hot breath on you

Give in to me

17 years old (2011)

(Picture is not mine!)

Warnings: Smut 

A/N: Honestly, I suck at writing smut and there are definitely more talented people than I am! I hope you still enjoy it! xoxo

“Are you really sure you want to do it?” Harry’s hot breath hit my lips, his green orbs searching for confirmation in my eyes. I was placed onto his lap, straddling him. Our crotches met each other while I was grinding on him to create friction and simultaneously to get him turned on. I felt his hands trailing their way down my back to my hips where they stayed.

“Absolutely.” I panted, tangling my fingers in the mob of curls and pushing his head towards mine so I could connect our lips to a kiss again. What should suppose to be an evening with cuddling and watching movies until we fell asleep instantly turned out to be a heated make out session. Deep down, I knew it was time to lead our relationship to the next level.

We had been together for almost a year and none of us truly came up with the topic of having sex with each other. Every now and then you could notice that we lusted for the other one but honestly we never went further. Harry was very patient in that case and he took sex very seriously I could tell because it meant more to him than just having fun. For him, sex consisted of commitment, trust and deep connection and not to forget love. When it happened then because we loved each other and wanted to make this experience not because we felt obligated to do it. I knew he wanted to give me as much as time that I needed until I came to the point where I could say I was ready to give in myself to him.

Tonight, I was ready. Ready to connect my body with his, feeling him close to me than ever. Feeling his unconditional love for me.  Just the thought caused little jolts in my entire body.

“You know we can wait.” Harry mumbled, pulling away from my lips. His face showed a hint of uncertainty. “It’s your first time, love. I don’t want you to regret anything afterwards. If we do this you’re not a virgin anymore. When it’s done, it’s done and there is no turning back. So please, think about it clearly. I don’t want to take something special that only belongs to you when you’re not into this.”

“I am, Harry.” I reassured him, caressing his cheek gently. I loved how caring he was. “I want you to make love me. I don’t want to share this experience with anyone but you.” My voice almost sounded desperate.

It was yet enough to convince him about my choice. He nodded his head. “Okay.” He whispered. “Let’s go to your bedroom then.” He stood up, me still clinging onto him, steadying his hands under my thighs and carrying me upstairs. Thank god my parents weren’t at home by the time and they wouldn’t be there for a while so Harry and I had all the privacy that we needed.

Arriving at my room, Harry carefully placed me onto my bed. A wave of nervousness washed over me and I could tell that Harry felt the same.

“You’re still sure about this, yeah?” He questioned again.

I nodded my head agreement. “I’ve never been so sure about something in my life.”

Harry crawled his way towards me until he was hovering over my body and I lied beneath him. He put his hands to the left and right of my head and bent down. My heart beat quickened and excitement run through my body. I couldn’t wait to become one with him.

As he kissed my lips, he slowly stripped my shirt over my head. The sudden contact with the cool air let goose bumps rise on my skin. I heard a slight gasp out of his mouth as he saw what kind of bra I wore. His eyes grew to a dark shade and lust was obviously visible in them. My hands went down to his pants and unbuckled his belt. Sliding his jeans to his ankles, I could recognize the bulge in his boxers.

We freed each other from the remaining bits of our clothes, throwing them in a corner of my room. However, when it came to my underwear, insecurity crept its way onto the surface. Firstly, Harry never saw me naked before, not even in a bikini. And secondly, I never was content with my body and I kinda was afraid of how he would react to it.

“What’s the matter?” Harry asked, sensing my hesitation.

“Nothing.” I claimed, just because I didn’t want to destroy our mood.

“Are you feeling insecure?” He exactly hit the mark with his question.

“(Y/N), you’re insanely beautiful, no matter how you look like. Even if you had more pounds on your hips or thighs or whatever part on your body, I would have still loved you. I love you for you, not for your body.”

Harry always knew what to say to cheer me up. I smiled widely and as he told me to arch my back so he had access to my bra and could unclasp it, I did what he said. The straps of my black laced bra slowly glided down my arms, giving Harry a perfect view on my breasts.

He offered me a smile, which gave me the feeling of encouragement.

“Do you like them?” I asked.

“I love them.” He said. “They’re perfect.” I took his both hands and let them to my chest. He cupped my breasts and kneaded them softly, adding a bit pressure on them. A content sigh escaped my lips and a wave of heat crushed on me. Harry glared intently at me, curious about my reaction. I closed my eyes in satisfaction, taking my lower lips between my teeth. His thumps brushed gently against my sensitive nipples and another sigh escaped my mouth as I felt little tingles flowing through my body.

Then, Harry took my nipples into his mouth, his tongue twirling around the little nubs until they became hard. Looking at him pleasuring me was definitely a hot sight.

“May I go further?” He inquired and as I gave him my approval to do so, he stripped me out of my panties. I was now fully naked and Harry practically devoured me with his eyes.

“I think I could get used to seeing you naked. Hopefully more often.” He grinned cheekily.

“Haha, you wish Styles.” I remarked.

Harry freed himself out of his boxers afterwards, my eyes widened and I gulped as I saw the size of his hard cock. He was huge. I took a deep breath.

“You think we could start?”

“Yes.” I responded. He went to his drawer and put out a little pack of condoms.

“Harry, we don’t need that.” I said. He gave me a confused look.

“I’m on birth control.” I admitted and earned a slightly bewildered expression on Harry’s face.

“You are?”

“Yeah, I wanted to be prepared once the time came. I want to feel you entirely, Harry. All of you.”

He came back to me, pushing me on my back, then placing himself between my legs. His hands were all over my naked body. Wherever he touched me, his hands left a burning sensation behind. My desire for him grew more every passing second. He placed his soft lips on my throat. I tilted my head to the side so he had more access to my neck, peppering my skin with gentle kisses. He easily found my sweet spot, teasing it with his amazing tongue. Biting, sucking, licking, that’s how he worked on my skin, drawing blood to the surface. He left his marks on me, to be seen for everyone and I was sure that I would keep them for a long while. But honestly, I didn’t care.

“It’ll hurt at the beginning.” He whispered in my ear. “I need you to stay relaxed and calm, okay.” I nodded.

“You need to tell me if you can’t handle it anymore and I will stop. Just tell me when you feel uncomfortable, please.”

I could feel the base of his erection against my core and then he slowly pushed himself into me. A burning pain hit me instantly and I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, my body stiffening. I couldn’t prevent a few tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Relax, baby.” Harry soothed. “I know it hurts.” I tried to, but the further he slid into me the more pain I felt. I whimpered. My nails were digging into his arms and Harry hissed at it.

“(Y/N), I will stop, okay? I don’t like to see you in pain. We can repeat this some other time.”

As he intended to slide out of me, I wrapped my lips around his hips, forcing him to stay.

“(Y/N).” He begged.

“No, please continue.” I choked out whilst the pain. He wiped away my tears and kissed over my eyes tenderly.

“But you’re hurting.”

“Move, Harry.” I was in pain, yes, but he filled me up entirely and there were no enough words to describe how complete I felt. He gave me more time to adjust to his size.

Intertwining our fingers then, he started to move his hips, thrusting into me with a slow pace. I still felt uncomfortable but the pain vanished a bit the more he slid in and out of me.

“Are you okay, baby?” He inquired.

“Yes.” I answered truthfully.

The pain was soon replaced by pleasure and sweet moans started to leave my lips. Harry buried his face in the crook of my neck, panting heavily.

“Harry…” I sighed, spreading my legs wider so I could take more of him. Here we were, tangled in each other’s arms with not only our bodies but also our souls connected, making passionate love to each other. It was amazing. An indescribable moment.

“(Y/N), you feel so good, baby. Oh jesus!” He groaned.

Thrust after thrust, he quickened his pace and we became a moaning and groaning mess. I no longer felt any pain. I bucked my hips up to meet his. When he hit my g-spot, I threw my head back in pleasure, screaming his name. He continued to hit that spot I was craving for and I could see the stars in front of my eyes. God, I loved this boy so much.

After a while, we switched positions so I could now ride him. I think he wanted me to be in charge of our love making so I knew how it felt to be in control. And I had to admit that I felt superior. Harry pressed his head against my chest, kissing the gap between my breasts. I increased my pace, bouncing faster but still gentle on his shaft. The sweet sounds that escaped his lips could have taken me to the edge here and now. I would always remember this even though there was more to come. And I was looking forward to it.

“You look so sexy riding me like this, baby.” Harry said. “Take all of me, baby. Make love to me. Show me your love. I’m all yours.”

I connected my lips with his, our tongues meeting each other and fighting for dominance.

“I love you, Harry.” I had the urge to scream this so everybody in the entire world knew that he belonged to me. However, it was in the middle of the night and I didn’t want the neighbors to wake up. I needed to contain the volume of my voice.

“I love you too, baby. Only you.”

Slowly, I felt something build up in my stomach and I knew I would hit my orgasm soon. Harry turned us to our old position and I lied underneath him again.

“I’m close, Harry.” I panted, slightly clenching around him.

“I’ve got you baby girl, let go when you feel like it. I’m here.” To find my release  faster, he added pressure on my clit, rubbing circles on it. I covered my mouth with my hand to muffle my screams.

“Shit!” More and more whimpers came out my mouth.

“Let go baby. Give in to me.” Harry encouraged me. With another thrust, I came on his erection, muscles clenching around him and my toes curling. Harry road me through my orgasm and when his thrusts became sloppy he found his own climax.

He squeezed his eyes shut, his lips parted and he let out a throaty moan. “(Y/N)!” He spurted his semen into me and watching him during his high for the first time was an amazing experience.

His body fell onto mine, his head resting on my bare chest. My fingers instantly run through his hair, slightly tugging at them.

“It was wonderful. I have no words to describe it.” I mumbled. I was no longer a virgin anymore.

“You’re not feeling pain, are you?” He sounded sleepy.

“No, not anymore.”

“That’s good. Don’t want you get hurt.” His voice was nothing but a whisper now.

“I’m fine, baby.”

He gave me a final kiss on my lips for that night.

Soon we fell asleep in each other’s. Sweaty but happy in more in love than ever.

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“Oh my God, just shut the fuck up.” Instantly, your head snaps his direction, stopping mid-step to face the red-faced man yourself. Your eyebrows crinkled together, lips slightly tilted downwards and eyes squinted to exhibit your anger at his spat towards you. He stands in front of you, staring directly at you with his darkened eyes, fists tightly balled on each of his sides, skin still glistening with sweat. You act fast in your irritation, placing both hands flat on his hard chest and pushing threateningly. 

Make me.” Your words are sharp and clear, but you are still unable to catch the smirk on his face. You move to push him again at his delayed response, but, he catches both of the small of your wrists, yanking you towards him till your chest hits his own. His nose bumps yours in the sudden movement, and he speaks before you can retaliate.

His breath his hot against your face, the air between you and him thickening rather quicker than you would’ve ever expected. “Oh, trust me, babygirl.” He leans towards your ear, a shiver being coaxed out of your body from his breaths tickling the sensitizing skin. “I will.”

- and i hope you guys are ready. :-)

  • Dazai: Hey chuuya, how are-
  • Chuuya: Hey, how are you, you were mouth breathing into my face last night, so I did not get a ton of sleep, I’m actually pretty exhausted. When you said good morning to me, it was neither of those things. It was neither good or morning, because my brain thinks it’s night because of your hot fucking breath for the majority of it. Are you a dragon? Why is your breath so hot? Are you guarding a treasure in here I don’t know about? You should’ve told me, that sounds important. Your breath is so hot and the air in here is so cold, how does your body do that? And it wasn’t like, a dry heat, oh no, it was a wet shitty, moist-I woke up with curly hair because of the humidity in this area! At one point, you were breathing INTO MY MOUTH, and you kno-guess wha-FUCK YOU! That is ASSAULT! because you’re breathing Carbon-Dioxide into my oxygen hole and that’s not how my body works. Am I a plant? Am I a tree? Do I have a root system? No, to all three of those things! Get your goddamn carbon-dioxide away from my oxygen hole. How did you even get close enough to breath into my mouth? I bought a king sized bed FOR THIS REASON! And not only do I sleep on my side, but I sleep OVER THE EDGE, like a cat on top of a sofa, and you somehow ROMAN SOLDIERED your way over, leaving nothing but wrinkled sheets and DEATH in your wake, to hot breath into my mouth. At one point, I almost fell asleep because you’re hot breathing became rhythmic, like waves crashing onto a beach. Only for your restless leg syndrome to kick me in the thigh three times. And not back, to back, to back like you would think, you kicked me, waited for it to swell, then kicked me in the swelling like an asshole. You. Suck. Shit.
  • Dazai: 83

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Holy shit! That Axel Deiter jr one was hot! Could you also do #141 with him please?

I’m glad you liked it! Not bad for a first time write.

“Use your words.”

Sometimes you wanted to kill Axel when he got like this during sex, but other times you liked it.

Currently your hands were bound with his tie and your bra was the only thing left on your body. Axel slowly kissed each side of your inner thighs, you groaned feeling his hot breath on your aching cunt.

Axel grinned as he watched you huff in frustration once more as you didn’t receive what you wanted. “What is it baby? Use your words” he grinned watching your eyes as he gently flicked your clit.

“Fuck me”.

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If one hypothetically wanted to read your Eldritch Abomination Garfield fic, how would one go about finding it as directly searching for 'garfield' hypothetically does not include the fic?

“They bought it?” Lyman asked as Jon hung up the phone.

“I got the contract,” Jon confirmed, dazed. “I’m — I’m syndicated.”

“You did it, man!” Lyman said, clapping him on the back. Odie barked.

“They’re already thinking about merchandising deals,” Jon continued, staring into space.

“I told you things were going to turn around for you,” Lyman said with a nod. Odie continued barking, making it clear that he was not just trying to be supportive. “Hey, look, I’ve gotta take the dog for a walk. If the alarm goes off while I’m gone, can you take dinner out of the oven?”

“Yeah,” Jon said, with no real conception of what he was agreeing to. He still had not yet finished processing that phone call, the idea that he was going to be paid, consistently, that he was a working cartoonist, that his comics would be in papers. Merchandising deals. Merchandising.

It was not until he heard the door that Jon realized he was alone in the apartment.

Just him, and Garfield.

From the corner, it growled.

Jon’s heart spasmed; he hadn’t realized it was in the same room. “H—hey,” he said. It would have been a dumb thing to say if it was a normal cat. It was a dumber thing to say under the circumstances. Its eyes glowed red in the shadows. “How are you?” he asked, then winced as the cat growled again. “Heard the good news?” he asked weakly.


It rumbled through his brain like an earthquake, words without words. He covered his ears even though it wouldn’t help. “Yeah, thanks for—”


Jon’s heart spasmed again, overwhelmed with the sense of a hunger not his own. “Right, about that—”

YOU WILL FEED ME it said, words written in blood, thick and hot.

“—yes, I got that, I’m just not really sure what I’m supposed to—”

MEAT and the word throbbed, tore.

“Would chicken be okay?”

UNACCEPTABLE it said in broken bone and jellied marrow.

“I don’t want to stereotype you by assuming you want to eat my roommate—”

YES GIVE ME HIS HEART it said, pulsing, torn flesh.

“—but you can’t eat Lyman.”

I͇̤͜ ̭̩W̨͕̪̠͙I̧̫͍͕̤̥̥̥L̜̜̭͔̪͢L̡͉͍͍͓̣ ͇F̤̜E̤̱̼̩͙̺͢E̥̳̫D̯͚̰ͅ

The glowing eyes moved from the shadows, grew larger, taller. Hellfire, if fire could cast dark instead of light, orange and red, fire and blood. The indistinct shape that might have been a cat became an indistinct shape that might have been a man, large, always large. Jon shrank back as it stretched to fill the room, tried not to look directly at it. Hot breath and sharp teeth against his skin, even though it couldn’t have been, because he was still wearing his jacket.

There was a chiming sound.


“Uh.” Jon swallowed, hard. “Dinner?”


“Yes,” Jon said, “but I don’t know if you can eat people food…”

Garfield sat in the middle of the floor, wide as it was tall. Its gaze was baleful.

“Right. You can eat whatever you want.” Slowly Jon inched around the cat to head toward the kitchen. “I don’t really know what it is, though. It might be… vegan.”

Garfield hissed, the sound of pain, and Jon fled toward the oven.


Jon stopped himself from telling the cat get off the counter. “I think it’s a casserole,” he said, removing the dish to set it on the stove. He gingerly removed the lid, his hands safely wrapped in oven mitts. “Oh. It’s lasagna.”


“It has to cool,” Jon said. Garfield hissed again, and the sound turned Jon’s blood to fiberglass. He backed away, and the cat leapt bodily and entirely into the baked pasta. It did not seem bothered by the fact that the pasta sauce was still bubbling, and Jon tried not to look at the void of its mouth. A black hole rimmed with fangs, an absence of all light, drawing in all that it touched to disappear within.

WHAT IS THIS it asked, and a hellfire paw batted at a stretchy piece of mozzarella.

“… cheese?”

The cat-shaped thing nodded, still sitting in the dish of lasagna.


“You don’t have cheese in hell?”

It nodded again.

“I guess that’s what makes it hell.” If Garfield appreciated this observation, it did not show it. It cracked open its maw again, more lasagna disappearing, and Jon looked away. “That lasagna was supposed to feed us for a week,” he sighed. “How much longer do I need to do this?” he asked.


“Until I’m satisfied?”


Realization dawned. “Wait, but — I thought this was a one-time thing.”


“If you leave, I get fired?”


“So I might still be able to make it on my own.”


Jon thought of the portfolio sitting in his room, and sagged. “… no.”

It grew, limbs stretching, claws turning to fingers and then claws again. It sat on the counter like a solid mirage, licking red from its hands.


Syndication and merchandising deals and maybe someday a cartoon on television. His signature in every newspaper in every house in the country. In the world, even. He raked his fingers through his curls and tried not to look at its claws.

“I guess I’m stuck with you, then,” Jon said.

It didn’t slide off the counter the way a man would, shifted off like drifting smoke or licking flames, stood and was no shorter. Tall and broad and solid, a weight to its presence as it moved closer. Jon shrank back again as it loomed, and this show of submission seemed to please it. Hot breath and sharp teeth against his skin again, and he shivered.


→ plums & melons | 01

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pairing → Jimin x Reader

☆ genre  →  smut, slight humor, drama || brother’s best friend!au 

warnings   → public indecency, dirty talk, a lot of teasing, jimin’s porn preferences, and boobs

☆ word count   → 6.3k

The long time running game between you and your brother’s best friend started when you noticed his fascination with boobs—yours specifically. It was never supposed to amount to more than harmless flirting and lingering glances, but now, one year later, Jimin was ready to change that.

alternatively: Jimin and you play a game. the loser is fucked. metaphorically. literally. all the above??

☆ a/n → i had to split this into 2 parts rip (& in this work of fiction, jimin’s penis isn’t a jelly bean) happy 3 months !!

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warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, oral sex, fingering, rough sex, asphyxiation (choking), dom!jungkook + sub!reader

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masterlist | ask | song

Slamming the front door behind him Jungkook twisted your body round to face him, his jaw clenched impossibly tight with anger as his eyes searched your face. Despite the fact you’d been together almost four years now, he still became irrationally jealous over the smallest of interactions with other men. You’d met Jungkook one Saturday night in your favourite club in Seoul, a middle aged man had tried to flirt with you and buy you a drink but to tell you the truth his presence had you on edge; and a tall, dark and handsome stranger managed to salvage the situation; acting as your jealous boyfriend who demanded to talk to you outside.

Of course when the two of you made it outside the club he lit up a cigarette and admitted he was watching you most of the night, and couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable you looked around the older man. Any normal woman would feel invaded if someone had admitted to visually stalking them all night, but he seemed harmless. He was beautiful, mysterious and frankly the most charming man you’d ever encountered. The strangers name was Jeon Jungkook, the maknae and lead vocalist of the famous Kpop group BTS; you couldn’t believe your luck when he asked you out that night, he was possibly everything you’d ever wanted in a significant other.

But the jealous boyfriend act wasn’t just an act anymore.

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The Club (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut with a dash of fluff.
Word count: 3.6k 

Part one: Kitchen Counter, Part two: Laundry Room.

» Song: Love In This Club part II

Summary: ”Or we can just do it here.“ He hummed, his fingers immediately latching onto his belt and working as quickly as ever to get it loose. “Jeon Jungkook,” You quietly scolded with a laugh, placing a hand over his and looked around. “People can see you.” Once you looked back down at him, he shook his head slowly, “It doesn’t matter, baby,” He reasoned, his tongue flickering over his lips. “Everyone’s wasted, I promise. I just…I want you so bad.” 

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Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst adjacent, smut, dirty talk, LOTS of language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: I was looking through some REALLY old requests and I came across an idea from @jennalyncarrigan1230 from who knows how long ago. She pitched an idea that I have twisted and LOVE the outcome. I doubt she even remembers sending the ask, but her initial idea sparked this smutty goodness. This took on a life of its own. I haven’t wrote Dean smut or ANY smut in quite some time. This is officially DIRTY. Or at least by my standards it is. Hope you enjoy. ;) Italics & Bold indicate reader’s thoughts.  This has very little plot. Just the poor reader thinking her secret dirty thoughts about Dean only to have them be not so secret anymore.

Feedback Appreciated

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Summary: Nat does everything in her power to finally get you and Bucky together. 

Warnings: This is pretty much all smut: unprotected sex (please use protection), thigh riding, oral (m receiving), praise kink (kinda?). i think that’s it, let me know if you find anything else

Words: 3.4k

A/N: I finally wrote something! I have a few more pieces in the works now too. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much, but I am trying to work on that. Hope you enjoy. Send me requests here. 


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I think I love you - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word count : 1,484

Warnings : none

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Your phone rang in the pocket of your jacket making you jump by surprise. You answered the call before showing your index to your friend Archie, meaning that it would only take a minute.

“Hi, this is (y/n) speaking.”

“Hey (y/n), how are you?” You instantly recognised the groggy voice behind the line.

“Jughead! I’m good! What about you?” From the corner of your eye, you would’ve swore you saw Archie rolling his eyes.

“Marvellous. So, what are you up to this evening? I thought we maybe could’ve hung out tonight. You know, me, you, at Pop’s?” You chuckled lightly.

“Sorry Juggie, I was planning on spending the night with Archie… You can tag along if you want? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” A small sigh made its way into your ear. You had to admit that you spent a lot of your recent time with your new red-haired friend. Jughead still occupied the position of best friend. He didn’t have to worry about it.

“I promise we’ll do something together tomorrow, alright?” It was silence for a while before you heard back,

“Yeah sure.” You pursed your lips, mentally cursing yourself. It wasn’t the first time that you had turned down your best of friend for Archie. Lately it had been happening more than before. It made you feel like the worst pal.

“See you.” With that, Jughead hung up. You understood how he felt. It wasn’t right that you weren’t spending as much time with him.

“Jughead, wasn’t it?” You looked up and saw Archie sprawled across the black beanbag in your bedroom. His hands were attached on the new acoustic guitar his dad had got him for his birthday. You nodded and played with the sleeves of you sweater. Your friend continued strumming the strings of his instrument.

“Hey- I wrote this song last week, and I wanted to know what you thought about it. I’ve been trying to talk to Josie about her playing some of my compositions, but she’s not that into it. You’re her friend, right? Maybe you could listen to it and try to talk to her?” He asked questioningly.

“Of course, go ahead.” His fingers moved to the tuners and accorded them as his other hand rested on the waist of the guitar. A few seconds later, a pleasant melody filled the room. Archie then started singing the lyrics he had written. The song wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was quite catchy. The redhead friend of yours had talent. Before Archie could go on, you blurted out something you soon would regret.

“I’ll probably spend the day with him tomorrow.” The small tune that Archie had started suddenly came to an end. Archie hadn’t spoken to Jughead since this summer. The tree of you and Betty we’re supposed to go on a road trip the fourth of July but Archie left you hanging at the last minute. Since then, the boys stopped talking completely. When you mentioned one of  them to the other, you saw the irritation and annoyance in their expression.

“I thought you were coming to my game tomorrow. I’m playing in the varsity football team this year, remember?” You bet your lip and fiddled your hair with your fingers.

“I’m sorry Arch. I haven’t seen Jughead in a while now and I don’t want him to feel like I stopped being his friend. I’m making a vow that I’ll show up to your next game, how about that?”

“Why does it always have to be about him? Everything constantly has to be about Jughead.” Your were caught off guard by the sudden raise in his voice.

“That’s not it… I’m just trying to do what’s best here.”

“By ditching me at the last minute, that’s how your making things better? I didn’t think of you as an inconsiderate and selfish person.” He replied bitterly. In all the time of you guy’s friendship, you had never seen this side of Archie. Usually, he would be sweet and just shrug off any problem that faced his way. But the words he had just told you, they hurt your heart. Your eyes were starting to fill up with tears and your bottom lip started quivering.

“I’ve spent all my time with you for the last month. You. Not Jughead. Why are you treating me like this?”

“You know what? I don’t want to spend any more of my time with you right now.” With that, Archie got up and left you alone in your room. Without even noticing, a trail of tears had made its way down your cheeks. A sob escaped your mouth and your hands covered your face as you poured your heart out. You laid in your bed and continued crying.

It was all your fault. Archie now hated you and would probably never talk to you again. Why did you had to be so stupid? If only you had kept your mouth shut. Maybe he still would have been on that beanbag, singing.

Maybe half an hour later, you heard the wooden creek of your door meaning that someone was coming in. You didn’t even move, your pillow pressed against your face. The mattress shifted to the side from the sudden weight that it now had on it. You felt a piece of your hair being put behind your ear. You smiled at the sweet gesture and assumed it was your mother. You slowly got up and saw Jughead sitting beside you. Automatically, you vaulted in his arms tearing up once again.

“Sssh. It’s going to be okay.” He rubbed your back comfortingly. Your forehead was against his chest, his two upper limbs protectively holding you. Your eyes were probably red from all the crying but you couldn’t care less. You continued sobbing in his chest until you eventually felt calmer.

“Why- Why are you here?” You asked with a small voice. Jughead gently whipped your cheek with his thumb.

“Your mom saw Archie leave in a rush and realized that you two probably had a fight. She heard you crying and thought that you would be more willing to speak about it with me than her.” You grinned at the boy.

“I ruined your shirt.” You noticed, and felt guilty.

“Nothing to worry about (y/n/n). I never liked that jersey anyway.” You giggle with your best friend. You sniffed and observed Jughead who his face was only about a foot away from you. You had to admit that he was good looking. His prefect blue eyes were mesmerising and his pink lips appeared so kissable. Forever you considered the boy as nothing more than a platonic relationship to you. Never had you ever felt anything for him. But in that moment, something clicked. Jughead wasn’t only a friend to you, not even a best friend.  A stronger feeling overwhelmed your body. You felt love. You loved Jughead Jones. 

He was the one who your mother called when you were sad. He was the one who came rushing to your house as soon as your mother hung up. He was the one who was holding you and comforting you, whispering sweet nothing to you as you were crying. He was the one who was there for you.

“Jughead.” He raised his eyebrows at you.

“(y/n)?” You asked yourself in your mind if it was the right time to confess your feelings towards him. Your breathing started quickening as the anxiety rose in your core.

“I think I-” He watched you with intending eyes, indicating to continue your phrase.

“I think I love you.” Jughead eyeballed you, astonished at your revelation. He quietly answered, almost inaudible for you to hear.

“I think I love you too.” He leaned towards you and slowly pressed his lips to yours. Fireworks were going off in your stomach. The heaviness on your shoulders disappeared. In this moment, nothing else mattered in the world. Both of your lips moved in sync as you played with his raven locks. His arms pulled you closer to him, leaving no space between you two. Jughead backed away and kissed every each of your face, including your cheeks, temple and chin.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He whispered in your ear. You gave him a last long peck on the lips before saying,

“Do you want to lay down and cuddle with me?” He moved his head up and down calmly and took a blanket that was already on the bed to cover you. Cuddling was not something new for the both of you. You had always cuddled together, and whenever. His hand ran through your hair bringing a comforting and fuzzy feeling. His body pressed behind your back and his hot breath was tingling your neck. Before you even knew it, you and Jughead had fallen in a deep slumber, both dreaming about each other.

*gif is not mine!!

Dirty Minded Cap*

Pairing Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Prompt: Hi there! I loved resolution! Can I request one where the reader usually wears contacts, but runs out and wears her glasses and Steve realizes he has a thing for the naughty librarian look? Total smut. (requested by @ballerinafairyprincess)
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: Oral sex (female receiving) and unprotected sex. [Sex is safer with a wrapper. Use condoms, folks.]
Author’s Note: I don’t take requests for the moment, but this one has been sent to me after I’ve started posting on this blog, so I thought I could write it and I actually like the prompt. Hope you like it too, though. xx

    You dragged your feet to the kitchen of the Avengers compound, setting a pile of files and books on the counter. Sighing, you reached for the coffee pot and poured yourself a mug. You hummed a long soft moan as you swallowed the hot drink and you leaned against the fridge, looking down and drinking until a certain famous Russian redhead came in.

    “I didn’t know you wore glasses,” Natasha smiled and she poured herself a cup of coffee.

    “I woke up late and I didn’t have time to put in contacts.” You whined, clinging to the rest of the steaming hot liquid and you breathed it in.

    “You know what they say about men loving women wearing glasses,” she obviously quipped and you rolled your eyes playfully.

    “Yeah, of course. Everybody likes the nerd, right?” You chuckled and Steve walked in, joining Natasha behind the counter. “Hi, Steve,” you greeted, watching as his body tensed up when he heard your voice.

    “Y/N,” his smile faded away as he noticed the device perching on the top of the bridge of your nose. “Glasses? You told me you hate them.”

    “I do, but I had no choice. Nat will explain… Sorry, guys, I’ve got a lot of work waiting,” you took back your papers, walking past him with a smile. “See you later, Captain.”

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    Twister (M)

    Genre: Smut

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Word Count: 3,009

    Summary: You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t expected a game of Twister with your boyfriend Jungkook to turn into something much less innocent.

    Requested by @0bluewater2

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    Draco wasn’t breathing. 

    Why wasn’t he breathing?

    Had Harry done something wrong?

    He tightened his grip around Draco, hugging him closer, closer, closer, breathing soft words of encouragement in his ear. “Please, baby,” Harry whispered, his heart hammering in his chest because why wasn’t Draco breathing? “Talk to me.” 

    Draco jerked in his arms, as if slapped, and he choked back a sob, “I - I can’t -”

    “I’m sorry -” Harry immediately said, kissing the top of Draco’s head. “You don’t need to do anything, baby, I’m sorry.”

    He stayed silent, burying himself deep against Harry’s chest. Draco kept jerking in Harry’s arms, as if in war with himself, not sure if he wanted to bolt or get closer, closer, closer

    Why was Draco crying?

    “Did I do something wrong?” Harry tried tentatively after a while, rocking them from side to side. 

    (What? It seemed to calm toddlers down - there was no reason why it wouldn’t do the trick for Draco.)

    “No,” Draco whispered into his chest, heaving. “I - it’s my fault - I -”

    “Your fault?”

    Draco nodded. “I - I’m - you’re gay and I’m… I’m not a real boy -”


    So that was the problem. “Draco,” Harry started carefully, “you are. Just because you don’t have a cock -”

    Draco giggled - hiccoughed a dry sob. “Vulgar.”

    “Shut up,” Harry smiled. “I mean it, though. You’re a boy.”

    “I’m not -”

    “You are.” Harry said firmly, his grip on Draco so tight it might bruise. “I’m gay, you’re a boy -”

    “Harry -”

    “- and I am incredibly in love with you.”

    “Oh,” Draco said, his breath hot on Harry’s neck. He was silent for a while, almost scarily still, until he slowly tilted his head to look up at Harry. His eyes were red, his cheeks wet with tears, and he had never looked more beautiful. “Oh,” he repeated, a smile breaking through. “I love you too.”

    Harry kissed his nose. 

    Partly because he knew it would make Draco giggle again.

    Partly just because he could.

    But mostly because, though still crying, Draco was breathing again. 


    @dreamy-94 so i decided how Buddy will look like 

    Dig will remember dat clothes cuz i stole her design muhaha

    btw 4give meh

    (((because it is hot  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i gave up on the last one because my friend gave me back my wacom tablet and i tested out wacom tablet can do much better than previous one.Then you’ll see the 1st and the 3rd pic are a bit different.((Personally i think 2nd is good too :P


    Summary: The man in the bar can’t seem to keep his eyes off you. || sebastian stan x reader || oneshot

    Warnings: smut, oral (f/m receiving), face fucking, (very brief) naughty stuff in a (kinda) public place (its an elevator), wall sex

    Note: Chris would be the best wingman lol; i’ll add this to the masterlist later


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