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Random OPM AU guys:

 - Where Genos is an actor for this really popular tv series One Punch Man and plays the role for the heartthrob and protagonist Demon Cyborg.

- and Saitama plays the role of the show’s running gag “Caped Baldy” who’s Demon Cyborg’s sidekick that gets wrecked in every fight

- and as the show progresses Genos keeps noticing this bald actor who’s talent is amazing and hot af when doing stunts and is actually the nicest guy ever??

- And Genos wanting to hang out with Saitama offstage and wanting him to be his mentor

- Genos getting stressed over the hyped media and fame, goes to Saitama’s apartment after a bad pres conference

“You don’t have to be Demon Cyborg outside of work, kid. Just be Genos and they’ll love you.”

- Staring into Caped Baldy’s eyes and seeing Saitama, thinking of the Saitama offstage and what a great person and friend he is and wanting to kiss him during the interviews

- During the shoot for the final episode where Caped Baldy dies, Genos gets too emotional and breaks character and won’t stop crying until Saitama has to comfort him, reassuring him that he’s still alive

“You’re my hero.”

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i can't properly convey an exact moment, but there's a certain point in 32 where mark just sNAPS and goes from annoyed to furious and it's the most satisfying thing i've ever listened to, ever,

Right?? I’m gonna gush about my actors for a hot sec, so buckle in: 

All of our actors are incredibly talented and amazing and bring such nuance and layers to the characters they portray. I could write an essay about the unique qualities and strengths they each bring to the table. But right now I’m gonna talk about Andrew and Julia. 

I spent a really long time trying to cast Mark. I wanted to cast one of the actors I knew in real life (bc I know so many) and, even though I wasn’t sure when Mark was going to interact with which characters, I knew I had to pick someone who would fit well with Julia and me. Andrew is in the same acting class as Julia and I, and he’s always been an actor I admire. He has the capacity to go really deep and dark really fast. I knew he could do the more challenging Mark scenes, but I also needed someone who could embody Mark’s lightness and charisma. And then I saw Andrew do a really goofy, flirtatious scene in class and was laughing so hard it hurt and my decision was made. 

But here’s where I got really jazzed about asking Andrew to do it - sometimes in class, I would look away from the scene and just listen. And I realize dthat Andrew was especially perfect for the role because he and Julia both have this crazy skill where they have unbelievable control over their voices. They are both very subtle actors. Yes, they can do the big, emotional scenes, but there are these tiny inflections and breaks and turns in their voices that add so fucking much to the scenes. 

I am so happy that Andrew said yes, because I can’t imagine another actor that would a) handle the material as well or b) match Julia’s voice as well. They needed to sound like siblings and, even though their voices are obviously different, they use them in the same ways. They can both do hard turns, like the one you’re describing, but they also layer in these tiny little details. Julia is freakish at this - she’ll read a line one way and I’ll giver her a note and she’ll say it in almost exactly the same way but change one tiny little thing and the meaning totally changes. It is unreal.