hot boy on a motorcycle

Trini, Zack and Billy cracking up when they hear people gushing about Kimberly and Jason. Even after they’ve fallen from grace a little they’re still Popular Kids: Kimberly continues to be worshiped as the most beautiful girl in school and Jason’s got a new reputation as a Hot Bad Boy let me ride your motorcycle guy rather than All Star Quarterback take home to your parents guy

“Kimberly is perfect. She could punch my tooth out any day and I’d thank her”

“Is Jason a god? I think he’s a god, look at him”

because they’ve literally seen Kimberly with greasy hair pulled up in a terrible top knot, faded spongebob pjs and ketchup down her face as she attempts to win a burger eating contest she started, yes, so graceful, so elegant, and they’ve bore witness to Jason bleary eyed, struggling to put his shirt on right, with an awkward teen five o’clock shadow, and drinking cold coffee straight out of the pot and spilling it all over himself, yeah such a deity that one.

The school kids all see these two social Kings and Queens in their refined finished product in school, but what they don’t see is the utter Disasters they really are

their two boyfriends and girlfriend don’t mind at all though, they love their Burger Eating Spongebob Wearing Champion and Who Cares About Five of The Buttons on This Shirt Leader 

Goddamn it, he’s gorgeous.. 

Male Model// Travis DesLaurier 

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anonymous asked:

Dear Aunt Tanya, I know you've mentioned that uncle mark scored his hot wife with his stellar dance moves, but have you ever shared how you two love birds actually met?

It was college! I was a freshman and Mark was the hot bad boy two years older than me with a leather jacket and a motorcycle. He stood outside of one of my classes so he could nod at me everyday for three weeks before he finally got the courage to ask if he could carry my books for me. I broke up with my boyfriend the next day and Mark and I have been together ever since. 

Xoxo Aunt Tanya