hot chelle rae hung up

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once.” - John Green {A Chronological Jily Fanmix, listen here}

1. make that girl mine - scouting for girls // 2. hung up - hot chelle rae // 3. somebody to you - the vamps // 4. i won’t give up - jason mraz // 5. the man who can’t be moved - the script // 6. skinny love - birdy // 7. love is on the radio - mcfly // 8. all this time - onerepublic // 9. small bump - ed sheeran // 10. this is war - 30 seconds to mars // 11. somewhere only we know - darren criss // 12. you & i - one direction // 13. run - snow patrol // 14. without you (naked) - scouting for girls // 15. a thousand years - christina perri

our love was made for movie screens; 42 songs for the ups and downs of every relationship { listen }

big jet plane - angus and julia stone  she looks so perfect - 5SOS ☯ right here ft. drake - justin bieber ☯ my couch - jake miller ☯ hung up - hot chelle rae ☯ confident - justin bieber ☯ memphis - justin bieber ☯ someone like you - the summer set ☯ better than perfect - action item ☯ get it right - miley cyrus ☯ stick around - watercolor ☯ you always make me smile - kyle andrews ☯ somewhere only we know - keane ☯ into your arms - the maine ☯ iris (cover) - sleeping with sirens ☯ flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine ☯ where we land - ed sheeran ☯ adore you - miley cyrus ☯ you are the moon - the hush sound ☯ angels - the xx ☯ all of me - john legend ☯ after tonight - justin nozuka ☯ better together - jack johnson ☯ i never fell - ed sheeran ☯ in case - demi lovato ☯ lips of an angel - hinder ☯ for the first time - the script ☯ the way it used to be - mike posner ☯ no faith in brooklyn - hoodie allen ☯ u.n.i - ed sheeran ☯ poison and whine - the civil wars ☯ breakeven - the script ☯ between you and i - every avenue ☯ miserable at best - mayday parade ☯ these four walls - little mix ☯ nothing like us - justin bieber ☯ words - skylar grey ☯ all i want - kodaline ☯ bulletproof weeks - matt nathanson ☯ concrete wall - zee avi ☯ let her go - passenger ☯ you're dead wrong - mayday parade ☯

Hung up - Fratboy!Calum [smut]

::Inspired by the song Hung Up by Hot Chelle Rae::
//sort of fratboy Calum//

You are in your first year of college and it was going great. Apart from different people, more flexible schedules and harder work it isnt THAT different to high school. There’s still popular people and unpopular people but people don’t care as much. The popular people are the fratboys, footballers and cheerleaders and the unpopular people are people who don’t belong to an activity. You sit relatively near the top of the social pyramid, you’re in a few clubs and as far as you know everyone likes you, you don’t have trouble making friends. At the very top of the pyramid is Calum Hood, football captain (a first considering he’s only a first year himself), fratboy and an english major like you.

You’ve only ever had one true encounter with Calum face to face and he seems nice enough. It was at a frat party that you didn’t want to be at and he’d started grinding on you as a dare, you didn’t like stuff like that and the boys who dared him knew that. He wasn’t very drunk so he apologized a lot and you got to talking. You got a little tipsy and ended up playing a game of seven minutes in heaven, your partner just happened to be Calum. You spent your time in the cupboard talking before you realised you were meant to be kissing and you gave him a quick peck on the lips before he left and that was it for your encounter.

However he did manage to get your number and he spent a lot of his time texting you but you didn’t think much of it. He left you a few half drunk voicemails every now and then that you laughed at before deleting.

One day you were sitting at lunch with (Y/BFF/N) when your phone buzzed.

“Who’s that?” She asked.

You sighed, “Calum”

“What?” She checked her own phone. “He actually texts you back?”

“Text back? I’ve never actually texted him before,” you smile.

“What? I fucked him last Saturday and he hasn’t had the decency to even send a smiley face”

It wasn’t really a surprise that Calum hadn’t texted her back, had a reputation of one night stands, you just thought that the ‘hi’ and ‘what’s up?’ texts were mass texts.

“So he actually doesn’t text you ever?” You question.

She shakes her head.

After college that day you, (Y/BFF/N) and your other friend (Y/F/N) were in your convertable driving back to the dorms when you got stopped in traffic.

“Put the top down, (Y/N), I’m boiling,” (Y/F/N) says.

You press the button on the dashboard and the car converts. It’s the summer now so you’re wearing a tank top and shorts. As the top settles into place a frat car blasting music pulls up in the traffic next to you. In the car is Ashton, the third year biology major, Luke, the first year math and logistics major, Michael, the second year computing major and Calum.

“Look who it is,” Ashton turns the music down.

“Good to see you too, Ash,” (Y/BFF/N) says.

“Hey (Y/N),” Calum calls over.

You twist your head round with a confused look, “Hi Cal”

“You girls shouls come to the party down at the frat house tonight, the usual crowd is getting boring,” Luke suggests.

“Is that your way of saying you’ve slept your way through all of the usual girls and you need some fresh meat?” You say.

“No,” Ashton defends.

“Yes,” Michael says making eye contact with you and winking, which earns him a slap in the arm from Calum.

“Charming,” you mutter turning back the the traffic that seems to be moving again.

“We’ll consider it,” (Y/F/N) says.

“See you tonight ladies,” one of them says as they drive off.

Somehow the two girls pursuade you do go. You dress in your sluttiest clothes which still aren’t that slutty but they suit the kind of clothes you need for a frat party.

You get yourself drunk fairly quickly as that’s the only way you are ever going to have fun, and thats when Ashton finds you.

“(Y/N)!” He yells grabbing your wrist and dragging you away from the crowd.

He’s quite drunk himself but acts quite sober.

“Ashton I’m not hooking up with you,” you say straight off the cuff.

“What? No, I have a message from Calum,” he says.

“What does he want?” You groan.

“In my opinion he’s been hung up on you ever since your last frat party and he’s been sleeping with girls to try and get over you,” Ashton slurs a little stumbling with his words as he struggles to form coherent sentences.

“Really?” You raise an eyebrow. “That’s some full on shit”

He chuckes, “well Cal wants you to meet him out by the guest house”

When Ashton leaves you, you decide to go and see what he wants. The guest house is basically just a house at the bottom of the garden with a bathroom and a bed. When you walk in Calum stands as he was previously sitting on the bed.

“What do you want, Hood?” You ask.

Without warning he walks over to you grabs your hips and presses his lips to yours.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that,” he mutters.

“So you really are hung up on me,” you smile.

“No, I’m not hung up on anyone,” he responds way too quick for you to believe him.

“How drunk are you?”

“Very,” he responds.

“So that’s what it takes to give you the balls to kiss me,” you grin kissing him again.

He tilts your head back and pushes your mouth open with his. Your fingers fiddle into in his hair.

“You don’t understand how fucking sexy you look with that dress on,” he growls.

Suddenly very turned on you mumble, “how would you feel with it off me?”

Next thing you know the dress is on the floor and the two of you are in your underwear. He leaves a trail of wet kisses down your neck, most of which will leave marks tomorrow. You palm him through his boxers making him moan.

“(Y/N) you’re such a tease,” he groans lifting you and tossing you on the bed.

Things go hazy as the alcohol takes full effect but the next morning you wake up in just your bra with his tanned arm over your stomach. You’re careful not to wake him when you get up and dress yourself in your underwear and his flannel shirt that you pick up from the floor. Your head is aching so you go to the bathroom and get a glass of water before heading over to the mirror to clean up your make up.

That’s when you hear Calum’s sleepy voice behind you, “I’m so hung up on you”


(part two)
This was pretty bad but its 12.30 at night and idk.


5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect // Anarbor - Drugstore Diet // Forever the Sickest Kids - La La Lainey // The Summer Set - Heart On The Floor // The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel // The Cab - One Of Those Nights - Panic At The Disco - Miss Jackson // Bowling For Soup - 1985 // One Direction - Alive // Blink 182 - After Midnight // Busted - Year 3000 // Sum 41 - In Too Deep // Fall Out Boy - Sugar We’re Going Down // All Time Low - Dear Maria Count Me In // We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet // Jonas Brothers - Burning Up // Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll // Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk // Deaf Havana - Boston Square // Go Radio - Go To Hell // Fountains of Wayne - Stacy’s Mom // Emblem3 - Sunset Boulevard // Hot Chelle Rae - Hung Up // The Killers - Somebody Told Me // Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey Driver // McFly - Down Goes Another One // Mariana’s Trench - Fallout // The Offspring - You’re Gonna Go Far Kid // The Darkness - I Believe In a Thing Called Love // Simple Plan - Vacation



Hot Chelle Rae - Hung Up

Teen Party Songs
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  2. Loud by R5
  3. Replay by Zendaya
  4. What About Love by Austin Mahone
  5. Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
  6. Move by Little Mix
  7. Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
  8. Summer by Calvin Harris
  9. Timber by Pitbull Featuring Kesha
  10. Wake Me Up by Avicii
  11. Best Song Ever by One Direction
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  21. Thrift shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz
  22. International Love by Pitbull Featuring Chris Brown
  23. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
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  25. Hung Up by Hot Chelle Rae
  26. Wild Ones by Flo Rida Featuring Sia
  27. Wide Awake by Katy Perry
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  29. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
  30. Good feeling by Flo Rida
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