hot damn jared

Is That...?

Pairing: Jared x wife!Reader

Word Count: ~330

Warnings: implied smut

A/N: I know these are manips but hot damn if Jared with tattoos doesn’t do something for me. Written for RPF Appreciation Day 2017.

Unbeta’d, all mistakes are mine.

“Hey, baby.” Jared’s sleepy face filled your screen. You were laying on your side, propped up on your elbow and grinning at your husband.

“Hey yourself.” You ran your finger over the lace at the edge of your lingerie.

“It's… so late back home. Why aren’t you sleeping?” He yawned, proving his point.

“Wanted to wait for you to get done filming. Thought maybe I could convince you to get those scenes right the first time so you can start coming home to me a little sooner.” Shooting him a wink, you tugged at the cup of your bra, revealing the soft, supple skin.

“Well in that case…” Jared smirked, adjusting his beanie over his shaggy hair. Your eye caught a glimpse of a mark on his arm and you squinted against the bright computer screen before you.

“Jared Padalecki!” You squealed. “Is that a tattoo?!” Sitting straight up, you brought the computer onto your crossed legs and demanded he raise his arm again. “What the fuck?” Your eyes went wide.

“Jensen and I had a late night last weekend…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“You got a tattoo?!” You pulled your robe around your shoulders. “Let me see it again!” You cocked an eyebrow and waited for him to pan his camera over to his bicep. “A star?” You teased.

“Hey, shut up. I said it was a late night.” He blushed, attempting and failing to hide a smile.

“No, it - I like it.” You bit your bottom lip. “Always had a thing for guys with tattoos. When Sam got inked…” You trailed off, fanning yourself and letting your robe dip behind your back, pooling around your hips when it dropped. Jared’s eyes widened and then his lids fell as he watched you slide the computer down your legs to the foot of the bed, ready and willing to give him a show he’d never forget.

“I should’ve gotten a tattoo a long time ago.”

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