out his phone to check the time, and sighed. “I better head home. Where are you staying?”

“I was thinking about going back to Stark Tower.”

“S-Stark Tower?! That’s far away from here!” You shrugged.

“I can defend myself.”

“That’s… not what I’m worried about. How about I take you there?” He heaved himself up to his feet and held out a hand to help you up. He turned around and looked over his shoulder. “Hop on.”

“I’m fully capable of getting myself around, thank you.” You crossed your arms.

“You don’t think I know that? It’ll be faster, c’mon.” He begged and you rolled your eyes while wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Tell no one of this.” You hiss and he jumps from the roof.

You were used to being up this high, you’d done enough jumping around to know the feeling, but something about swinging around like this was different. You lifted your head from the back of Peter’s neck and was taken away by the breathtaking view of the city at night. You’d never seen anything like it before, it was like you were looking at a bunch of stars, if street lamps could be compared to stars.

After what seemed like forever, you’d arrived at Stark Tower. He dropped you off at the front doors and perched himself on a street lamp. “Thank you, Peter Parker.” You looked up at him from the sidewalk.

“Just call me Peter. And you’re welcome.” Peter leaned forward and was hanging upside down. “Will–will we see each other again?”

“If you so wish it. I do have to go back to school eventually, though.” You smiled and stuffed your hands in your pockets.

Peter slid down a web towards you. “You go to school? Where?”

“Somewhere upstate, near our HQ.” He seemed a little disappointed at the sound of this. “Don’t worry, Peter, we’ll see each other again.” You pulled the mask half off his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Everything you’d learned from Natasha had disappeared from your mind; Peter had shown you that showing your emotions wasn’t a weakness, it was a way to get closer to people. Natasha usually saw attachments like that as extra baggage, but it was baggage you were willing to carry.

“Bye, Peter.”

“Bye, Y/N…”

You turned on your heel to hide the blush on your cheeks and hurried to the safety of Stark Tower.

Inform yourselves!!

Everything hurts today, so I thought I’d make an argument cheat sheet for the all the nonsense.

1. Trump supporter: “The military is no place for a social experiment! MAGA”

You: There are already transgender soldiers in the military. A conservative estimate is that there are 2,450 transgender soldiers actively serving and 1,510 in the reserves. They are already fighting and dying for you. (RAND)

2. Trump supporter: “We shouldn’t have to pay for their weird surgery! MAGA!!!”

You: You are right to be concerned about military surplus- but that surplus doesn’t have anything to do with these soldiers. Admitting transgender soldiers may increase costs between $2.4 and $8.4 million, but that is a tiny fraction of the overall budget. It will likely have little impact on the $6 billion we already spend for soldiers’ health. It’s, at most, 0.134%. (RAND)

3. Trump supporter: “You looney! Millions of dollars is millions of dollars!!! MAAAAAGA!!!!!”

You: Ok- let me put it this way. We spent $84.24 million dollars on erectile dysfunction drugs in 2014. Caring for these soldiers only costs a small fraction of that. (Military Times).

4. Trump supporter: “I don’t want anyone who’s mentally ill in the military! MAGAGMA!!”

You: Well, lucky for all of us, being transgender is not a mental illness. The American Psychological Association says, “A psychological state is considered a mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability. Many transgender people do not experience their gender as distressing or disabling, which implies that identifying as transgender does not constitute a mental disorder.”
Many people who are transgender do, in fact, suffer with depression or anxiety- but not because they are trans. They suffer because of lack of social support and bigotry they experience.

5. Trump: “Look- a hot dog is a hot dog and a taco is a taco—if you can’t tell the difference, you’re crazy. GMAMAG”

You: It’s more complicated than that. Your gender is not based on sexual characteristics alone. In fact, recent research suggests the brain structures of trans individuals have distinct similarities to their preferred gender than their natal gender. It’s frankly biology. And, if we want trans individuals to AVOID mental illness, the best treatment can be to let them transition in peace and without harassment. (Scientific American).

6. Trump supporter: “Have you ever heard of a trans hero?! They must not be doing anything even if they are there! MMMMM!”

You: Yep. Kristin Beck. She has a purple heart and was a part of Seal Team 6. She’s a badass.

7. Trump supporter: “Can you imagine how uncomfortable the other soldiers must be?! MAMA”

You: They’re soldiers. They’re fine. Good leadership makes a team cohesive- and other countries have already had success with having soldiers who are transgendered. (RAND).

8. Trump supporter: “I still don’t like it. MAGAZINE”

You: Well, we’ve established that these soldiers are already hard a work, cost very little to accommodate, are of sound mind and body, and have already been heroes. I’m not sure what you have left to be upset about.

9. Tum supporter: “VOMITS DISCRIMINATION.”

You: K…. bye.

(This was posted in a comment section on Facebook. To protect her, I will not post her name. But this isn’t mine. However, very informative. Also, she gave permission to post elsewhere. So, there ya go.)

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Carnists always say how vegans push their beliefs on them, yet everytime i see a vegan recipe on facebook or a vegan meal with names like "Wings, hot dogs, tacos, etc" Carnists throw a fucking fit and tell everyone how thats no real food, or start preaching about why protein from meat is important yadda yadda, then you get your "fuck vegans lol" comments too

Melanie Joy outlines this as one of the defense mechanisms of carnism. 

Veganism is obviously seen as a belief system, because it is. However, even though carnism is also a belief system, carnists make it invisible by presenting it as the norm, a given, even a necessity. When it’s presented this way, carnists no longer feel they are responsible for the consequences of their actions. It follows, then, that if they’re not the ones that are responsible, they are not to be criticized for it. 

It’s a double standard they use to shut down any opposition.


they went with “great american road trip” because “rhett and link really commit to indigestion” was horrible branding.

I want

Mozzarella sticks covered in marinara sauce


Every kind of cheese

100 chicken nuggets

Every McDonald’s burger

Everything from A&w

Chinese food

A grilled cheese

Broccoli soup

20 hot dogs

Homemade cheeseburgers


Taco Bell



Fruit roll ups

Subway chocolate chip cookies

Fettuccine Alfredo

Every kind of alcohol

So much pasta


Chicken curry

Any drink that has calories in it

✖️But most of all, I want to be skinny. So I’ll sit here, drink my tea, and suck it up. ✖️

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I dont understand people who hate on ships. Ships are like food. For example NaLu is a burger. Lots of people like burgers. Some may be vegeterians and prefer Veg burgers aka NaLi (for example). You can't hate someone for their preference. It's crazy

I like your vision of things. Your comparison is right and funny!

“Nalu is a Burger.

  Gruvia is a Pizza.

   Gajevy is a Hot-Dog.

    Jerza is a Tacos.

     Zervis is a Poutine. ”

Not everyone likes burgers, pizzas, hot-dogs, tacos or poutines, and that’s totally fine! We all have different tastes! We should all respect everyone taste, in food and in ships! :3