hot date tonight

Hot date with my son tonight… Off to see Sing. Tonight, I am especially so grateful for the influence of so many beautiful people in my life. I have enjoyed reflecting on the ups and downs over this year of “firsts”. #NoRegrets

Request: Ed x Reader- Another day in the office (Mature-smut)

I had a Kink Challenge Request from the ever wonderful @jokesterwrites using Ed with the ‘Medical Play’ Kink. Now Im not well versed in this subject, or much to do with anything Medical but I hope its okay. I know how much y’all love the smut ;)

Content Warning- Mature, smut, kink, mild medical reference, medical fantasy, fantasy scenario, penetration, restraints

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anonymous asked:

How would Junkrat react to his friend(reader) pulling him outside to surprise him with fireworks and a love confession?

         “Right, right, I’m on my way!” Jamison called after you, trying to keep up in the dark. “Why’re we doing this now? Why can’t it be tomorrow?? I’ve got a hot date with my mattress tonight!” He continued to prod, obviously becoming impatient with your antics. But despite this, he continued to follow you up the damp, grassy hill.

“Cause it won’t work tomorrow!”

“What’s that mean?!” Briefly, you considered answering his question this time, but that would ruin the surprise.

“Patience is a virtue, Jamie.” You teased.

“Ugh… Ya sound like Buddha bot!” He whined. You laughed.

        He complained about it pretty much the whole time, but you did eventually make it to the top, where he immediately flopped onto the grass with a thud. He asked again why you were there. You shrugged, and told him that maybe he’d find out if he waited just a minute longer. A muffled and dissatisfied groan sounded from where he had let his face drop to the ground, and you took this opportunity to slip away, a little ways down the hill. He didn’t notice, at first, just stayed laying on the grass. For comedic effect, probably. You were just a short distance away, checking out your setup when he looked up, and for a moment, he panicked, thinking that you’d just up and left him alone there. He opened his mouth to call for you, figuring you couldn’t have made it that far in so little time, but you beat him to it.
      “Hey, Jamie! Sit tight for a second, okay?” He let out a short sigh of relief at hearing your voice, sending a hesitant reply your way quickly after. Good. He’d agreed to stay put. You fumbled around in your pockets, cold fingers wrapping around a worn, cheap blue lighter, opening it and clicking the button down a few times. It took enough tries for you to actually worry that it had finally broken, but on what was probably the 6th try, a small flame spouted from the top. You took a breath, and got onto your knees in front of the fireworks you’d spread out along the side of the hill. You would start with the small ones, which would set off the bigger ones, and go on like that until the finale, if you could even call it that. It was kind of just one firework that was a little bit prettier and a little bit bigger than the others, which were also big and pretty. But oh well. You didn’t know a whole lot of about this stuff.
       You sucked in a breath, only allowing yourself a second of preparation before diving in head first and lighting the fuse before you. As soon as it started to spark, you stuffed the lighter back into your pocket and bolted back up the hill, nearly crashing into a very surprised and mildly concerned Jamison. You could tell he was about to speak, but a bright yellow flash and a loud - BANG!-startled him out of it. You both jumped, Jamie even letting out a yelp when the first firework exploded. His surprise quickly melted into awe, however, and he stared at the sky wide eyed, at a loss for words. The next one shot into the sky, crackling and fizzling in bright white, then slowly floating down to the earth, like a crystal chandelier. By now he was sporting a cheshire grin, and as colors and lights flashed along your faces, neither of you said anything to each other. Not that it would have been very easy to anyway, over all this noise.
      The finale came and went faster than you expected, and you were left with silence, for a few seconds, before he spoke up, uncharacteristically quietly. 

    “Hooly dooly..”

Before he could continue, you cleared your throat.

     “So, yeah.. Were you, um…Paying attention to that? Cause uh, that’s.. How you make my heart feel…?”

      You squinted, and pursed your lips. To anyone else, it probably would have looked like you had just eaten something that left a sour taste in your mouth… The point is, that line had sounded a lot more charming when you had practiced it in your room. You gulped nervously. He kind of grinned, but it looked more like a mixture of confusion and amusement than anything else.

     “What’s that, mate?”

     “I like you. Like, y’know… I wanna be with you..” Your cheeks turned pinker than they already were from the cold night air, and you absentmindedly rubbed your nose, looking away from him. His grin only widened. You could see it out of the corner of your eye.

     “Well why the hell’d ya wait so long to tell me?!”

     He was instantly chattier than ever, a dark red hue on his face as he fired question after question about the fireworks at you, and rambled on and on about how thrilled he was that you felt the same.

Girlfriend Wheein

oooh, my mamamoo bias 😍

  • ok well she’s a derpy beagle so expect to laugh a lot. There’ll be times where she’s trying to be hella cool (“act natural, bae is coming”) but just end up doing something embarrassing like accidentally spitting on you when she laughs or hitting you in face while talking animatedly
  • then she’ll turn into an actual puppy who looks at you with eyes of regret, while worriedly fixing your hair or checking your face for any signs of bruising
  • pretends she’s this sexy seductress, that she has you wrapped around her little finger but ends up tripping or something cause she’s actually a puppy
  • breathtakingly beautiful, dimpled smiles 24/7
  • “Hyejin, help me do my makeup! I’ve got a hot date tonight” *greasy grin*
  • gets super dressed up; pretty skirts/dresses, curled hair, flawless makeup (thanks to Hwasa); even just for simple movie dates where it’s dark and you can’t see her anyway but she likes feeling cute and beautiful, ok
  • the others girls are v excited about making her life hard which she hates them for but it doesn’t stop them from making suggestive gestures when she’s with you or winking obnoxiously
  • greasy Moonbyul tends to initiate the interrogations like a protective mama – “Where are you taking my Wheein? What time will she back by? Do I have to worry about her getting std’s?” and it doesn’t take long for sidekick lil sis Hyejin to join in
  • Solar tries to restore some peace and quiet but there’s only so much one gal can do
  • the girls usually arrange your dates and tbh, you didn’t even ask each other out. like mamamoo just classed you as “wheein’s gf” so you became “wheein’s gf” without the official “will you be my girlfriend?”
  • I get the feeling that Wheein would be the girl to do something because she saw it in a drama so be prepared to have to give her your coat or share an umbrella because “I didn’t think it would get this cold” or “I forgot my umbrella!” *dramatic kdrama gasp* *romantic music playing in the distance*
  • cuddles and talking until the early morning even if you’re both v tired
  • “I like the name Spot for a dog”
  • “Well since we’re getting a dog, let’s get a beagle, like you”
  • “And his name will be Spot”
  • she’s the type to tell shitty jokes and laugh so hard at them that she snorts
  • I hope you’re prepared for that

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Just Leaving || Open

“Hey, Marty!” A girl hopped in front of Marty as she folded the men’s shirts at the front table. “Can you close tonight?” 

“I guess.” Marty looked at her watch. That would be another double that week. “But I’m opening tomorrow.” 

“Oh, I’ll trade!” Tara, the girl asking to trade and Marty’s manager, beamed. “I have a hot date tonight and you know how vampires are when they have to wait.” She went on about her date as Marty’s eyes glazed over. She didn’t date, so, no, she didn’t know. 

“Okay.” Marty only agreed to end the conversation. She knew that the morning was going to come and she would get a call to open. It was a vicious cycle that she let Tara get into but the girl was young and should be able to go out.


Finally, the night was coming to an end. Marty locked the money away for Tara to count whenever she showed up for work. She gave the rugs a quick pass over with the vacuum and fixed the mannequin that an imp had hung on earlier that day.

Marty closed the door and locked it. “Oh, come on!” She leaned against the glass window and reached up to grab the bottom of the pull-down gate. Her fingers just barely touching the metal grate. 

Dean Winchester,The Green Eyed Monster

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Request: Could you pretty pretty please maybe do a one shot where Sam has been crushing on the reader hard for a long time (she crushes on him too), but Dean selfishly flirts with the reader to get her to himself as a joke. And Sam doesn’t stand for that and takes the reader away, confessing everything and it ends in really fluffy stuff?

Could you do a SamxReader one shot? No major requirements, just some fluff and maybe tragedy, because that always ends up with fluff 

A/N: I hope you guys don’t mind, I combined the requests because I thought they were kind of similar. Thanks so much for sending them in! I hope that this is what you were looking for, if it’s not just message me and I’ll try again! Let me know what you think! 

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