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Ok but if you search Reggie mantle imagines in the Tumblr search things come up like 'jughead seeing Reggie flirt with you' or 'Reggie hitting on you and *insert name* is jealous' and I'm like ???? Okay??? If Reggie hit on my I'd hit on him right back? Reggie thinks I'm cute? Thanks reg I think you're pretty dang hot! Wtf like if Archie or jughead are jealous they gotta speak up not watch it happen bc if Reggie wanted to bang me id say heck yeah dude



Hot dang…

An incredible orchestrated medley of Undertale songs that resurrected this blog from the dead.  Exquisite arrangement with beautiful playing.  Toby Fox himself tweeted about it on Twitter.  

0:04 - Determination (speech intro)
1:07 - Spear of Justice
2:47 - sans.
3:32 - Papyrus (Bonetrousle)
4:32 - Bergentrückung / Asgore
5:45 - Toriel (Heartache)
6:39 - Asgore (reprise)

I have no words to say except that I love pretty much everything about this, and I highly recommend you give this a try if you like good things.  It’s a little on the longer side.  It is well worth the length.

Also the second half of the song is quite possibly my favorite Undertale performance of all time.  It’s at least top five.


AHAHAHA YOU’RE A GENIUS YESSSSsss (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)


If you love Roman Reigns and want someone super nice to talk to u gotta follow —> @x-fivefoot She’s freakin awesome

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Armored Lady Monday

First one of the year and also continuing my, my first drawing of the year is gonna be noire trend started last year!

this is also the way im recieving this year, fidgeting confidence, like a “come at me bro…?” 

And first thing this year, i wanna adress something quick here, a lot of ppl, aka 2 persons have asked me “yknow i have noticed that you give noire kinda big arms, why?” not exactly like that but something like that and im just like

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