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Request: Hiya!!! So this might be a really weird request, but could you do an imagine where you’re dating young Derek and one night you’re in the gym waiting for the Basketball game (His game) to start and you decided to put your hair up and he gets distracted watching you because he finds it captivating?

Pairing: Young Derek Hale x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

       The boys were running drills in the gym. You had just sat down with your best friend, Paige. You both were waiting for the game to start which took forever because the other team hasn’t arrived yet. Tugging on the end of her sweater, you look around and try to find Derek. Your eyes search the entire gym until you find him doing passing drills with his teammates. “You excited?”,Paige asks as she bumps you. “Nervous. Derek’s was really broken up about the last game they had where they lost sooo…”, you answered looking down. Paige pats you on the shoulder and gives a warm smile. “They’re gonna do great.” A couple minutes later, Coach gives the boys a break to get some water. Derek approaches the bleachers while you immediately walk up to him.

      “Hey,babe.”, he greets. “Hey.”,you say as you rush him into a quick kiss. As you break away, you can already sense that Derek is getting discouraged about the game afraid that won’t be able to win it. He looks down.

      “Hey look at me.”, you assure letting his chin with your finger. “You’re going to great, okay. I know you, Derek, and everything you do you put your heart into it especially with basketball.”

        This little pep talk of yours seems to brighten his spirits because a smile breaks out on his face. He looks up at you with the most considerate eyes. “What I do without you?”, he says. A piercing whistle sound rips through the gym. Derek gives you a quick kiss and joggs to the middle of the gym. As he jogs, you yell, “Hey Hale!”. His attention is geared towards you as you finish your statement, “Go kick some ass!”.

      The game starts and it’s intense. The points keep climbing. If one team scores one point, the other team succeeds them with one point too. It’s making you nervous and when get nervous, you sweat. To avoid being a complete hot sweaty mess, you put your hair up in a makeshift bun. 

      Derek stands the free throw line dribbling the ball back and forth in his hand. Pressure’s on. He takes a look around the room and stops when he finds you. And then he stops. All motion. The ball stays in his hand while he just looks at you with a look you’ve never seen before. The ref is getting annoyed with all the time that the Hale boy is taking up so he blows the whistle. The sound wakes Derek out of his gaze and he immediately makes the shot. The ball is in the air. It rolls around the rim and finally…makes it in! You cheer along with crowd and the game continues.

       They won. Took a long amount of grueling effort, but they won. You see Derek talking with his teammates, probably congratulating them on the win. You surprise him when you wrap your arms around him and say great job. The other teammates leave you too alone and Derek turns to look at you.

      “What’d I tell you?”, you tease as he giggles a bit. “Yeah, whatever.”, he retorts. A silent pause reveals an obvious tension between the two of you.

“So what happened out there with your free throw?”, you ask curiously.

       “Ummm…welllll….about that..”, he mumbles as he scratches the back of his neck. He becomes completely flustered and looks down.

        “You distracted me.”, he admits. You look at him surprised. “What?”, you say shocked with a grin. “You.With your..your hair.”

“My hair?”

“Yeah..I’ve never seen it up’s nice.”

“Well, I’ll have to put more then.”, you say pulling Derek into a kiss.

The flaws of a perfectionist (Harry imagine)

Your POV

Fainting at work is not too dramatic. Everyone faints once in a while, don’t they? It has something to do with low blood pressure, or not enough sugar, or something like that. But since it was the third time this week that it happened, your colleagues started worrying, just like you.

‘Honey, you really should see a doctor.’

‘Why don’t you take a couple of days off from work?’

‘Should I do it for you? You look stressed, Y/N.’

They are all right. Completely right. But they can’t do the work. It is your job. And you are the only one who can finish it the right way. The flaws of a perfectionist.

You want to tell Harry about it, because you know he will be furious if he realizes you’re keeping this from him. But you don’t want him to worry. You know he will, especially because he’s on tour and not able to take care of you, even though there’s nothing to worry about. You’re doing fine to be honest. It’s probably just your lack of sleep. It will be all good again when work gets less busy.

And just when you think it’s all probably just a phase, you collapse again. Only this time, you don’t wake up right away.

Harry’s POV

‘That crowd was sick.’ Louis’ yells over the last melodies from Best Song Ever, while we run through the backstage, still full of adrenaline. I search for the hair tie around my wrist and in two seconds I flip my sweaty hair in a bun. It was so hot up there, that the cool air from the air conditioning instantly gives me chills when I enter the backstage rooms of the stadium we’re in. I grab my phone from the table I left it at and drop myself in one of the couches while Niall instantly goes to the fridge, searching for food, and Louis and Liam go change themselves in dry clothes after their water fight on stage.

I frown when I look at the screen of my phone and see that I have four missed calls. Two of Y/N and two of an unknown number.

‘Your phone kept ringing. I didn’t really know what to do, Harry.’ Lou tells me when she sees my confused look. ‘I hope nothing bad happened or anything.’

It’s not like my girlfriend to call me when I have a concert. She knows the times. She never calls me, I always call her after.

I can feel my heart speed up when I try to ring her back. And my heart doesn’t slow down when I realize she’s not picking up her phone.

Just when I’m about to ring the unknown number, I see the same number pop up on my screen, calling me again. It doesn’t take me long to answer it.

‘Harry.’ Is my short response, wanting my caller to go right to the point.

‘Hello. You are speaking with Saint Mary Hospital London. We would like to inform you that Y/N Y/L/N is hospitalized in our hospital.’ Even though the voice of the lady on the phone is friendly and warm, my heart instantly drops to my stomach and I feel like I’m about to get sick. ‘She fainted in a warehouse and was not able to be awakened. They are taking care of her right now.’

I keep quiet for a while, just because I think the lady will go on. She cannot leave me with this little information.

‘You are her partner?’ She asks me, not giving me what I want to know.

It takes me a while to get myself to answer her question. ‘Y- yes. I am.’

‘Okay. Harry, wasn’t it? Are you able to come to London right now? Or do we have to call someone else?’

London… I’m in L.A.. Why on earth am I in freaking L.A.?


Suddenly I snap out of my bubble and with the phone still in my hand I leave the room, walking over to the tour bus, ready to collect my clothes and things.

I have to get to London. Right now.

‘I won’t get there today. I’m in L.A. right now. But I’m flying over as soon as I can.’ I tell her, almost tripping over my own words. ‘How is she doing?

‘I cannot tell you anything about her condition yet.’

And now I’m getting frustrated. ‘You are in the hospital. I’m in freaking L.A.. The only thing you need to do is ask a doctor and tell me how my girlfriend is doing.’

‘It’s not so eas-’

‘It is though! It is that easy.’ I’m in the bus by now and I’m throwing in every single piece of clothing I find. It doesn’t even bother me when I see a shirt of Liam disappear in my suitcase. ‘You just have to do your job and assure me my girlfriend is okay and will not die when I’m on that God damn plane for nine hours.’ I’m yelling and I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

A short pause from the other end of the line, assures me my words had an impact. ‘I’ll go and ask for information. Is it okay I ring you back in a couple of minutes?’

‘Fine. I hear you in five.’ And with that I’m locking my suitcase and ending the phone call. It’s only then I notice my band members staring at me from the entrance of the bus. I didn’t even hear them coming in.

‘What the hell was that about?’ Liam asks me with a worried look on his face.

I never thought it would be so hard to actually say it out loud, but when I did, the bad kind of chills ran over my body, leaving me cold, angry and aching for my girlfriends touch.

‘Y/N is in the hospital. And I’m going to London. You can cancel tomorrow’s show. And all the ones after if she’s not okay.’

NOTE: It was requested two times to write something about hospitals and worried boyfriends. A part 2?


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