hot and informed

Just bros havin’ hot pot

Phichit and Yuuri are very clearly good friends. Friends who have history and who facetime. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. 

Which makes the scene where they’re all having hot pot so much more in-your-face Viktuuri. 

Viktor and Yuuri are just 2 bros eatin’ n chillin’ at a 4 seat table. Viktor’s taken off his grey jacket which is folded over the free seat beside him. Got a full bottle of alcohol in front of him. He’s comfortable, relaxed. The boys are seated against the wall with the other two chairs keeping them and the rest of the restaurant apart. It’s more private and intimate that way, so that they can chill in peace. 

Why did Yuuri not think to message his other good bro Phichit and invite him to join? Well, it’s the night before a competition and Yuuri’s already feeling nervous, it’s fine that he just wants to keep things cool with Viktor for now.

But Phichit shows up all the same, so might as well all sit together and have a nice meal, right? Right.

And oh look-y here, there are two free seats right by Phichit, it’s going to be real easy to just sit down. But wait, Viktor’s jacket is over one of these seats. That’s a social no-no, a sign that says ‘seat-sorta-taken-unless-you’re-pregnant-or-injured’. No biggie though, the other chair is free and yey, it’s right by his buddy Yuuri!

Hang on a minute. 

When Celestino “Ciao ciao” Cialdini shows up to join the party, Phichit is seated where you’d have expected but Yuuri has moved?

That’s right, Yuuri changed seats.

Instead of just staying put, and having his pal Phichit sit down next to him with literally zero fuss, Yuuri thought ‘hey no, I’m gona go sit next to Viktor now that I have the excuse to since there are more than 2 people here’. 

And wait, what’s this? 

Viktor has taken off his black shirt at this point, and it’s folded over Yuuri’s (occupied) seat beside him. But then, what happened to Viktor’s grey jacket that was there before?

So basically, when Phichit arrived, Yuuri: 

  • got up, 
  • shuffled over the empty seat beside him,
  • moved around the table,
  • removed Victor’s jacket from the chair,
  • and then sat down.

Socially, this seems like a lot of obstacles to go through just to sit next to Viktor. But hey, it’s just sitting next to Viktor. It’s not like anything special happened from Yuuri being next to him. I mean, who knew Viktor was gona get hammered? The bottle of alcohol on the table that Yuuri had no intentions of drinking before a competition certainly wasn’t a sign of that. Not like Yuuri had any idea how Viktor behaved drunk, he’s obviously never drunk anything back in Japan…

And Yuuri was surprised by the pic Phichit uploaded? How could the boy not when Yuuri was being so obvious? Clinging and naked he may have been, but Viktor had the ‘drunk’ card in his arsenal of excuses for this. Viktor wasn’t the one who moved round the table in a clear effort to sit next to you. That was all you, Yuuri, and Phichit couldn’t ignore that when you were being so very obvious about it. He couldn’t! He your bro.

And bro got your back. Now you’ve got a picture of yourself with a naked Viktor Nikiforov. There’s something you’re gona wana frame and put by your nightstand. You’re welcome.

Dean almost spits out the sweet liquid the second it hits his tongue.

“The hell is that, Cas?”

Cas looks into his own cup like he’s suddenly doubting it. “You said you wanted something to drink…”

“I meant alcohol. Or coffee. That ain’t coffee.”

“It’s hot chocolate,” Cas informs him. “It’s cold out here, and I thought it might be a nice change.”

Cas looks so hopeful that Dean doesn’t have the heart to tell him he can’t stand sugared coffee, let alone a drink like this. He just sighs and scoots over on the park bench to make room.

Cas sits down, takes a hesitant sip from his own styrofoam cup, then grins. “I like it,” he declares.

An easy silence falls over them, and they listen to the rustle of trees and the dripping of water droplets from an earlier rain shower. The leaves are vibrant here in this town, reds and oranges that burn against the gray sky.

Dean feels no need to say it out loud, but he likes autumn. He takes a deep breath, lets the cold air burn his lungs before he takes another sip. It’s still too sweet for a drink, but the warmth is nice. And a little chocolate never hurt anyone.

They should do something. Maybe find a case near this town, or get on the road until one shows up. But Dean’s ass is apparently glued to this bench. They watch leaves fall, smile at some dogs that seem to be walking their owners, and just breathe. It’s nice to just sit there.

Eventually, Dean realizes that his cup is empty. He looks over at Cas, whose blue eyes are somehow shining even though the clouds are blocking any sunlight that might reflect in them. Dean suddenly has a warmth under his skin that makes him feel a little high. Goofy happy, even.

Maybe hot chocolate isn’t so bad.

Yeah. It’s definitely the hot chocolate that’s warming him up.

Don't just eat her out. Kiss her pussy lips, suck her clit, slurp her juices up, finger fuck her till she drip and make her body shiver while you make that pussy quiver. And when she screams, lick her all over while she creams

[[rough but coming soon]]

Bright lights flashing, one after the other, onto the panel’s face. The cameras clicking and the crowd hot, ready for the newest information from the hottest cast of the biggest series of movies yet: Kuroshitsuji. Aka, Black Butler. Sebastian adjusts his sunglasses, smirking over at Ciel who is in the middle of answering a question.

“We are so very humbled by such a crowd, thank you again for taking the time to interview us all. But yes, to continue my statement, we are glad the Book of Murder movies had such a big turn out. I am so excited to get started on the next project.”

“Mr. Phantomhive-”

“Please, call me Ciel.”

The crowd swoons, Ciel’s charms only making Sebastian’s smirk even more prominent.

“Y-yes, Ciel then.. The next movie will be Book of the Atlantic. How have you prepared yourselves for such a brutal arc?”

“Ah, good question. Well, you see, Sebastian and I already spend a lot of time… swimming, if I may”

Chuckles from the crowd as cameras flash even quicker now, Sebastian and Ciel playing off of each other’s “bond” for the sole purpose of publicity. Whether it was real or not had not been confirmed yet but it certainly got a rise out of the crowd every time.

“Excuse me, I have a question for Sebastian.”

Sebastian adjusts his sunglasses, “Of course, my dear lady.”

“Is it true that although you are all actors in the Black Butler series, the character names are actually your names?”

“Ah, yes indeed. The creator of Kuroshitsuji originally wrote the first arc in a journal with, believe it or not, no solid names. Just a few to toss back and forth. Upon her producer reading it and deciding it was gold, the most important task for her was finding who to play the roles. When I auditioned, she asked my name. I was the first cast and naturally, she decided from there on that to keep the story most organic, we were all to have our own names.”

“So I was able to keep mine, Ciel Phantomhive, and he, of course, introduced himself as-”

Sebastian leans into the mic, lowering his sunglasses to give a sultry glare to the cameras, “One hell of a butler.”

“I hate press conferences,” Ciel undoes the ribbon at his throat, Sebastian walking behind him as they return to a single dressing room.

“It’s good for the new movie.”

“I suppose…”

“You look tired. Have you been getting enough rest?”


“Are you still having night ter-”

“Sebastian. Why are you even in my dressing room?”

“Hmm,” Sebastian looks around before coming to hold Ciel’s chin up, “I suppose I’ve gotten used to following around a pompous little lord.”

“Suppose, huh?”

Sebastian stares down at Ciel’s face, the dark circles under his eyes, frowning from the memory of the first time he heard Ciel wake in a panic. They had been staying in a hotel room together while filming Book of Circus. He knew exactly what left those shades of gray underneath those blue eyes.

“I am only worried.”

“Well you shouldn’t be,” Ciel removes Sebastian’s hand, biting the inside of his cheek as he turns away, “you know what the producers will say if you worry too much.”

“I don’t care-”

“I do!”


“Sebastian, for the sake of the movies, for the sake of Kuroshitsuji’s fame and reputation, we are not allowed to get close. Not even this close. Do you understand that?”

“There is nothing wrong with-”

“DO you understand that?”

Sebastian tightens his hands into fists as he watches Ciel’s back, knowing all too well the pained face the boy probably wore. He steps back, his coat making a woosh noise as he gets down on one knee. Ciel turns around, looking at him incredulously as Sebastian’s face twists with mockery as his eyes burn with angry passion while he spits out the phrase “Of course… my lord.”

When Sebastian rises and the door to Ciel’s dressing room slams shut, he runs to it, hitting it as hard as he can out of frustration, “That..that damned..freak!”

Sebastian listens from the other side, listens to Ciel slumping against the door before pushing off to walk away.

He struts down the hallway, “For the sake of Kuroshitsuji’s reputation, huh?”

Sebastian snarls as he leaves his only interest behind, Ciel staring into the mirror at his sleepless eyes.

“For the sake of Kuroshitsuji’s reputation…”

“Ciel!” The door swings open to reveal Soma and Lizzy, “the next panel is ready for you two. Come on, let’s get moving. Are you alright?”

“Sure,” Ciel straightens himself, coming into the hall to see Sebastian in the distance, staring right at him, “I’m always alright. For the sake of Kuroshitusji’s reputation.”

Acting is hard, especially when you are falling for your co-host. But what happens when one cannot admit their feelings to the other for the fear of losing their jobs, due to the threats of some very strict producers that keep the two away from each other at all costs? The amount of money Black Butler would lose if word got out that the two were dating would hurt the series tremendously, due to probable homophobic watchers as well as the older crowd that watches for the “Storyline.” Not to mention the tremendous age gap.

Follow the cast of Kuroshitsuji with their behind the scene antics through arc after arc, revealing one love story after another. The good laughs, the faces the close cast makes when they pull up fanfics about one another, the times they share.. and the troubles they come across. The mountains two actors must climb in order to be with one another. Taboo, betrayal, a forbidden backstage rendezvous…

Join the cast of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler in…

Kuroshitsuji: Unscripted”


Keeping cool can be tricky when you’re coated in thick insulating feathers, help your feathered friends cool down with some of these activities!

  • Allow access to a shallow dish of cold water (most heat escapes from their feet and beak, getting their feathers wet can trap heat let them walk around in cool water to help cool down)
  • Put perches or cushions in the freezer to cool them
  • Feed them some homemade sugar-free fruit popsicles 
  • Put ice cubs in water bowls, frequently check if they’re thirsty by placing them on to the dish
  • Tie an ice pack to the wall of the cage, place something chewable between the bars and the ice pack so the bird can’t chew the ice pack.  The ice pack will cool the bars and air around them. 
  • Offer frozen berries
  • Provide water-rich foods such as fruits or lettuces to ensure they’re getting enough fluids
  • Make cold fruit juices (no added sugars)
  • Supply daily bathing opportunities
  • Have a fan blowing out the mesh-covered window to draw hot air out, keep inside doors open to allow for more air circulation
  • Close the blinds if there’s direct sunlight

Also read up on the signs of heat stroke and immediate care response! Take care and keep cool!

I really like the idea of Kakashi always getting interrupted right before getting his r&r. He’s about to dip his feet into a hot tub when he’s informed that some mystery man has a sharingan. He’s about to take a sip of his margarita when Sasuke’s hawk gives him the message that Naruto’s been injured. He’s just finished setting up his beach chair when Sakura calls to tell him there’s been an attack on the village. It’s too late for him, he’ll never escape team seven hell. 

Glee Club // Joji x Reader ~ High School AU

Joji was in the football team.

You were in Glee club. You were an outcast, Joji could never even notice you. You actually had an interest in him. He was hot. You would’ve been lying if you’d say that he wasn’t.

You were standing outside the school, giving out Glee Club flyers for auditions.

“Feel free to audition for Glee Club.” You smiled at people who you gave flyers to.

“Do you think that they will actually audition?” You heard your fellow Glee Club member/friend ask you.

“Of course!” You were an uplifting person and very outgoing.

As you were passing out flyers, you saw Joji. The football team leader. Your typical, hot, football jock.

“Audition information for Glee Club!” You looked at his whole flock of friends in front of you. They all laughed at you as you blushed in embarrassment.

But the one that stood out to you the most was George Miller. The one that everyone called Joji, he was also laughing. You were very embarrassed.


You continued your day after the morning incident. However, it was had turned to shit when you got a cherry slushie drown at your face.

You closed your eyes as the corn syrup stung your eyes.

You wiped the red drink off of your eyes and grabbed an extra pair of clothes you had in your locker to change into.

You went into the girls locker room and used the shower to rinse the sticky drink out of your hair before it got even more tacky.

“Oh god.” You sighed.

You dried your hair and brushed it after. You changed into your fresh pair of clothes and walked straight out of the locker room, rushing, trying not to be late to your first period.

Unfortunately, you bumped into someone.

“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry.”

“Oh no. Sorry.” You both apologized at the same time.

Your eyes widened when you saw who it was. Joji.

“…Sorry,” you trailed as you made eye contact before leaving to put your clothes in your locker.

Your heart was beating out of your chest. It was such a surreal moment that you couldn’t even fathom what had just happened.


You were in practice and was talking to the other members in Glee Club, waiting for the teacher.

You had your back turned to the door so you really weren’t aware of who was coming. The class started to get quiet and your friend had stopped talking to you. You were confused.

You turned around and saw… Joji?

“Why is he here?” You asked.

“He is joining Glee Club until he has a passing grade in my spanish class.”

You nodded as you stared at Joji. “So, should we get started?” You got your song spcript out of your backpack.

“Actually, I picked out a different song for you and Joji could sing together,” mr. Schuester. (yes i used mr. schuester’s name from Glee. just bare with me, pls)

“What do you mean?”

“You are doing a duet.”

“…What song is it?”

“No Air.” You nodded in response and looked at Joji warily. Mr. Schuester gave you both the song script and to the rest of the class. He then instructed the guy at the piano to play music.

You stood up in front of the whole class. “Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air?” You looked up and met eyes with Joji.

“I’m here alone, didn’t wanna leave. My heart won’t move, it’s incomplete. Wish there was a way that I can make you understand,” Joji started to sing. His voice so strong and passionate.

You continued singing, eventually getting more and more comfortable with each other.

You finished singing. “That was great! Hug it out,” Mr. Schuester said.

You and Joji hugged. “Meet me in the parking lot after school,” he whispered in your ear. The bell rung as soon as he finished his sentence.

You didn’t go, though. You were scared. What if it was a plot? No. You weren’t going to put yourself through that.

*next day*

You were at your locker, getting your stuff out before first period started.

You were looking down at your phone, answering a text your friend sent. You heard your locker slam shut.

“Why’d you bail on me?” Joji was walking towards you as you backed away.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You stopped backing away as soon as you had hit a wall.

“But you do, (Y/N). I stayed there for hours before I actually left.” He put one of his hands on the wall and stood dangerously close to you.

“I don’t have to explain myself.” You looked down. He put his finger under chin, bringing your face up to meet with his dark eyes.

“Why did you bail on me?” He asks again.

“For obvious reasons, Joji.”

“Tell me.”

“Joji, you are a popular. I know what you are capable of. For all I know, it could’ve been some joke you pulled to embarrass me in front of your friends.” You walked away, leaving him there, alone.


Your mind was still replaying the incident that had happened in the morning. You were a mess and all you could think about Joji. Hell, you couldn’t even focus with him popping in your mind every few seconds.

Walking in the hallways during passing periods was the only thing that could take your mid off of Joji.

Though, this time that didn’t happen. As you were pulled into the guys restroom by he himself, Joji. “What the hell?” You asked.

“I just wanted to speak with you.”

“In the fucking guys restroom? I think the fuck not.” You were about to leave when he pulled you to him.

“What are you doing?“

He pushed you up against the nearest wall. “Something I should’ve done very long ago.” He looked deeply into your eyes before kissing you passionately.


“I like you, (Y/N). Ever since the day I saw you on stage performing in front of the whole school for the first time… It’s like I ammediately liked you. You voice, so angelic. Your eyes, sparkling, reflecting the stage lights. Don’t even get me started with your smile. Your bright smile that I could never forget.” He smiled at you.

i have some brand new information hot off the presses:

queen’s music is good. every album is good. boy those kids know how to make some songs

Attention Toronto Sluts & Scammers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are staying at ‘The Shangri-la’ in Toronto.

They are out and about, speaking to guests, waving, taking pictures and even the coaches are chatty.

For this hot information I’ve just handed you. All I ask for is a cameo on “Basketball Wives Toronto” when you make it.