The last episode of sense8 was too much: 
-It was Sun seeking vengeance against brother on a motorcycle wearing a bra, sparkly silver hot pants and white cowboy boots
-It was all the other sensates hugging her when the truck rolled
-It was Capheus being visited by other sensates
-It was Nomi and Amanita proposing to each other 
-It was Wolfgang and Kahla saying ‘I love you’ for the first time
-It was Will beating the shit out of Whispers

A Horse to Water

“Who’s in that stall?” Lance asked.

Allura curled her perfectly refined nose. “That’s Keith’s stall.”

“Someone named their horse ‘Keith?’” Which was fine, if not a little drab.

“No, Keith, the stable hand. That’s where he keeps his horse,” she explained through a laugh. “But, uh, he’s kind of nasty sometimes, so you’ll probably want to stay clear of him. Likes to bite.”

“Keith or the horse?”

She laughed again. “Both?”

In which Lance moves to the country and meets a hot-headed cowboy intent on being as difficult as possible. Despite his efforts, however, Keith merely inspires Lance to wonder at the pros of saving a horse and riding a cowboy.

Chapter 1

No, Lance was not happy. But, like so many other things, that wasn’t something he dared voice out loud. After all, it wasn’t his father’s fault the company had gone under and he’d lost his job, or that he’d been in a field so specialized that he’d had trouble finding another. Or that, even when he had, it hadn’t made enough to support the family.

Lance knew his parents had done everything they could. His mother had even worked three jobs, but in the end, it hadn’t been enough. Not in Chicago and not in this economy. Which meant they could either continue selling their possessions and downsizing—much to the distress of everyone involved—or they could pack what they had and move.

Move to Texas—to the family ranch that was far, far, far away from civilization.

Lance knew this to be fact because he’d been to the ranch a few times. Though his father’s original job had been enough to keep their family stable, it hadn’t always allowed for extra luxuries like trips or bonus school clothes. Which meant that what few trips Lance had made to Texas were from his youth, before he’d had four younger siblings to drain the family funds.

But even if it’d been near ten years since he’d been to Texas, he could still remember the wide openness of nothing when he’d looked out the windows, and the long, one-hour drive into town. Not that he had to rely on his memories—they’d already crossed into Texas ranch country.

Because of Azul, he and his father had taken the slower route, which meant it’d taken them nearly five days, whereas his mother and siblings had gotten through in two. But Lance was thankful for the extra care on his father’s part. For a while, he’d been afraid he’d lose Azul entirely. That she, like so many other things, would be sold off as something considered unnecessary.

A luxury.

Lance didn’t consider her a luxury. He considered her his best friend.

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