hot diggity dayum

Hiddles Look-alike

Yes. It happened. I died.

I was just walking around Whole Foods, ogling expensive tins of holiday cocoa and getting ready to buy a bottle of kombucha when bam!

Lean and tall, blue-suited, dark rim glasses and impeccable swept blonde-brunette hair. Cheekbones on fleek. I thought I saw Tom Hiddleston. 

Goodbye heart. 

But it couldn’t be. So I sidled up behind him in the express lane. What? I did need to pay for my kombucha.

I didn’t want to look straight at his face but hot-diggity-DAYUM he was pretty close to the real deal. Except he was American so no bonus points for the accent.

You know, I once heard that everyone has a couple doppel-gangers out in the world. I found one of Hiddles. I think I might frequent Whole Foods a bit more now.