hot compost


Judith Mountain Cabin - Jeff Shelden, AIA Lewistown,Montana 

The cabin is powered by two fifty-watt photovoltaic panels that provide twelve volt direct current power to outlets, lights, and the well pump. That power lets the client have a stereo,a TV/VCR, running water in the sink, and water to fill a wood-fired  hot tub. A composting toilet, visible in the tenth photo,provides   sanitation.           


I’ve been very excited about Hot Composting Lately!  I built a pile a few days ago with a few months worth of chicken bedding (straw with chicken poop), grass cuttings, some yard debris and bark.  We even added a dead bird that flew into the window and died.  Even moisture like a wet rung out sponge is ideal.  I have plastic over the top so the compost is protected from the rain.  I plan on turning the pile every 4 or 5th day and in about 6 weeks I should have compost for the garden that is weed and slug free.