hot and rich though

CEO Loki Odinson

I went on a vanilla Tinder date with this younger, super rich, banker turned high end real estate agent the other night. 

Dude was super nice and had a handsome face, but is/was a straight wreck. He’s had 3 DUI’s, used to be big in the clubbing/drug scene, has been in rehab twice, doesn’t drink now because he doesn’t think he can control himself….omg lol. Typical LA spoiled rich kid hot mess of a life. 

Did I mention really rich though….and he took me to a restaurant that was even more expensive than where SD’s/POTs have taken me. 

I feel like I could get some really cool experiences/trips/meals out of this guy, but not cash unfortunately :( I suppose I can date him while SD hunting, because I really did have a lot of fun with him. Definitely not boyfriend material though. 

Why does everyone have so much fucking baggage. Jesus.