hot as hell in an oven

American recipes are like
  • 2 tablespoons of spice you have never heard of
  • 1 can of a food that does not come in a can in your country, wtf America why is everything in cans??
  • 1 stalk pf something that has a totally different name where you are from and you have to google what it is
  • 2 ounces of this liquid … what the fuck is an ounce??
  • Preheat oven to some temperature that sounds like it is as hot as the sun
  • Turn on a broiler. Find out what a broiler is. 
  • 2 pounds, dammit where is my calculator, of this product that seems to be plentiful in America but non existence in your country. Google how to get it on some shady black market.
  • Give up and wonder what the hell America even is. 

all anti-BLM Roofies need to fucking unfollow me right now because I’m not here for your shit. Not here for it at all. Can’t wait until Dylann Roof is slow roasting in a really, really hot oven in hell. I wish they’d bring back the firing squad just for him, but I’ll be happy when the maggots are feasting on his bowlcut-havin’ ass no matter how he gets there. I hope I know where he’s buried because I’m gonna dab on his grave and take a nice long piss on his tombstone. Bet. 

sheepyshavings replied to your photo “my children #bread #glutenfilledlife”

Can I live with you solely to steal your bread

uhhhh hells yes. i mean im p sure that’s the main reason the roommates still put up with me lmao

roslin replied to your photo “my children #bread #glutenfilledlife”

Such a wonderful feeling to be able to watch your children grow

truly!!!! i love supporting them and nuturing them and then placing them in a hot oven and eating them!!!

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name: Cloud

nicknames: Cloud (technically a nickname and a name until I settle on a name), Claudie, Lil Cloud, Itchi, Cid

zodiac sign: Pisces 

height: 5′1″

orientation: Pansexual as hell

favorite fruit: Watermelon

favorite season: Fall

favorite book: Interview With The Vampire, probably 

favorite flower: Lilly 

favorite scent: Banana bread being pulled out of the oven

favorite color: Periwinkle (or as I call it, “ghibli blue”)

favorite animal: wolves, foxes, snakes, bears, tigers, lions

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Hot cocoa 

average sleep hours: 4-6 hours

cat or dog person? Dog, for sure

favorite fictional character? Anthony Edward Stark and James Buchanan Barnes (I couldn’t pick)

number of blankets you sleep with: 2

dream trip: I’d love to go to Europe someday, and explore it with someone and just find cute little places to stay and eat. 

blog created: Yikes, I dunno for sure, but its been a long ass time… Ive been around for tumblr prom, the ball pit incident, and the era of quality blogs though, if that tells you anything. 

number of followers: 2,041

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billybogshank  asked:

Do each of the Nightmare animatronics have any particular preference or taste for a certain kind of victim or flavor of nightmare? Fpr instance, does Nightmare Foxy prefer the nightmares of children, sailors, or career criminals? Do they favor nightmares that involve drowning, nautical themes or aquatic terrors, for instance? Likewise do their tactics reflect this? Like...Nightmare Foxy feeding people to sharks or sea-monsters, kill-haulings, drowning, ship-wrecks, things of that sort?

Sort of! Every Nightmare has their specialty in nightmares.

Nightmare Fredbear’s has that “eaten alive” sort of feel. It’s a painful digestive process, along with being torn apart by two sets of teeth.

Nightmare’s is more of a deluxe pack, if you run into him, expect the most hell ever.

Nightmare Foxy, as you’ve said probably better than I could. Lol.

Nightmare Chica is more being “cooked alive” alongside being trapped in a hot oven with a cupcake.

Nightmare Bonnie’s dreams do contain more sexual subjects, that I will not go into detail for.

Nightmare Freddy is more for sharp things, being surrounded, etc.

Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream (OQ AU, rated M) (BD-verse, post-ATWFL)

Happy Outlaw Queen day, y’all. Baker’s Dozen-verse. Set in the summer of 2016, when they are married and Regina’s still baking their little bun.

Autumn is probably her favorite season, but Regina has always loved summer. With Henry out of school, she has more time with him, and there’s the beach if she feels like braving that busy (but wonderful) hell on a free Sunday, and shaved ice, and baseball games, and the warmth of the sun.

She’s always loved summer, but now she’s pregnant. Pregnant, and hot. Always so hot. Their electric bill is criminal, and she can’t even bring herself to feel bad about it, because this little bun has turned her into an oven, and every day she feels like she is cranked up to 400 and baking away.

It’s annoying. Worth it, but annoying.

Especially in the summer, and especially in this city. All cooking concrete, and thick humidity, and there is not enough decaf iced coffee in the world to make her feel cool.

So when Emma asks if she and Neal can take Henry to a Mets game on Sunday, extending the invitation to Robin and Regina too, she passes. Tells Robin he should go with them if he wants, but it’s supposed to be 87 and humid this weekend, and the Mets are terrible anyway. (Even if they’re winning, even with their Blue Smoke BBQ and their Shake Shack.)

Regina’s not sure whether it’s a show of loyalty or laziness, but Robin says they should let it be a day for Henry and Emma, that he’d much rather stay home with her.

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[Top text: So heat-sensitive that even hot food is painful]

[Bottom text: Refuses to take a shower at any temperature less than scalding]

Even the tiniest splash of grease from the frying pan has me recoiling and shouting in pain, standing in front of an open oven door is like being at the gateway of Hell, and I can’t even handle a warm cup of tea without wrapping my shirt around it until it cools to almost room temperature, but showers must be the hottest it will go no matter what.  Anything less feels awful on my skin.

I have no idea why this is.  ~~~sensory processing~~~

Bath Time Fun
  • Like brushing teeth, they work this out like a system. Though there's always one or two mischief-makers who throw a wrench in the cogs. XD
  • Saitama: OUCH!
  • -Shakes his hand furiously when he tries to pick up one of the Minis.-
  • Genos: Hm? Sensei, what's the matter?
  • -He asks while blow drying one of them on a stool who raises his hands and closes his eyes with the gust sweeping the water off.-
  • Saitama: Why the hell are they so hot...?
  • Genos: Eh..?...[-notices a bubbling shadow beneath the water-] Roku! Stop boiling the water. You're going to overheat your brothers' systems.
  • -Though it seems they are enjoying this as Saitama comes back with oven mitts this time-