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This is just a little post to say I’ve not really been here over the past few days (I hope you’ve been enjoying my queue!) and I’m having a few more days without the internet. In an ideal world, I’d read 100 awesome books now but way to be naive Bec. I’ll catch up with posts and messages and things later. I hope you’re all having a great weekend. :)

I was tagged by: cocoleafie (thanks bb <3)

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Name: Mary

Nickname: ML, Merlah

Birthday: April 9th

Star sign: Aries (& proud!!)

Gender: female

Favourite colour(s): blue (all shades), white, yellow, diplomatson81‘s eyes (the most beautiful shade of brown you’ll ever see)

Time right now: 4:14pm CDT

Average hours of sleep: 7 (i think……)

Lucky number: 9 (& most other odd numbers)

Last thing I googled: anna from mr. nobody

Number of blankets slept under: most of the time two, sometimes one if it’s too hot

Favourite Book: City of Thieves by David Benioff

Favourite Band: The Avett Brothers, Marina & the Diamonds, Vampire Weekend, The Weeks (couldn’t pick just one lol oops)

Last films that I saw at the cinema: The Gallows (do not recommend unless you’re just really desperate for a few jump scares…not super quality at all tho)

Dream trip: A sailing trip around the world (preferably with diplomatson81), stopping at least once on every continent and detailing my travels on a blog/in a book

I tag: sophasauruss, halfawakealex, mysticcontinuum, nikkinacking, kingsasspotter, yomorrow, to-me-its-perfect, 10gallongirl, chasingangie, cityandcolourr (xoxo mutual babes)

Autumn rain is the absolute best, you get to cuddle up to a fireplace or just snuggle in bed with hot tea, a good book, your comfiest socks ever, and just listen to the rain coming down. It’s so therapeutic