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The Sugar Daddies That Are Worth Keeping and Why.

Recently I have been SO stressed out because I almost have too many POT’s and SD’s that I know what to do with. I had to start making some cuts and weigh out the pros and cons. 

Be with an SD you’re EXCITED to see. 

That may seem impossible depending on the appearance of your SD but I’m kind of a shallow snob and only pick guys I’m decently attracted to. But Mr. Limelight (pictured above…OMG he’s stunning.) is someone that I get SO excited to see even though he is the CHEAPEST out of all of them. $200 per meet. You know why? Not only is he stunning, but he’s so much fun to be around, he compliments me so genuinely, thinks I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen…. I feel wanted and secured by this man. (I wish i was 10 years older so he’d find me appropriate to date exclusively lol) 

Mr. Christian Loubitoun, who I haven’t made a post about yet, is a much older man who looks that way, texts me with the sweetest texts. He’ll send me pictures on his trips of things he bought, because he thought about me. We have wonderful, intellectual conversation and I know would never put me in danger. 

DON’T make yourself suffer to be with someone because of the money. 

I’ve been offered a shit ton of money, a place of my own (as long as he could stay when he visits) and so on. But I couldn’t stand him. I couldn’t stand his appearance, his overly sexual desire to just abuse me (theoretically)  because he had money. If I dreaded seeing him, why would I put myself to suffer more when spending an hour with him would make me want to throw up. There’s only so much bullshit Sugar Baby acting you can do before it shows on your face.  It’s not worth it, I promise. Remember, self worth doesn’t mean the money you obtain.

If he treats you like he’s paying you, leave. Don’t get disrespected. 

YOU are a beautiful woman. Regardless of our title as a sugar baby, I still expected to be treated like such. All my SD’s love me because I treat them like a vanilla boyfriend. We’re basically a paid girlfriend without the drama. But you’re not going to text me at 2am at night horny as hell expecting me to get you off. (only) For example, I had a SUPER hot ex baseball player over me but ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS FUCK. He never took me out, he never texted me other than “I want you to come over.” NOPE. I don’t care how hot you are, I am not an escort or a call girl. (Although I love you ladies that are maybe I’ll hook you guys up hahaha)  There was a post, if I can find it I’ll link it but she talked about how her POT made her hold out her hand and dangle the money in front of her. Her response was priceless, she ultimately let this man that she had self respect and he was a dick. 

Just because he pays you, doesn’t mean he controls you. EVER. 

I let my POTs know and SD’s know my expectations. When I’m with you, we’re together. If not, baby, you go do your own thing. I’m not controlling (nor should ANY Sugar Baby be…post coming soon about that) and I expect him to be the same. It’s okay to tell him you’re independent but that doesn’t mean you’ll deprive him of all of his needs. 

Get an SD or POT who understands how this works. 

The GOOD Sugar daddies will compensate you for your time, even if it’s a first meet up. They understand how it works, they know getting intimate out in public, (unless you initiate it) is not okay. They know you have bills that need to be paid properly and respect you time and goals as long as it’s reciprocated. 

- I hope this helps. I love you all xoxoxo


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Olicity "Pitch" au - Oliver is the hot shot baseball player who's time is almost up and Felicity is the rookie & the first woman in the league. Instead of being a tech wizard she's a star athlete. Or Oliver is a baseball star who thinks too much of himself and Felicity is the agent who has to rein him in.

(Went with the second prompt–thanks!)

Felicity’s heels clicked against the painted concrete floors of the warren of rooms and hallways underneath Petco Park.  But she didn’t notice that, over the video she was streaming on her tablet and the sound of her cell phone calling another phone.  

When she got voicemail, she bit back a curse.  “Okay, if that’s how you want to play this, Oliver, then I’m gonna play,” she spit out into the phone.  “See you in five.”  

She ended the call and shoved her phone into the pocket of her purse, while she hit replay on the video that showed her top player engaging in a game of strip baseball with three other players and several models.  

“Damn it, Oliver,” she muttered.  

Yeah, the whole ‘strip baseball’ element wasn’t great.  Not when she had been trying to make Oliver’s public image match reality and his private image.  When he had come up, he had been a playboy and a douchebag.  But after sixteen years in the majors, it was well past time for Oliver Queen to be seen by his fans and the general public as who he really was: a man who had put his body through incredible abuse, all in the pursuit of a championship.  A pursuit that his team kept falling short in, a pursuit that Felicity knew Oliver wanted to win more than anything.  

Most of the time, Oliver wasn’t what she had expected before she had met him.  When they had started working together at the start of the season, Oliver had wanted help negotiating his final contract and knew he needed to improve his image to get what he wanted.  Felicity, for her part, had been intrigued.  The Oliver Queen she met was thoughtful, serious, tactical.  Not the drunk, flirtatious asshole she had heard he was.  

And she had liked the man she met.  The man she saw interacting with fans, with his teammates.  Liked him enough to violate the boundaries she had set for herself when she started in this business.  

Which was the last thing she should be thinking about right now, Felicity told herself.  No, she had to be focused on this problem.  Figuring out why Oliver had gone off the rails like this.  Because this stunt was so out of left field, Felicity acknowledged, even as she winced at the baseball pun.  

This kind of behavior?  Oliver had left it behind, she thought.  Ever since his best friend and teammate Tommy Merlyn had been killed in a car accident five years ago, Oliver had been different, according to other players and his coach, John Diggle.  So she didn’t understand what was going on with him–and she was going to get to the bottom of it.  Even if she had to use her Loud Voice.  

Finally she reached her destination and knocked on the door of the trainers’ room.  “Is Oliver Queen in there?”

No one answered, but Felicity could hear voices behind the door.  Lifting her fist, she pounded on the door.  “Open up or I’m coming in!”

She thought she heard a muffled “No!” but Felicity didn’t wait.  She opened the door and stepped inside, striding along with all the determination and confidence that had let her succeed twice in male-dominated fields: computer science and sports agent.

“What were you thinking?” she snapped as she stalked over towards Oliver, who was ensconced in an ice bath.  “Strip baseball?  With girls who barely look legal, putting aside the fact that they are way too young for you?  I thought you wanted to change your image, Oliver, not continue to feed this idiotic idea that you’re some spoiled rich kid who doesn’t give a damn!”

He wasn’t really looking at her.  He was hanging his head, acting like he was ignoring her, which stoked her ire.  “Look at me!” she demanded.  

That got a reaction.  His eyes met hers, fiery blue on fiery blue.  “You sure you want to do this, Felicity?”  

His voice was honey over gravel and she felt her insides twist.  But she shoved aside that flutter of lust and lifted her chin.  “You’ve been ignoring my calls and texts, acting like you could care less how I’m trying to help you.  So the mountain is coming to Mohammed.”  

“Okay, then.”  With that, Oliver hoisted himself up, revealing that yes, he had been naked in that tub.  

Unconsciously, her eyes flicked down and marveled at how little a reaction the cold water had on that part of Oliver’s anatomy, before she wrenched her eyes up to meet his.  

“You say I’ve been ignoring you.  How about how you’ve been ignoring me?  For a month, I’ve been trying to get you to talk about us.  And you’ve been ducking the conversation every time,” Oliver said, his hands on his hips, apparently not caring that he was standing naked in front of her, his body–scarred and rugged and completely, incredibly beautiful–on full display.  

“So I pulled a stupid kid move and did something to get your attention,” he continued.  “It was dumb and the last thing I needed, but, Felicity–I don’t give a damn about my contract anymore.  I almost don’t care about winning a World Series.  I just want to win you.”  

Felicity felt her heart pound.  Oliver had done this because of her?  Because she had been too scared to consider that she was falling for a baseball player–for a man–like Oliver?  

Licking her lips, she whispered, “I’m not a prize to be won.”  

Oliver clumsily got out of the tub to be closer to her.  In spite of the designer dress she was wearing, Felicity couldn’t move, couldn’t back away from his wet body.  

“It’s not like that, Felicity,” he said, reaching out and clutching her hands.  “I know you’re not a prize, not like that.  But … everything’s changed for me.  None of what I do on the field matters like it used to, none of it will matter, if you won’t give me a real chance.  If you won’t give us a real chance.”

She didn’t know what to say.  She kept searching his face, trying to find her answer in his eyes.  And she thought he sensed her dilemma, her struggle, because he moved even closer and leaned forward, resting his forehead against hers.  

“Please, Felicity.”  

That was all it took.  Oliver Queen, the man who never said please, said it to her. 

Going up on her toes, Felicity kissed him.  Kissed him slowly and sweetly, her hands coming up to cup his stubbled cheeks, feeling his arms come around her, pouring herself into a kiss that was different from all their other kisses.  From every other kiss she had ever had.  

Because this was the first time she kissed someone without thinking about anything else but him.


Bryce Harper #1

Requested by Anon:  heyyy! i love your imagines!!! can you do one where youre dating bryce harper and he gets jealous/protective when someone from another team flirts with you? thx!!! [Thank you sooo much!! I hope you love this. Enjoy! :)]

Word count: 686

Originally posted by gfbaseball

“Kris Bryant, really?” Bryce slammed the door to your bedroom so hard that you jumped in bed.

You looked up from your phone, confused, “what are you talking about?”

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Word Count: 1364

Triggers: None

Requested by @ssabea

You weren’t really a fan of baseball, if you were perfectly honest. It just wasn’t that interesting to you. However, if you were talking about the men playing baseball, it was a completely different story. Your older brother was a huge minor league baseball fan, for no reason you could discern. They weren’t famous and most games were basically the same. He’d drag you to a game every once in a while, if you weren’t working, and you’d eat your overpriced hotdog, pretending to have fun.

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Okay so NurseyDex AU where Dex is a student athlete tutor and Nursey needs help with like one project for his gen-ed math or computer class, and ofc the really fucking hot redhead helps him and he gets an A on the project, and even though he pretty much understands the rest of the topics in the class he keeps coming back bc he’s unchill but Dex rly can’t bring himself to mind
Someone write this and link me bc I’m too lazy

katekyo hitman reborn rant.

So i know that KHR had its long run and literally found it like a couple of months before the manga ended. I watched the whole show and i was just like fuckin wow, best fuckin thing in my life. This show became my obsession. There are so many fuckin characters, the story line is crazy good, and the characters’ personalty and how they interact with others is so detailed. Like it took me a long ass time to really get that. After reading over 1000 fanfics of different AUs, one-shots, and Ships I came to realize just how far everyone got and that makes me feel so proud for them. Like some people just don’t even realized how much these characters all started out from ( which are like people living now), and how much they grew into who they are now. that‘s fuckin inspirational in a drastic anime way. Its probably why i love it so much. So I’m going to go on a KHR rant right now for those who don’t know or haven’t seen the shows I would really like to interact with people about this for those who had seen it or have questions about it. Since I can go on for hours talking about this, I’m just going to talk about some of the guardians, and some other miner things. SO WARNING !!!MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

So Tsuna the main character, he was bullied, had no friends, his nickname was Dame-tsuna( or no good tsuna), he wasn’t good academically or physically. The only family he had was his mother since his father was never there. His classmates and TEACHERS hated him, this dude was practically alone, he was self conscious and wouldnt even talk to the girl he liked caused she was out of his league and would get bullied by being even near her. And now look at him, look how much he grew, he has friends, he learned new things, he got strong and he became a Mafia Boss and got everything that he never thought he could get. And with the battle against byakuran, i have no doubt in my mind that Giotto is so proud of him, his fuckin ancestor 9 generation back. And That’s what really hit me from this show .

Now gokudera, he was what was considered a half-breed but he was still fuckin amazing. Everyone hated him ( per say) he couldn’t get into any family and he hated his father and his half sister. He’s covered by the hate and rage he had to his father, he lost his mother who he didn’t even know was his mother. And now all he has left is the piano, because that what’s his mother did, she played to piano and so does he, being taught by his own mother and not even know it until he accidentally found out after she died( he only saw her once a year, on his birthday). AND I know he was fuckin alone and he just wanted to be accepted by someone, and then came Tsuna. He fuckin loves the dude, he gave him a chance, he let him enter the family after he tried to KILL him. he is so devoted to him cause he found someone. He went through hell and back and is willing to do it over and over for Tsuna. That's fuckin loyalty and friendship in blood he would spill for him.

Now yamamoto, now I’m going to confess that i don’t really like him, he reminds me to much of myself. So he’s this hot shot baseball player, he’s a popular kid. He only has his dad and that’s it. This dude hides behind smiles, he thinks nobody cares about him but his father who he loves dearly and believes that everyone just wants to be near him for his skills. This dude knew it to heart and when he got injured from baseball he tried to commit suicide cause he thought he was now worthless, just let that sink in. i cant put it in fuckin words how important this scene is even though it was short, and here comes tsuna the no good kid, comes and saves him. out all the people yamamoto thought tsuna would understand him, and tsuna makes him realize that he didn’t understand him,and that he wasn’t worthless. This soon ends up showing how devoid yamamoto is tsuna when he gives up baseball, which he loves it A LOT, and picks up the sword in order to protect and fight for tsuna.

Now hibari. NOW THIS DUDE, he’s a total BAB. He doesn't take shit from NO ONE. This guy can beat the shit out of you. His life practically revolves around the school they all go to Namimori or Nami-chuu, this guy hates crowing, just people in general. He has his right hand man who is probably is only friend ( who is probably the closest thing to a friend) he doesn’t associate himself with herbivores, this guy was alone. Whether he felt alone It doesn't say, but I think he does feel it. And this guy who hates people sticks around with tsuna which we know this because he was still there 10 years in the future. Like how everyone else found someone(tsuna), he found someone he can tolerate other than kusakabe. If you knew the show you would understand why that says something, but hibari and his personality its hard to really write it in words about his connections to tsuna. So as much as i like to get in more depth with this i might just end up confusing you and talk with about nonsense.

Okay so mukuro, this pineapple dude was experimented on when he was a child, he was killed loads of times and he want revenge. He wants to destroy the Mafia for what it did to him. He has no family and the only people he has is the Kokuyo gang, which is probably family to him. They all came from the hell hole and have weird powers. So from the first escape he lets himself get caught so Ken and Chikusa can be free, which leads him to his 1st jail break from the Vincent which is like the Mafia police for VERY VERY dangerous people. later he’s in Nami-chuu and he attacks people, which leads tsuna to come after him since he’s attacking his friends. So there’s a big battle goes on, and Mukuro gets sent back to the Vincent. 10 years later even though Tsuna almost died and mukuro almost killed his friends he want him to be free because god bless his soul still believes Mukuro is good inside and that what happen to him wasn’t right and what he did wasn’t right, but he STILL accepts him. That's a lot to mukuro, this dude didn’t know anything about happiness, love, family, cared for, wanted, and for tsuna to just do that…..Its everything to him. Whether he says so or not you can not deny this to not be true.

Now Reborn, the person who the show is name after. This dude is the number one hit-man in the world,( man and he’s a baby and look at his success, and your here reading this shit…) Now I just want to talk about him and Tsuna. I have do doubt that they have some sort of relationship with each other, which they do and its not just tutor and student ( cause there was also Dino and even they don’t have a relationship quite like this). No what they have is something else and its fuckin canon throughout the anime and especially through the manga. At the very last page of the very last chapter I cried in 3 in the morning for they way they end it…some people didn’t like the ending. I sure as hell don’t because its not enough, but in reality Its the best fuckin ending. For much later discussion of the plot, I feel that Reborn is like a father figure to Tsuna, you know? well probably not, but Tsuna is like that son he never had and reborn is like the father he never had. They have this profound bond with each other. Reborn was actually going to give up on being man again, and Tsuna was like hell no and he told him off. This is a very big break through between the two because tsuna has NEVER went against him, EVER. and they succeeded, at the end you could CLEARLY see that tsuna loved reborn, the dude was sad thinking reborn was going to leave him( and i though so too, I punched my wall because I though he did leave) I regret my action since he didn’t leave and that when he finally got his adult form back, which by the way is sexy as FUCK!, he still stays and you can just fuckin feel the feeling that’s so feely between. From all the fanfiction I had read about these two I still cant fuckin describe it in words.

So yeah There are so many other statement I can make but its late and my hands hurt but there might be a part 2 of this. so send me message to discuss this cause I have been reading there fanfiction for a year now and I cant hold these feelings any longer and I really need to discuss this with someone so message me. and If you want to read some great fanficiton or want to know anything about the show or have question or disagree and want to discuss this please don’t fuckin hesitate.

Passing notes in Math
  • Me: CJ Wilson is irresistibly sexy, sweet and funny.
  • Kara: Dude, you need to post this on Twitter. I <3 CJ Wilson
  • Me: Back off, he's mine.
  • Kara: I'm only backing off because you scare me.
  • Me: Good, I love him.
  • Kara: I worry about you and your strange obsessions with older men who are baseball players.
  • Me: Whatever, they're hot.
  • Kara: I blame my brother for this. I hate him.
  • Me: I love CJ Wilson.
  • Kara: Way to NOT reply to what I said.
  • Me: Er.. I did, we both said true things.
  • Kara: WTF? This conversation is over. CJ DON'T EVER DATE ALICE, SHE'S A FREAK!
  • Kara: He's never gonna read this