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I’m literally gay for a goddamn DICE MAN.
😩👌🎲💖 I’ve actually got several Cuphead doodles that I did a few days ago, so I’ll post those shortly. But hooo man, I don’t have this game yet, *cries in a corner* but I’ve followed the development on it since last year, and I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.💔💔💔 It’s looks so fuckin’ beautiful, man. ;w;

blissfullyintoxicated  asked:

For the crossover can I get Saeran crossed with Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul? ^-^

YES YOU CAN THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST @blissfullyintoxicated​ <3

OKAY THAT’S ALL THE CROSSOVER REQUESTS SUBMITTED BEFORE THE DEADLINE. YUSSS I’M FREEEEE~ It’s been fun to see your crossover ideas. But dayum I probably won’t be doing 19 of them again LOL. To those sent in after the deadline, I’m sorry >.< I may do the odd one now and then but now I just wanna move on. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding!