hot boy noi loan

Just came back from the cinema

Watched ‘Lost In Paradise’, i.e. the new LGBT-esque vietnamese movie

HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK, I have no tears left to cry. Honestly, that was the best Vietnamese movie I have ever seen, and it’s not just because it’s about homosexuality. My mother, who was hesitant to watch it with me at first can’t stop gushing about how wonderful and touching it is now. The ending tore my heart out but it was such a good movie.

Now keep in mind that the Vietnamese film industry has not yet developed fully and can’t be compared to hollywood, but this movie made me laugh and cry, and I sat through it without wanting to claw my eyes or ears out; I didn’t even feel the need to scoff at any of the dialogues and details.

The only complaint I have is probably the fact that a lot of the 'intimate’ scenes were cut out. Well, that and the group of stupid fucking people who sat behind us in the cinema, making noises of disgust at kissing scenes.

I will definitely buy the DVDs once they come out.

Oh and the funny thing was, not only did my mother watch the movie but my grandmother who is 72 years old actually went to watch it with her friends before I did and she couldn’t stop telling me how good it was, either. Awesome grandma? You bet.


Hot boy noi loan - cau chuyen ve thang cuoi, co gai diem va con vit (Lost In Paradise)
Director: Ngoc Dang Vu
Cast: Vinh Khoa Ho (Khoi), Linh Son (Dong), Manh Hai Luong (Lam)
Vietnam | 2011 | 98 min

Perhaps the first film from Vietnam to depict homosexual love both explicitly and in a positive light.
Naive newcomer Khoi is trying to find his way around when he meets Dong, a sexy charmer who offers Khoi a place to stay. Who would say no? Dong, though, turns out to be a total player and then some. Khoi eventually finds himself in a relationship with a soulful hustler, Lam, who seems to have given up on shaping his own destiny.
While the emotional heart of the film is the couple’s struggle with what they are to each other — and the impact Lam’s profession has on their relationship — the film’s episodic storytelling style weaves in other characters who are also making their way in the big city. Also on the stroll is a tough-on-the-outside female prostitute, whose silent and chaste admirer Cuoi gets her into trouble with her abusive pimp.