hot a wh at

  • Yoonbum: *kills Jieun*
  • Y'all: NOOOOOOOO ME BBY!!!!
  • Me: hell yeah Koogi advance that storyline. I'm so happy this is the direction she's taking this
  • Someone: omg I'm so happy she's dead too! Jieun was such a bitch and she deserved everything she got!!!11!
  • My ass who thought Jieun was hot and definitely did not deserve this: that. W. as no. t wh. at I mea. nt
What your fave WH guy says about you
  • Elias: you're hot for the older bro but can't deal with him so you go with the lil tsun bro
  • Yukiya: you're 12 and just discovered otome games
  • Luca: you like bad boys who are manipulative
  • Klaus: you want to be completely dominated
  • Serge: you like the manchild type
  • Azusa: you hate being like everyone else
  • Joel: you wish your childhood best friend was this hot

   "We-uuurp-eelll, good job Mor-Morty, there goes our one-one and only safe bunker along with all the s-supplies that was suu-uup-posed to last at least until well after I kick the bucket.“ Rick groaned as he watched the remains of his laboratory burning. He could really go for a drink right about now, but most of his alcohol stash was currently fueling the flames and the meager flask he had in his pocket wasn’t gonna last him if he started drinking it now. They were gonna have a long trip ahead of them before they’d reach plan B, but it was likely the only other place he’d find all the stuff he would need to build another portal gun. Here’s hoping that if they managed to make it all the way to Gravity Falls, Oregon, that his ex whom he hadn’t seen in decades would either be in a forgiving mood… or already be dead. But who was he kidding? If anyone could survive the apocalypse and still hold a grudge, it would be Stanley Pines.

Guess who got Fallout 4 for Christmas and now really wants a some post apocalypse AU Stanchez?

Samurais Do It Better!

If the samurais are highschoolers…..

~one morning~
Nobunaga: *open the class door* morning~
Mitsuhide: good morning. *looks over Nobu* hey, where’s you necktie?
Nobunaga: like i know, and like i care…
Mitsuhide: geez, and this is why i can’t leave you alone! *gives another necktie to Nobu* here, i bring the spares, so you can use it.
Nobunaga: i don’t really want to wear this, though.. It’s hot… *opens his second shirt button*
Mitsuhide: wh-whoa, your chest! Don’t do that!
Hideyoshi: oooh, fanservice early in the morning, huh? Lucky~~~
Inuchiyo: you know, i always felt like it was really a FALSE choice to chose him as our class rep. He doesn’t even wear his uniform in a right way….
Hideyoshi: what’re you talking about?! He’s perfect as a class rep!!! Look at his chest!
Inuchiyo: don’t choose people to be a class rep by looking at their chest!
Mitsuhide: more than that, did you finish our math homework for today?
Nobunaga: math homework? Did we really have that?
Mitsuhide: don’t tell me you didn’t know that….
Nobunaga: no.
Mitsuhide: ………
Hideyoshi: i did it, though i wrote it in almost fall asleep state, so i’m not sure if teacher can read my notes… Hahaha!
Inuchiyo: well, i actually have done it, and i think i did it quite we– *open his bag* huh?
Hideyoshi: what’s wrong?
Inuchiyo: oh no…..
Mitsuhide: ……?
Nobunaga: pffft, stupid.
~later, lunch break, in student council room~
Masamune: so, how much students that came late to the school this morning?
Kojuro: *gets up from his chair* yes, there were five students, president.
Masamune: i see, i guess this is better than yesterday, huh.
Kojuro: yeah, because yesterday you were late too, president. *smiles*
Masamune: s-shush…. *averts gaze*
~then, after school, in an empty classrom~
Girl: um… Um…..
Saizo: what? I wanna go home, so hurry. You said you need to talk with me, right?
Girl: w-well, yeah… But…. Um… Y-you see…. I…. I…..
Saizo: ……..
Girl: i like you, Kirigakure-kun! Please, go out with me!!
Saizo: of course.
Girl: eh? R-really?!
Saizo: if you don’t mind become number two after Yukimura.
Girl: w-what?! I-i can’t!! I mean…. I… I didn’t know you have that kind of relationship with Sanada-kun!! I-i’m sorry!! E-excuse me!! *runs*
Saizo: *sigh* finally…..
Yukimura: *steps into the classrom* SAIZOOOOO!!! I HEARD YOU!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!
Saizo: i don’t really want to go out with her, so i used you as an excuse. *smiles*
Yukimura: *blush* b-but, we’re not dating!! And this is also why all the girls never approach me, huh?! You bastaaaard!
Saizo: well, well. Don’t think about it too hard. Let’s just go home. *walks away*

Why is it that every time I show someone Alex, they say he’s hot and they love him
Why do people love Alex so much
I’m concerned