hot dog princess

She Gets It From You

Summary: Becca and Bucky search for the perfect costume for her ballet class’s Prince and Princess Dance. What she finds is quite unexpected…

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: fluff overload

Word count: 1388

A/N: Requests and tags open! As always, thanks for reading :)


Bucky stared at the rows and rows of princess costumes in the costume store. There were so many choices, and so much glitter. Bucky shuddered involuntarily at the thought of having to clean up after the trails of glitter his daughter would certainly leave behind as she danced around the apartment. He was convinced glitter was the STD of craft supplies.

Becca stood in front of him, hands tucked under her tiny chin in fierce concentration as she decided on the perfect costume for Prince and Princess Day.

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The signs as Adventure Time Princesses

Princess Bubblegum: Capricorn

Lumpy Space Princess: Gemini

Hot Dog Princess: Cancer

Slime Princess: Pisces 

Flame Princess: Aries 

Muscle Princess: Taurus

Raggedy Princess: Aquarius 

Wildberry Princess: Libra

Ghost Princess: Scorpio 

Doctor Princess: Sagittarius 

Princess Princess Princess: Leo 

Turtle Princess: Virgo
Be The Princess If That's What You Want To Be
Be the hot dog, be the Ninja Turtle and be the princess if that’s what you want to be.

People associate princesses and pink with girlie things and applaud little girls for loving blue and orange and yellow or anything that’s not part of the norm. And while all those little girls should be applauded, the little girls of the world that love princesses and pink shouldn’t be ignored.

Not only that, but they shouldn’t be pushed to the side as being weak and “girlie.” (Side note: When did girlie become a bad thing?) Just because a girl likes things that are associated with being traditionally female, doesn’t make them less.

Additionally, in influencing all our girls to be the hot dog in all situations, are we really encouraging them to pick something that makes us happy over what, at that very moment, will make them happy? Are we really needing them to be less girlie because of the way the world views being a girl or because of the way we view it?

If you’re missing the hot dog reference, watch this video.

Also, a fairy tale entitled “The Princess and the Hot Dog” needs to become a thing. I need that in my life.