hot and cold cafe

got7 as aesthetics
  • mark: letting your feet sink into the sand, empty grass fields, your fav pair of soft jeans, completely clear skies, sunflowers, fruit smoothies, neutral pink and pastel yellow
  • jaebum: late nights at airports, simple gold jewelry, neon lights, healing bruises, empty train tracks, candle smoke, streets after rain, roses, true red and black
  • jackson: blurry polaroids, cotton candy for two, matching hats, summer breeze, baby's breath and daises wrapped in twine, baby pink and light grey
  • jinyoung: art museums, pressed flowers, ivy on old buildings, harps, the mid morning fog, the first snowfall, olive green and lavender
  • youngjae: flowers in the sidewalk, seeing your breath in the cold, dancing to street performers, ice cream, marigolds and daffodils, seafoam green and pale yellow
  • bambam: silk shirts, fur pillows, floor to ceiling windows, lilies tied with ribbon, evenings by the river, the click of heels on tile, wine red and off white
  • yugyeom: hot drinks on a cold day, oversized sweaters, quiet cafes, mountain sunrises, flushed cheeks, gardenias, mustard yellow and pale blue