hot damn she is fine


Helena Bonham Carter at the ‘Save the Children’ event in London | 02/03/17

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Excuse me while I’ve just died, gone to heaven and been revived by Helena Bonham Carter in these pictures.

He is clearly enjoying her. Maybe I’m the only one that has noticed the look he always gives her. Now this is how you chemistry. Not even Stelena could compare. I never thought about Kennett as a ship before this episode. I quit watching the show but I saw this gif by accident and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The amount of eye sex is killing me. He is totally undressing her with his eyes. Bonnie smiled right back because that is what you do when an extremely attractive person walks past. The potential they had.. Kennett could’ve been big. Not as big as TVD royalty Klaroline but still. They didn’t share a word in this scene but the chemistry and sexual tension between them was in the air I fucking felt it through my screen. Kol was clearly attracted to her and she totally thought that he was one damn hot fine piece of ass. For me, KENNETT is eternal.

ughhhhh I need advice anybody please

I’m in a relationship with this guy that I like, who’s really sweet..but I don’t like doing romantic shit with him and I’m not really into the sex aspect

I’m thinking I might either not like sex at all or im just gay

I’m so confused ughhgg

like I see girls and I’m like, damn she’s hot like I think I’d be fine in a relationship with a girl but Idk if I would be into sex

am.i asexual or a lesbian?