hot and cold cafe

Mmmm the warmth. ❤

He makes me crave Autumn. 🍂

Imagine strolling with Newt in NYC (or London) on a chilly, drizzly Fall day…

Arms linked together. Sneaky kisses on the cheek, forehead, or cold red noses.

A little hot chocolate in a cafe window, holding hands across the table talking about creatures and the weather.

My little heart. 💞😏

paper hearts

characters: you x daehwi

summary: your love was like paper: fragile and easily breakable

quote: “I hate this part paper hearts and I’ll hold a piece of yours” – Tori Kelly, Paper Hearts

i | ii

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+++ barista!wonwoo +++

+++ i wrote this 10,000% with my friend @bxebxee in mind. this entire story is for her, and i thought of only her as i wrote this entire fic because i love her so, so, so much. it’s lightly inspired by howl’s moving castle bc im such a ghibli fan haha but anyways, she means the entire world to me and i just wanted to gift her with something to match the cold weather. so here is something soft, something whimsical and something sweet with none other barista jeon wonwoo. enjoy! +++

+++ wonwoo scenario - rated fluff - 4.3k words +++

a rainy day meeting with you


the cafe is almost unnoticeable as first, hidden away so well that you nearly miss it when you try to escape the rain. you run too fast however and trip on a crack in the sidewalk, landing directly on your knees and ripping your brand new stockings in the process. yelling out a big curse in frustration, you bring yourself back up to your feet and look up only to see a shabby, run-down door with a wooden sign hanging above it that read “howl’s cafe”.

you squint your eyes in suspicion. the place seems tiny and unkempt, you could almost sense the mold growing within the walls. but the cold rain continues to beat down on you and with a defeated groan, you stomp up to the front door and loudly slam the rickety door open.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~~ How about a Lee Chanhyuk (AKMU) angsty imagine? 😅 I don't really have ideas I just appreciate these siblings so much, but maybe, how about something like he thinks you're cheating but really you're not and w/ a fluffy ending pls💕 thank you so much

Cheater ; Chanhyuk

Characters: Chanhyuk / Reader / ft. Soohyun
Genre: Angst (happy ending)
A/N: do ! not ! cheat ! on ! your ! significant ! other ! ! just ! dont ! this is v bad, im sorryyyy


Originally posted by baycities

   Hate. Hate. Hate.

   You down on your lip as you looked through your mail. Frankly, you were sick of it all. Ever since your relationship with Chanhyuk, one half of the Akdong Musician duo, had been revealed to the public, every letter you had received had been hand-written words of disgust, anger, and hatred. To be quite honest, you were somewhat impressed by your boyfriend’s fans ability to find more things to dote on, whether it be your fashion choices to the way you styled your hair. It was different every time, but at the end of the day you knew they all held the same message.

   You don’t deserve him.

   He deserves better.

   You could go on, but you’d rather not. With a sigh, you took the new letters and put them with the rest; in a drawer located in your kitchen. A pile of hateful letters had begun to build after a fan had followed you home. Whenever he came over, you always told him not to open it; as it contained rather embarrassing photos of yourself. Lying to him felt terrible, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell the truth.

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got7 as aesthetics
  • mark: letting your feet sink into the sand, empty grass fields, your fav pair of soft jeans, completely clear skies, sunflowers, fruit smoothies, neutral pink and pastel yellow
  • jaebum: late nights at airports, simple gold jewelry, neon lights, healing bruises, empty train tracks, candle smoke, streets after rain, roses, true red and black
  • jackson: blurry polaroids, cotton candy for two, matching hats, summer breeze, baby's breath and daises wrapped in twine, baby pink and light grey
  • jinyoung: art museums, pressed flowers, ivy on old buildings, harps, the mid morning fog, the first snowfall, olive green and lavender
  • youngjae: flowers in the sidewalk, seeing your breath in the cold, dancing to street performers, ice cream, marigolds and daffodils, seafoam green and pale yellow
  • bambam: silk shirts, fur pillows, floor to ceiling windows, lilies tied with ribbon, evenings by the river, the click of heels on tile, wine red and off white
  • yugyeom: hot drinks on a cold day, oversized sweaters, quiet cafes, mountain sunrises, flushed cheeks, gardenias, mustard yellow and pale blue
Jaehyun au

coffee shop au; a regular becomes more

p.s I’ve written something like this on tumblr :)

·  jae is a hoe for macchiatos (hot or cold)

 ·  he really likes the little cafe down the street from his college dorm because its the perfect amount of cozy

·  and you’re there

 ·  but he didn’t notice you until you took his order for the first time

· and  he’s been there several times before but you were new (but he’s an oblivious baby most of the time so he didn’t really know)

· one day he stopped by between classes

· he asked for a hot caramel macchiato because it was a little chilly that day

·   you smiled and told him his total

·  that’s when he caught sight of you, actually paying attention to you

·  your voice pulling him in so quickly he’d feel nauseous (but the good kind, you know them butterflies)

· he’d fumble trying to get his money out of his wallet

·  because his heart is the literal definition of !!!!!!!! right now

·  he finally got the exact change out and handed it you

·  your finger tips colliding for a split second but jaehyun (being the hopeless romantic that he is) could’ve sworn it made time stop

·  his eyes got wide and the tips of his ears turned a dark shade of pink

·  you giggled and he quickly and sat at the table by the waiting station

·  when his drink was done, the person called his order and he got up and grabbed it, nodding politely

· as he was walking out the door you two locked eyes

· jae’s whole world stopped right there

· he knew he had to come there every single day just with the hope of you working, cause he would never ever ask for you schedule

· but then one day he saw you on campus and was like ?????!!!!!!!

·  she goes here

·  so,,, naturally he walked over to you and was like ..hey

· you smiled realizing it was the ’cute boy

·  he really was the ’cute boy’ every girl on campus was head over heels for the sweet boy. his dimples holding all their hearts (without the sweethearts knowledge)

·  he really is an oblivious baby

·but anywaaaays, you found out his name was jaehyun

·he asked where you were headed, walking along your side

· you told him it was work that you were walking to

·he smiled and said that he was actually heading there now to do some studying, so he might as well walk with you to ’keep you some company

· you smiled and said that was a good idea

·you guys talked about classes and which ones were your favorites

· you found out that he was majoring in writing and his minor was a music program to help disabled children learn to play instruments (because wow he just was an angel in disguise like,,, how is he even real, who’s actually that perfect)

·to which you told him that you were majoring in psychology and minoring in art  

· you two talked about anything and everything until you got to the cafe

· don’t worry about ordering, I know your order, go study’ you said smiling at him

·  dang did you know how to make his heart stop

· he nodded and headed to his little table while you went behind the counter and made his drink, thinking about how you just couldn’t wait until tomorrow when you could possibly, repeat today