hot avocados

My feelings towards Matt Murdock
  • Matt gets blinded: OH MY GOD!! That is so f**king tragic. Protect this child at all costs.
  • Matt beats up criminals: Never mind, he's got this.
  • Matt shows off his abs: Oh no, he's hot AF.
  • Matt pushes Russian off building: I should not be rooting for this man, but I am.
  • Matt saves Karen: I ship these two so hard.
  • Matt saves Claire: Wait, never mind. I ship these two.
  • Matt and Foggy at college: Nope, it's these two. Avocados at Law for LIFE!!
  • Matt and Foggy split up: NO! Please stop arguing! Get back together, you stupid avocados.
  • Matt makes a promise with Melvin: Oh my god, he's so caring, this man is perfect.
  • Matt shows off his badass Devil suit: I am not a satanist, but I would so worship this devil.

This morning I took a tortilla, spread homemade refried beans on one half, topped the beans with sliced avocado and shredded cheese, spread onion mustard on the other half, folded the whole thing over, and pan-fried it. I ate half and left the other half in the fridge for dinner and FUTURE ME HAS NEVER LOVED PAST ME SO MUCH, omg that was a good dinner. 

(You gotta put the avocado in the middle so that it gets warm but not hot because warm avocado is a blessing from the divine but hot avocado is kinda gross.) 


Both breakfast and lunch almost made me lose it so I only ate half of each. Snacks in the middle helped. Then I ate 2 hot pockets when I got home and feel mostly fine… Why when I need healthy foods the most, my body wants to reject them?!

I mixed the lunch bowl before I took a pic.. Its seasoned quinoa, roasted broccoli and sweet potato, tomato, spinach, avocado, hot sauce and ranch. First 2 bites were amazing. After that it left me gagging.

Weighing in at 201.4 this morning after having a fairly low carb dinner yesterday.