Keep In Mind…
  • Tamaki:Times may be hard.
  • Kyoya:But we guarantee you that you won't ever be alone.
  • Honey:We'll always be here to hold your hand when times get tricky!
  • Haruhi:No matter what sex you are, you deserve to be happy.
  • Kaoru:And that's why, keep in mind…
  • Hikaru:…whenever you're sad, always visit Music Room Three.
  • Mori:We'll be there.
  • ALL:We're always here for you.
  • Kaoru:So don't forget…
  • Hikaru:…if you ever feel alone, just know that everyone in the Host Club loves you for being our guest.
  • Honey:I love that you're always smiling when I eat my cake, so let's make you smile more!
  • Tamaki:Yes, your smile is quite indeed charming. It's adorable!
  • Kyoya:Now then, I guess that proves our point here…
  • Haruhi:Remember, you're not alone, because the Host Club will always be here for you.
  • ALL:Always.

On this week’s podcast, Tierney and I attempt to discuss Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 (3? idk), eps2.2_init1.asec, as well as the Berenst[a/e?!]in reference, the reinforcement and/or subversion of tropes, Bill’s heartwarming - albeit dreamstate - return, and more! [Insert self-depricating comment here].

You can listen or download from The Giantist website here, or get it on iTunes.

Love Letters from the Hosts (Tamaki Suoh)

Prompt: You are going through a rough time, and you have no one to actually rely on, sometimes you just feel like there is nobody wanting to be there for you. However, little did you know, a club has taken note of your unhappy state, and they were willing to do what they can do in order to make you smile again.

A/N: I wrote this because many of us are going through difficult times, whether it’s battling family/friend problems, relationship issues, mental/physical health conditions, bullying, etc. and I’d like to point out that you’re not alone, and I promise that you’ll get through whatever you are going through. I’m here; the Host Club is here to do their job to make you happy, and I know you can get through anything life throws at you.

Music: Sakura Kiss

Your name: submit What is this?


I know that you are wondering who is writing this letter, and I’d like to inform you that right now, it is I, Tamaki Suoh, who is in Music Room #3 right now, writing this to you. I’m aware that you are a first-year student, along with the Hitachiin brothers and Haruhi Fujioka, have you heard of them? I’m sure you may have, considering they claimed that they have are in the same class with you.

I have a feeling you’re freaking out right now, probably contemplating to tell someone about getting a mysterious letter from me, but I can guarantee you that I won’t be the only one writing this letter, and in fact, the others will be putting their words in their own letters as well.

You may not know who I am, I’ve been hearing rumors around the academy that you’re someone that doesn’t like to reach out to other people, and you are a person that’s afraid to ask for someone to help you when times are hard; please do not be afraid, my dear, I am here to make you happy.

My name is Tamaki Suoh, as I previously said, and well, I want to say that I’m in this club. It’s called the Ouran Host Club; our job is to make every woman happy, and if men are needed assistance in happiness, then they can be our priority to help enchant smiles around the school.

Seeing you so upset, so lonely, so tearful, it breaks my heart to no end, and Y/N, I want to hold your hand and tell you that things will be okay. I promise you that it will be alright. It’s difficult right now, but I know that you are strong my dear, and I believe in you. I know you can get through whatever it is you are going through.

Don’t think I’m dropping this silly act now, oh no I won’t. I’d like for you to come visit the Host Club whenever you can, it’s in Music Room #3, and you are welcome anytime, Y/N. The others are allowing this as well, and you have all of our permission to come visit.

We are here to make you smile again, Y/N. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be broken and lost, I’ve actually been lonely considering that I haven’t seen my mother in so many years, and I’m not too sure where she is now, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to make other people happy.

Give the club a chance Y/N, give me a chance to make you happy again.

I promise you, Y/N. You are never alone.

Visit the club. We can try to make you happy again.

I will do my best to make you happy.


Tamaki Suoh

Mori Headcannon Imagine

Prompt: “Mori is a closet Otaku who doesn’t want to come out because of Renge”

“Your house’s nice.” You said awkwardly as you walked through Mori’s bedroom.

“Thanks.” He said, sitting in his bed. It had started raining while you were going home. That’s why Mori, who also walked home, but lived near school (unlike you), invited you in. You already called your parents, and they were coming as soon as they were off work, which was in an hour. This is why Mori gave you a little tour through his house. 

“I didn’t know you like to read.” You told him when you noticed he had a shelf full of books. You browsed through the titles and noticed that you had read plenty of them, which made you smile. 

“Yeah.” He said, lying down, noticeably tired from school. While you were looking you found a couple of mangas: The first 3 from Soul Eater and the first from Attack on Titan.

“I didn’t know you like manga either.” You said, taking one and opening it.

“I DON’T,” He quickly said a little bit too loud, sitting up straight in a rush. You looked at him puzzled, “A cousin gave them to me for my birthday, even though I don’t like them, I just have them there to be polite.” Mori talked fast and although you knew he was lying you just brushed it off. ‘He must have his reasons.’

“Oh, that’s too bad,” you just said, “I really like them, maybe you should give them a shot sometime.” You smiled at him, who was trying to get his cool aura back, and left the book on the shelf. “Anyways, want to watch some TV?”

You two went to his living room. The TV was enormous, which kinda startled you, but what did you honestly expect in a rich guy’s house? You went through the channels, not really watching any. Eventually, you grew bored and gave up, leaving a random channel on. Meanwhile, Mori was doing some homework and was just being there to be a good host. You guessed you should do the same, but you were too tired to actually do the math exercises you were expected to do for the next day. Suddenly, you saw him look frenetically for something in his bag.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, turning off the TV.

“I can’t find my chemistry text book,” He told you while emptying his bag, “I must have left it at school.” He said, giving up and swearing quietly between his teeth. “I have a test tomorrow, you know?” You asked him if he had used it during the day, and when he said no you tried to stay optimistic.

“Well,” You said standing up, “maybe you just have it lying around somewhere here. Come, I’ll help you find it.” He agreed and the search began. You were going to leave in 15 minutes when you decided to split the work. You were searching in his bedroom while he was going to look in the library (it was divided this way because according to him, you would get too distracted in the library, which was, in fact, true). This is why you rushed upstairs and wondered where the book could be hiding.

5 minutes before leaving you considered to tell your parents to come later, but they wouldn’t come for you at all if you asked them that, and rain had turned into a storm, and you didn’t want to bother Mori’s chauffeur by making him take you home after his usual working hours. Also, you had to do that math homework sooner or later. So you looked through the room, trying to guess which place you hadn’t yet looked in. And then you saw it: the wardrobe. So you opened the double doors, expecting to just find clothes and hopefully the book. But you were wrong. It was true: he had clothes, just that 1/3 of those clothes were for cosplay. The inside of the doors were covered in anime posters and lying around you could see some more mangas (meaning that the ones in the self were either his favorite or the ones he had forgotten to put away), some anime CDs, a couple of games and random merch. You looked through some of that stuff, mostly because your fangirl side came to light when you saw your favorite manga just lying in there. While you looked through the books and CDs you found how much gore stuff he read and saw, apart from the usual shonen and some romantic mangas. You were quite shocked to find this messy, fanboish side of him, but it didn’t bother you in the least. While looking through some CDs and laughing at how you two shared quite a lot of interests, you found the Chemistry text book. It was hidden behind a shoe and an Akame ga Kill manga.

“Hey Y/N, you should start getting your things,” you heard him say while approaching the room, which made you quickly get the book out and throw everything else back inside, “don’t worry about the book, I’ll just ask Mistukini to send me some pic- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He shouted as he caught you red-handed. It was the first time you heard him shout, which actually intimidated you. Still, ‘Okay,’ you thought, ‘act it cool.’

“What am I doing? I’m finding your book!” You answered, standing up and handing him the book, which almost fell from Mori’s hands. His face was bright red and he stared at you with a horrified expression. After 5 seconds of this your eyes met and you felt your face turning red. “So, um, yeah. I should get my things my parents are almost here anyways, so… Oh! Sorry for the mess, the book was buried under that, let me help-” You said, speaking quickly and stumbling with your words. 

“NO It’s okay, let me help you get your stuff.” He said getting out of the room, kinda pushing you out with him and closing the door shut after him. He acted just as if he could make you forget everything you saw if you didn’t see it anymore. Still, you felt kinda bad for looking through his stuff, so you just pretended that nothing happened while you went down the stairs. Of course, as blushed as you were, you failed quite miserably to act naturally. 

Once more you were in his living room, your parents should be there any time now and anyways, you would have been able to walk home in the middle of the storm to avoid that tense, awkward atmosphere.

“About that,” He said, after a long silence, “could you please not tell anybody?” You nodded while you finished getting everything in your bag.

“I won’t tell.” You reassured him, “But, why do you want to keep it a secret? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about I mean, it’s okay if you like it…”

“I know, it’s just that, do you know this Renge girl?” Again, you simply nodded. After all the things she did at school with that film and her hyperactive personality there was no one who didn’t know her in Ouran. “Well, she’s an otaku, right? Like me, and some of the club members were really surprised, as she was the first otaku they ever saw. Like, bad surprised. I don’t want them to think I’m like that too, so I just thought that it’d be better not to tell them.” He looked down and you thought of how much there was behind his usual poker face and his little words. 

“Well, you don’t have to worry, your secret’s safe with me, promise.” You told him smiling, just after you said that you got a text from your parents telling you to go out. “Gotta go, thanks for everything, and good luck in your exam!”

“Thanks.” was all he said, while he opened the door.

“Oh, and by the way,  you should really play Corpse Party if you like gore so much.” You said, which made him smile a little bit. After that you sprinted to your parent’s car and went off, thinking about what excuse you could tell your math teacher so that she wouldn’t get mad at you by not doing that homework.

Love Letters from the Hosts (Kyoya Ootori)

Prompt: You were the new commoner student in Ouran Academy, and Kyoya realized that he has been growing feelings for you, and he refused to speak up to the other Host Club members about this, but when he realizes he’s in love with you, he knew that he had to confess.

Your name: submit What is this?


I didn’t think that I would actually find someone that would have an impact on my life. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been one to be qualified as “well developed” or in this case, “good enough” to my family. I have always been looked down upon by my father, and my brothers have no match for me. Before you came, I didn’t get a chance to look at who I am, and see how truly lonely I felt without having someone to support me or appreciate for what I have done.

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[A voice cuts into static, static that has been filling the airways since the raiders arrived.] Ah… hello? Can anyone hear me? Hell, is anyone listening, or are you all dead out there? Res and Stacey are, that’s why I’m here, me and my… partner, you’ll meet her later. It’s just me right now, hiding out. Call me Henry. I’m… I was one of Res and Stacey’s informants but they’re dead now and I’m the only one here to deliver the news. Unfortunately, we’ve lost all control of the camps. They’ve fallen, been taken by the enemy, whatever you want to call it. Maybe we can get a few back but for now, stay away. Run, actually. Run as far from downtown as you can. [The voice suddenly cuts out, harshly turning back to loud static. The voice is gone.]