hot breath on you

Miss you~V

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x You
Warning: Smut
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’“I’ll come today baby. My manager gave me 2 free days since i needed to see you”’ Taehyung said over the phone

“Yayy i can’t wait to see you!” You smiled, happiness filling you

’“Okay babe, see you soon”’


You squealed as you two finished the short conversation. He wasn’t supposed to come home for next 2 months, or even more. You got up and decided to clean yourself a bit, since you were in your pjs only with a little dirty hair did in your ponytail.

“Gosh i need a shower” You mumbled to yourself before stepping inside the bathroom

× × ×

You took a deep breath, warmith of hot water still able to be felt on your skin. You dried your hair fast and brushed it, making it look decent. For clothes, you took just some simple shorts and Tae’s shirt, since he loves when you wear his clothes.

Just as you finished with dressing up, you heard a knock on your door. It was obviously Tae. You run towards the door, not wanting to make him wait.

“I missed you” You said jumping in a hug as you opened the doors

“I missed you too. So much” He replied hugging you back

He came inside the apartment, you still not letting him go. Just as you managed to lock the doors, he attacked your lips with a deep kiss

“Mhm-Tae” you moaned in between kisses

“Said something princess?” He asked, licking his lips as he stared down at you.

“I-i love you” You said, feeling yourself getting wet as he massaged your lower back with his long, slender fingers.

“I love you too, princess” He replied before starting to kiss your jaw line, making you moan loudly

You felt your knees go weak, and before you could say anything, like Taehyung knew, he picked your up with a bridal style. While staring at you with those beautiful dark eyes, he brought you to yours bedroom.

He threw you on the bed, before moving on top of you, kissing your neck hungrily, making hickeys all over it.

It wasn’t often that Taehyung was this dominant, but when he is, like right now, you melt under his touch and you aren’t able to think properly. It’s like he’s making you crazy.

“I love when you wear my things, princess…but right now, i want nothing more, but to see you naked. Right in front of me and only for me” Taehyung said, staring lustfully at you

“Go on then” you breathed out

Taehyung wasted no time. He looked at your clothes, before hurriedly moving the shirt off of you, and then your pair of shorts. Underneath those were a pair of black underwear. Taehyung scanned your body, before also removing those, so thag you were completely naked, laying in front of him.

“Someone’s really wet” Taehyung said, moving down on your lower region

“W-well” you blushed, stuttering

“Shh don’t worry, princess. I love seeing you that wet for me” He said as he placed his point finger at your entrance

You groaned at his actions, hating how he loved to play with you when you’re wet. He loved making you wait and beg for him.

“P-please” You gasped

“Please what?” He asked cocky

“Please…please fuck me” You begged

“Well, someone’s eager” He replied before pushing one of his fingers inside of you, making you moan.bHe pumped inside of you, soon putting inside another finger.

“You’re tight ” Taehyung said, loving the way you look when he pleasures you

You felt that you’ll come soon, and before you knew it, you were coming a lots on his fingers, letting out a loud moan. He pulled out his fingers out of you, licking off your juices.

“T-taehyung, i need you.” You said wanting to feel him inside of you

“I need you too princess, get ready now” He whispered on your ear as he moved himself on your entrance

He slowly started coming in, but ended up slamming against you, making you let out one hell of a moan. He started thrusting fast, moving almost completely out before slamming onto you again and again. You were a moaning mess, holding onto his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

“You’re so tight princess, so fucking tight!” He groaned and he moved in and out

“T-taehyung, i’m gonna-”

“I’m gonna come too princess” He replied

Soon, he was filling your insides with his sperm. There were lots of it, some even coming out of you. You layed on the bed, feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Your breathing was compeltely steady yet, when you felt him turn you on your stomach

“You didn’t think we were done, were you?” Taehyung said in husky voice, which always send thrills down your back

He spanked your ass, loving how you would moan at the contact of his skin hitting yours.

He positioned himself at your entrance again, ready for round two. He slammed hard into you yet again, making you moan each time he thrusted. His hand was brought up on your neck, slightly choking you as he thrusted in. The rush of being choked like that was breaking all bounrades of excitement

Taehyung gripped onto your neck tighter as he came into you for the second time tonight, letting out a low groan as he did. His juices filled every inch of you, making you see the stars.

But it wasn’t still enough for him. He needed you, so so much. After months of not being near you and not being able to touch you, he craved for you. Then seing you in that tight shorts you wore earlier, it definitely made him be even more horny

He noticed how you were more quiet now, tired from the two rounds but also still enjoying the feeling of him coming into you

“I’m not done with you yet” He said, groping your ass as he pulled you more near him.

“Put that ass up for me princess” He said as he positioned himself on your entrance

You did as you were told, not expecting the next thing that happened. He inserted himself in you, but in the other hole. You let out a loud moan, followed with soft whimpers as he was pumping in and out of your ass hole.

The feeling of you being so tight around him, was arousing him even more. His pace didn’t slow down even though he felt as he was coming. Instead, he started pumping harder, his semen flowing even deeper inside of you.

You fell on the bed, his semen falling out of your ass hole. You were still slightly shaking in pleasure, a dreamy look on your face. Your legs were as someone cut them off, you basically couldn’t feel them anymore.

Taehyung layed right next to you, his big hand moving up and down your body. He fell alseep like that, looking at his precious little princess which he made feel amazing after not seeing her for that long.

× × × × × ×

This was my second smut i ever wrote, actually. Hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

you have a fight scene with Sebastian in one of the avengers movies (kinda like the one he had with scarlet omg when she got to put her legs around his neck kill mE) and you both have a thing for each other

the director yelled cut and you were helped off sebastian’s shoulders, the wiring still attached to your belt hoops.

you tried to stop the blush that crept onto your face as you watched sebastian smile and laugh with the crew. he just had his face in between your legs and you weren’t going to lie that you’ve dreamt about it before. feeling his hot breath seep through your front dark jeans made you hot and bothered.

“okay, we’re gonna run that scene again.” the director said on the megaphone.

you felt your ears burn and you caught sebastian looking at you, smirking. and you went through the scene again, following all the choreography you had learned weeks before and once you were pulled on his shoulders, you felt his nose graze against your front.


“what?!” you whined, setting your hands on top of sebastian’s head. “that was pretty perfect in my book!”

“but you don’t get to call the shots,” the director teased. “we’re running it from the top.”

the crew helped you off sebastian’s shoulders again. before you walked away to take your place, sebastian held you back, whispering in your ear, making you blush yet again.

“i could never get tired of being in between your legs.”

But Yuuri being the “extra” one instead of Victor, like

Victor: Okay … why is the house on fire?

Yuuri: I messed up a phone call. I panicked. 


Victor: Yuuri, why are you sprawled on the floor?

Yuuri: [staring at ceiling in depression] Because life is meaningless and death is inevitable.

Victor: [sighs] Oh, god, not this again.

Yurio: [lying next to Yuuri on the floor] Shut up Victor, I like him better this way. Go on Yuuri, I got you.


Person who is not Minami or Victor: Omg, Katsuki Yuuri, you’re so hot and sexy, I love you!!!

Yuuri: [breathes into a bag for an hour while Victor rubs his back]

Victor: [to person] Why would you say something like that!?

Person: … ?

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))


“God, black leather jackets are so hot.” You breathed out as you, Sam, Dean and Cas strolled pass a high end store.

“Hot? I had no idea clothing had such a high temperature…” Cas said, eyebrows forwarding as he over thought your comment. You giggled, shaking your head softly. 

“No, Castiel. I meant that leather jackets look very handsome on men.” You corrected yourself.

“You think leather jackets are hot?” Dean raised an eyebrow and you nodded simply.


The motel was dewy and cold. You shivered and cuddled into the bed further. “Where’s Dean?” You asked Sam as he punched the keys on his laptop quickly. 

“Hmm?” He hummed softly and turned towards you a little. “Oh, Dean. Yeah he went out or whatever. Hey, you hungry?”

“Starving.” You smiled and thanked the gentle giant as he headed out the door to grab some grub.

Dean walked into the room no longer than 5 minutes later. “Hi.” You smiled and continued scrolling through your phone.

Dean stayed silent for a minute. “Y/N.”

“Yes?” You asked, confused. 

Dean didn’t answer for a solid ten minutes, making you return to your previous activities. 

“Anything?” He said impatiently. 


Dean looked down, tugging at new leather jacket. 

You flushed, feeling as if you were missing something. “You got a haircut?”

“Nevermind, dammit.” 

ways to feel better after a meal that makes u feel heavy n upset;

  • get a jug of water and try and drink through it (slowly, with a glass)
  • have some fruit, something light like a mandarin or some grapes
  • wash your feet and your face, brush your teeth
  • make your self cooler rather than too hot (sweating might make you feel worse) 
  • open a window and breathe in some fresh air
  • get comfortable
  • tell yourself you did great for eating instead of skipping a meal
  • also tell yourself that you can start again at any moment
  • watch a film or some youtube videos to distract yourself
  • don’t panic <3 

Don’t imagine dark being hella sexy when he lose up his tie , don’t imagine dark taking control over mark with out permission just to see you , don’t imagine dark doing the neck thing just to tease you , don’t imagine him taking you to the places you DON’T wanna go to , don’t imagine dark rolling up his sleeves for you to see his full arm , don’t imagine dark choosing over the millions of suits he has but to you they all look the same , don’t imagine dark’s eyes turning blood red demon when he sees someone else talking to you , don’t imagine him getting jealous when you Fangirl over anti , don’t imagine him hugging you and whispering with his hot breath to your ears
Just don’t

what I want for EP VIII is this:

A new female character. She’s hot, funny, smart, cool, a fanboi’s dream. She and Poe obviously have history. They are at ease with one another, hug a lot, have inside jokes, each other, the fanbois are appeased. It seems like Poe is indeed a hetero dude™.

Meanwhile, Finn eyes the both of them with what an observant audience member easily identifies as jealousy. Somewhere in the second half of the movie he approaches hot new female character and says something like ‘Yeah, I’m really happy for Poe and you. He’s a really nice dude and deserves someone as hot, funny, smart and cool as you.’ He turns to leave. The fanbois rejoice. The gay has been defeated.

Then we hear her answer: “Waaaaat, no buddy, Poe is gay as shit.”

The dudebros stop breathing.

“And I also think he has the hots for you”

Some start whimpering silently.

“And btw, I’m a lesbian.”

Dead silence in the movie theatre. There is no hope left for the dudebros. It has been crushed by the merciless gay agenda. Somewhere in the distance Rey whoops Kylo’s emo ass into the next galaxy.

today’s happy place, 11/1

Jack has a bay window in his apartment. Bitty’s found him cushions to put on it, and sometimes in the morning when Jack’s gone for a run Bitty will peel himself out of bed and bring a cup of coffee to the window. He sits on the cushions and loses himself staring across the Providence skyline.

This morning, he’s so lost in the view – distant mist and indistinct buildings – that he doesn’t even hear the apartment door open. So when Jack’s cold fingers draw up the hem of his sweatshirt and press against his ribcage, Bitty yowls like a cat and jumps. A few drops of coffee go splashing onto the windowpane.

“JACK!” he protests weakly as Jack sits behind him, lifting one leg onto the cushions and drawing Bitty into his lap. “You sneak. How you creep across this floor without making a sound I’ll never know.”

Jack huffs a hot breath against Bitty’s neck, a bit of a laugh. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re freezing, watch those fingers, Jack!” Bitty wriggles as Jack encircles his waist under the heavy press of his sweatshirt. “I’m trying to drink coffee and you’re being a menace.”

“Mm-hm.” Jack presses a kiss to the shell of Bitty’s ear. At least his lips are warm. “I’m such a menace.”

“You are, though.” Bitty says, weakly, sighing. He’s got no defenses against a Jack cuddle. “A cold, horrible menace.”

Jack kisses his jaw. His stubble scratches Bitty’s skin. Bitty turns his head, ostensibly to get away from the itch, but Jack’s lips capture his, and all at once he’s pressing into that sweet warmth, savoring the warmth of Jack’s tongue as it swipes against his. He whimpers as the kiss ends.

“Menace,” he repeats, lifting his free hand to swat Jack’s arm halfheartedly.

Jack’s hands on Bitty’s stomach cinch tight. They’re warmer than they were. “Stay with me,” he murmurs.

Bitty sucks in a breath and holds it.

“Please,” Jack adds. His voice is earnest.

Shaking his head, Bitty sighs and nuzzles Jack’s flushed cheek with smiling lips. “Well, okay, I suppose.”

🔷 Irises

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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Quickie (Blurb)

Harry and you going to a friend’s show in a small bar like Hotel Cafe and he feels you up way too much so while everyone inside you and him sneak out to the dark alley and doing it really quick.


His breath was hot on your neck and you could feel his fingers gripping your hips as you both swayed back and forth to the sound of the music being played on the stage. You had dragged him out tonight to see one of your friends perform, despite Harry’s protests that all he wanted to do was stay at home and get you naked. But this was an important show for your friend and you wanted to be there to support him; a fact that you scolded Harry about because it was his friend as well, which finally succeeded in making him feel guilty enough to agree to the outing.

He wasn’t making it easy on you though. Ever since the music had started, Harry had been all over you. At first, you thought it was cute. He would throw his arms around your waist and bury his face in your neck. As time went on, however, you caught on to exactly what he was trying to do. Harry’s goal - as revenge for dragging him out of the house - was to get you so worked up that you physically couldn’t stay in the bar anymore and would have to take him home so you could get out all of the pent-up sexual tension.

You succeeded - for a while - at ignoring him. You were affectionate, but you weren’t giving in to what he really wanted, and that only made him try harder.

It was when his hands started wandering underneath your shirt that you started to lose your resolve.

“Harry,” you warned, “stop. There are people around.”

“Then let’s go somewhere there are no people. I need you, peanut.”

You groaned softly as you felt his hands inch up higher and higher on your torso.

“Please,” Harry whimpered, kissing below your ear, “M’achin’ for you.”

You knew that much was true; you could feel him very prominently against your bum and that didn’t help your self control at all.

“What, you want to just sneak out, fuck in the car and come back in, hoping no one notices?” you asked, somewhat sarcastically.

“Doesn’t have to be the car.”

You let out a chuckle and shook your head. But the moment you felt Harry’s tongue graze your neck, you were done for.

“Mmmmm, it’s gotta be quick,” you murmured, grabbing one of his hands in yours and turning so you could walk in the direction of the door.

Harry followed you until you came to a back alley behind the bar that was completely abandoned and closed off. It wasn’t the most romantic of places, but you didn’t care at the moment.

“Pants down,” you breathed, pushing Harry up against the wall, much to his surprise, “C’mon!”

Harry looked at you, amused, and unbuckled his belt. You weren’t going to waste any more time with foreplay; you wanted one thing from Harry and you wanted it now. He had worked you up so much that you didn’t even care if you sounded bossy. This is what he had been trying to get all night and you were going to give it to him.

As soon as he had his pants and boxers down to his knees, Harry took over, turning your body so your back was now against the wall and positioning himself so he could slide into you. You let out a moan as you felt him fill you up and threw your arms around his neck.

“Jump,” he muttered, placing his hands under your bum.

You did as he said and lifted your feet off the ground, jumping until you could wrap them around his waist.

“So dirty for me, aren’t you?” Harry praised as he started to thrust, “Takin’ me in an alleyway. Couldn’t even wait to get to the car.”

“This is your fault,” you moaned, leaning your head back against the wall behind you, “You worked me up.”

Harry grinned, thrusting in deeper. “Yeah, I did. Think it worked though; dunno if I’ve ever felt yeh this wet.”

You groaned long and hard into his shoulder, sinking your teeth into his flesh and causing Harry to let out a hiss.

“There ya go; bein’ such a good girl fo’ me. Gonna cum soon, aren’t yeh? Can feel you squeezing me already.”

His words pushed you over the edge and you let out a shriek into his neck, pulsing around him until you felt him squeeze your hips and still inside of you. He let out low mumbles and incomprehensible swear words as he emptied himself into you.

“Fuck,” he breathed, setting you down carefully on the ground and pushing his hair out of his face, “I really did work you up.”

“Shut up,” you smirked, slapping his arm as you rearranged your clothes, “I look like a mess now.”

Harry took your hands in his, pulling them away from your shirt, and leaned in to give you a sweet kiss.

“You look beautiful.”

You sighed and gave him a smile. “Thank you.”

“Always look beautiful after I fuck you right out,” he laughed, zipping up his pants.

“Way to ruin the moment, Harry.”


Brett Talbot x Reader 

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, NSFW, smut.
Word count: 1 193
A/N: I love getting dirty requests like this and it was really fun to write. ♥

You stood in the kitchen, preparing for dinner as Brett choose a movie for you to lazy-watch during your meal. The distinct feeling of someone breathing in your neck made you freeze, soft but hot winds of air fanned on your already heated skin as you turned around, just to meet a smirking Brett.

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