hot cocoa

Hot Chocolate Magic ☕

with hot chocolate season on the way, there are a lot of subtle ways to work a little magic into your mug! a compiled list of easy recipes to have some magic in your day

for all recipes, melt chocolate in the microwave, and mix in heated milk.

Caramel 🍬

½ cup milk, 5 oz. chopped milk chocolate, 3 tsps caramel, ¼ cup heavy cream.  for love, kindness, domestic works

Cinnamon Spice 🍃

1 cup milk,  5 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ¼ tsp cinnamon, a pinch cayenne pepper. divination, fortune, healing, power, prosperity, protection, psychic abilities, spirituality, wealth, and wisdom.

Orange  🍊

1 cup milk,  2 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ½ tbsp sugar, ½ tbsp grated orange peel. for beauty, divination, fortune, love, purification, and wealth.

White Lavender 🌾

1 cup whole milk, ½ chopped white chocolate, ¼ tsp lavender flowers. for chastity, happiness, love, peace, protection, and purification.

Peppermint 🍬

1 cup whole milk, ½ cup chopped milk chocolate, 1 peppermint candy.  for healing, love, psychic abilities, and purification.

Pumpkin Spice 🎃 

1 cup whole milk,  1 tsp. chocolate powder, ½ tsp pumpkin spice, 1 tsp. maple syrup.  for banishment, divination, healing, prosperity, and protection

Hazelnut 🌰

1 cup whole milk, a pinch salt, 1 tsp cocoa, 2 tbsp nutella or ¼ tsp hazelnut extract.  for fertility, protection against evil, creativity, intuition, and psychic abilities

Vanilla 🌾

½ cup milk, 5 oz. chopped milk chocolate, 1 tsp vanilla extract. for happiness, love, and lust.

Peanut Butter 🌰

1 cup skim milk,  2 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ¼ cup peanut butter, add cream to taste. for wealth, love, and fortune.

A quick hot cocoa recipe to go with moments like this 👆🏻💛🍁…
-1 (10oz.) bag of dark chocolate chips (the darker the better)
-1 (10oz.) bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
-1 (10oz.) bag of white chocolate chips
-½ gallon of whole milk or unsweetened almond milk
-salt to taste
-good bourbon (optional, but who are we kidding)
Warm milk in a large pot over medium heat until steaming, add the 3 bags of chocolate and stir until fully melted, add pinches of salt, stir and taste until the flavor is perfect and you’re overwhelmed with joy.
Add an ounce (or more) of bourbon to your mug, then ladle in the hot cocoa. Magic!!
I love to use @ghirardelli chips for my cocoa, but pick your favorite! Don’t skimp on the quality though, it makes all the difference!! If you try this, let me know how you like!! 💛✨
📷 at @hillandcabin 🍂🍁
Via #tifforelie @instagram