hot and sweaty run

MJ: Not that I mind seeing you hot and sweaty but did we really need to run as much as we did today?

Peter: Totally babe

MJ: *after showering crashes on Peter’s couch* You know not all of us have your spider-stamina

Peter: Let’s see, then. *pins MJ and begins tickling her*

MJ: *squealing in delight bc she’s too tired to even get up* I HATE YOU


Today was my first time ever running in a sports bra. I was halfway through my run and I was winded and extremely hot and sweaty and ready to give up. I took a breather and decided to take off my shirt to cool off and it made a world of difference. I felt like a new runner afterwards. I’ve been self conscious my entire life about my stomach but I just had to keep reminding myself that most people don’t care what my stomach looks like because they’re too busy worrying about their own shit than if my stomach jiggles or not!! A big part of recovery for me is recognizing that my inner world and thoughts aren’t those of others. People don’t notice every little thing about me because they have their own lives and insecurities, so I should not let stupid worries stop me from living my life comfortably!!!


To Build A Home

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Smut, little plot

A/N: I’ve been thinking about this since the moment the video posted on Facebook. Then @impala-dreamer started harassing me. In all fairness, I tortured her first, but semantics. Thankfully, @justjensenanddean created these lovely gifs and NOW I’m gonna be smutin’ all up in this joint. 

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I’m thrilled ED have put Robert back in his running gear bc he looks so gorgeous in it, especially with the blue hoodie. But I’m puzzled by why they are making it seem like Robert has never run a day in his life before when he often used to run before the affair. Or is this just ED’s way of telling us that Robert doesn’t need to run nowadays bc he gets all the exercise he needs by fucking Aaron all the time?

Do Me (Wonho MonstaX Smut)

*Advanced Warning Contains SMUT! Beware!*

“Wait,” She pants, as I kiss her passionately. Her face is flushed to a beautiful pink, and she stares at me with the endless eyes of her’s. “I need to shower” She manages to say though her lips and she pushes me away. I sigh. Why is she always like this? It doesn’t matter if she showers, I’m going to make her hot and sweaty again anyways. She quickly grabs her clothes and runs into the bathroom. I plop myself onto the bed. She always takes forever to shower. How long am I going to have to wait? I hear her singing “Beautiful” and I know, it’s going to be a while. 

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Testosterone Thursday

John Kuhn And Anthony Sherman Make The Perfect Pair Of Bears. They Can Bait The Opposition With Their Plays And Hot and Sweaty Bodies!

Woof, Baby!


(Requested by eyyyyproudfoot)

It came out of nowhere. Emmett and Jasper were facing each other in Mario Kart, Rosalie was talking fashion with Alice, and you were watching the boys fight each other on rainbow road. Then you realized something. Next week is finals week and I haven’t studied at all.

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  • Sheriff Stilinski: Why don't you go for a run? Get some exercise.
  • Stiles: *hangs upside down on the sofa with a Red Vine sticking out of his mouth* No thanks.
  • Sheriff Stilinski: Well if you change your mind, I saw Derek out there.
  • Stiles: Huh? What? Really? Did he have a shirt on? Was he all hot and sweaty? *runs to the door*
  • Sheriff Stilinski: Works every time
Imagine the squad catching you and Nick flirting at work

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry for the long wait and that this is going up so late. Hope this is what you envisioned. I tried to make this a bit more suggestive than usual because I felt like that was in- character for Nick. Hope you don’t mind, always evolving! Also, I made Nick a Sergeant in this which I don’t think he was in the show but I remember him mentioning something about it in the last episode he was in)

Imagine the squad catching you and Nick flirting at work

“What are you doing?” You demanded as Nick drove passed the park.

“What do you think I’m doing Y/N? I’m driving us to work.” He countered, keeping his eyes on the road.

You narrowed your eyes and accused, “Why do you always do that?”

“Do what? Answer your questions?” He inquired.

“Question everything I say!” You replied, “If you had let me finish before being a smartass…”

“Then what you would have had time finished your stupid question?” He interrupted.

“Why are you being such a dick?” You demanded.

“Why are you asking me stupid questions at 6 in the morning?” He responded.

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Better Than Before

5k+  words 

AN:This was supposed to be posted damn near 2 weeks ago but  so many distractions the Kingsman trailer eggsy my love and my favorite video game getting an update and school to a much lesser degree than the first 2. also my laptop hates Buckys name now so that great and I still suck at endings and titles and writing in general 

 The first part A year and Six Months


Friday afternoon to Sunday night Bucky isn’t an Avenger he is a dad with a daughter. A daughter that loves piggy back rides and stories before bed. A daughter who hates apples but loves carrots more than any bunny rabbit in the world.

“Daddy!!” The now 2 and a half year old screeches in a fit of giggles as Bucky chases behind her. Her tiny legs carrying her as fast and as far as they can away from him.

It had been a long almost 2 years for you and Bucky after being away for so long it was a little weird in the beginning. He was insistent that you stay for longer than the few days you had intended so he could get to know everything he had missed out on in the year and 6 months you had been away. He was more then happy to take care of all the diapers Jamie had while you were there “A few poopy diapers is nothing compared to what you’ve had to deal with.” and any late night feeding he was more than ready to jump up and go get a bottle.

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Hot and sweaty and loving my runs in the scorching afternoon sun☀️ I am usually a big fan of running in the cold but I have to say nothing beats a sweaty run and coming home to ice cold water and ice cream ( @championsaremade I thought of you when I dug into my ice cream post run 💕)

After School Help (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Originally posted by fuckyeahanthonyramos

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested?: Day Five of my write-a-thon!

Prompt: You’re the teacher’s aide for Anthony’s Acting class.

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Colege AU, Fluff



You were the teacher’s aide at a college in New York.

You were a young woman who just turned twenty-six three months ago. You had a bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre from the same college you had a job at now. You had gotten laid off from your job at your stepmom’s nail salon so you had to go hunting for a steady paying job, which ended up being the teacher aide for your old college musical theater teacher. You simply adored Professor LePore’s class and was very happy when your application got accepted. You’ve been working this job for the past eight months. It was pretty easy to work; grade papers, give advice to the class as a Musical Theatre graduate and go run errands for LePore. Since it was a hands-on curriculum, the class was mainly in the Performing Arts Center or the Gym, which left you in a silent classroom during class hours most of the time.

Without realizing it, you caught the attention of one of the Seniors. 

Anthony Ramos was a Musical Theatre major. He was in LePore’s fourth class of the day. He was one of the top performers in all of LePore’s classes. He seemed like a cool guy. You overheard one of his conversations with some classmates and he actually told some pretty good jokes. His voice had a nice tone, like your favorite song or just relaxing music. You could listen to him talk all day. Anthony wasn’t ugly either. He was actually really cute in your opinion. He had curly dark hair, warm hazel eyes, and a face of freckles. He had a beautiful smile too. Anthony could just smile and it would brighten up your whole day. He was one of the main reasons you looked forward to coming in for work. 

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. The last bell of the day rang ten minutes ago and you were still finishing up organizing LePore’s filing cabinet when there was a knock on the door. You turned and saw Anthony standing in the open doorway with a nervous smile on his bright red face. You felt your cheeks heat up as you slowly stood up and turned to face him. You slapped on a smile and raised your hand for a handshake. 

“Hello…“ You greeted, pretending to try and remember the name that couldn’t leave your thoughts. “Ramos, right?” 

Anthony nervously chuckled, taking your hand lightly and shaking it briskly. “You can just call my Anthony, (Y/N).”

Your blush grew brighter as you pulled your hand away. “You know my name?”  

He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Yeah. LePore likes to use you as an example during class. She treats you like a prized child or something.” 

You’ll have to thank LePore later. “I see,” You murmured. You then leaned back on LePore’s desk until you were basically sitting on it. “How can I help you, Anthony?” 

“Well, I need help with rehearsing my lines for the school musical going on next week,” Anthony explained. “I got the lead role and it involves me dancing and singing since it’s a, you know, musical.” 

“You need me to rehearse the lines or the dance?” You asked. 

“Both, actually,” Anthony confessed, followed by a nervous chuckle. “I work better with a partner.” 

You felt your blush come back full force. You haven’t sung and dance for a musical since your high school version of Wicked where you played Elphaba. You were a bit rusty but you could try if you wanted to. 

“Yeah, sure.” You breathed out after a few moments of silence. “I’d love to help you.” 

Anthony grinned brightly. “Awesome. You won’t regret it.” He then stepped out, motioning for you to follow him. 

You followed him out of the main building and down the cement path to the PAC. The back door was propped open by a metal door stopper. You followed Anthony into the open doorway and down a hallway to the main stage. Some Theater Tech students were in the audience either fiddling with technology or on their phones texting. You saw Anthony’s stuff on the edge of the stage, as if he was here for some time before coming to get you. 

“Are you in Theater Tech, Anthony?” You asked, peering down at the Tech kids. 

“Yup. Thought it would be a good backup just in case my Theatre career never takes off.” 

You nodded subconsciously as Anthony handed you an extra copy of the musical’s script. The musical was In The Heights, one of your favorite musicals from the early 2000’s. Anthony got the role of Usnavi and he wanted you to play Vanessa. You saw the musical about six times last year when it came out so you knew all the songs and scenes by heart. This was going to be a piece of cake. 

“Okay,” Anthony took his place on the left side of the stage. “Let’s start with the opening and make our way down the list, okay?” 

You nodded and Anthony looked up and gave a thumbs up to someone in the control room, who gave a thumbs up back and played the soundtrack. As the song went through, the Tech kids came up on stage and played the parts of Benny, Sonny, the Rosarios, and all the other parts needed for In The Heights. You knew the cues for Vanessa and you went on when you were needed and sang the correct parts, not going too overboard and not too lousy. The Tech kids knew the musical but didn’t know most of the cues but that was understandable. Anthony was a really good Usnavi and Anthony complimented your Vanessa.

You managed to finish Carnival de Barrio before Anthony decided that was all for the day. You were hot and sweaty but still had that adrenaline from performing running through your veins. Anthony grabbed his stuff and escorted you back to LePore’s classroom. When you got there, you grabbed your bag and phone before you were ‘assaulted’ by Anthony grabbing your hips and his lips locking with yours. You were taken aback by this action but managed to place your phone on the desk behind you and wrap your arms around his neck, keeping him from pulling away. Anthony walked forward, making you back up until you hit the desk behind you. 

That was when Anthony pulled away, leaving only a few inches of space in between you. You took your arms away from his neck and he slowly let go of your hips. He took a step back and you stood straight, grabbing your phone and stuffing it in your back pocket. You then got an idea, taking out a sharpie from your bag and taking Anthony’s arm, scribbling something on the inside of his arm. You pulled away he saw that you had written your phone number with a ‘XOXO’ following it. He looked up and you saw that same intoxicating smile you adore, making your face turn red. 

“Call me sometimes, okay Ramos?” You said as you pressed a kiss on his cheek and walked out of the classroom. 

You heard him yell a ‘Yes!’ and cheer to himself in the empty classroom, making you giggle as you walked out of the building’s doors and into the late afternoon sun.

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