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Baby Paws - Inuchiyo x MC (Drabble)

Stroking her partially swollen stomach, she smiled. “Calm down dear. Dad will be home soon.” She cooed. Warmth prickled at her skin just thinking of the raven haired man with the beautiful violet eyes. Though she was sure that their child wouldn’t have his features.

This was destiny, to meet the man who became her best friend and even protected her like a father. Falling in love with your best friend, marrying him and bearing his child. The dream romance not many women of this era had a chance to experience.

The baby moved when she giggled. “You’re an energetic one aren’t you dear. You inherited your dad’s hot headedness. Ah please don’t be stubborn like him too!”

“Who’s stubborn?”
It was him, still clad in his battle armor. Three weeks ago he left for the front, fighting another of Lord Oda’s battles. She sighed, placing her hands on his exposed waist she tiptoed to peck his lips.

“Who are you talking to?”

“I missed you.” Cherry red tinge decorated his face as she trailed her hands up and down his chest.

“W..whatt are you d..d..doing?”
“I’m touching my husband.” She continued to trace the curves and contours of his toned, strong body. “It’s natural to do this since I missed being pressed against this for three weeks.”

“W..oman.” he choked. “Do you really ..want to do it now?”

“No.” She removed herself from him in an instant. “You really should cover up, we have a minor in the house.”

“Minor?” Inuchiyo’s head spun around the house. It seemed empty from what he saw.
“No child under the futon.” He checked.
“Nobody in the closet” He looked. “Nobody in the kitchen.”

Toshiie went about the house overturning all of the objects. “Baaabe there’s no minor here.” He yelled holding a vase upside down.

Sometimes she wondered about what was this creature she married. “Inu.” She made her way over to him. Taking his armored hand she put it over her stomach watching his eyes go wide.

“I..I’m about to be..”
“A father.”
Inuchiyo was silent. It amused her because Maeda Toshiie, Lord of Arako, one of the esteemed retainers of Lord Oda, silent and stuttering because he was going to be a dad.
“It’s happened so fast.” He whispered. “I can’t believe it. I married the love of my life. I’m about to have a child with her.” Gently he ruffled her hair.

“You better believe it. It was hard to keep him still.” Her hands started to undo her robes, revealing their child to the father.

A golden shiba inu puppy, tilted it’s head curiously at Inuchiyo.

  • aries: "BOOTY! All caps, so its not booty, it's BOOTAYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
  • taurus: ukiss eli said girls want flowers on their birthday cause "it comes from the heart...""no, they(flowers) come from the earth"
  • gemini: "peniel, give us a rap lesson" "rhyme."
  • cancer: "I am social dragon roarrrrrrrrr"
  • leo: "I bring him (BamBam) up like my son, he is my son.""I'm still a baby now" (put his thumb in bambam's mouth)
  • virgo: "hey peniel say a few sentences to the viewers" "one sentence""two sentence""three sentence"
  • libra: (to a dog)"hey put your tongue back it, it's cold here, it will get frozen"
  • scorpio: (try to get in a hot tub)"ah it's so hot"
  • saggitarius: (asian dad voice to minhyuk)"why you waste baddddd..."
  • capricorn: (eunkwang refused to get him his chopsticks)"eunkwang hyung is always like this to me, it must be because i am from america"
  • aquarius: "do you know what else has to be big if you have huge hands?""what?""gloves"
  • pisces: "what kind of name is wasabi? this isn't a Japanese restaurant"