hot air up balloon

Best Laid Plans

SPN FanFic

~Dean tries to go all chick-flick on you but fails miserably~

Dean x Reader, Sam

2,464 Words

Warnings: Gratuitous Fluff. Smidge of Smut (Barely)

A/N: This is for @lizmalfoywayland​ who sent me the amazing idea this morning. And for @bringmesomepie56​ in trade for Sammy (we’re even now)

~Feedback is the Crack that keeps the writing coming back!~

“So any big plans for tonight?” Sam asked his brother as they both reached for the coffee pot at the same time.

Dean beat him to it and let out a victorious chuckle. “I don’t know what you’re referring to,” he lied; a mischievous sparkle overtaking his green eyes.

“Good morning!” Y/N appeared in the archway, bouncing into the kitchen and running to Dean. Careful to avoid the hot mug of joe in his hands, she leaned up on her toes to kiss him hello. Dean closed his eyes as her lips distracted him, so much so that he didn’t notice Y/N had stolen his coffee until she pulled back and took a sip.


Y/N cringed. “You forgot the milk.”

“I did not. That was mine,” Dean laughed, watching her float over to the fridge with a smile. She was adorable, even right out of bed, especially right out of bed. Her hair was a mess of tangles and unruly slept-on waves, her eyes were bright but sleepy, and her voice was crackly and low. Also didn’t hurt that she looked hot as hell in his old t-shirt that hung down to her thighs, almost completely covering the tiny sleep shorts she wore.

“I would have thought you’d at least make me coffee this morning, Dean.” Y/N poured a splash of milk into the mug and turned to give Dean a chance to defend himself.

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The first time the gang takes a ride in a hot air balloon, it’s a breezy summer day and the blue skies are streaked with cirrus clouds, perfect for the culmination of months of planning and saving. They crowd into the basket and wave for Jonathan’s pre-takeoff photo op. As the balloon lifts off, Dustin starts in with his most enthusiastic rendition of “Gonna Fly Now”. Nobody minds this because it’s a change from his endless refrain of “Up Up and Away” on the drive up.
Once they’re in the air, Lucas muses out loud what it’d be like to spit over the edge. Dustin shuts the idea down with a “That’s disgusting,” as Max slugs Lucas in the arm to drive the point home. (“Thank you, Max.” “No problem.”) They spend the next few hours playing I Spy and debating the merits of a hot air balloon as a getaway vehicle (Lucas maintains that a plane would be a better, faster option, while Max just asks why they wouldn’t just use a car?).
Will divides his time between politely asking the pilot questions about what it’s like piloting a hot air balloon everyday and trying to unnecessarily memorize all the scenery floating by for future drawings.
I say unnecessarily because El brought Jonathan’s old camera, last week’s birthday gift, and when she’s not gazing in awe at the views, she’s immortalizing them in photographs.
Mike is also trying to memorize the scenery, but he’s more focused on the kind with awestruck brown eyes and curly brown hair who keeps grabbing his hand and smiling that beautiful smile.
The excursion ends with Jonathan and Nancy returning from their drive and taking the kids to a pancake house, where they all stuff themselves with the fluffy flat pieces of heaven and their mapley toppings of glory, all to sleep off on the drive home (during which Lucas drowsily hums “Up Up and Away” before nodding off).

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So I'm sure you saw that Niall made a dream jar to be auctioned off for charity for that BFG movie. With it he said “As a little boy, I liked the idea of floating above the trees and looking down on the world from above. Now I like the idea of having someone with me for the ride.” Could you please write a fluffy, but smutty blurb about this for me please! You're writing is the absolute best! I love reading your stuff! You'd make my life complete if you did this for me!

Valentine’s Day was never your favorite holiday.  If anything it was a holiday you just sort of got through more than anything.  You’d only had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day once in your entire dating career and that was when you were 14.  He took you behind the gym at school, slammed a rose in your hand and then tried to kiss you in a way that resembled a wet vacuum.  So…not the most romantic thing in the world.

However, this year was different.  You’d been dating Niall for six months now.  And you’d never been happier.  Sure, he was ¼ of the biggest boy band in the world who was now going solo and that meant a few insults from his loving fans lobbed your way but he made it all worth it.  He was sweet, attentive, kind, loving and most of all when he kissed you it sent tingles to your toes and electricity to the ends of your hair.  So…far and away different from the wet vacuum.

You’d both agreed weeks ago not to do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Neither of you really appreciated the holiday to begin with.  So why bother living up to the expectations?  Besides, Niall treated you like every day was Valentine’s Day.

But then he’d created his Dream Jar to promote the movie BFG and also to benefit a couple of London charities.  To say you’d been blown away by his jar would have been the understatement of the year.  It was so…intimate.  While Niall was intimate with you in private he was never really that guy that was intimate so publicly.  It put him in a whole new light for you.

This boy.  This man.  This angel of a human being at the end of the day just wanted to ride in a hot air balloon with his love and look on the world below him.

And today, you were going to make that happen.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Mario’s Level Design, Evolved | Game Maker’s Toolkit

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is platforming level design at its best. By taking Nintendo’s level design philosophy to the next level, Retro Studios made a handful of incredible stages that all modern platformers should be judged against.

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Cheer Up Post #3612 - Albuquerque, NM Edition

legolasmyegolas would like a post featuring the city of Albuquerque. Enjoy!

A Cheery Travel Guide

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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Hello! I love your headcanons, so I thought I'd ask if you could do how the RFA act when it's MC's birthday? Mine's coming up so it'd be like an early present for me? Hope you have a great day~! 💙💙💙

Happy early birthday, anon!!! (/^▽^)/˚°◦  first, thank you! you have a great day / night too! and thank you for reading my stuff~ and liking it too, wowie wow

now, here’s a little gift from me and the rfa (+v and saeran for you love!)


  • he’s probably more excited than mc tbh 
  • has a whole day planned and it’s going to be amazing!
  • ok, so he starts with waking mc up with a mini ‘happy birthday’ song and a kiss 
  • he wakes them up earlier so they have time to cuddle in bed for a bit too
  • that, and a little breakfast in bed that he made!
  • but after that, it’s time to go! mc is lowkey afraid he made too big of a deal out of it
  • they start at the park, just walking around, holding hands, and laughing
  • zen leads them to a little picnic setup he made, which is adorable
  • they don’t stay for long, though, cause first they have to get lunch
  • that picnic is for dessert and watching the sunset only, but dw no one will mess with it
  • so they get lunch and go just walk around town w/o fans swarming them (zen asked the fans on social media when mc was asleep. they’re all nice and keep distance for a day)
  • and now back to the picnic!
  • but what’s this? there’s a bunch of presents there? and the rfa??
  • surprise! 
  • mc opens their presents and they all eat dessert together and watch the sunset, it’s really cute
  • but when they get back home, zen has one more thing for them
  • it’s a song he wrote himself that he sings and kisses mc at the end of it


  • boy is hype!! 
  • he loves birthdays so much, others more than his own probably
  • can and will make a three course meal for dinner alone 
  • mc is going to be so full of his cooking, its how he shows his love
  • but that’s dinner, listen there’s a whole day ahead 
  • so what yoosung does is take them to a very very cute date 
  • they go to an arcade, a movie, stop by a coffee shop, it’s so adorable
  • presents are all at home and must be opened after dinner, its a rule
  • okay, mc gets one in the morning because yoosung loves them
  • because yoosung cooks so much, they invite the rest of the rfa over too
  • they are all amazed and they brought presents 
  • yoosung probably kisses them non stop for the whole day lets be real
  • the boy is not afraid of pda on mc’s birthday 
  • he’s more clingy too, especially with the rfa over
  • like, mc is always on his lap 
  • it all feels very domestic and home-like and mc is full of love


  • jaehee is doing no work for today 
  • nothing at all. her phone is off, she’s not thinking about it, the pens are away and everything
  • the two of them spend a couple hours just relaxing at home, eating breakfast, talking
  • they do each other’s nails and they match!
  • but later, jaehee takes them to an indoor pool
  • it’s time for birthday swimming!! no one else is there, too
  • there’s also a hot tub and it’s so relaxing
  • they spend like an hour by themselves before some people jaehee invited come over
  • the rfa is obviously included 
  • they don’t bring a cake though. but they do bring presents!
  • everyone plays pool games and they have snacks and there are a lot of laughs
  • mc is hella happy because of all this but also because jaehee is laughing so much
  • when they get back home, they both shower and mc is gathering up their presents when jaehee comes into the living room
  • she’s singing happy birthday and walks in with a cake she made 
  • mc is blushing. they share the cake 
  • cuddles while opening presents! 


  • jumin convinced mc to meet with family, friends, and the rest of the rfa in the days leading up to their birthday
  • mc is kind of confused, but does it anyways 
  • turns out, he bought them a trip. 
  • just the two of them. for three days. in a place that mc has always wanted to go
  • they’re so excited
  • so they sightsee for the first day and check out all the places that mc wanted to visit. 
  • mc is in charge of picture taking
  • also, jumin didn’t let them open their presents yet because he wanted them to open them all at one time, so he brings them with them
  • he also brings Elizabeth
  • and of course, mc gets more presents from him
  • but surprisingly, a lot of the ones from him are things that he made
  • like a letter(jumin said read it later), a little knitted scarf and glove set(jumin can knit), and a scrapbook
  • mc is so surprised and happy that they’re tearing up
  • jumin understands and pulls them into a hug
  • “happy birthday, love” he whispers

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • remember his valentine’s day thing??? 
  • yeah, but mc’s birthday isn’t full of 4th wall breaks and it only has one ending
  • there is literally a present given to mc every hour of the day
  • most of them are handmade, but they’re still really nice presents
  • he makes mc visit the rfa and they all wish them a happy birthday and have their own little surprise
  • like jaehee gives mc a cupcake and sings to them a little, jumin gives them a necklace that saeyoung picks out, zen sings to them and gives mc a mixtape saeyoung made, yoosung gives them chocolate and a cat doll
  • even saeran chips in this time and gives mc another stuffed doll, but this one is of both mc and saeyoung and they say ‘i love you’ to each other
  • before the day ends, like literally almost sundown, mc finds saeyoung
  • and he kisses their nose before taking their hand and going like “come with me”
  • mc kinda just wants to Rest
  • but he takes them inside this room and they watch the sunset through the window with cake
  • as soon as it gets dark, the room lights up with a bunch of stars
  • saeyoung smiles,“i made our own space station..”  

v / jihyun

  • jihyun has a Day planned
  • he’s probably extra enough to set up something like a hot air balloon ride or rent out a movie theater room
  • but besides all that cuteness, he sets up a couples photoshoot 
  • at his own studio
  • basically, v sets up a bunch of outfits and his cameras so he can take pictures of him and mc 
  • mainly mc, but listen 
  • mc indulges him, but they’re a little insecure
  • but as soon as v starts taking pictures, they can’t feel insecure anymore cause he’s spitting out compliments 
  • at the end of that, he tells them that literally all the outfits he brought are now theirs
  • they are Shook cause they’re all mc’s style 
  • and even more, he opens a curtain and shows them a bunch more presents
  • “not all of them are from me, i promise” he chuckles
  • enter the rest of the rfa with a cake singing happy birthday
  • its an amazing day for mc


  • he’s the most lowkey about it
  • mc spent the day before with their family, he came with them
  • the rfa came over in the morning and gave their presents and wishes
  • saeran takes mc out to a little ice cream shop
  • they both get their ice cream and saeran takes out a little candle and put it on top of their scoop
  • mc makes a wish and they eat their ice cream
  • and now saeran is taking mc for a walk to the top of this hill
  • where they cloud-gaze for a bit
  • in the middle of this, saeran thinks he’s made the day too boring 
  • so he rolls over and kisses mc’s cheek
  • they look at him, surprised, and asks about it
  • he mutters about wanting to make their day special, but not knowing how
  • they roll over now and kiss their fingers before pressing them to his cheek
  • that’s their thing idk how it happened but i like it
  • “you did make it special, saeran. i spent all day with you.”
  • he feels a lot better after that and so does mc  
King of Hearts (Remy Lebeau x Reader)

A/N; whooooooo boy this took way too long but here u go there are two sex scenes and hella buildup and Remy is just… so flirty… i’m really proud of this so dropping a comment or an ask would be hella rad bc I live for praise

Word count: 4700

Rating: NC-17 obvs

Warnings: Dirty talking? Drinking? Swearing? Idk man that’s what’s in it

Excerpt: “I’d be careful there, cherie ,” He replies, catching your chin between his thumb and forefinger as you try to dart away– and oh he’s suddenly so close, tipping your head back to meet his eyes, dark and heated in the light from the streetlamp over the sidewalk–and he could kiss you if he wanted to, you would let him. You’re certain that he knows that, too.He doesn’t do anything. Remy just smiles, sly and secretive, and arches an eyebrow, the look he shoots you nothing less than outright teasing as he murmurs, “Wouldn’t want to start somethin’ you can’t handle.”

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  • Will fight anyone and everyone to protect u
  • Stays up until you fall asleep
  • Rides hot air balloons w u
  • Takes u bungee jumping
  • Dances in the rain w u
  • Styles ur hair
  • Feeds animals in the park w u
  • Starts water balloon battles
  • Surprises u w gazebo picnics
  • Kisses ur hand when u two are walking together
  • Dips his toes in the ocean w u
  • Attempts to go surfing w u
  • Makes origami 
  • Puts lil paper/origami stars around the apt 
  • Never stops smiling when ur around
  • Laughs at everything and anything
  • Hates when u see him sad
  • Sews and makes decor pillows w u
  • Always has tissues/a hand kerchief 
  • Doesn’t wake u up from ur nap 
  • Doesn’t mind when u fall asleep during one of his stories
  • Likes to challenge u
  • Drags u to go shopping
  • Secretly buys u clothes and puts them in ur closet 
  • Is v dedicated
  • Only has eyes for u
  • Wants a long term relationship w u
  • Does charity walks w u
  • Puts two straws in his drink so u two can share

Sometimes Jungkookie feels as if u don’t receive the love and attention that u deserve so he usually sings these songs when ur falling asleep while running his hands through ur hair, rubbing his thumb across ur soft, plush skin; also he usually whispers sweet nothings when u doze off and u only remember some of the things he’s said (like: im in love with u, i wish i met u sooner, thank u for sticking around) *this is a special playlist bc ive actually linked kookie singing all of these (w the additional namjoon but u get the gist) so u can have the full effect im so sad i love it

  1. Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly
  2. Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber
  3. Fools - Troye Sivan
  4. Lost Stars - Adam Levine
  5. Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae


Rap Monster (BTS)

Suga (BTS)

Jimin (BTS)


Jin (BTS)

Dokyeom/DK (SVT)

Vernon (SVT)

Hoshi (SVT)

Wonwoo (SVT)

Joshua (SVT)

Woozi (SVT)

Mingyu (SVT)

Seungkwan (SVT)

Jeonghan (SVT)

anonymous asked:

Did Dobuita really try and crowd surf in ShiC 2 though, what was she thinking? Did they manage to carry her or did she end up crushing someone?

It turned out okay, the body improvement club helped out with the lifting among the crowd. Granted I don’t think Dobuita got very far, but she totally was lifted up! Like a heavy hot air balloon!

i love louis so much and when he’s happy it makes my whole chest light up, it makes me feel like there’s a hot air balloon firing up to take off inside my ribs, like the feeling of putting your cold hands around a warm mug after a chilly day outside, like the feeling you get right as you crest the highest drop on a rollercoaster. i’m so incredibly proud of him and in some small way i like to think that me loving and supporting him has helped him be happy, has helped him realize how wonderful he really is, and that means so much to me. 


have you ever loved someone so much you actually ripped yourself apart?



That is my final answer.


One day maybe, but I am young and I don’t need love. I am satisfied with the emptiness because it has never been filled. I tell myself the adrenaline of being recklessly young is the only emotion I need. I tell myself all love is is an emotion. 

In dreams, middle of the day dreams where you wake up and suddenly everything has changed, middle of the day dreams where you wake up and you are seconds away from something something horrible, those dreams tear me apart with the thought of love in a mock imitation. Is that a precursor for what’s to come? A prophecy? And will I then too wake up seconds away from bone crushing wind, with fear in my stomach as the winds of cars rush past and a stumble-pain in my ankle? 

If that is love, even the second, minute, hour, day, distraction that fills you up as a hot air balloon floating away away, do not matter. I do not need love if I will crash back down. If the cons outweigh the pros- I am sensible. 

 (and I stay up at night -skin burning with the thought warm with love; hot with passion; grasping and grabbing at emotions I’ve never felt- imagining it anyway)

But not yet. not yet.

- Sad Truths // N.A

Based off of @inkstay May Magazine Prompts

Fix a Heart 25

Chapter 25 - Where You Lead

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead  

“I’m over being patient babe.” Val said one night while they were laying in bed.

“I am too but I don’t think we have a choice. We can’t just make random babies be parent-less for us to steal.” She said from her place on his chest. He cracked up at her analogy. “What?! It’s the truth.”

“I know, it just sounded funny coming out like that.” He said as he shifted and tucked her into his neck.


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grace: brings frankie up in a hot air balloon even though shes petrified of heights because she l*ves her
frankie: grace this is amazing!!!!
grace: i know. so is your boyfriend.
frankie: …oh. yeah.
grace: you should go with him.
grace also: looks down and inches her hand a little bit closer to frankie’s that wasn’t a necessary detail jane fonda it was Not
frankie: hm. let’s just see where this balloon takes us.

vintagefud  asked:

do the alpha kids share the same fears as the betas? water heights etc.

I’m not sure! Presumably that sort of thing would be revealed by when their first imps/ogres appear, but since their session is Void nothing really happens? So it comes down to more abstract planet analysis like with the trolls…

deliverusfromsburb made a pretty comprehensive post on the Alpha planets (x) back when the comic was still running, but it’s still hard to gauge.

I guess the starting location of the house is a good standpoint? Since John was on a cliff, Rose surrounded by ocean, etc etc. Jane’s house lands on the top of a giant hot air balloon, which seems like a really good set up for it to rise into the sky and scare her! But instead she hops off and it sinks into a cave, which seems to negate the idea that she’s afraid of heights.

Roxy’s house replaces the cap of a pyramid, Dirk’s house is suddenly surrounded by empty buildings, and Jake’s ruins just kind of settle into the middle of a bunch of terraced hills. I really don’t know! For Jane’s case at least, I’m hoping the walkaround on her planet will help clear things up when I get there. But Calliope doesn’t seem to function as a manifestation in the same way that trolls do…