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  • What she says: Lord of Shadows was a great book and you should really read it
  • What she means: thiS BOOK TORE OUT MY FUCKING SOUL AND I FUCKING HATE IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME I FUCKING LOVED IT. Emma and Jules are so cute but they're also just a big hot mess of emotions and angst and tbh they're ETERNALLY SCREWED. I love Diana and Diana and Gwyn are my actual fave but don't forget about Kitty because oH MY FUCKING GOd it's canon and they are so cute. Not to mention that Mark, Cristina, and Kieran will eventually have a threesome. I foresee it in the future. ALSO DID I MENTION THAT MALEC TAKING CARE OF THEIR KIDS IS THE CUTEST? Emma and Julian had sex again (shocker) and it was rlly cute and hot n heavy. Julian Blackthorn is actually my daddy. I s2g if those two parabatai don't chill Emma's gonna get fucking preggers and then things can only get worse from there. Jaime and Diego (especially Jaime) are sneaky, slimy motherfuckers and I don't really like them. no wait scratch that. I HATE JAIME BECAUSE HE'S TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DRU BUt Diego isn't that bad anymore but still.
The Song

Note: I don’t know about you guys, but I need some water. I got too into this. OH and idk why but Partition reminds me of Bucky. so I used that, I hope that’s okay! thanks for the request, I really hope you enjoyed this! feedback is ALWAYS welcome! .c

Request: Here’s something I think you’d write really well… Bucky is your boyfriend and you’re a singer and you write all of these seriously sexy songs, he sees your show one night and hears all these hot n heavy songs about him and when he gets you home, he does all sorts. - @fridamoss


Singing was one of the things you enjoyed the most. Sure, killing bad guys and fighting alongside your boyfriend and fellow badass teammates couldn’t compare. But this was something you did to get your mind off of it. The process of writing a love song, a song about sadness, or a song about your sexy boyfriend, took you to a place you revisited as often as possible.

You sang at a little open mic place. It had a small stage and a bar, tables littered in between. Pool tables and dart boards near the back. It was usually full when people knew you’d be performing on a certain night during the week. You loved when so many people came to listen to you, even if you were sorta famous for being an Avenger.

Tonight, you were singing a new song you had written. It was about your boyfriend and he was finally able to have a night off. He had been stuck with nightly missions along with Steve and Wanda for a while. Everyone has come to see you, all but them three. Though it was only Bucky coming tonight. Steve had a much needed date with Sharon planned and Wanda was going to be helping Vision with something.

You were extra nervous about tonight. Bucky didn’t know about the songs you sang about him, nor did he know you wrote about him at all. He knew you sang, but this was definitely going to surprise him.

You stared at yourself in the mirror backstage, sighing out. You were wearing a sexy black dress with black heels to match. You tapped your heel nervously against the floor, the sound echoing through the silent dressing room.

The crowd was cheering as Jimmy, the artist before you, had just finished his song. You took a deep breath and walked out of your dressing room, walking down the dimly lit hallway that led to the stage. A girl that worked backstage smiled at you as you walked by. “Good luck!” She said before giving you a gentle pat on your shoulder. You smiled and thanked her softly.

Jimmy walked down the steps and smiled at you. “Good luck out there, Y/N.” He said, holding his guitar by the neck as he gave you a high five. “Thanks Jimmy Jam!” You said, causing him to chuckle at his nickname you gave him a while ago. You slowly walked up the stairs, letting the crowd settle down. Patrick, the owner of the place, was introducing you and you stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for your cue.

Patrick smiled at you, sending you a wink. “And now, who you’ve all been waiting for, may I present to you: Y/N Y/L/N!” The crowd cheered and you walked onto the stage, smiling and waving at the crowd. Patrick gave you the microphone and placed a kiss to both of your cheeks. “Good luck, Y/N.” Patrick said before hopping off the stage. You sighed out and put the mic on the stand.

The crowd finished cheering and you spotted Bucky near the front, a smirk on his face. You winked at him then looked out at everyone. There was a lot more people here than any other night and you swallowed your nerves. “How’s everyone doing tonight?” You asked, the crowd cheering loudly in response. You giggled. “Great. Well, this song is a new one. I wrote it for a certain someone and I hope you like it.” You said, blushing a little as Bucky sat towards the edge of his seat.

The music started playing and the crowd started to cheer, dancing along to the beat. “Driver roll up the partition, please.” Your voice rang through, every lyric sang with sexiness and a sensual feel. Bucky bit his lip as he watched you sing, his eyes drinking in your figure. He listened closely to every word, his eyes glued to yours as you sang words of sultry and utter naughtiness.

You let your hands move up and down your body as you kept singing, staring straight at Bucky. “Hand prints and good grips on my ass.” Bucky’s mouth was agape, his eyes wide, and his thoughts going wild. You knew the effect this song would have on him and you hoped it was working. By the looks of his face right now, you knew you had reeled him in.

You sang and kept your eyes on Bucky. You wrote the last bit in French, knowing Bucky had been brushing up on his language skills. He wanted to learn as many languages as he could, and you knew he was excellent at French. Adding that to the mix was an added bonus. “Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe? Le sexe, je veux dire l'activité physique.” You said, your voice drawing Bucky in even more.

The song came to an end and the crowd cheered as loud as they could, making you smile and blush. “Thank you!” You said before walking off stage. You breathed out and laughed to yourself, covering your mouth with the back of your hand. “Oh my gosh.” You whispered, not believing you just sang that in front of everyone including the man it was about.

You quickly gathered your things and left backstage, walking over to the table Bucky was sitting at. “Hey, baby.” You said, leaning down to press a kiss to Bucky’s cheek, his stubble rubbing against your lips. Bucky turned to you, his eyes following your figure to where you sat across from him. Bucky’s bottom lip was pulled in between his teeth. He was looking at you with that look. That look that meant he wanted you underneath him, begging for him.

Bucky licked his lips and smiled, his white teeth shining as he tucked his hair behind his ear. “That was…” Bucky trailed off, his eyes falling from your eyes, to your lips, then to your cleavage. “Was?” You questioned, leaning in slightly. You raised your heel under the table, rubbing it up against the inside of Bucky’s leg. A small gasp fell from Bucky’s mouth and his eyes shot up to stare into yours. “Doll, we need to get home.” Bucky said, standing to his feet.

You smirked then quickly put on a small frown. “Aww, but I only just finished. Can’t we stay for a bit?” You playfully pouted, slumping your shoulders a tad. “Please?” You added, cupping your hands together. Bucky rubbed his bottom lip, clicking his tongue. 

He stepped over to you and bent down, his metal hand resting on the table as his flesh hand rested on your partly exposed thigh. “Daddy suggests you get your pretty little ass in the car, or he’ll fuck you on this table for everyone to see. Do I make myself clear, Y/N?” Bucky asked, his voice low and taunting.

You gasped and stood to your feet, your pussy becoming wet from his words. Your face was red with blush as Bucky grabbed your hand and kissed your temple. You nervously waved at a few faces in the crowd that said goodbye to you, letting Bucky pull you along to the entrance doors.

The chilly night air made you inhale sharply through your teeth and Bucky hurriedly pulled you along the sidewalk. “Bucky, slow down!” You said, your heels clicking loudly as you all but ran beside Bucky. Bucky slowed per your request and you let out a sigh. “Once we get home, you better be ready.” Bucky said lowly, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly.

You smirked and finally reached the car. Bucky opened your door for you and before you could get in, Bucky came up behind you. You felt his crotch press into you and his hands gently lifted up your dress a tad, his flesh hand rubbing the skin of your inner thigh. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fuck you right here.” Bucky said, moving your hair to one shoulder, his lips ghosting over the skin of your neck.

A gasp fell from your lips and you closed your eyes. “I-I-” You only managed to let a pitiful stutter fall from your lips as Bucky bit down on your skin, slightly sucking. You moaned out, not caring if you were loud. Bucky smirked and pulled away from your neck with a wet noise. “No reason?” Bucky asked, thrusting his crotch into you.

Bucky was already sporting an erection and your mouth watered at the thought of his glistening red tip and swollen cock. “You wouldn’t want another man to see me get fucked, would you?” You questioned, knowing how jealous and protective Bucky could get.

You smirked to yourself after hearing Bucky sigh heavily and deeply. “Every man in there had his eyes on you. You’re my girl. My Doll. Get in.” Bucky said as he pulled away from you. You bit your lip and got in the car, Bucky shutting your door and crossing over to the drivers side.

Bucky’s hands were all over you as soon as you stepped into the tower, making your way to the elevator. You giggled softly and gasped when you saw Sam and Clint standing near the common room.  Bucky removed his hands from your ass, hoping they didn’t see. “Y/N! How was the show?” Sam asked, a wide smile on his face.

You heard Bucky sigh and you decided to prolong his arousal, making him wait for you. You walked over to the two men, pulling Bucky along. “It was so much fun! Wasn’t it, Bucky?” You beamed, looking up at your overly turned on boyfriend. Bucky nodded, keeping your body in front of his prominent bulge. “It was amazing, baby.” Bucky breathed out shakily, his lips in a tight smile.

Clint raised an eyebrow. “She sang the song.” Sam gasped, looking over at Clint with an amused smile. Clint’s eyes widened and the two men both started to laugh, leaning into each other for support. You blushed and grabbed Bucky’s jacket, pulling him away. “Bye boys.” You sang softly, watching Bucky stare back at them in confusion.

As you stepped into the elevator, Bucky looked down at you. “How’d they know?” Bucky asked, curiosity laced in his husky voice. You shrugged your shoulders a tad. “They found my journal.” You said, being totally honest. Bucky sighed deeply and his hands rested on your hips.

Bucky bent down just enough to where his lips were ghosting over yours. “This dress,” Bucky whispered, tugging on it gently, “needs to go.” Bucky finished, his hands moving down to grip your ass, giving it a harsh spank. You gasped and let out a high pitched moan. Bucky chuckled darkly, his eyes on yours.

The elevator came to a stop and Bucky moved his hands from your ass, pulling you by your hand to his bedroom. Your heels were the only sound in the hallway. Bucky pushed his door open and shut it, shoving your back into it. You grunted softly, looking up at Bucky with an innocent expression.

Bucky bit his lip, his eyes raking up and down your body before they stopped at your mid-section. His hand lifted under your dress, his eyes on your face. You felt his middle finger rub against your clit through your panties, adding a little pressure. Your breathing came out heavy as you looked down, the sight of his arm sticking out from your dress making you whimper.

A soft moan fell from Bucky’s lips as he started rubbing the length of his finger along your slit. “Daddy wants to see how wet you are, Doll. Can he?” Bucky asked, using his other hand to lift your chin up to look at him. You nodded, making a small “mhm” sound. Bucky smirked and used his hands to pull down your panties, his body crouching down as he went.

Bucky’s eyes stayed locked on yours and he was on his knees now, your panties around your ankles. Bucky’s hands made their way up the back of your legs and a shiver coursed through your body. Bucky smirked and lifted your dress, his eyes falling onto your pussy. Bucky let out a breath, licking his lips as a smile tugged at the corners.

You whimpered and shuffled on your heels. “Buckyyy.” You moaned, your impatience growing stronger. Bucky leaned in and used his fingers to spread your lips open. You let your head fall against the door as you felt Bucky’s breath fanning across your pussy. “Y/N, you’re glistening. Are you that turned on?” Bucky asked as if it weren’t the most obvious thing in the world.

You nodded. “I-I am.” You said, looking back down at Bucky. He started to lean in, his tongue sticking out of his mouth. You gasped and breathed heavily, excited to feel his mouth on your pussy. Bucky licked a long stripe from your opening to your clit and you moaned out, your hand flying to his thick hair as the tip of his tongue flicked against your clit.

A groan fell from Bucky’s lips and he attached his lips around your clit, creating small sucking motions as he continued watching your face. Your hips jerked into Bucky and he groaned again, using his tongue to lightly flick across your clit back and forth. “Bucky, yes.” You moaned, tugging on his hair. “More.” You pleaded, watching Bucky’s blue eyes focusing on you.

He smiled against your pussy and he sloppily made out with it, gently wiggling his head back and forth. His hair tickled your thighs and you moaned again, your legs slightly buckling under you. Bucky’s hands held your dress up at your waist, gripping onto you so you wouldn’t fall. “Fuck, you’re so good at this.” You moaned, feeling Bucky’s fingers dig into your waist and you could hear the wet sounds from in between your thighs.

Bucky suddenly pulled away, making you whine. Bucky smirked up at you and his chin was covered in your juices. Bucky slipped your dress over you, letting it drop to the floor. His eyes fell to your breasts, his metal hand reaching up to grasp one. You moaned softly as he pinched your hardened nipple. “You’re so gorgeous.” Bucky said, pulling you over to his bed.

Bucky gently pushed you backwards. You giggled as you bounced slightly on the mattress, biting your lip. Bucky unbuckled his belt, dropping it to the floor. Your eyes were focused on him as he slipped his pants off. You could see his cock in his tight boxers, the sight causing your mouth to water.

You sat up a little to take off your heels, but Bucky grabbed your wrist. “Please, keep them on.” Bucky said, making you smirk. “Yes, Daddy.” You said, leaning back on your elbows. Bucky gripped your ankles, gently yanking you closer to the edge of the bed. “You drive me crazy, Doll. Daddy wants you so bad right now. I need that little pussy of yours.“ Bucky groaned, hovering over you. “I want you to behave, understand?” Bucky asked, staring into your eyes.

Gulping, you nodded. “Yes.” You whispered, feeling small underneath Bucky. “Yes, what?” Bucky asked, spreading your legs open more. You inhaled shakily as his hands left your skin. “Yes, Daddy.” You said, watching Bucky bite his lip. “Good girl.” He praised, standing to his feet. 

“I want you to beg for me, Doll.” Bucky said, slipping off his boxers. You saw his thick cock spring free, a small gasp escaping your lips. You wanted to lean up and shove him into your mouth until he hit the back of your throat, but you knew better. 

Bucky started to slowly stroke his cock, gathering the pre-cum and spreading it along. “You enjoyed teasing me back there, didn’t you?” Bucky asked, the memory of you eye fucking him and seducing him with your hands moving all over your body fresh in your mind. You nodded slightly, letting your eyes slowly drink in his body, until you met his eyes. “I did. I loved it.” You said, moving your right heel to travel up the side of Bucky’s leg.

He smirked and softly slapped it away. You frowned and looked at Bucky innocently. “I want your cock.” You said, spreading your legs more. Bucky’s eyes fell to your pussy and you smirked, reaching your hand down to rub your clit. Bucky growled, quickly moving your hand away. “Behave.” He ordered, making you whine. “Daddy, please. I’m so ready for you.” You said, creasing your eyebrows and biting the tip of your finger.

Bucky watched you closely and you smiled at him. “Please, fuck me. Make me scream.” You begged desperately, watching Bucky’s hand speed up a tad. Bucky swallowed thickly, his eyes raking up and down your body. “Fuck, your pussy is so pretty.” Bucky breathed out, squeezing his cock a little. “Seems like Daddy is losing his patience on his own.” You said, a slight giggle in your voice. Bucky growled and stopped stroking himself.

Bucky gripped your ankles, making you gasp. “You want me to make you scream?” Bucky asked, raising your legs to rest on his broad shoulders. You nodded, licking your lips. “Please, make me scream so loud. I want you to pound into me, make me cum all over you. I need you.” You begged, watching Bucky’s eyes close, his bottom lip pulled in between his teeth. “Fuuuck.” He said quietly.

Bucky’s eyes shot open and he gripped his cock, gently rubbing it up and down your slit. You moaned and let your head fall back against the mattress. Bucky slid his tip inside of you, making you gasp. “You’re such a dirty girl.” Bucky said, sliding in further. 

You felt his hands rest by your sides and you looked into his eyes. He smirked and slammed his hips into you. You moaned out louder, his cock filling you up. “Fuck, you’re so big!” You whimpered, making Bucky chuckle. 

He started to thrust in and out of you, his cock hitting your g-spot perfectly. “You’re so tight, Y/N.” Bucky rasped, moving your legs down to wrap around his waist. You gripped onto his hair, your fingers tangling into it tightly. “Fuck me harder, Daddy.” You pleaded, feeling your pussy clench around Bucky’s thick cock. He growled and picked you up by your waist, moving you up towards the headboard.

Your head rested on the pillows and Bucky shoved his cock deeper into you. You moaned, arching your back. Bucky took that chance to suck on one of your nipples, grazing his teeth over it gently. Your hands flew to his hair again, tugging on it harshly. He groaned, his thrusts getting harder, the bed slamming into the wall. “Yes, Daddy!” You screamed. Bucky pulled away and looked at your face, moaning when your mouth fell slack at a particularly hard thrust.

Bucky reached down to rub your clit and you relaxed your back to look down at his cock disappearing in and out of your pussy. “I love your fucking pussy. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? Writing and singing about me,” Bucky groaned, his cock twitching, “teasing me. Dammit, you’re so beautiful.” Bucky growled loudly, surely the others could hear you two, though you didn’t care.

Your heels dug into Bucky’s back and you gasped for air, feeling yourself getting closer. You tugged on Bucky’s hair and pulled him down to kiss you. You heard him moan as he bit your lip, his hand squeezing your ass, spanking you. “You’re such a fucking good girl for Daddy.” Bucky said against your mouth. You moaned, fighting your tongues together, his dominating yours.

Bucky pulled away, leaning his head against your forehead. Bucky’s thighs slapped against yours and you felt his cock twitch again, making you cry out. “I’m gonna fucking cum!” You yelled, squeezing your legs around Bucky’s waist tightly. Bucky’s thrusts didn’t falter and his hand sped up on your clit. “Daddy wants your cum, Doll. Fuck yeah, I love it when you clench around m-me, FUCK!” Bucky growled, thrusting so hard you were breasts were bouncing up and down.

Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you started to cum. You screamed, drawing it out like blood murder. “YES, BUCKY!” You cried out, hearing Bucky moaning as loud as he could. You whimpered loudly, feeling Bucky’s cum filling you up in hot spurts, slowly dripping out of you.

Bucky slammed into you a few more times, riding out both of your orgasms. Bucky collapsed on top of you, both of your breathing heavy and coming out in short huffs. “Holy shit.” Bucky rasped, his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. You held Bucky close, your pussy throbbing even more than before. “God, I need to sing to you more often.” You said, breathless. Bucky chuckled lazily, moving off of you.

Bucky sighed, completely worn out. “Fuck.” He said, a wide smile on his face. You turned your head to look at him and you smiled, reaching for his hand. “That was so,” “Amazing.” Bucky finished, making you giggle. 

You slowly sat up, a groan falling from your lips. Bucky helped you up, slipping off your heels. “Was I too rough?” Bucky asked worriedly, standing to his feet. You blushed, loving how he was concerned. “No, I’m just a little sore is all.” You said softly.

You watched Bucky leave and come back with a damp wash rag, cleaning you both up. Bucky gave you one of his t-shirts to wear and he slipped on a pair of clean boxers. He handed you a pair of clean panties you had in his drawer, helping you slip them on. 

You exchanged shy glances and a knock on the door stopped you from saying something. Bucky walked over and opened it and you saw Sam standing there, his eyes meeting yours.

“Can you sing to me?”


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do u ever want affection,,, but u only want it from one person. like anyone else in the world can give u affection but it doesn’t mean anything bc all you want is to be w that one person. it don’t even gotta be affection they could call u a fucking cheese curd n ur heart gets all hot n heavy n means the world 2 u

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do you have any marauders headcannons on thigh riding?

BOY DO I EVER - i’ll split this up to each individual bc they’d have different styles (not including Peter bc he’s a BITCHASS) 


  • like at the start he pretends like it’s really annoying - “baby, that isn’t my cock”
  • but just seeing the way your head falls back, he adores it
  • and the amount of power he has is fucking phenomenal
  • like if you were grinding on his dick, he wouldn’t be able to handle himself
  • but with you on his thigh, he can bounce you and only be half-incoherent 
  • his dick would twitch in anticipation just watching you and it would make fucking you after just 10x better
  • he’d love to feel you cum on his thigh, only to quickly push his length into you, marvelling at the lazy, entranced “oh” you’d sigh
  • and he’d grow to love it - especially at inappropriate times
  • like at parties, when you were sitting on his lap and talking to other people
  • he’d start bouncing his thigh just a little, to tease you
  • and his plan would work out perfectly because then you’d pull him into a room, angry at him, and of course it’d lead to hot n heavy sex


  • this baby is a pretty Vanilla guy, but he’s up to experiment if you really want to
  • it would probably happen when you’re on your period but really horny
  • Remus couldn’t find any other way to please you - he’d offered to have sex but you were too self-conscious about the mess it’d make
  • so he’d coax you into his lap with soft, slightly dirty words that just drove you crazy
  • and you’d start humping him with your clothes still on because you were that turned on
  • but he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself if you kept on like that, so he pushed you onto his thigh
  • it would be gentle and drawn out - his cock pulled out with your fingers just tugging on the tip while your knee grazed his balls
  • and it would take ages but you’d both cum and it’d be like nothing ever before
  • extremely mellow, but oh so pleasant


  • he’d probably use it when he got to cum but you didn’t
  • all this frustration would manifest in his rough hands pushing you onto his thigh
  • because you’d gotten him to his orgasm, but now his dick hurt from how hard he went on you that he couldn’t offer a round 2 anytime soon
  • so instead of eating you out like he normally did, he’d try to spice things up a bit
  • all his concentration would be on you - spurring you on with his words as he got into the rhythm of bouncing you up and down
  • he’d feel a lot better about himself when your body started going limp and he had to hold you upright
  • adoring the face you made when you came, clutching to his thigh with your nails digging in 
  • he’d also sometimes do it when you were cuddling, just for fun
  • pushing his leg in between yours, his movements so taunting that he had you humping his leg desperately in no time
BTS Reaction ▾ They tell you they’ve still never had sex

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of sex (forgive me for I have sinned) but not at all detailed.


Jin really liked you. Like more than he should at this point in the relationship. You were exactly what he pictured when he thought of who he wanted to be with his entire life. And thinking that was pretty risky since you guys were still a very new relationship. It gets worse for him because you still didn’t know that he was a virgin. How was he supposed to bring it up? He was ready to get rid if it but he wanted to tell you beforehand.

He finally decided it was best to say it upfront. Be as transparent as possible and at least try to be a little mature about it. So one day, he sat you down for a nice breakfast and once you guys were done, he said he needed to tell you something.

“Uhm, of course Jin. You know you can tell me anything.” You encouraged him, but on the inside, your stomach was in a frenzy of all the possible negative outcomes of this.

“I don’t know how to say this…” He fidgeted with his hands with his eyes down. Oh well. You guessed this was you last breakfast with. Man, what the hell did you do? Your hands were balled into fists under the table.

“Please tell me.” You said quietly. Jin looked up at you and realized you had a pained expression, he was about to ask you if you were okay when it clicked. 

“Wait babe, no. I’m not going to say what you think I am. I just- Gosh why is this so hard?” He groaned as he got up off his seat and walked towadrs you to kneel right in front of you. He took your hands in his and kissed them. “I like you okay? I just- I wanted to tell you something about me.” He said, reassuring you. You stayed silent, waiting for him to continue. “I’ve never really slept with someone.”

There, he’d done it. He kept an eye on your face to see if there was any indication of disgust. But you looked more than relieved.

“Jin! You scared me! I thought- Wow I thought you were going to leave me.”

“So you’re okay with this?”

“Okay with this? Of course. I’m a little surprised because you’re so loved around the world and not to mention, not a bad looking guy.”

He fake gasped as he felt lightness fill the room again. “Not a bad looking guy? Is that how you’re going to describe Mr. Worldwide Handsome? Wow, and to think I shared my darkest secret with you.” He feigned hurt as he put one hand on his chest, the other still holding on to you. You chuckled a little as you just stared at him. 

You’re glad he shared this with you. At least you know that he trusted you and you made him comfortable enough. “I guess we’ll wait okay? ‘Til you’re comfortable.” You said with a nod and a cute little smile.

“Wait no. I want this label to get off me. I’ve waited long enough. Please, let’s just-” He let his sentence dwindle and you smirked inwardly. 

“No, I think we should wait. Like, what if I hurt you? Can you handle being a little rough on your back old man?” You knew this wasn’t the best time to be messing around with him but his reactions really were the best.

“What? (Y/N)! You’re being unfair!” He practically whined. You let out a laugh and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“Alright. We can do whatever you want.”

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Making assumptions in your relationship with Yoongi wasn’t the best thing, so yeah you were surprised when he said he’d never slept with someone. You’d been dating a little over five months and in all that time, the both of hadn’t really gone that far. You always thought it was him respecting your personal space because you weren’t the most experienced person. I mean, you had done things but they were a long time ago and they weren’t the best experiences. You told him that much on the first night when things had gotten hot n’ heavy and you’d pulled back. So, thinking he was only waiting for you to be comfortable enough wasn’t that much of a brash speculation. Or so you thought.

“You’ve never had sex?” You repeated his confession back to him. Seeing that he was feeling slightly antagonized you quickly tried to recover. “Babe, I’m not saying that because it’s a bad thing. It’s just- You look like you know what you’re doing. Every time.”

He only shrugged “I only act like I know everything.” 

You nodded and placed your hands on his cheeks. You weren’t sure what to do in this situation but you tried to make the best of it. “Okay, then we’ll wait as long as you want me to. I’m ready and whenever you are, just let me know alright? And even if you wanna stay celibate for the rest of our lives, I don’t give a shit because you’re more than that.” You ended with a light kiss on his nose. 

Even though this is something he was secretly aware that you could leave him for, he couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you could be with him for the rest of your lives. He loved the sound of that. With that he realized, maybe he loved you.

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To be quite honest, when Hoseok had almost told you that he wasn’t as experienced as you’d thought, you told him it was a little off putting when guys didn’t know how to pleasure a woman. You had meant it in a way that you weren’t fond of guys being selfish at times during sex. You hadn’t meant to go ahead and crush is self esteem. He listened to your rant on how it was unfair and childish for guys to be like that and bit by bit, unknowingly, your words chipped away at his confidence he had mustered to tell you. After that, Hobi didn’t bring it up ever again. He was too uncertain of your reaction now. 

You began to sense his unease and decided to put whatever’s bothering him to rest. “Hobi, you need to tell me what’s going on.” You said in the middle of the both of you just lounging beside each other in bed, doing your own things.

He decided to play dumb and looked at you in confusion. “What?”

“Don’t do that. You should tell me when things are bothering you,” You said calmly as you scooted over to him and placed a hand on his thigh. “I promise there’ll be no judgement from me.”

He sighed “You think that.” He mumbled, barely above a whisper but you heard him fine.

“Why would you think that?” You asked, worry evident in your features. You can’t believe that you did something to make him feel this uncomfortable. You wanted to fix this because you liked him and never wanted him to feel this way. 

“Remember a couple days ago, when I asked you if you’d ever slept with someone who didn’t now how to pleasure you?” His face flushed as he recalled that. So did yours. You were about to ask him to continue when you gasped, finally realizing what the hell had just happened.

“Hobi you’ve never slept with someone?” He shook his head, “And I- I’m sorry baby but that’s not what I meant. I’ve been with selfish guys before and that’s all. I have no problems with someone who’s inexperienced.” Hobi looked a little ashamed. Maybe his mind blew things a little out of proportion. “Babe look at me.” You place your free hand on his chin and turn it towards you. “You’re amazing. You’re the best person I could ever ask to be with and I wouldn’t want it any other way. What I think of you will never change just because you’ve never had sex. We’ve all the time we need so we can wait as long as you need.” You finished finally. 

Hoseok’s stomach was doing somersaults now. He can’t believe you made him feel like this with just the touch of your hand and your sweet words. He smiled brightly for the first time in a while and leapt on you with his arms clasped around you. You laughed delightfully as you received a chorus of ‘I love you’s and kisses spattered across your neck.

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Namjoon’s left a hot as he left bites and kisses along the side of your neck. His hands held a bruising vice on your hips as you grinded on him. You legs were on either side of him as you let out quiet moans. Thing were getting serious between the two of you and not just right now in the moment. He’d drop constant hints that he was into you and you were constantly teasing him to the point where it led to here. You on his lap with his lips hungrily exploring you. You pulled back only to pull your shirt off of you but as soon as it came off, his lust blazed expression transformed into a panicked one. 

You immediately sobered up and asked him what was wrong. “Woah what’s wrong? Am I hurting you somewhere?” You widened you knees a little thinking that you were causing him sort of pain. That only resulted in you brushing against his groin and he flinched. 

“No- Ah. No, I’m okay. I- Um- I’ve nevergonethisfarbefore.” He let out so quick that you almost missed it. Not gonna lie, you were taken aback. He always came off as the most sexually forward person to you. You hadn’t expected this. Especially from someone as sought after and famous as him. 

You tilted your head in contemplation. “So… You don’t want to do this?” You asked. His eyes widened as he shook his head and slid his hands up to your face.

“No, I want this. I only freaked out because I wanted you to know before we did anything. I still wanna continue this.” After he gave you his permission, you placed a hard kiss on his lips and then leaned into his ear.

“Well, I guess we should stop the wait.”

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You had your suspicions. He was way too cute and even though he was very affectionate with you, you did have an inkling of an assumption that maybe he wasn’t the most experienced. Your suspicions would always strengthen whenever you tried to make a move on him. You’ve been dating him for a bit and you guys fill in the spaces with so many other things that you don’t find the time to do more than make out and cuddle. You decided to put your raging imagination to rest by confronting him once and for all. 

“Chim, you know you can tell me anything right?” You asked as he helped you wash the dishes. 

He gave you a side glance with a nervous little chuckle. “Yes? What about it?” You almost forgot what you were supposed to do because the smile he gave you made you mind go blank for a second.

“I want you to know that no matter what, I’ll always be accepting of you and that I’ll never judge.” He nodded slowly in understanding.

“I know, that’s why I’m with you.” He gave you a toothy smile.

“So tell me this. And I mean this in the nicest way possible. Are you a virgin?” It was silent for the shortest time until it was broken by Jimin going into a choking fit. 

You dropped what you were doing, wiping your hands on your apron and patted his back to help him. Coughs racked his body and his face was as red as you’d ever seen it. Part of you thought it was probably because of him choking but you also wondered if he was embarrassed, After his chokes died down and he couldn’t finally breathe proper again. You didn’t want to push him to answer so you quickly tried to make amends.

“Actually, don’t say anything if it’s an awkward question for you. Let’s just finish the dishes and go to sle-”

“I am.” He said, quietly as he avoided holding your gaze for more than a moment. You reeled from his answer but you had expected it so you nodded, still rubbing circles on his back from his little choke fit.

“Okay. That’s okay. Did you feel uneasy telling me?” You asked. He shook his head and looked at you properly this time with a slightly shy smile.

“I was just a little embarrassed. I didn’t want you to think less of me because of this.” His voice still maintained a low volume and he looked so cute that you couldn’t help but coo over him. 

“Jimin… I would never think that. I like you because you’re you. Not because I have this superficial idea of you. Just promise me we won’t have secrets between us like this. We’ll both be as open and honest as possible alright?” You didn’t let him answer you back as you left a kiss on his lips that he swore made him dizzy.

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He never thought it necessary to tell you. Assumed that you’d already known because he told you you were his first serious girlfriend. It wasn’t until things were getting hot in the bedroom when he pulled back to ask for reassurance that it struck you that he was a virgin.

“I don’t want you to be disappointed so tell me if it doesn’t feel good okay? And it’d be nice if you guided me through this.” He asked, a little out of breath as he looked down on you.

“Guide? What do y-” Your eyes widened, finally picking up on what he had tried to tell you indirectly all this time. “Wait, this is your first time?” 

Tae looked at you confused. Did you not know? Even after all the hints? “You’re serious?” He asked.

“Oh no. Why am I so slow? Tae this should be a special occassion and forgive me for being rude but how the hell did you stay this way for so long?” You were thinking aver your words and it was like a waterfall of questions were gushing from your mouth. 

“I told you…” He sat up, still with his knees on either side of you. “I never had a serious girlfriend.”

“But… I thought… Girls practically throw themselves at you.” He laughed a little and nodded.

“That may be but I don’t want that. I want someone to like me for being Kim Taehyung. Not V from BTS. My fans are lovely but I haven’t ever met someone like you. And you’re the one I wanna do this with. I don’t even care if there aren’t candles or mood music, because it’s already special with you.”

Your stomach twisted and a warmth spread through your body when he said that. “Tae… Gosh you’re such a sweetheart and I can’t believe that you’re mine.” and with that, you pulled him back onto you and let’s just say he didn’t need too much guidance that night. The boy’s magical with his fingers.

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A couple nights ago, Jungkook was literally making out with but since then, he hasn’t even tried to make eye contact when you were in the same room. Had you been to aggressive for him. I mean, you were forward that night but not enough for him to avoid you completely. Unless you’d read him wrong, it was obvious that he liked you right? The other boys seemed to think so when you voiced your concerns. They all assured you that he was just shy and maybe needed some time to recover. You were beginning to think that there was something wrong with you. That for some reason maybe he didn’t like you that way. 

Maybe it was just a heat of the moment thing and he honestly wants nothing to do with you. So, you stopped hanging around the dorm. You were close friends all the boys since Namjoon had introduced you to them and you’d made it a habit to visit them a lot. But you couldn’t bear being there if you felt unwelcome by the one person you liked the most out of all of them. It’s been a week since you’d stopped going over to them. Telling them that you were just busy with studying for midterms and purposefully ignoring some of their calls. Jungkook felt it was his fault. He thought that maybe distancing himself for you wasn’t good. He decided to do something about it and actually bring you back.

Next thing you know, Jungkook is knocking on your door. He didn’t know what he was going to say. Maybe he should come clean that he’s never done things lie this at all. You were even his first kiss. When you finally opened the door, your eyes widened almost the size of saucers. “Jungkook?” You asked. Not having expected him to ever see you aye-to-eye again. “Wh-”

No hesitation, Jungkook took one step toward you and gathered you in his arms as he kissed you deep. This kiss was different than the last. Not better or worse. But different. Your toes curled as his lips slid against yours with fiery fervor. He finally pulled back. “I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was only embarrassed because I don’t know what to do with my feelings. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this and when you um- touched me there, I kinda freaked because it would’ve been my first time.” You were quiet, listening to his rant while still in his arms. The both of you breathless from the kiss. 

You tilted your head and looked at his lips, they looked so inviting and you really wanted to kiss them but his eyes were so vulnerable that you wanted to put his mind to ease first. “Kookie… You didn’t think I knew? You’re so shy and so cute when I’m even a little bit forward. I gathered that a long time ago. Plus, so am I. So it’s alright. We can explore these things together. Wouldn’t that make it more special?” You explained and as you did, you felt him slump his shoulders in relief.

He groaned a little and let out a laugh. “(Y/N) you have no idea the effect you have on me.” He said as he went back in for another ravenous kiss.

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A/N: Guys this is my first request and oml I’m dying a little inside because even though I wrote a bunch before (for other fandom) I’ve never gotten a request. Unless you count asking for another part to a story. Thanks for the request because my insides are a garbled mess and I needed that 😊😊 P.s. Also, I don’t really like the word ‘Virginity’ mostly because of the negative connotations of it and the hypersexualization of men and women who are virgins. I just wanted to insert this here because I cringed every time I wrote the damn word 😂 Lmao I’m sensitive af

and here i am, there you go again (again)

goSH and here we are at chapter 3 of drama club AU! part 1 and part 2 are linked as follows!! i just wanna thank you all again for loving drama club AU and any feedback/thoughts/questions are very much appreciated and craved!! warning there might be a Cliffhanger in this chapter (depending on what you consider a cliffhanger)


“Okay, so I’ve locked my room to make sure we don’t go in there,” Jake declares, with an air of pride that makes it seem like he just did something world-changing, ground-breaking, kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic, when all he did was turn a key.

“Is there really a need for that?” Amy asks as she settles down on the couch with a noticeably larger bag of homework. “We’ve already agreed on not going inside, it’ll be fine.”

Jake tuts at Amy disapprovingly. “Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. Don’t you know that if you tempt temptation, temptation will tempt you?

“What-” Amy scoffs, because Jake is the most ridiculous person in the whole wide world. “That makes no sense!”

“Neither do most fancy quotes! Anyway, locking the door to my room is the first precaution we’re taking, case closed, Jake also closed.”

Amy wants to debate the logic behind his words, but chooses to inhale as deeply as she possibly can instead, because arguing with Jake is like bringing a toy knife to a gunfight– something one shouldn’t even begin to consider doing.

“Okay, Jake. Thank you for locking your door. As for me, I brought more home-”

Boooooooooo!” Jake jeers, proceeding to stick his tongue out and point his thumbs down.

She rolls her eyes. “Okay, asshole. How’s locking the door so much better than bringing more homework? Doing homework can help distract us from… whatever happened last time.”

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Title: Professor McCoy
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 670
Characters: Hank McCoy x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Gettin’ hot ‘n heavy with everybody’s favorite professor
Notes: Request from @i-can-see-through-it for “Hi! First of all, you’re writing is lovely. :) also, can I request one between Hank and the reader, where the reader is usually feisty and Hank can be quite timid, but they have some banter and there’s a role reversal and a lot of sexual tension haha, thank you!” // Thank you very much! Hope you like it. ☺ // Hank McCoy has a professor kink and no one can tell me otherwise.

Originally posted by jamesmacvoy

         Waltzing into Hank’s lab uninvited wasn’t unusual for you. You two were good friends, so he never minded; he was always happy to have the company. You thought it might be because he had feelings for you, judging from the way he would blush profusely any time you flirted with him, but you couldn’t be sure.
        Upon entering the lab, you heard a loud groan of frustration from Hank, followed by the clatter of something hitting a table. He had a habit of throwing down whatever he was working on when exasperated, so you assumed that this time was no exception. You found him sitting in front of a table with a… sewing machine?
         “Are you working on Halloween costumes already, Hank? Ooh, are you making mine? There’s not much fabric there, though. Although, I do have a sneaking suspicion that you would just love to see me in one of those super skimpy costumes….”
         Hank’s ears and cheeks turned slightly pink, but he shook his head.
         “I’m trying to make some sort of durable gloves for the X-Men, but none of the fabric I use is working right,” he replied, his tone a bit bitter.
         “So, the genius Dr. Hank McCoy can build a complicated, powerful jet, and a brilliant method of amplifying a mutant’s telepathic abilities, and using that to locate mutants all over the world, and a thousand other incredibly ingenious things… but he can’t manage to make a pair of gloves,” you stated, laughing. Hank shot a glare at you before walking to another table in the lab and fiddling with some more fabric.
         “Have you tried using the silk of a Darwin’s bark spider?”
         Hank stopped what he was doing and turned to you, one eyebrow raised.
         “Its silk is the strongest naturally occurring fiber in the world. It’s stronger than steel; ten times stronger than Kevlar.”
         “That’s… that’s actually really smart,” Hank said, then began scribbling down some notes.
         “I’m a bit insulted that you look so surprised that I said something smart,” you replied, laughing a bit.
         “You do it so rarely,” Hank retorted, and you could tell he was grinning despite his back being to you.
         Hank chuckled then walked over to you, and sure enough, he was smiling.
         “Thank you, Y/N. Really. That’ll help me significantly.”
         “Anytime, Professor.”
         Hank’s smile faltered a bit, and you could tell he was trying to act natural. A smirk found its way to your lips.
         “Do you like it when I call you that, Professor?” you asked in a seductive tone, resting your hands on his shoulders. The shiver that ran down his spine didn’t go unnoticed.
         You could tell that he was fighting between telling you to stop, and pulling you closer. Slowly, you began to run your hand down his chest, underneath the lapels of his lab coat. He closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, resting his forehead against yours. You could feel his shaky breath fanning over your face.
         “Yes, Professor?” you asked sweetly.
         A low growl escaped Hank’s lips when your hand ghosted over the waistband of his slacks, and his hand tangled itself into your hair as he pulled you into a passionate kiss. You flung your arms around his neck, and he was quick to pick you up, his hands gripping underneath your thighs, and set you on one of the nearby lab tables. The metal was cool beneath you, but the man you had your legs wrapped around was warming you right back up.
         “Hey, Hank, did you ever – woah!”
         You both turned quickly to find Alex standing in the doorway, shielding his eyes with his hand. His cheeks were tinted pink, and he called out “Sorry!” before hastily exiting the lab. The two of you laughed breathlessly, then Hank turned to you. The blue of his eyes was almost nonexistent, his pupils blown wide with lust. Hank wore a small smirk when he spoke.
         “This isn’t over, beautiful.”
         “Glad to hear it, Professor.”

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FOR YOU | Backstage series


WORD COUNT: 2559                                       

warnings: strong language, smut, mature themes, explicit language

Originally posted by jack777

masterlist | yg | jy | bb | mk | jb | yj

>> Jackson loves acting out his kink with you, especially after he becomes so desperate and needy, he had to disappear to the bathroom before you finally join him to help. It was one of his many abilities to turn you on in 0,01 seconds.

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Hot n Heavy Foot action w Lila Lovely @lila_lovelybbw @plumperpass Plumperpass dot com (at Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

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TF2 Shipping name list

 So i have been looking through names for TF2 ships other then common ones. Kudos for tiny-freakin-headgailqueenoffire, Maximilian and a few other users for the list of ship names. Some of the names were found on some blogs that were tagged.

*the ones in italics are ones they made up or are putting forward while the ones in bolds were official
This also includes variations for those who are confused with some ship names.

Scout x Soldier - All American Offense, Batting Helmet
Scout x Pyro - Flash Fire, Weenie Roast
Scout x Demoman - Hop Scotch
Scout x Engineer - Quick Study, Texas Two-Step
Scout x Medic - Blunt Trauma, Quick Fix
Scout x Heavy - Heavy Hitters, Heavy League
Scout x Sniper - Speeding Bullet, George Washington Clipart, Coffee ‘n’ Cola
Scout x Spy - Daddy Issues, Silent Running, Seduce Me, Cloak and Batter

Soldier x Scout - All American Offense, Batting Helmet
Soldier x Pyro - Fireworks, Fourth of July, huttah huddah
Soldier x Demoman - Boots ‘n Bombs
Soldier x Heavy - Red Soldier, Cold War, Red Scare
Soldier x Engineer - Helmet Party
Soldier x Medic - Fruit Scones
Soldier x Sniper - American Aviators, Piss-Fueled Rockets, Mutually Assured Destruction
Soldier x Spy - Freedom Fries 

Pyro x Scout - Flash Fire, Weenie Roast
Pyro x Soldier - Fireworks, Fourth of July, huttah huddah
Pyro x Demoman - Firebomb, Molotov Cocktail
Pyro x Heavy - Toasted Sandvich, Hot ‘n Heavy
Pyro x Engineer - Three Rubber Gloves, Texas Toast, Firetrucks, Fire Forged
Pyro x Medic - Cauterizer, Burn Ward, Hot Pocket
Pyro x Sniper - Bush Fire, Campfire, It burns when I pee
Pyro x Spy - French Toast, French Fried

Demoman x Scout -  Hop Scotch
Demoman x Soldier -  Boots ‘n Bombs
Demoman x Pyro - Firebomb, Molotov Cocktail
Demoman x Heavy - Red Bombs, Black Russian, Big Bang
Demoman x Engineer - Short Fuse
Demoman x Medic - Scotchtoberfest, Jaegerbombs
Demoman x Sniper - Piss Drunk, Swordvan, Bloody Drunk
Demoman x Spy - Bomb Voyage, Scottish Wine

Heavy x Scout -  Heavy Hitters, Heavy League
Heavy x Soldier -  Red Soldier, Cold War, Red Scare
Heavy x Pyro -  Toasted Sandvich, Hot ‘n Heavy
Heavy x Demoman - Red Bombs, Black Russian, Big Bang
Heavy x Engineer - Heavy Metal
Heavy x Medic - Heavy Medicine, Red Oktoberfest, Birds And Bears
Heavy x Sniper - Vegemite Sandvich, Vodka shots
Heavy x Spy - Spoovy, Ice Wine, Russian Roulette, Red Gauloises

Engineer x Scout - Quick Study, Texas Two-Step
Engineer x Soldier - Helmet Party
Engineer x Pyro - Three Rubber Gloves, Texas Toast, Firetrucks, Fire Forged
Engineer x Demoman - Short Fuse
Engineer x Heavy -  Heavy Metal
Engineer x Medic - Science Party, Glasses And Goggles, German Engineering
Engineer x Sniper - Trucks ‘n Vans, Outback Steakhouse
Engineer x Spy - Napoleon Complex, Practical Espionage

Medic x Scout - Blunt Trauma, Quick Fix
Medic x Soldier - Fruit Scones
Medic x Pyro - Cauterizer, Burn Ward, Hot Pocket
Medic x Demoman - Scotchtoberfest, Jaegerbombs
Medic x Heavy - Heavy Medicine, Red Oktoberfest, Birds And Bears
Medic x Engineer - Science Party, Glasses And Goggles, German Engineering
Medic x Sniper - Bush Medicine, Vanbulance, Urine Sample, Head over Heals
Medic x Spy - Covert Operations, Poison Dagger, Gentle Surgery

Sniper x Scout - Speeding Bullet, George Washington Clipart, Coffee ‘n’ Cola
Sniper x Soldier - American Aviators, Piss-Fueled Rockets, Mutually Assured Destruction
Sniper x Pyro - Bush Fire, Campfire, It burns when I pee
Sniper x Demoman - Piss Drunk, Swordvan, Bloody Drunk
Sniper x Heavy - Vegemite Sandvich, Vodka shots
Sniper x Engineer - Trucks ‘n Vans, Outback Steakhouse
Sniper x Medic - Bush Medicine, Vanbulance, Urine Sample, Head over Heals
Sniper x Spy - Great Barrier Thief, French Kisses Down Under, Bloody Suit, Hide and Seek, Knife Party, Stick Figures

Spy x Scout - Daddy Issues, Silent Running, Seduce Me, Cloak and Batter
Spy x Soldier - Freedom Fries
Spy x Pyro - French Toast, French Fried
Spy x Demoman - Bomb Voyage, Scottish Wine
Spy x Heavy - Spoovy, Ice Wine, Russian Roulette, Red Gauloises
Spy x Engineer - Napoleon Complex, Practical Espionage
Spy x Medic - Covert Operations, Poison Dagger, Gentle Surgery
Spy x Sniper - Great Barrier Thief, French Kisses Down Under, Bloody Suit, Hide and Seek, Knife Party, Stick Figures

Scout x Scout - A headache, Scoutcest
Soldier x Soldier - Sollycest, Rockethoppers, Screaming Eagle
Pyro x Pyro - Pyrocest, huddah huddah
Demoman - Demoman - Double Dynamite, Democest, There can be only one, 20/20 Vision
Heavy x Heavy - Heavycest, Russian Front, Giant Men
Engineer x Engineer - A little more gun, Engiecest, Engicest, Hoe-Down
Medic x Medic - Double Dosage, Medicest, Doppleganger
Sniper x Sniper - Snipercest
Spy x Spy - Spycest, En Doublè Baguette

Other ships
Scout x Miss Pauling - Prom, Ride-along, Scoutling, Swing and a Miss, Boston Legal, Caught Looking
Soldier x Merasmus - Magic Missiles
Heavy x TFC Heavy - Russian Front
Medic x Miss Pauling - Spectacle Psychopaths
Medic x TFC Heavy - Cold Oktoberfest
Medic x Satan [TF2 Comics] - Infernal Medicine
Sniper x Saxton Hale - Blowing The Sax
Spy x Miss Pauling - Double Agents
Spy x Scout’s Ma - Pornography starring your mother

Scout x Soldier x Pyro - Offense Orgy
Scout x Soldier x Engineer - American Pie, America! Fuck Yeah!
Scout x Demo x Sniper - Exploding Australian Rabbit
Scout x Heavy x Medic - Putting Up With The Brat
Scout x Heavy x Spy - Father Mistakes
Soldier x Demoman x Engineer - War Specs
Soldier x Medic x Spy - War Games
Pyro x Engineer x Sniper - Hot Rods
Pyro x Engineer x Spy - Crossfaction
Pyro x Medic x Sniper - Evaporated Medicine
Demoman x Heavy x Engineer - Defense Debauchery
Demoman x Heavy x Spy - Mixed Drinks
Demoman x Sniper x Spy - Bloody Plaid Suit, International Espionage
Heavy x2 x Medic - Heavy Medicine
Heavy x Medic x Sniper - Beaux & Arrows
Heavy x Medic x Spy - KGBrie
Engineer x Sniper x Spy - Slashed Tires
Medic x Sniper x Spy - Support Sandwich

Other threesome ships
Demoman x Sniper x Tentaspy - Swordfish, Australian Drunk Tentacles
Sniper x Saxton Hale x Maggie - Australiancest, Australianfest