hot blonde spanish class

I don’t generally use otp tags but I wanna replace my jb tag w something a little more inspired than “#jb tag” so @ community mutuals help me pick one

the list of options I came up w at 3 am last night are:

  • otp: let’s do what people do
  • otp: the greatest relationship ever known
  • otp: I know a life changing kiss when I see one
  • otp: more than anything in the world (cait I know this one’s yours)
  • otp: hot blonde spanish class
  • otp: portrayal of actual human connection
  • otp: this is what keeps it all from being pointless
  • otp: equally incomplete

I am also taking suggestions beyond these slkgjkslg

I’m mainly posting this because it amuses me and because Annie is so a female Jeff. 

Look at her contacts. “Guy with the Abs.” 

Does that ring a bell about someone’s else contacts in S1 with “Hot Blonde Spanish Class”? :P 

Also from the moment I saw Jeff appear in her contacts I knew we were set for a boatload of JA moments and feels. 

anonymous asked:

Ive never seen community what is it about?

It’s about a guy that faked his degree and became a lawyer, got caught, and forced to go to a shitty community college, wanted to bone the hot blonde from the spanish class so created a ‘studygroup’ only the hot blonde invited a guy that invited a few others so it wasn’t just the ex lawyer and hottie mcblondie…and they became besties.

the end

oh and there’s zombies, musicals, cartoons, dungeons and dragons, claymation, christmas episodes, sex, halloween episodes, bottle episodes, video game episodes, paintball episodes, emotions and other stuff…

it’s a super boring show with awful continuity and it’s not clever or anything at all.

but you should watch it 'cause that last statement was a lie.