hot dog car

OTP Prompt 36

Person A sees a dog stuck in a hot car.
Person A sends B to get something or someone to help while they make sure the dog stays okay. A thinks that B will be bringing back water and/or a cop. Meanwhile Person B buys a baseball bat.

The Tanuki Whisperer

Plot: Nozomi adopts a dog she can’t control and Eli is a dog trainer and help Nozomi is too gay for this.

Pairings: NOZOELI.

SFW (Nozomi is hot n bothered)

Summary: Nozomi can’t evaporate.

A/N:  Sorry it’s so long I couldn’t find a way to end it

This had been the right decision—she swore it to herself.

Sometime in the late afternoon, as she reclined in her couch with her laptop and enjoying a hot cup of tea, she received an urgent email from Rin. Certain it was just another cat meme, Nozomi’s first inclination was to ignore it. Then her cellphone buzzed from across the room and she begrudgingly pulled herself from her comfortable position and saw that Rin was calling her.

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