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Sloppy Seconds

(Bucky Barnes x Reader) x Steve Rogers

Notes: THE TITLE IS SELF EXPLANATORY, PWP, one shot, smut.
Established relationship (Bucky x Reader), unlabeled relationship dynamic, explicit sex scenes, messy sex, threesome, DP, the author is going to hell for this, her bags are already packed

Summary: You and Bucky head home, ready to place the finishing touches on your date night. Steve calls, and everyone gets what they needed.

A/N: I needed this, too. Partly because I’m procrastinating on another story I should be writing, partly because I haven’t posted any new fics in a while, and partly because I needed this. Did you need it too? Let me know what you think, and as always—enjoy! ^_^

Bucky held your hand gently with his flesh one, leading you down the hallway to his room. You were both quiet but giggling innocently. Date night had gone well. It was a simple night out—movie and a dinner. You always preferred it in that order instead of the other way around. Watching the movie first meant that dinner didn’t have to be rushed. But you two skipped dessert to save time anyway. The real treat would come later in the night.

You were back in Bucky’s room. The lights were dimmed and soft ambient music filtered through Bucky’s computer speakers. The mood was set just the way you liked it. He approached you quietly, eying you sweetly. Both of your clothes came off easily, and soon Bucky had you on the ground in the nest of blankets and pillows set up in the corner. He rested his muscular, naked body between your equally naked legs and leaned over you. Bucky peppered kisses wherever he could until he finally met your lips. He ground his pelvis against yours, feeling your pussy get slick against his cock without slipping himself in quiet yet. He wanted to warm you up first.

Off in the pile of discarded clothes, Bucky’s phone began to ring. Neither of you noticed until it stopped and your phone started ringing right afterwards. Then Bucky’s twice. Back to yours again.

Bucky grinned against your lips before getting to his feet. “Oh right, our treat.” His semi-hard bobbed from side to side as he walked over to the clothes and dug out his phone. It was Steve.

The phone rang again and Bucky answered immediately.

“Hey Steve, you ready to come over?”

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Just Ask (S)

Originally posted by 9taefox

Jimin x Reader 

Smut, Jealous Jimin, Daddy kink.

word Count:1,807

Rated M for Mature read at your own risk

For my lovely friend @irresistiblebangtan

You didn’t mean to do it, you really didn’t. Alright fine. so maybe you did.

But it wasn’t your fault that Jimin’s been ignoring you for like the past two-three weeks or even more; not only had he been neglecting all of your tires at something more than just a short goodnight kiss, something more than the average make-out sessions you guys had or your lazy cuddles before going to bed, but he’s been staying out late way too much, and despite him sending you texts every now and then that he’s coming home soon you just couldn’t help yourself , but who were you to stop the increase longing of his touch, his lips and even his tongue that does great wonders to your body?

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Erudite to Dauntless Part 2 (Eric Coulter x Reader)

Pairings: Eric Coulter x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Spanking, Filthy Smut

Request: Someone requested a Part 2 to Erudite to Dauntless

Requested By: Annonymous

“Congratulations Initiates! You are now officially members of Dauntless!” Max declared as everyone in the Pit roared and cheered.  You smiled to your friends, happy to finally be done and over with initiation, because it meant one thing; being with Eric.

The last few weeks of initiation was difficult.  Seeing Eric every day, but knowing you couldn’t run up and smash your lips to his.  The night you two had sex was exhilarating and you felt vivacious.  Each time seeing him since that night only brought back those memories, making your core ache for his touch.  

As Max continued his speech, your eyes locked tight on Eric’s who was standing right next to Max.  His arms folded across his chest; his biceps threatening to tear his tight black t-shirt.  Yep, you wanted him and you wanted him bad.  

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Way Past His NRL Days!

Jarryd Hayne Fumbled Today, But He Has Settled In San Francisco Quite Nicely. And He Fills Out The 49ers’ Uniform To A Tee!

Woof, Baby!

JayTalia's Hot Latte

‘I hate Christmastime,’ Jay thought to himself as he bounced between the espresso machine, the coffee grinder, and the milk steamer. Filling the overly sugary drink orders of perky gift shoppers was not how he had intended to spend his evening; but Moses called out. “Damn irresponsible twit,” he mumbled under his breath. “My only night off this week…”

He turned back to the line, the fake smile plastered on his face once more. “Here you go, ladies,” he chirped. “Have a nice evening, and a Happy Holiday”

DEAN/CAS: CUPID’S ARROW (halloween fic) [ao3]

A/N: just a little something that slipped out of my hand on halloween.

“Okay honey, go pick whichever costume you want,” Castiel said to the little girl he towered over.

Claire Novak jumped in excitement with a huge grin spread across her face. “Can I be an astronaut? Or a zombie? Or you?”

Castiel laughed at the sight before him. “You can be whatever you want, go get it.”

“Yes!” Claire exclaimed happily before running off to the costumes’ section.

Castiel continued on walking around the store, absent-mindedly looking around at various costume accessories and whatever else these stores sold.

“Can I help you?”

Castiel turned around at the young voice appearing from behind him. He lightly shook his head before he got to see the man, then froze when he actually saw who was talking to him.

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title: inkstains and flowers

relationship: kaneki/hide

background pairings: kanae/tsukiyama, touka/yoriko, nishiki/kimi

rating: general

word count: 1893

description: tattoo artist! and florist! AU:  It was hard to hold back his laughter but even harder was it to prevent the latte macchiato from exiting his nose. He was holding his hand in front of his face, snorted and desperately tried to spare Kaneki from seeing something rather… unappetizing.

chapter: 6/?

chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5

Beta’d by my favourite @mildlycuriousdragon, idea by the beautiful pomelopasta!

beautiful fanart by @totalshenanigans

read on AO3

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