hot 92.3

I’m sure some if not most of you listened to this Hot 92.3 FM & loved it cus it played the jams (oldies/Chicano music). Now its been changed to “the real 92.3 FM” that only plays hip hop. This station was one of the best stations on the radio & now it’s gone after so many years because of iHeart radio, so fuck them & spread this.

This morning I found out a MAJOR part of my childhood heck life is gone. I know a radio station shouldn’t like have this big of an impact but HOT92.3 was something that was always a part of my life. Old school music has always been a big part of my life, hell those days I get tired of my own music I always go back to it. When I was younger that’s all we listened to and kearth101 but mostly 923 I know and love every song they play. When I would do my homework in middle school late and the other stations were on that other crap Art Laboe was my thing to listen to. On the weekends when we make carne asada or ribs or were just hanging out playing cards you know when Art Laboe was coming on that’s what you had to listen to and try to make those requests. I’ve been lucky enough to get my call in more than a couple of times. So to get in the truck this morning have it on 92.3 and hear “the club going up on a Tuesday” come out of the speakers I was shocked along with my dad. Listening to Hot92.3 was me and my dads thing he’d always tell me when you listen to these songs one day when I’m not here I want you to remember what we were doing when you hear this, all the fun and the memories.